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Jarvan IV Build Guide by purefatee

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author purefatee

S4 [Jungle] (Feral Flare Patch) Jarvan Build/Guide

purefatee Last updated on May 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I am Fist O Pain and Acalyst (I have two accounts), and I am in Gold 3 on the NA servers. I
started playing early Season 2 and am still an active player. I was Bronze Season 2 (just played the provisionals) and in Season 3 I was able to rise up to Silver 1. Now in Season 4, I am Gold 3 on Acalyst. I have played Jarvan IV more than any champion and have dominated with him in every game.

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What does a Jarvan Player do?

Jarvan IV is an AD-Tank Jungler that was mainly played in Season 3. He is still extremely strong and has the abiltiy to carry games even when building full tank.

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These items have been tested in-game and I am happy to say that they work. IF you follow these item builds, and not fall far behind, you will dominate the game. First prick up your Elder Lizard because it will help you do amazing damage to squishes and the burn will help with the more tanky champions like Shyvana. After get Boots of Speed and quickly rush a Sunfire Cape. This will allow you to be chunky and helps with jungle clear speed. At this point in the game, the enemy mid-laners first core item should be complete. To counter this, get a Spectre's Cowl. Later you will build it into a Banshee's Veil. The Banshee's Veil is for those annoying mid-laners like Nidalee. After the Cowl, get a Iceborn Gauntlet, because of its amazing synergy with Jarvan IV's abilities. The Sheen allows you to deal massive damage to enemy champions, the slow gives you the chance to peel for your backline, and the cooldown reduction is great for all of Jarvan IV's skills. After this, finish the Banshee's Veil and start building a Thornmail. The Thornmail is amazing because it just makes Jarvan a 3,000 Health knock up every 7 seconds which cannot be stopped. The Thornmail insures that no one will be able to kill Jarvan IV unless he is focused by the whole team.

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Team Work

A good team is mandatory with Jarvan. Fortunately, most of the champions in the meta right now have good synergy with Jarvan. He works really well with these champions:

8/10 Annie works great with Jarvan because of her ability to stun everyone in Cataclysm. She also can set up ganks with her passive.
6/10 She works great with Jarvan IV because of Demacian Standard attack speed steroid. She also can sit back and attack the champs stuck inside of Jarvan IV's Cataclysm.
4/10 Jax can jump into Cataclysm and quickly melt anyone stuck inside. Also works well with the attack speed buff from Demacian Standard and the armor shred from Dragon Strike.
8/10 Jinx can set up ganks for Jarvan IV and can help Jarvan IV melt anyone stuck in ultimate. Works great with Cataclysm because of her Super Mega Death Rocket!.
6/10 Constant AOE Q's can help Jarvan IV lower champions low enough for the carries like Jinx or Riven to use AOE execute spells such as Super Mega Death Rocket!.
10/10 Need I say more? Katarina in a comfined space with her enemies. Cataclysm will insure she uses does maximum damage to does without flash. Also giving her constant resets.
5/10 LeBlanc can stand behind Jarvan during fights and come in for quick assassinations. Cataclysm will insure a safe escape for her.
7/10 Leona plus Jarvan IV works great in all in team comps. Jarvans ultimate will lock them in for a Solar Flare that will hit multiple people.
7/10 Jarvan IV's ability to CC lock champions and put them in a confined space allows Master Yi to punish anyone trapped inside.
9/10 If Orianna places her ball on Jarvan IV, and he gets the enemy team in a locked up area, a Command: Shockwave can destroy a team and force them to retreat.
8/10 Wukong get a five man Cyclone and deal full damage to them if Jarvan can get a good Cataclysm.
9/10 Ziggs can throw everything into Cataclysm and instantly kill anyone trapped inside.

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Pros / Cons

Fast Jungler if you max Demacian Standard.
Amazing ganks if you land combo (forces a lot of Flashs).
Team fight initiator.
Peel during team fights.
Cataclysm can block enemy's like Udyr from getting to carries.

Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike hitbox has been nerfed hard.
Useless if team falls behind.
Needs right team comp.

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How to Clear Camps Fast with Jarvan/ Snowball Your Team

Jarvan is on of the strongest gankers in the game and is amazing at counter ganks. Jarvan has the ability to change the tide of a fight with a good Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike. But to get to this point, you must first get your buffs and your smaller camps.

With Jarvan, I start at the buff that is closest to bottom lane because making top lane leash would put them farm behind. I personally ask my ADC to auto attack it a few times and go to lane while the support stays and help you lower the jungle creep.
Make sure to hit the minion/creep first before using any abilities to maximize your damage output using [MARTIAL CADENCE].
Use Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike while the monster is doing its attack animation. This will cancel its auto attack, causing you to take less damage while jungling.
Don't use your Golden Aegis while in jungle unless you see the enemy jungler on the map (if he is at a lane, try to counter gank) or while you have blue buff.
Use Jarvan IV as a utility jungler, like ammumu, don't take all the kills unless you need to carry.

As any jungler it is important to know where your enemy jungler is. With Jarvan try to counter gank because of his insane ability to counter gank.

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Skill Sequence

Some might say, why shouldn't I max Dragon Strike first? It all makes sense doesn't it? Armor shred, low cool down and it even scales with AD. Well with Jarvan IV jungle, what you need is clear speed and survivability. Those are some things provided to Jarvan IV by his Demacian Standard. Also, jungle monsters only have 20 armor at lower levels. Armor shred will not affect your clear speed. One might argue that it is better for ganks. Honestly it isn't. Mid laners like Lux have extremely low armor and with the recent nerfs to Dragon Strike it makes it unfavorable to max. Mid game, having a maxed Demacian Standard is crucial for dragon fights because it provides your Caitlyn or Jinx more attack speed steroids. This is why maxing Demacian Standard has come back into favor and is done by most jungle Jarvan IVs. If you guys have any arguments or comments, feel free to leave it below :).