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Evelynn Build Guide by PheonixFlaer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PheonixFlaer

S6 Evelynn - Death in the shadows (Jungle and Mid)(6.3)

PheonixFlaer Last updated on February 16, 2016
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Jungle Eve


Mid Eve (in progress)

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Hey everyone, my name is KryptonPhoenix and I main jungle. I play WarWick, Vi, Zac, and Eve!

This guide is meant to help anyone getting involved with the awesome power that is Evelynn.

This new season the jungle will play a huge part in how the game goes.

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Pro / Cons


+ Invisible
+ Great ganks
+ Can carry cans
+ Insane team fight effect
+ Crazy damage if ahead
+ Hate Spike has a short cooldown
Eve has by far one of the best ganks in the game due to her being invisible. She can easily carry games with her damage and team fight effect


+ Very mana reliant
+ Not much sustain in the jungle
+ If she falls behind she doesn't have much damage
+ No escape, you have to use Dark Frenzy
The cons with Eve focus on her getting ahead and/or stay even. Even when she is a tank changing teamfights is possible

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Shadow Walk is Evelynn's best and most important ability. After Eve has been out of combat for 6/5/4/3 seconds she becomes invisible and can only be revealed by an enemy in 700 range or the use of an ability. When Eve will be revealed a "!" will appear above her head. Enemies will also be notified when Eve is within 700 range.

Hate spike is Eve's most damaging ability. A line of spikes appear front he ground and targets the enemy Eve has most recently attacked. Any enemy that is also in range of the spikes will also be hit.

Dark frenzy is Eve's best escape tool and also her 2nd best engage tool. Eve is reveialed and gains a burst of movement speed. The most important aspect of Dark Frenzy is the abilitiy's cool down is reduced by 1 second everytime an enemy is hit with any one of your damaging abilities. Dark Frenzy is also reset on a kill or assist.

Ravage is Eve's second best tool in the jungle as it procs Runeglaive. Eve's slashes an enemy target and damages them applying on-hot effects. Then Eve gains attack speed for a duration.

Agony's Embrace is the best teamfight and ganking tool Eve has (aside from her passive). Eve impales all enemies in a targeted area, which deals massive amounts of damage and gives a shield to Eve for each enemy hit. This is best best way to start a team fight or a gank.

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This is a MUST. Eve applies on hit effects with Ravage so this item helps a TON in clearing the jungle

Liandry's Torment is a big part of Eve's build because of how many abilities Eve cast's. With all the Hate Spike that Eve hits enemies with, Liandry's Torment's passive is applied for each which burns the enemy down. Plus the magic pen is helpful.

Rylai's crystal scepter is Eve's is by far the most annoying part (aside from Eve being invisible) of Eve's build. The amount of Hate Spike that proc rylia's makes it almost impossible to run away from Eve.

Void staff is great with Eve, the amount of Hate Spike that you hit enemies with benefit a ton from ignoring their magic resist

Mobi boots offer great movement across the map which helps a ton with ganking and drag/Harold control. I generally sell these once late game hits for Merc Treds.

Spirt Visage is a good overall item that benifits you in many ways. It helps if the enemy team is very AP heavy. The regen helps with long sieges. And the cooldown never hurts. If the enemy team is very AP heavy I would go with Spirit Visage.

This is another great item against AD heavy teams. The active is great if you are diving in or getting chased. Another good buy.

Banshee's would be the last on this list for me personally. I would take Spirit Visage over it, but if you have a hard hitting AP carry on the other team Nidalee, LeBlanc, Jayce 1 spell shield could save your life. Its not a bad option.

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Jungling with Eve is fairly simple. Your main goal is this:

Use your invisibility to your advantage

    First clear should look like this:
    Gromp(smite) > Blue Buff > Scuttle > Wolves > Raptors(smite) > Scuttle > Red Buff > Krugs

This path allows you to upgrade your hunters machete and get boots your first back.

Within this route try and find a good opportunity for ganks. Check out the ganking section for more info.

After your second blue you will have level 6 and its time to change teamfights!

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Ganking with Eve is quite simple and shouldn't be to difficult if done correctly.

The main goal is to give your laner(s) kill(s)

Below is a few routes you can take to get a successful gank. These are assuming you are on blue side.

This is the imgur link:

Gank goes like this:

1: Find a good lane to gank (enemy is pushed up, low health).
2: Find out which enemy has (or doesn't have) summoner abilities.
3: Choose a good route from the ones listed.
4: Walk in lane making sure your enemy is just outside of the invisible notification range.
5: Ping the enemy.
6: Use Dark Frenzy to gain speed.
7: Use Agony's Embrace (if you are above level 6) and Ravage on the enemy.
8: Let your laners CC the enemy and deal damage.
9: Continue to use Hate Spike and Ravage until the enemy is low enough so your laner can finish them off.

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Team fights

One of Eve's best strengths is that she can turn around a team fight in your favor. This is done by getting a awesome ult on as many enemies as possible. During team fights you have 2 options

Option 1: Engaging

This option is by far the best and most favorable. During mid and late game your invisibly can easily be used by staying off to the side of the enemy team. This gives you an advantage so you can Flash and Agony's Embrace to start off a great fight. Then stick to the enemy carry and deal as much damage as possible with Hate Spike and Ravage. Most of the time you can even kill the carry because of your damage.

Option 2: Changing a fight after the enemies have engaged

This option isnt as good as the first but can change a game in an instant. Since you are invisible the enemy team may engage while you are not present (or so they think). A 4 v 5 in favor of the enemy team looks good. This may cause them to go in and fight due to your absence. This is a great time to use Dark Frenzy and Agony's Embrace from behind and change the fight. Stay on the enemy carry and do your best to put them out of the fight.

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Tip, Tricks, and things to remember

One of the biggest things to remember is that you are most likely spotted by pink wards. This is Eve's biggest counter play.

The best way to get by this is to ask your laners to clear any pinks before you gank. Remember that regular wards can see you while you are invisible.

One tip is that you can place wards while invisible and you will not be de-stealthed.

A cool trick is early levels your Mobi Boots and Shadow Walk and almost on the same cooldown. So when you go invisible you can a lot go speed.

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Over all Evelynn is a great jungler who will benefit games in season 6. Make sure to use your invisibility to your advantage as much as possible.