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Lee Sin Build Guide by CruzeDbruzer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CruzeDbruzer

[S5] Jungle Lee Sin Guide

CruzeDbruzer Last updated on October 21, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi mates! Welcome to my Lee Sin guide,I'll be using some acronyms and some stuff that you'll eventually learn as you play the game so if you're new to the game,don't read this. Anyways,I'm CruzerDBruzer ( not really ),I play on the Philippine server in the gold division,and I'm here to bring this guide,let's get right on to it.

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Pros & Cons

  • High Mobility
  • Counters Stealth
  • High Damage
  • Very Potent
  • Fast Clear
  • Powerful Counter Jungler

  • Mediocre Late Game
  • Easily F*cks Up
  • Useless When Set back
  • Tempts the User to Make Sick Plays
  • Squishy Early
  • Is Blind

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Before we start,I would like you to know that you're supposed to buy primary runes for the sake of rune efficiency. Primary runes are runes that are better for specific types of stats compared to other types of runes. For example,getting AD in your marks and armor in your seals are far better than doing it the other way around.

Lee Sin scales really well with attack damage cause of his high AD ratios and attack speed steroid from his passive, Flurry. greater mark of armor penetration sucks early game,specially for clearing jungle camps. So flat AD is the only choice here.

The jungle monsters deal physical damage,so taking these makes it very doable. This is the best choice as you get increased sustain in the jungle via Hunter's Machete and Iron Will,meaning they'll have to get through your armor again.

These help you out when you're ganking as there'll be at least some form of magic damage. You can swap these out for Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if you plan on not ganking the magic damage dealers early and scale better against them.

Same as the description as the AD Marks. But I prefer these over any other type of quints on
Lee Sin because as Lee Sin,you want to deal more damage,specially early game,because that is when you thrive.

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Offense Tree

Tier 1 - Double-Edged Sword This benefits you're damage a lot,specially in early ganks where they don't tend to fight back. Fury helps you clear the jungle faster as it aids you're high attack damage with the setup you're supposed to run on Lee Sin.

Tier 2 - Brute Force gives you some scaling AD to deal more damage later on.

Tier 3 - Spell Weaving makes it so your abilities deal more damage to champions after you auto attack them,which is what you should be doing anyways to maximize your overall damage output with
Resonating Strike. Martial Mastery gives you some flat AD to deal more damage. While Executioner makes it so that you deal more damage to targets low on health,further increasing your execute damage.

Tier 4 - Blade Weaving makes it so that your auto attacks deal more damage to champions after you land abilities on them,usually for the last auto attacks to finish them off. Warlord gives you bonus AD based on what you already have,and as you've probably noticed by now,attack damage is really good on Lee Sin. Dangerous Game this might save you,but if you don't want to waste a mastery point's value simply because you don't want the mana restore from it,you can simply put another point in Warlord .

Tier 5 - Devastating Strikes gives some percentage penetration against both types of resistances,yes please!

Tier 6 - Havoc gives you increased damage against anything which is pretty good for a single point.

Defense Tree

Tier 1 - Block and Tough Skin helps you reduce a lot of damage in the early game.

Tier 2 - Unyielding reduces more damage from champions. Veteran Scars gives you some health to take a bit more damage.

Tier 3 - Juggernaut gives you 3% more health and you'll be building tank items later on which will help you scale.

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Always start with this and 2 Health Potions as this will help you clear the jungle and it'll build into smite upgrades

Getting this makes your ganks far more powerful as you can Safeguard in range to smite and make hitting your Sonic Wave much easier.

This makes you way stronger in skirmishes,you'll easily proc the burn on-hit as Lee Sin will try to automatically auto attack after using Resonating Strike on the target he hits with it.

This gives you sustain and better blear speeds in the jungle so that you can gank more often and be healthier at the same time.

Boots are bought so that you can catch up to people and run away,it is also bought so that you move around the map faster,you can delay buying boots until right after your jungle enchant.

This helps you deal a lot of damage after you build it,you can choose to not upgrade your jungle item if you could afford to buy a whole Tiamat in one go and you feel really ballsy but I advice you not to do so.

