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Braum Build Guide by Tytrusgaming

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tytrusgaming

S5 Super Braum : All Your Poros Are Belong to Us!

Tytrusgaming Last updated on March 4, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first mobafire League of Legends champion guide! I hope you are as excited as I am!

Before we dive into this short guide, let me begin by listing out a few of the things we'll be going over for jungling with Super Braum
    1.Rune Page
    2.Mastery Tree
    3.Gear Build from start to finish
    4.Skill Sequence

Like I said, a fairly short guide. Keep in mind throughout this guide that Braum is a slow jungler and takes patience to do well with. If you can keep a positive attitude and make good decisions while jungling, you'll hit mid-late game with a vengeance!

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For jungle Braum I toyed with a couple rune variants until I found one that really helped in my clearing route.

With each variant I only changed the quintessences, while the marks, glyphs and seals remained constant.

I started off with:
9 Greater Mark of Attack Speed - (+1.7% Attack Speed)(+15%)
9 Greater Seal of Armor - (+1 flat Armor)(+9)
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - (+.17 MR per level/+3 MR at level 18)(+27)
3 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Health - (+2.7 Health per level/+48.6 at level 18)(+146)

This setup left me recalling at level 2 after finishing a small monster camp and a buff camp.

After that failed attempt I thought about using:
9 Greater Mark of Attack Speed - (+1.7% Attack Speed)(+15%)
9 Greater Seal of Armor - (+1 flat Armor)(+9)
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - (+.17 MR per level/+3 MR at level 18)(+27)
3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - (+2.25 Attack Damage)(+7)

This setup leaves me as little more than an ADC. While the extra attack damage is nice, it didn't feel as useful or have as much impact early game and into mid-game as I had hoped.


Finally I settled on this jewel. I say jewel not because it is so mind-blowing that it deserves to be glorified, but because it actually allowed me to complete a level-3 jungle clear without a premature recall. I highly recommend using this setup:
9 Greater Mark of Attack Speed - (+1.7% Attack Speed)(+15%)
9 Greater Seal of Armor - (+1 flat Armor)(+9)
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - (+.17 MR per level/+3 MR at level 18)(+27)
3 Greater Quintessence of Life Steal - (+1.5% Life Steal)(+4.5%)

Due to a higher rate of Attack Speed, I benefited greatly from adding Life Steal to my setup.

You may find other combinations that work for you, but since this guide focuses on building Braum as a bruiser or possible carry, this is what I've found to workout the best so far.

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With my mastery I chose to run:
5 - 25 - 0

Originally I had 3 points in the Utility tree as Fleet of Foot, however after consideration I felt that adding those points to the Defense tree would be better.

Most of the points spent are pretty self-explanatory, but for those of you who enjoy reading into the details I'll explain it further!

Fury (4) - +5% attack speed [Braum's passive stun is triggered much quicker with high attack speed.]
Expose Weakness (1) - Hitting enemies with Winter's Bite or Glacial Fissure will cause your allied champions to deal 1% increased damage to those enemies for the next 3 seconds [The more damage during ganks or team fights the better.]

Enchanted Armor (2) - Increases bonus armor and magic resistance by 5% [Braum has a very defensive skill kit, and with this build being focused on damage he, like anyone else, benefits greatly from more resistance.]
Tough Skin (2) - Reduces damage taken from neutral monsters by 2 [Not a huge boost by any means, but still good for your early jungle route survivability.]
Veteran Scars (3 - +36 health [The total health boost helps Braum early on in the jungle. Winter's Bite also scales off of his max hp, so every point helps!]
Bladed Armor (1) - Basic attacks from neutral monsters cause them to bleed for 1% of their current health each second [A small, but helpful improvement to Braum's clearing speed.]
Oppression (1) - Reduces damage taken by 3% from enemies that have impaired movement Winter's Bite ensures enemies are slowed frequently, thus doing less damage to Braum.]
Juggernaut (1) - +3% to max health [More health equals a longer life, as well as Winter's Bite scaling from max hp for more damage.]
Hardiness (3) - +5 armor [More armor equals less physical damage taken, and since most of the jungle does Attack Damage this is an easy choice.]
Resistance (3) - +5 magic resistance [Since Braum has a higher armor scaling rate, he needs the extra magic resistance boost for those pesky AP champions and few AP monsters alike.]
Perseverance(3) - Regenerates 1% of missing health every 5 seconds [The more sustain the better.]
Swiftness (1) - Reduces the effectiveness of slows by 10% [While this isn't overall tenacity, it sure helps Braum when considering this build stacks him with 50% tenacity!]
Legendary Guardian (4) - +4 armor and +2 magic resist for each nearby enemy champion [That's +20 armor and +10 MR during full-on team fights. More resistance equals longer life.]
Tenacious (1) - Reduces the duration of crowd controlling effects by 15% [This, along with one other item in this build puts Braum at 50% tenacity, cutting ALL CC in HALF! He's unstoppable, literally!]

