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Nautilus Build Guide by GhandiJi

Tank [S4] Nautilus - Jungling In The Deep End (UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Tank [S4] Nautilus - Jungling In The Deep End (UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Updated on February 20, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GhandiJi Build Guide By GhandiJi 8 5 19,320 Views 9 Comments
8 5 19,320 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GhandiJi Nautilus Build Guide By GhandiJi Updated on February 20, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
  • LoL Champion: Nautilus


Hello fellow Nautilus players, I am GhandiJi and this is my first guide. This guide will focus primarily on the JUNGLE TANK section of the guide. And while the other builds are still viable, I have found this series of items the most effective on our beloved Nautilus.

In general the JUNGLE TANK section of this build will take our CC monster and turn him into a scary early game jungler, mid game carry, and late game tank. And although some of the items seem generic, they all synergize very well with Nautilus. And before you downvote me in oblivion, please actually TRY my build, don't judge becuase the item choice is different

First off, here are a few games I have played with this OP build:

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+ 4 types of CC
+ Deadly ganks
+ Scales well into late game
+ flexible build
+ A lot of early and mid game damage
+ Great teamfight presence
+ Awesome Initiator
+ Can be played in every lane
+ Tanky
+ Decent CDs
+ Mind-blowing /joke
+ Can peel easily with Staggering Blow and Dredge Line
+ Jungling time gets cut in half with Madred's Razors

- Very slow movement speed
- Slow level 1 jungle clear
- Poor base health
- Dredge Line can be hard to use (slow)
- Titan's Wrath goes down fast early game
- Getting counterjungled sets him back a lot
- Can get kited easily
- Depth Charge is very slow moving at first
- Autoattack looks strange with attack speed
- Early game Titan's Wrath has a relatively high cooldown
- The shield from Titan's Wrath can go down quickly if focused
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In this chapter I will discuss the how these abilities work, what they should be used for, and how to use them to their fullest advantage. Each ability has a large impact on Nautilus' overall kit and some are to be used in specific orders. I will include tips on some of the generally unknown and cool uses for these abilities.


PASSIVE- Staggering Blow

Nautilus' basic attacks deal an additional 2 + (6 × level) physical damage and immobilize his target for 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 seconds. This effect cannot trigger on the same target more than once every 12 seconds.

- This skill is an extremely important part of jungle Nautilus becuase its a free snare that doesn't need to be aimed, has a 12 sec cooldown, does extra damage on hit, and renders enemies useless. When you're jungling this ability won't proc on monsters or minions but it will do the extra damage every 12 sec, but as soon as you autoattack a champion they will stay completely still for the duration. NOTE: This ability is a snare, not a stun, so it will not stop channeled spells such as Katarina's Death Lotus or Malzahar's Nether Grasp

Q- Dredge Line

Active: Nautilus hurls his anchor forward. If it hits an enemy unit, Nautilus drags himself and the target together dealing 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 75% AP) magic damage and stunning them briefly. If the anchor hits terrain, Nautilus will drag himself forward and the cooldown is reduced by 50%.

- There are countless uses for this ability, yet it is one of his most underrated ones. The hitbox on Dredge Line is a lot larger then other grabs such as Amumu's Bandage Toss and Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, making this ability very easy to land if the champion is out in the open. If the champion you are trying to grab is behind minions (no clear shot) than it is better to try to get them with an autoattack to proc your Staggering Blow and then Dredge Line the champion as they are running away (usually after they burn Flash, Ghost, or any other escape move). NOTE: Always remember that you can hook on to terrain with Dredge Line and that when you do so the cooldown for the ability is cut in half (@ lvl 18, you can use Dredge Line to hook onto terrain every 5 seconds).

W- Titan's Wrath

Active: Nautilus gains a shield that absorbs 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 10% Nautilus's bonus health) amount of damage. The shield dissipates after 10 seconds if not already destroyed. While the shield persists, Nautilus's basic attacks apply a damage over time effect to all units around his target. The effect deals 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+ 40% AP) magic damage over 2 seconds.

