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Volibear Build Guide by CanadianGuyEh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CanadianGuyEh

[S3] Volibear - The Ultimate Hyper Tank (Solo top/Jungle)

CanadianGuyEh Last updated on May 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Guide


Hello, and welcome to my Volibear build. As the warning says above, this build will make Volibear a monster. This is my first guide on Mobafire, so forgive me if it is rough compared to other guides, I will update often IF there is any changes to Volibear or if something or someone gets a change that would effect Volibear, so, please continue to read my build and learn why this bear will terrorize the battlefield.

Thank you to jhoijhoi for her guide one coding a guide :)

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To the Flame trolls

Well, one of the things that I understand now about this guide making is that there are trolls that want to bring your guide down below others..... yesterday my guide dropped 5% due to people just down voting but NOT commenting

Please people, if you dont like my guide, i understand if you down vote it, but take the time to fill out in the comments why you dont like the guide and I will try my best to improve it. I am still pink and new at this, hence this being my first guide. And if your trolling please stop :( It does not make me mad it just upsets me that something i worked hard on is not getting the right treatment.

I also see there is alot of competition for being the top guide..... But I did not make this guide in hopes of it reaching the top, i made it to help people, if it reaches the top, fine, if not, fine, but leave the guide alone if you made a Volibear guide and you want to be higher then me..... please dont down vote it.... :(

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Pros and Cons


Can play multiple roles easily.
An incredible Tank.
Frenzy makes everyone cry.
Passive is brutal in close battles.
To me, he is the most epic champion
Volibear has an amazing synergy that almost no other champion can compare, with his abilites and the following item build, you will murder all those in your path. Period.


As squishy as a teddy bear until first Warmog's Armor.
Jungling is POSSIBLE but not great.
Can be focused.
Ignite can ruin your Passive.
IF you have a terrible start it can be hard to recover.
Has issues soloing a lane.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Health
Explaination of Runes:

Marks: Are used to have a nice amount of attack speed, since Volibear does not get any attack speed items till later in the game (except Frenzy 's passive)

Seals: Are used for extra Tankiness, since Volibear is a tank, this is a no brainer.

Glyphs: These are used to counter early AP casters against Volibear, Since he is very squishy at the beginning of the game, these glyphs help.

Quins: Are used to gain lots of health, with Atma's Impaler, Chosen of the Storm, and Frenzy, these are essential.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells that go well with Volibear


These two combo's of summoner spell are to me the best for Volibear, my personal favorite though is the Ignite and Flash combination, because Ignite can be the finishing touch to killing someone or deny healing ( DAMN YOU Dr. Mundo ). Flash lets you escape over walls, atc. HOWEVER, you can pick up a early first blood with the Flash and Rolling Thunder combination.

Ghost works well too if you prefer it, but you can use any summoner spell desired.

Spells that are TERRIBLE on Volibear

Reasons WHY these spells do NOT work on Volibear

Heal: You are Volibear your passive Chosen of the Storm is a fantastic heal by itself.

Revive: The only reason why you would need this is because your losing.

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Chosen of the Storm Passive: When Volibear's health drops below 30% of his maximum health, he will heal for 30% of his maximum health over the next 6 seconds. This passive effect has a 120 second cooldown.

Chosen of the Storm Would make anyone cry when it comes to a Team fight, when it gets very close in a fight, this passive will determine life or death and more! This is my favorite passive of all.


Rolling Thunder Active: For the next 4 seconds, Volibear will gain 15% movement speed. This bonus increases to 45% movement speed when headed toward a nearby visible enemy champion. Additionally, Volibear's next autoattack during this time will deal bonus physical damage and will fling the target behind him.

Rolling Thunder Is the perfect initiator, it is awesome to fling the support or the main carry into your hungry and blood thirsty team mates, this is a great way to remove that nasty Teemo or that pesky Master Yi. This also is great for chasing down characters who flashed or are just running away, after this pop Majestic Roar to slow them down.


Frenzy Passive: Volibear temporarily gains bonus attack speed after an autoattack. This bonus stacks up to 3 times and lasts for 4 seconds.

Active: While Volibear has 3 stacks of Frenzy, he can activate this ability to bite a target enemy. The stacks won't be consumed. The bite will deal physical damage that scales with his own bonus health. This damage will in turn be increased by 1% for every 1% of the target's missing health.

Frenzy is what makes Volibear the most epic champion, that it requires its OWN chapter, so look below to find "Polar bear frenzy" chapter.


Majestic Roar Active: Volibear lets out a powerful roar that deals magic damage and slows nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Minions, monsters and pets are feared for the duration as well.