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Gear/Items including Variants

Starting Gear

These are the items you'll buy as soon as you spawn into the game.

This is a must-have for any jungler, and will setup one of your core items later on.

You'll want to take 2 of these to help you sustain your first cycle through the jungle. Your first rotation should get you to level 3.

This is a must have early or late game, but especially early due to the amount of face-checking you will do when roaming your own jungle. Use this on key objectives in-or-around your own jungle to keep an eye on the enemy jungler.

Early Gear

These are the items you'll buy to get you from level 3 to around level 11. This may vary depending on how "fed" you are or how behind you are. Focus on buying these items starting with your first recall to base.

This item is a necessity for jungling Braum as it deals great AoE damage to monster camps when using smite, as well as stunning them for 1.5 seconds and restoring a large portion of your health and mana. Chain this stunning smite with the stun from your Concussive Blows for prolonged survivability.

Again, this is a necessity for sustaining through your jungle routes. You should continue to purchase health potions during the early game.

It's very hard to run from camp to camp or lane to lane without some kind of movement speed bonus. These will get you on your way!

This piece of armor will add some early survivability to your jungling and ganking, as well as being a component for the pair of Ninja Tabi you'll be completing shortly.

This is a fairly cheap item that will add a lot of potency to your early game. The pickaxe will also build into one of your core items Zephyr.

Remember the sooner Concussive Blows stuns, the better. The Dagger is a cheap item that will improve your damage and sustain when paired with your life-steal runes. This will also go towards building Zephyr.

The damage on Braum's Winter's Bite scales with maximum health, as does his survivability. This health item will build into your Giant's Belt to help complete Frozen Mallet. This item will also be necessary to build Trinity Force.

Core Gear

The gear in this section will be the meat of who you are as a jungler. Your core gear will take a while to complete, and you might not always finish building the items, however if you started buying components in the Early Stage you'll be well on your way to fulfilling your goals!

These boots provide you a great spike in survivability, especially against auto-attack champions such as Tryndamere Master Yi Udyr Warwick etc. Because of building Zephyr you no longer need Mercury's Treads for tenacity. The upgrade of Furor allows you to stick to enemy champions while in pursuit. This could be swapped for other upgrades depending on your play style.

Remember how Ranger's Trailblazer caused your smite to stun monsters, deal AoE damage to surrounding monsters/minions and return 15% of your missing health and mana? Well with the Warrior upgrade it'll give you extra damage, cooldown reduction, and armor penetration. What's not to like?

This item is the reason you are using Ninja Tabi and not Mercury's Treads. Along with massively boosting your attack speed, this weapon gets you one step closer to spamming your Winter's Bite and keeping enemies slowed for days! The small movement multiplier and damage will help you stick to your slowed enemies and ensure they feel the Winter's Fury.

The best item for an attack-damage Braum. The mallet gives you a massive spike in maximum health and a decent amount of attack damage as well. With this health spike you'll do more damage with your Winter's Bite as well as slowing your enemy while you attack them relentlessly. Pairing this with Oppression makes you a much tankier foe than before.