- This is Nautilus's bread and butter, this is the ability that does a ridiculous amount of damage when paired with the correct items, and provides him with a shield that scales very well with health. Wit's End is basically built for Nautilus due to the perfect ratio of attack speed it gives for him to do his HIDDEN POTENTIAL DAMAGE (see Wit's End math). Early game Titan's Wrath goes down quickly, but once you acquire a Warmog's Armor you will be shielding an excess of 300 damage per active, this will be multiplied even more once you acquire your Sunfire Aegis. This is the ability that will make you carry the game. NOTE: Titan's Wrath resets your autoattack delay so ACTIVATE THIS ABILITY AS SOON AS YOU LAND AN AUTOATTACK to autoattack again almost instantly, this will increase jungle speed and help you dish our your damage faster.

E- Riptide

Active: Nautilus slams the ground, causing the earth to explode around him in 3 waves. Each explosion deals 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 50% AP) magic damage to enemies in the area and slows them by 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% for 2 seconds. Champions can be hit by more then 1 explosion but take 50% reduced damage after the first dealing a MAXIMUM of 120 / 200 / 280 / 360 / 440 (+ 100% AP) magic damage.

- Riptide has many uses when it comes to jungling and teamfighting, being one of your most useful CCs, Riptide should be used as often as possible whether it be for escaping (slow down enemies), chasing, or just disrupting. This ability also deals a hefty amount of damage during team fights and disrupts the whole team as everyone instantly has 50% reduced movement speed. NOTE: When ganking a champion from jungle always initiate with an autoattack to proc Staggering Blow and than use Riptide AFTER the snare from Staggering Blow has worn off. If you activate riptide as soon as you autoattack you will be slowing an already snared enemy and wasting one your precious CCs.

R- Depth Charge

Active: Nautilus fires a shockwave that chases an enemy champion, dealing 125 / 175 / 225 (+ 40% AP) magic damage to enemies it passes through and knocking them up into the air. The shockwave explodes upon hitting its target, dealing 200 / 325 / 450 (+ 80% AP) magic damage, knocking up, and stunning the target for 1 / 1.5 / 2 seconds.

- Depth Charge is a great ability when it comes to both ganks and teamfights. When ganking a champion save Depth Charge for when they escape your Dredge Line, Dredge Line should be used after you initiate with Staggering Blow and autoattack with Titan's Wrath. In teamfights always lock it on the enemy AD or AP carry (which ever one is more of a threat) and watch them run back into their team and knock up/slow their own teammates, allowing for an easy initiate for a teamfight. If your ult hits your target your job is to dredge line onto the target and deal as much/tank as much damage as possible. NOTE: For the first few seconds of activation Depth Charge will travel very slowly, but after a few seconds of not hitting it's intended target it will accelerate extremely quickly. Don't use Depth Charge on champions with spell shields such Morgana's Black Shield, Sivir's Spell Shield, or Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness for they will make you completely waste your ult, which has a generous cooldown.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

- MAX out Titan's Wrath first for a higher damage output, shield, and faster jungle.
- MAX out Riptide second for the CC slow and extra damage.
- MAX out Dredge Line third becuase it does the least damage, the utility is good with 1 point.
- MAX out Depth Charge whenever you can for a great initiator/finisher.


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This chapter will focus mainly on the various Runes and Masteries that I believe are the most beneficial for jungle Nautilus. If you feel as if you want to use other Runes and Masteries, go ahead and try any variety and combination of them.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - Nautilus's base movement speed is VERY slow. This overall lack of movement speed hurts him in mainly 3 different ways: 1- time it takes to reach a lane, 2- speed when running from an enemy, and 3- his ability to chase opponents. These quintessences help fix the underlying issues to increase his retreat, gank, and jungle speeds.

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration - The hybrid penetration helps Nautilus deal extra damage with the magic from Titan's Wrath and the physical damage from Staggering Blow. Early game these marks will significantly increase the damage you do to jungle creeps and helps deal more damage in ganks.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - The builds listed above all lack mainly one thing, and that is magic resist. From playing as a jungler, I have noticed that the jungler will usually take the least MAGIC damage during early game, but take a lot more during late game. The scaling glyphs help him build more magic resist in order to combat the late game AP carries.

Greater Seal of Armor - Simply, these seal are just flat armor in order to help jungling and early game. Early game you will take a decent amount of reduced damage from jungle creeps, and can be a little more confident about tower diving during ganks since you have some extra armor.