This is a great ability with Rolling Thunder, you toss em back and you slow em down, that does a number on enemy champions.


Thunder Claws Active: For the next 12 seconds, Volibear's autoattacks will blast his target with lightning that will also bounce to up to 3 nearby enemies. Each bolt of lightning will deal magic damage and will only hit each target once.

Thunder Claws is great for dealing with two or more champions, it gives you great farm and it can kill multiple champions even though you are only hitting one, this ultimate is great.

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Polar Bear Frenzy

Ok, so this maybe a big reading but it is worth it, the reason why Volibear is my favorite champion is because of this ability. Why? let me break it down....

Volibear's Base health is 1988, at the end of the build (with runes) is 5333. (though mobafire says its 15% on bonus health its actually 10%) so, 10% of 5333 is 533. Then the base damage of frenzy is 260, so by the end of the build you are dealing about 793 damage.

So, Volibear is a tank that deals more damage the more health he has, that's the basic jist of this build, you have a **** load of health, therefore making you a tough tank, AND you are dealing out serious damage, BUT there is more!

Frenzy also bases off of the health of the champion you are about to murder, the less health they have, the MORE damage Frenzy does! lets make an example:
If you activate W on someone who has 50% of their health missing, that 50% is added to frenzy.

533 divided by 2 = 266.5
533 + 266.5 = 799.5 rounded to 800

therefore, if this person has a max health of 1600, and Frenzy is activated when they are missing exactly 50% of their health, this will be a kill.

lets do a bit more math, how much damage is the potential?

533 x .99 = 527
533 - 527 = 6
1% = 6 damage
6 x 99 = 1066

therefore, each 1% of their health missing gives Frenzy 6 damage, and with this build allows potential to have up to 1066 damage in total with Frenzy.

This is the best move of Volibear and is quite devastating! This move is ALWAYS your execution move, use this move to surprise characters like Tryndamere or Dr. Mundo, to kill them before they know it.

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the following combos are to me work best in volibear's skill sequences.



Q > E > W



R > Q > E > W

Volibear is a simple to use Champion, these are really the only combo's that are really needed. Charge in, toss, slow, smash, smash, frenzy, dead.

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Champions to Kill, Champions to Run from

So, as Volibear, certain characters are PERFECT for Volibear to eat, but what types of characters?

Well, he can shut down just about every champion, but your job is to toss out the carry or support that is in the back lines or is running away, and kill them quick. These champions like Ashe, Miss Fortune, Graves, perhaps other characters like Nocturne, Darius, Jayce. also Zilean, Soraka, Sona are good to go after because frenzy kills them so quickly that they have no time to run away.

but there are a few champions that Volibear can have his hands full, I will tell you these champions and how to counter them.


This little piece of ***** could be the entire reason that you lose as Volibear, if you die too many times in the beginning because of him, he will trounce you for the rest of the game. His mushrooms screws up Volibear's Rolling Thunder as well, his Move Quick can also negate your Majestic Roar. Teemo is a high priority and can is one of a few that can shut down Volibear.


    Early high damage, can screw you up.

    If even slightly fed at the beginning, he can make having a come back a nightmare.

    Mushrooms screw up your rolling thunder.

    his move quick can null majestic roar.

However, there are ways to make sure that this little rabid animal does not cause you problems. Teemo IS very squishy, so, when you get the chance, try to toss him into a uncomfortable spot and then frenzy him to try to insta-kill him. also, whatever you do, dont die to Teemo if you can, you can deal with a fed Darius, a fed Ashe heck, even a fed Master Yi, but you CANT handle a fed Teemo. Try to surprise him from the jungle with Rolling Thunder early game, if you have troubles with mushrooms then grab a Vision Ward, this should stomp Teemo.

How to Counter...

    Do not die to Teemo.

    Try to frenzy him as quick as possible.

    Gank from the jungle often.

    Grab a vision ward if mushrooms are a problem.

This mad man can really make things difficult for Volibear, Dr. Mundo can counter Volibear's Rolling Thunder with Infected Cleaver's. He can move faster then Volibear as well, not that he will kill you, but it is hard to kill him. His ultimate can screw you up and make you pissed right off that you may make the mistake to Rolling Thunder him, DO NOT DO IT!!! just except that you are gonna need your team to KILL him, Volibear can hold him off, but he cant KILL Dr. Mundo.


    Infected cleaver can really screw up your rolling thunder.

    If he drops his ultimate, unless in certain circumstances, do NOT chase.

    Just all around hard to kill.