So much can be said for this amalgamation of so many stats. Simply put, this item literally doubles the damage output of your next basic attack after using an ability. Giving you a range of benefits such as attack damage, ability power, movement speed, health, mana and attack speed, Trinity Force is well worth the costly price tag.

One reason for picking up this item is the magic resist you are no-doubt lacking from the rest of your build. The other reason for picking up this beast is the massive boost to attack speed as well as the magic damage-on-hit passive. Add this 42 magic damage-on-hit to the extra magic damage per attack after the stun of Concussive Blows, and even tanky champions will feel the pain.


The gear in this section can be used in-place-of some of the gear from the Core Build, depending on your situation and what is best. I would recommend not taking too many of these items, however, or the purpose of going Super Braum is defeated.

With a full Core Build you'll have incredible attack speed and damage-on-hit, however you will lack sustain. If you would like to sacrifice some of your attack speed for damage and life steal, I would suggest replacing Wit's End with this item. However, if you'd like to keep that attack speed to benefit your added life steal, consider replacing Trinity Force.

ranger's trailblazer - juggernautSo maybe you want more health with your jungling item as opposed to damage and armor-pen; this would be the upgrade for you. Adding 500 health, this item will provide you with more survivability and tenacity. However, since tenacity doesn't stack you should probably drop Zephyr if you pick up this augment and replace it with something else on this list.

This one is pretty straight forward. +500 health and +70 armor is nothing to sneeze at. With Winter's Bite scaling from maximum hp, this will give you a boost to your damage, as well as your survivability. This item will also help you stick to your foes with it's active ability, as well as help nerf the incoming damage from the enemy ADC. I would recommend replacing Zephyr with this item, and trade out Ranger's Trailblazer - Warrior for ranger's trailblazer - juggernaut in the process.

Much like Randuin's Omen, this item will give you more survivability with an added boost to your damage from Winter's Bite. However, this item will also grant you more damage during any fight you get into. At level 18, the AoE magic damage per second caps at 43. If you combine this with your magic damage-on-hit from Wit's End, your magic damage-per-attack from Concussive Blows, as well as your high attack speed; you'll be doing over 133 magic damage-per-second to your single-target! Crowd Control and magic resist would lower this damage of course. If you choose to go this route, I would recommend the same item trades from the Randuin's Omen explanation.

This item isn't something I'd put a lot of stock into buying. With a massive cooldown timer on the passive, the only consistent benefit you'll get from Guardian Angel is the armor and magic resist to make you more tanky. I would only recommend buying this item if you make it to late game and you need that last little bit of survivability for the final team fight to win it all.

If you're going against a heavy AP enemy team, you might want to consider picking up this item. With the passive on a reset after taking no damage for 40 seconds, this item along with Unbreakable will put a huge damper on the enemy team's crowd control and damage. The magic resist and added health is also a nice boost, of course.

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Spells and Skill Sequence

In this section I'll briefly describe what each skill does for Braum as well as which skill to focus on maxing first and why. If you'd like to skip this section, refer to the chart at the top of the page for your skill sequence.

This is Braum's passive. This passive is the main reason why the Super Braum build is focused on attack speed. As you use your auto-attacks and Winter's Bite you'll apply stacks to your target. At 4 stacks the target will be stunned for a short duration, and they'll enter a cooldown phase where they cannot receive stacks. During this cooldown phase, instead of stacks they'll receive extra magic damage from your attacks only. The best part about this passive is the fact that your allies can trigger the stun as well. As long as you apply the first stack to get everything started, your allies can finish the job. With attack speed as Super Braum this means you stun targets extremely fast, even when roaming alone.

This is your Q ability. Aside from your auto-attacks, this is your main damaging ability as well as your poke. The damage from Winter's Bite scales with your maximum health as a percentage. This is one of the main reasons why Frozen Mallet is part of your core build. Your Q has the lowest cooldown of all of your abilities, so you'll want to start this first when you jungle in order to spam the damage for clearing. The slow applied when hitting a target is a hefty 70% and lasts for 2 seconds. Max this ability as soon as possible, taking it at levels 1,4,5,7,9.