Masteries- 0/9/21

Smite gives extra gold, more gold is good.
Durability - 108 health @ level 18 for some extra survivability.
Tough Skin - Less damage form jungle creeps.
Hardiness - Tiny bit of armor for some extra defense.
Bladed Armor - Returns 6 creep damage so you can jungle faster.
Wanderer - Extra movement speed because Nautilus is very slow.
Meditation - Extra mana regeneration for when you donate blue buff.
Mastermind - You can use Smite and Ignite more often.
Greed - More money to make up for CS loss.
Runic Affinity - Nautilus is a slow jungler, so added buff duration helps him.
Awareness - Extra EXP gain too make up for counterjungling and CS loss.
Intelligence - Some cooldown reduction to spam skills more often.
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- Helps you secure kills when ganking, the extra damage always helps.

- Good for getting to a lane faster, running, or chasing.

- Good against CC heavy teams; useful late game when you dive into the enemy team's carry.

- Useful for escaping and getting out of sticky situations.


- Helps you gank against lanes with very high escape ( Vladimir, Kennen, Elise, etc).
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This chapter is going to focus on the various items that are used on Nautilus and how each of them contribute to his overall immense damage and effective tanking. WARNING: YOU WILL KS... A LOT


> > > > > > > >

- This will be your standard Nautilus build and should work around 75% of the time. This build relies on acquiring Madred's Razors on the first recall and rushing Mobility Boots and Warmog's Armor as quickly as possible. This is an Offtank carry build even though you only have 1 core damage item (see Wit's End Math). This build however will get you extremely fed if used right becuase when attacking an enemy you will have up to 3 DAMAGE OVER TIME (DOT) effects all happening at once ( Titan's Wrath, Sunfire Aegis, and Ignite). You will get a lot of unintended kills as you last hit champions with your multiple DOTs. This build will require you to fill in 3 roles. You will be an jungler for early game, a carry for mid game, and a support/tank for late game. REMEMBER: Nautilus DOES AN IMMENSE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE IF YOU FOLLOW THIS BUILD. You will be relatively squishy early game, but once you acquire your Sunfire Aegis you will have some tankiness, and when you acquire your Wit's End you will be unstoppable (jungle camps go down EXTREMELY quickly, and your damage SKYROCKETS). TIP - IF YOUR TEAM IS RELATIVELY SQUISHY RUSH A Sunfire Aegis DIRECTLY AFTER YOUR Warmog's Armor AND BEFORE YOUR Wit's End.
And always remember to sell Madred's Razors after your Wit's End


> > > > > > > >

- This build is very important when it comes to team comp situations and how well you do early game. If you notice that your team has absolutely no tank you want to follow this build and rush as much health/armor as possible, you are Nautilus and you will still contribute a bucket load of CC to the team along with being INVINCIBLE. NOTE: BUILD WHEN YOU OR YOUR TEAM STARTS FEEDING. If you or your team has a very bad start in the beginning of the round you want to transition into the tank build, you can't believe the amount of games I have won just becuase i transitioned into full tank when we were losing. REMEMBER: WHEN IN DOUBT, BUILD TANKY. Do not underestimate the amount of utility full tank Nautilus brings to the team.


> > > > > > > >

- Use this build when you feel as if you don't need to contribute another tank to the team. This build does even more damage than the standard build, but has less survivability and utility than the standard build. This is a build that you need to be somewhat careful with because you are considerably squishier especially when you build the situational items into damage items. I don't really recommend using this build often, because the standard is more beneficial to your team, but if you prefer and can effectively play jungle bruisers, this is the build for you to follow. Sitiuationally I would use this build against squishy teams, non-mobile teams, and just for fun.





kage's lucky pick philosopher's stone
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Before I explain why Wit's End is the most ridiculously OP item on Nautilus we will take a look on why Nautilus makes a great carry, and how much his ability combos do at level 18.