At first,you're gonna want to hold on to your Warding Totem's ward until you're able to purchase this so that you can use it to ward jump,you can choose to get this before or after you enchant your jungle item. After you buy this,swap out your trinket for Sweeping Lens as you won't be needing any wards from it anymore,you can choose to upgrade it into Greater Vision Totem for both ward jumping and denial of vision.

Buy these pair of boots if you need the armor and auto attack damage reduction badly and the opposing team doesn't pose any/much dangerous CC that you'd want the tenacity from mercs for.

Buys these pair of boots if you want the magic resist and/or the tenacity it has,do remember that tenacity will not reduce certain CCs such as knock ups,knock backs and channeled suppression/taunt like Malzahar, Warwick and Galio's ult.

I won't be explaining the items any further as I have listed what you'd be buying every single game but anything after this is situational,I have listed the possible choices that you'll buy in certain situations in the cheat sheet above,any items not listed are either bad or have better alternatives,this is something you'll learn as you play the game more.

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After using any ability,you gain some attack speed for your next 2 attacks and they both give you some energy back,which means,you're suppose to space out between abilities to maximize damage output in the jungle.

This ability has two parts,the first one is Sonic Wave,it is a linear skill shot that deals damage,and reveals the first target it hits. Resonating Strike is an ability that you can cast after hitting a target with Sonic Wave,it deals damage equal to Sonic Wave and consumes the mark which reveals them,it deals bonus damage equal to a percentage of your opponents missing health.

This ability also has two parts,the first one is Safeguard,it lets Lee Sin dash to an allied champion,minion,pet or ward,and if it is a champion,both of them will be protected by a shield,if not,only Lee Sin will be. Lee Sin can also self cast this to grant him the shield. The second part of ability is Iron Will,it can be used after Lee Sin uses Safeguard,it will grant Lee Sin bonus lifesteal and spell vamp,keep in mind that the allied champion ou used safeguard on will not receive this bonus.

This ability ALSO has two parts, Tempest makes Lee Sin smack the ground and deals magic damage in an area around him,any targets hit will be revealed and will be affected by Cripple if Lee Sin casts it. Cripple slows the movement speed of anything hit by Tempest,but it has a range limit whereas enemies who are too far from Lee Sin will not be afflicted by it.

This is your ultimate,basically,you deal a lot of damage to a single target and knocks them away,any enemy they collide with will be sent flying up high in the sky will receive the same amount of damage,plus a percentage of the primary target's bonus health.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is essential for a jungler,as not taking it and jungling renders you very vulnerable to invades as you don't have an ability that you can cast to instantly deal an immense amount of damage to a monster which can be used to secure stuff like camps,buffs,dragon and baron.

Flash is something that you'll need as Lee Sin,sure he already has two dashes and a knock back to escape but Flash further improves his mobility,not to mention being able to make sick plays with it. Always take flash on Lee Sin.

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Let's talk about jungling first,jungling is the act of starting at a jungle camp to earn XP and gold instead of in the lane,you're gonna want to memorize which types of monsters spawn at every single camp in the game before reading any further.

At level 1,you get to choose between solo jungling and double jungling,let's start at solo jungling as you'll do this more often.

Solo jungling is simply starting at either Gromp or Krugs and asking for a leash,okay let's stop at that,what is a leash? A leash is the act of helping the jungler in his first camp,which is done by the side lanes as they won't loose any gold or experience if they stop by and help you for a bit,the reason for starting at these camps is because they are closer to the side lanes so that your lanes won't be in a experience disadvantage as they arrive into lane and most importantly,smiting these specific camps grant you a buff which helps you clear the jungle.

Smiting grants buffs or bonuses,it takes effect after smiting the largest monster in a camp so do only smite the big ones,it can only be of effect once per camp spawn,meaning,if you smite for a buff and you didn't kill it and you return to smite it again,you won't be getting the buff again,so you have to kill it in order to receive the buff after you smite it after they spawn again.

Here are the smite buffs

Blue Sentinel ( Giant Blue Golem dude ) : restore a large amount of mana over 2 seconds (25% of your maximum mana).

