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Twisted Fate General Guide by dirtikiti

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dirtikiti

[S3] Twisted Fate Optimal Build Sustain/Burst (Hybrid)

dirtikiti Last updated on April 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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++Response to the obligatory flaming in the comments: Toss the build in a calculator and then play it before you flame. Standard AP build tosses out about 2400 damage on a full burst combo. This build has a max output of 2600 from a full combo, with defensive items, about 2200. As I said in the guide, forget the meta. It's wrong.++

Hello summoners. Guess what? You've been playing Twisted Fate all wrong. The usual guides will have you basing your build off strictly burst damage, dependent completely on a skill shot. Here's why this is wrong: You can miss and they can dodge.

Looking at Twisted Fate's starting skill set, we find not only does he have an equal amount of Attack Damage and Ability Power, but the ability you will use in EVERY exchange scales 100% off AD. Pick a card is your bread and butter. You will use it for farming, kills, and crowd control. It may be the ONLY ability you are able to hit successfully every time. So why build around a skill you might not even hit (Wild Card)?

I've seen the AP builds out there, and yes, they do some pretty good burst damage. But guess what? This build is capable of BETTER damage, has greater flexibility, and seriously gimps your opponent if they try to counter you (while allowing you to immediately counter them with little to no fall off in damage done).

Not only will you be able to provide high sustain damage for harass, but you can fly all around the map and burst kill like you're used to.

Read on. Forget the meta. It's not correct.

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First Things First

Forget the way you've been playing. Embrace the "shortcomings" of the champ. You're going to go against everything you see on the videos. You'll love it.

Initial load out will not give you speed. You need to learn to play under your tower until your first back. Why? Twisted Fate is a pusher, you say.

Very simple. You are not going to take a tower before your first back unless you rush a team fight. So boots are not necessary early.

Early game is about farm, plain and simple. And, as Twisted Fate, you have a passive gold generator, which automatically puts you ahead early game. So living under the tower is the best place to be. You're squishy and need gold to win. Embrace it.

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A true hybrid.

You are going to fill your offensive chart. Armor and Magic Penetration are your choice, you can take a point from Havoc and put it in Spellsword. I'll explain why below.

For your summoner spells, let's take:

Paired with your Ultimate and the Sight Wards you and your team should be placing, you have complete control of the map.

This one is up to you. I take Ghost to offset Twisted Fate's lack of mobility early, and to ensure my prey doesn't get away. Flash works well here, as well. Exhaust or Ignite can be used based on your play style.

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Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

If you want 9 scaling HP, go for it. Likewise, 9 x scaling Mana, go for it.

Your Quints are up to you. Movement speed offsets not buying boots early, but you could go Attack Speed and Life Steal would work just as well. Your build needs to reflect your skill set.

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Skill Sequence Prioritization

> >

is your bread and butter. Level it up first. Just do it.

Wild Cards and Stacked Deck depend on if you follow the item build. Remember, farm is most important early game, so Stacked Deck is better used as your second skill.

Wild Cards only becomes useful after you get your first core item, so there is really no need to rush it. It drains mana too fast, and I guarantee you will find yourself over extended and dead via gank.

Anytime you can throw a point into , do it.

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Start With:
and x2


Core Items:

+ + + sight ward

You've already got your Long Sword, so the best loadout after your first back is Vampiric Scepter, an Amplifying Tome, and your Boots of Speed. ALWAYS, and I'm going to repeat this, ALWAYS leave with a sight ward. Otherwise, your Teleport is useless when towers begin to fall. They give you sight and prime opportunities for ganking if you place them correctly.

Your second back should get you your Bilgewater Cutlass, Hextech Revolver, and your choice of boots. I like Ionian Boots of Lucidity to throw out as many Pick A Card procs I can, whether it be to regen my mana, farm a group of mobs, or stun my opponent if they're getting too close.

Your third back gives you your Hextech Gunblade, Blasting Wand and Pickaxe; or you can buy your Guinsoo's Rageblade flat out.

Here's where you start playing.

You've stacked both Ability Power AND Attack Damage. Your opponent has to make a choice. Does he allow you to auto attack him for decent chunks of HP, or does he sit back and let you start poking him with your Wild Cards?


If he comes out with armor, you come back with Lich Bane. If he comes out with magic resist, you come out with Trinity Force.

Remember, this applies to the whole team, not just your laning opponent. If they're building heavy resist, you want to boost your attack speed and attack damage. If they build armor, you want to boost your ability power.
Mid to Late Game Core Item:

Must have, but you want your opponent to make a play on your abilities first. If you were lucky enough to have him grab armor, guess what? You can start playing exactly how you've always played... with one caveat, which I'll explain below.
Pick One:

or or or

If you want more damage, Deathfire Grasp will boost your ability power; Maw of Malmortius will boost your attack damage with some protection.

If you need more protection, Mercurial Scimitar will give you magic resist, or Zhonya's Hourglass will give you some armor.

Any of these loadouts will provide you with optimum sustained damage AND burst ability. The key here will be outlined below.

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Play Style

Farm. Until at least level 10. This puts you ahead, big time. Your gold generating passive plus all the last hits you should be getting will put you ridiculously far ahead. If you sit under the tower, you can keep your creeps just out of reach, allowing you to last hit to your hearts content, while helping you deny your opponent of farm.

If you let your tower last hit the creeps, you will allow your minions to push, which means your opponent gets farm. Don't let that happen.

If you keep your creeps at the right distance, not only does your tower protect you from harass, but you can harass and deny your opponent without moving. If you keep up Pick A Card, you can hit him with any one of the cards for huge damage. Anytime he comes in for a last hit, you auto attack him. If he targets you, your tower will pop him once, you'll stun him with your yellow card, auto attack him once, hit him with your Wild Cards, and laugh. Only chase if you can absolutely get the kill and get back to your tower before the gank comes in.

At about level 10-11, you should be up on him by about a level, and your other lanes should be ready to push. You'll have your boots, and a couple sight wards out, so you can safely start pushing. Don't get too close until you know the opposing jungler has commited to a lane.

You've pushed your tower, and team fights have begun. Hang near the back. At the lower levels, you're still squishy, and you're not a carry... yet. But you are ready for a real exchange now. yellow card -> AUTO ATTACK (procs Lich Bane or Trinity Force) -> Wild Cards -> either Pick A Card (any color) or AUTO ATTACK to proc your lich or trinity once more.

That's it. At full buildout, level 18, you'll be killing everything in sight.

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There it is. The right way to play Twisted Fate. He's not an easy champ. You must master two play styles. But if you do, you can take down ridiculous amount of HP, and you have ultimate counter-ability.

I hope you enjoyed the guide... Have fun!


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