@ level 18... (Q>AA>E>W>R)
Staggering Blow = (base AD) + 2 + (6 * lvl) = 111 + 2 + (6 * 18) = 221
Dredge Line = 240
Titan's Wrath = (autoattacking for 2 seconds) = (130 + 111) = 241
Riptide = (2 explosions) = 220 + (220 * 0.5) = 330
Depth Charge = 450

- on Nautilus you want to try to build more attack speed in order to proc your Titan's Wrath damage more often. But the secret to do the most damage comes from the ACTUAL way that Titan's Wrath works, the description says that "The effect deals 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+ 40% AP) magic damage over 2 seconds", but in reality the first tick of damage happens when you actually hit the champion, then the second tick comes immediately after 1 second (65 damage on hit, 65 damage 1 second later). Using this we can see that if we build Nautilus with .99 attack speed we will get 1 tick on hit, 1 tick after 1 second, and .01 seconds later another on hit tick will be given. We can go from dealing only 130 damage to dealing 195 by sneaking in that extra tick (not counting the base 111 AD and extra 42 dmg from Wit's End). If you are having trouble understanding this look at the tables I have below. The reason we build less than 1 attackspeed is becuase if our attackspeed is over 1 or more the second tick that should come exactly a second later is reset by the on hit tick from your autoattack, the 0.99 attackspeed gives enough delay to deal both ticks of damage.



X = 65 DMG

Notice that the 0.99 attackspeed table shows the extra ticks after 1 second and 2 seconds. This shows that you can get an extra 2 ticks of damage on your enemy with .99 attack speed (1.0 attack speed = 260 DMG) and (0.99 attackspeed = 390 DMG). YOU GET 1.6X THE DAMAGE WITH Wit's End (NOT FACTORING THE 111 BASE AD AND THE 42 DMG FROM Wit's End).

With 0.99 attackspeed: (111 * 3) + (42 * 3) + 390 = 849 DMG
With 1.0 attackspeed: (111 * 3) + (42 * 3) + 260 = 719 DMG

NOTE: YES, BASE ATTACKSPEED (.715) WILL END UP DOING THE SAME DAMAGE BUT WILL TAKE MUCH LONGER THEN THE 3.03 SECONDS IT TAKES TO DISH OUT THE 0.99 ATTACKSPEED DAMAGE. (.715 will take an extra 1 second, enough time for the .99 attackspeed to dish out another 283 damage)


Overall we see that the 0.99 attackspeed beats out BOTH the 1.0 attackspeed and the base 0.715 attackspeed (1.0 does 130 DMG less) and (0.715 does 293 DMG less). luckily Wit's End gives you the right amount of attackspeed to deal you HIDDEN POTENTIAL DAMAGE



@ lvl 18... (Q>AA>E>W>R) + (3 autoattacks with Titan's Wrath)
Staggering Blow = 221
Dredge Line = 240
Titan's Wrath and Wit's End = 849
Riptide = 330
Depth Charge = 450
Ignite = 410

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- Nautilus excels in many roles, and constantly adapts his role with the progression of the game. early game he is a jungler, focusing on helping your teammates get kills and eventually win lane. mid game you are a carry, your damage output will be relatively high and your ganks will be even more potent, it is during this period where you will acquire most of your kills for the game. late game, Nautilus is both an initiator and support for team fights whose job is the try to kill the carry as fast as possible.


As a jungler you will start the normal Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potions (buy Madred's Razors after your first recall) and go BLUE BUFF > WOLVES > WRAITHS > RED BUFF > and then which ever you prefer. As a jungler you will gank which ever lane seems to be having trouble, and ignoring the lanes that are holding themselves. Don't ignore every lane, but if you mid is getting fed, don't worry about ganking mid. When you gank ALWAYS INITIATE WITH AN AUTOATTACK TO PROC YOUR SNARE ON YOUR Staggering Blow, WHEN THE SNARE IS ACTIVE, ACTIVATE YOUR Titan's Wrath AND TRY TO LAND AS MANY AUTOATTACKS DURING AND THROUGHOUT YOUR GANK AS POSSIBLE, WHEN THE SNARE WEARS OFF ACTIVATE Riptide IN ORDER TO SLOW THEM AND LAND MORE AUTOATTACKS. AS THE PERSON YOU ARE GANKING IS GETTING AWAY, (THEY RUN, BURN Flash, OR USE Ghost) USE YOUR Dredge Line IN ORDER TO CATCH UP WITH THEM AND LAND EVEN MORE AUTOATTACKS. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN KILL YOUR OPPONENT USE YOUR Ignite IN ORDER TO SECURE THE KILL. ONLY INITIATE WITH Dredge Line IF YOU CANNOT GET IN RANGE TO ACTIVATE YOUR Staggering Blow. (Jungle Path Below)