Red Brambleback ( Big Lizard Tree Thing ): restore a large amount of health instantly (20% of your maximum health).

Ancient Krug ( The Bigger Shard of Rock ) : for 90 seconds every 6th basic attack stuns minions and monsters. Additionally, you can attack a tower to expend the buff early - dealing a large amount of bonus true damage.

Crimson Raptor ( Big Bird ) : grant you true sight for a short duration the next time you are spotted by an enemy ward for 90 seconds.

Greater Murk Wolf ( Big Two Headed Wolf ) : summon a rift spirit that grants sight over the nearby crossroads for 90 seconds. Whenever an enemy champion comes in range of the nature spirit, it will chase them for a short duration.

Gromp ( Giant Frog ): for 90 seconds, poisons enemies who attack you, dealing 10 + (5% bonus health) magic damage over 3 seconds.

Double Jungling is the act of bringing your top laner to help you in your first two camps,you can choose to smite a camp to let bot lane get it or proceed without doing so. Now,in double jungling,you want to take a hit from the big one when you're at full health cause Hunter's Machete passive will top you off later,now you want your top laner to tank all the damage until they can't take anymore cause they'll die,you should get all the big ones and let him/her take the small ones,be sure that both of you stay in the small range so that both of you get the XP,now why would you do this? You do this so that both you and your top laner to be level two,and he'll tank like 95% of the damage which means you're pretty much at full health after doing it,he/she gets to back and buy some extra consumables and Teleport to lane with an XP lead or the same amount of XP as his/her opponent,and since you're still full health,you can opt for a full jungle clear and get in ahead fo the enemy jungler as well.

Okay now with that all out of the way,jungling as Lee Sin is all about maximizing your sustained damage output,which means,using your passive properly.

At Level 1,you want to start with Q and start at a camp,either gromp or krugs,ask for a leash,throw out Sonic Wave at the biggest monster,auto attack twice and use Resonating Strike,look at it's health bar and kill it with Smite if no one else is close enough for Xp so that you get the whole Xp it gives,this makes it so you don't waste your passive and get your level 2. Now get your W as it helps you much more than your E at this stage,you'd want to alt+W to self cast Safeguard,auto attack twice and cast Iron Will,auto attack twice and use Sonic Wave and auto attack until Iron Will is about to run out and use Resonating Strike to get healed for a small chunk,be sure to use Resonating Strike right before the Iron Will buff runs out as it scales off how low the enemy monster is,at level 3,get your E and you can kill camps using any order of you're abilities you'd like,but make sure to space them out for 1 or 2 auto attacks,depending on what you want.

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Tips & Tricks

  • Resonating Strike scales off your opponent's missing health so unloading all your damaging abilities right before you use it will do more damage
  • Placing a ward and using Safeguard to it is effective as a gap closer and an escape
  • Don't Spam click W as it'll waste energy if you cast Iron Will and you usually won't use it if you do that
  • Don't always try to make flashy plays like the Insec as you dn't always have to kill yourself,sometimes it's even better to Dragon's Rage their high health front line and knock the others in the back up for a lot of damage and displace their tank for a bit so that he/she won't be able to soak up damage for their team
  • Using Dragon's Rage and using Flash while the animation of Dragon's Rage is going on will make it impossible for them to escape it,it'll also kick them opposite to where you are after the flash if you do it right,meaning you can make le epic plays
  • Try to balance ganking and clearing camps to keep up on levels
  • If you're a hunred percent sure that you're about to die,try to fight back and burst them so that your life wouldn't be wasted

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Lee Sin is a very potent champion who can very well carry games and he doesn't really fall off the meta cause of the way his abilities work,he can be an amazing front line and even dive in to their carries face and deal an immense amount of damage,Lee Sin is hard to learn but is rather easy to once you learn a few tricks.

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Thanks for Reading

If you stuck long enough to read this,I want you to know that I'm very thankful that you actually read this,I would love to receive constructive comments and maybe help me improve this guide by pointing out typos or telling me what's missing or what you want me to add,anyways,thanks and have a good day.