BUT, there are a few counters to Dr. Mundo one of them being that he can live through Volibear's storm, but he cant live through the entire team. If he is causing problems, focus him and Rolling Thunder him into your team mates. followed by the teams crowd control and perhaps even a turret, you can kill him. His cleavers are annoying yes, but they are SKILL shots, wait until he throws his cleaver and be constantly moving left to right, as SOON as he throws his cleaver, make sure you are out of the way and then Rolling Thunder him. When you see that he is about to run, and his health is lower, slam an Ignite and his @$$ to let him know he does NOT go where he pleases.

How to counter...

    Get the entire team to focus dr. mundo after you toss him towards your team mates.

    Wait until his cleavers go on cool down before using rolling thunder.

    When he is about to run and drop his ultimate, drop an ignite on him.

The sly fox her self, Ahri, I love facing her because I still have not come up with a good counter for her yet as Volibear, she is quick, fast and of course has that damn true damage. She has quite far range with her spells, IF you encounter a Ahri that knows what they are doing, tred lightly. if you rolling thunder at her she could do her true damage against you or even Charm, which will literally turn you into a teddy bear. The problem with Ahri is that she is slippery, you can't catch her. Her ultimate lets her escape easily if she gets into any sort of trouble, Volibear is useless if you can't keep her in close range.


    She is quite slippery.

    Can kill you from quite the far range.

    Her ultimate has a triple flash for those bad situations, so good luck catching her.

    Charm could screw you up more then anything.

Though, Ahri has few counters, there are some. If you know you are about to face her, then take Exhaust as a summoner spell. Also, try to pick her out of a team fight as quick as possible. Also, more then likely she is gonna go middle lane, so gank middle early and quite often to shut her down quickly! If you 1 v 1 her , Rolling Thunder her but jump to the left or right to avoid her charm or Q, once she misses, go for the kill.

How to counter....

    Take exhaust as a summoner spell.

    Gank her early, Gank her often.

    Rolling thunder her but try to deeke her to cast her spells before you toss her.

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Core Items

These items are what are NEEDED in this build, you can change and alter other items if you like, but you NEED these items for sure.

Now I will explain WHY I choose the other items...

So, I go this Mercury's Treads because I can charge through crowd control with Rolling Thunder, but another choice can be Ninja Tabi.

I go with Frozen Mallet because it grants quite a bit of health (with a tiny bit of damage) and it slows down each person you hit, plus as i explained above, the more health Volibear has, the more damage he does.

Guide Top

Situational items

So, you have ran right into an issue hmm? Their magic giving you a head ache? Is their Master Yi fed and it seems hopeless??? Well, this is where you alter the build a touch, I will tell you WHAT to replace OR if you should buy a certain item before something else! Now, you dont NEED to make ALL the changes i have listed below, you just need to do it depending on how well you doing ( if you are getting owned, use all items suggested below, if your just having trouble, replace what you want when you want, but these are just my suggestions on WHAT to replace them WITH)


switch for

Get a before


switch for

switch for

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Early game

As the game starts, grab your Regrowth Pendant and go top lane or bottom lane. dive bomb into a bush and wait..... make sure you grab an early point into Rolling Thunder. once your first victim appears, wait until he is close enough to pluck him into the bush with your partner. if the minoins have spawned, and the minon clash has started, and they havent gotten close enough to toss em, then just come out of the bush. No sense on waiting while the enemy champion farms.

Play passively and not too agressivly and try to farm, when you hit level 3 you can become agrressive. Do the standard combo that was mentioned above and with the help of your partner you should pick up one of the first kills of the game. Keep this up but keep in mind you are squishy until your first Warmog's Armor

Mid game

and end game

By this point you should have your first Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler and a Mercury's Treads. This is when you start dominating the game, gank other lanes by surprising them with Rolling Thunder. You are a heavy part of the team so when the enemy team starts ganking mid, stick with your team. Help them out, if your team mates are being chased, use rolling thunder to get them off.

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well this is the conclusion to my guide! i hope you enjoyed it and i cant wait to see other Volibear's on the battle field! have a good day guys :)

BTW Im heading up north soon so this guide may become stale :P

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15/11/2012 - Added the changes chapter!
Made Alterations to build
Added Build for MR
Removed Ahri from solo top (though I still think she hurts)

12/5/2012 - Changed the masteries for Season Three
Still pending on Change of items

30/12/2012 - continued to revise guide for Season 3, still fixing items. removed "why 2 warmogs?" and re-written "Polar Bear Frenzy. Added new skins just for looks.