As a support/initiator during the late game phase, you have many jobs. as an initiator you will always use your Depth Charge on the enemy team's carry which will usually be the person with the lowest health and the easiest to kill. Preferably, try to hit as many people with your ult as possible by aiming your Depth Charge on the AD or AP carry usually laying back behind the rest of the team. as soon as you Depth Charge the team your job is to dive straight onto the carry with Dredge Line and deal as much damage to the carry as possible. If you have the right team communication, your team will dive onto the enemy team and keep them from killing you, who should be too distracted by the 4 people attacking them than actually helping their carry get away. When your team gets initiated upon in a teamfight your job is to protect your carry as well as possible, this is easy becuase you can stop anyone in their tracks with a good Dredge Line, Staggering Blow, or Depth Charge while you can use your Riptide for an easy slow. I.E. IF YOUR TEAM IS INITIATED UPON TRY TO PROTECT YOUR CARRY AS WELL IS POSSIBLE BY PEELING ENEMIES OFF WITH YOUR Staggering Blow AND SLOWING DOWN THEIR ENTIRE TEAM. DON'T LET ANYONE TOUCH YOUR CARRIES! WHEN INITIATING ON THE ENEMY TEAM, Depth Charge THE ENEMY CARRY AND DIVE STRAIGHT INTO THEIR TEAM, DEALING AS MUCH DAMAGE AS POSSIBLE.


TIP 1 - You can hook on to invisible enemy champions such as ( Teemo, Twitch, and Shaco) with your Dredge Line.

TIP 2 - If you are against another jungler who can counter jungle very well, constantly ward your Blue Buff

TIP 3 - If the Top bushes or Bot bushes are warded, buy a Vision Ward and keep destroying every ward they place.

TIP 4 - Always Ping the lane before you go in, it will give your laner some time to get ready for a gank and understand that you are ready to go in.

TIP 5 - When escaping 3-4 enemy champions use your Depth Charge on the champions who is the farthest behind the rest, your Depth Charge will travel under the enemies and slow everyone.

TIP 6 - If a lane is starting to feed, you need to babysit the lane. Same applies for hard lane match ups (I.E. your Singed vs an enemy Teemo).

TIP 7 - When you are feeding build tanky, your survivability will serve as a distraction and might help your team do more damage when it comes to teamfights.

TIP 8 - Always build to your team comp, and the situation of the game. If your team has 4 bruisers, you don't need to build any damage.

TIP 9 - Don't act like a failed gank is a complete loss, chances are the enemy needs to recall and your laner will get some extra experience and gold.

TIP 10 - You can use your Dredge Line to hook on to walls and escape very quickly, remember the cooldown for Dredge Line is cut in half every time you hook on to terrain (such as towers and wall).

TIP 11 - When covering lane for your laner who has to recall, do not push the lane. Focus on only last hitting and keeping minions/enemies off of the tower.

TIP 12 - In teamfights try to proc your Staggering Blow on as many people as possible, the 1 second snare can determine whether you win the teamfight or not.

TIP 13 - Many people believe that the fate of the game rests on you, so always be nice and never blame the laner for feeding or failing during a gank.

TIP 14 - Always tell your laner to not push the lane. If the lane is pushed, don't gank, plain and simple.

TIP 15 - Communicate with your team a simple "nice job" after a successful gank can be more beneficial than you would expect.

TIP 16 - Remember that League of Legends is just a game and raging at your team, won't change whether you are going to win or lose.

TIP 17 - Try to give your laner at least half of the kills when you are ganking, the extra kills over the opponent will help them win lane, while the kills for yourself will help you gain an advantage.
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- Some simple Season 3 gameplay by Stonewall008.


- Funny animated short by Nerogeist
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Well CONGRATULATIONS you have made it through a rather text heavy guide, I hope that this read was a learning experience and I hope that you have fun trying out my first build on MOBAfire. Please leave a comment on what worked for you and any changes that you would like to see in my build. And please let me know of any obvious mistakes and typos that appear in this guide. Hope you have a great time carrying your team and showing the rest of the League of Legends community that Nautilus is so very, very viable.



P.S. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments, and if you vote me down please let me know if I did anything wrong and what you didn't like about the build. And if you like, go ahead an PM me some of your matches with this build, I'll be more than happy to paste them in my guide.
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2/2/2013 - Build Finished and Updated
2/3/2013 - Some edits to grammar and punctuation
2/20/2013 - Changed Title, Expanded all of my builds, Took out some recommended items, Removed troll builds
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