This is your W ability. Take this ability 2nd. With this defensive ability you'll gain increased survivability through armor and magic resist in the jungle when casting it on yourself. With a moderate cooldown and Braum being fairly mana effecient, don't be shy about spamming this ability as much as possible. Stand Behind Me has a short leap when used on an allied champion or allied minion and positions you in front of your designated target. This leap is great for intercepting damage meant for allies, closing the gap on an enemy, and setting up Unbreakable or Glacial Fissure. Max this ability last, taking it at levels 2,12,14,17,18.

This is your E ability. This is the ability that makes Braum so unique. With Unbreakable you are able to completely negate the damage of the first enemy projectile to hit you while holding this shield facing towards the oncoming threat. Not only does it negate the damage, it will also "break" projectiles. For example; Nami's ult, Tidal Wave usually rolls down field and passes through enemy champions, knocking them up along the way until it depletes. With Unbreakable positioned towards the ult, you will ''break'' this wave with your shield, and it will not pass through you. Along with intercepting incoming projectiles and skill shots, this ability also reduces all incoming damage you receive for it's duration. Note that this will reduce the damage you receive from lazers such as Vel'Koz's Life Form Disintegration Ray, however since it's a lazer and not a projectile it will not "break" the ability, and instead such abilities will continue to hit anyone or anything behind you. Your shield will also block incoming auto-attacks as long as it's an auto attack that is fired from an enemy champion and leaves their body; such as every ADC in the game, but unlike Vel'Koz auto-attacks for example. This is your main defensive ability, so max this 2nd applying points at levels 3,8,10,13,15.

This is your R ability and your ultimate. Like all ultimates in the game, this one is very useful and should be upgraded every chance available. With the knockup, slow and damage, Glacial Fissure is a huge disruption during team fights. If used correctly you can single-handedly engage or disengage team fights. If you are roaming through the jungle and come face to face with the enemy and must fight, be sure to chain this with the effects from Concussive Blows and Winter's Bite. In 1 on 1 situations do not wait till the last possible moment to use Glacial Fissure, as the crowd control is just too good to pass-up on. This ultimate works well with other ultimates in the game, such as Tidal Wave, Idol of Durand, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Life Form Disintegration Ray, Cataclysm, The Equalizer, etc. etc. As usual with most ultimates, take a point in this ability at levels 6,11,16.

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Pros / Cons

While Braum is mostly a support champion, he does have a unique skill set that allows him to jungle. There are advantages and disadvantages for every champion no matter what role they fill, and in some cases their strengths or weaknesses are too great to use them in a role other than what they were designed for. Here are a few fun things you'll find when jungling as Braum, as well as a few frustrating downfalls.

    1. Solid ganks if lane ally has some form of CC or quick AA
    2. Very good engage/disengage with ultimate
    3. Frequent CC especially at level 18
    4. Strong supportive and defensive abilities to aide allies
    5. The only mobile skill-shot "breaker" in the game
    6. Uses mana efficiently
    1. Very slow jungle clearing speed
    2. Only has 1 consistent form of damage other than auto-attacking
    3. Vulnerable to counter jungling
    4. Fairly week start game with risky pre-6 ganking potential

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Final Words

I hope you've enjoyed my guide, and wish you well if you use it for your jungling adventures!

Braum is a very strong defensive champion, and with the right amount of damage and attack speed becomes a huge bully and threat, especially to ADC carries.

I encourage you to try out this guide and leave a fair rating. Remember to be patient when attempting unnatural builds such as this, as it takes time to perfect and truly see the potential come to life. With the right amount of practice and perseverance you'll be confusing your enemies with a Super Braum pick, and beating them senseless while they try to recuperate.

Leave me some feedback or discuss as you see fit, and I'll do my best to continue to update and upgrade this guide appropriately while improving upon my Braum builds.

If there is one tip I can give you before you run into the brush and start smacking monsters it's this: keep a positive attitude and never give up perfecting your skills. Oh, also start at the Golems camp first and make sure to smite it. Chain that 6-hit stun buff with your Concussive Blows for maximum disrespect to the jungle creeps!

Go rescue the POROS!!!