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Tryndamere Build Guide by afearfulchild

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League of Legends Build Guide Author afearfulchild

S6 Tryndamere (Press R and Right Click to win)

afearfulchild Last updated on February 21, 2016
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Disclaimer: Tryndamere is very easily counter picked, so don't go thinking "I read a guide, first pick Tryndamere, time to dunk some scrubs". Tryndamere is highly, HIGHLY situational pick.

Anyway welcome to my first guide, where I show you how I play my favorite Solo Queue jungler, Tryndamere.

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Pros/Cons of Tryndamere

-Best damage scaling in the game.
-Arguably the best late game jungler(only other contender is Master Yi or Jax).
-Ult gives the ability to win a duel with any champ, and guarantees kills during a team fight.
-E is a very fast, long range dash, so you don't necessarily have to take Flash.
-Arguably the best split pusher in the game(Yi or Jax are once again the only contenders imo)

-CC counters him HARD.
-If you are baited into poorly using your ult, you become pretty useless.
-Mobile Burst AP champs counter him (read: LeBlanc)
- weak early game

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Ranked Play

Honestly I wouldn't recommend picking Trynd in Ranked unless you are one of two things:

1. Last pick against a team comp low in CC,
2. Playing in Bronze/Silver.

Otherwise you will certainly be counter picked and shut down.

Obviously there are ways to play Trynd at high ELO as there are guides from challenger players on this site, but this particular build is for having fun at lower ELOs

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Summoner Spells

Best Choices:
Smite is a must if you if you are a jungler.

I like to take Teleport, simply because having it during laning phase means there is a threat of ganks at any time, whether you are anywhere near a person or not. Late game you want to be able to secure objectives and split push quickly whenever you have some of their team down. Also using Undying Rage and Teleporting away from a fight is a good way to escape death, as long as you aren't hit by hard CC.

Obviously you can't go wrong taking Flash, so if you prefer it over Teleport, that's fine.

Ghost can be good for both chasing down people, and running away from a fight. Many people like to use it, I don't, but that might just be me.

Exhaust is ok
If you accidentally picked Tryndamere against a CC heavy team, Cleanse might be an alright option.
Ignite is fine for securing kills early/mid game when you just barely can't catch someone with your E.
Barrier is ok for getting out alive after using ult.

I Wouldn't:
Heal is only useful very early game.

Oh God No:

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I usually get armor seals. I used to get health to help with the first clear, but clearing the jungle is not as difficult as it used to be.

Flat AD usually these days. Crit damage marks are pretty good too

I get CDR glyphs because the only other good glyphs imo are MR. If you are against a really high burst/mobile mid laner, like LeBlanc, Fizz, or Ahri (especially LeBlanc), use half MR half CDR, or full MR.

I like to take 3 attack speed quints. It helps a heck of a lot for your first couple clears (+13.5 AS is pretty good early).

Pretty much the same, though you could also get 3 AD quints or 3 Crit Dmg quints.

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18 and 12 is the way to go. The healing off of crits from Warlord's Bloodlust are just too good to pass up on.

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For first clear, start Krugs, then Raptors, Rift Scuttler, then Red. Move on to Wolves. Go for the 2nd Rift Scuttler (don't q after killing it) then go to the Gromp.

After this, back, then keep farming jungle until you hit 6, after which you can reliably gank (there are some situations where you can gank earlier, which is why we take a point in W at Level 4).

NOTE: You do not need Blue Buff in any way, shape or form. Not for the smite bonus, not for the buff. All it is to you is a Devourer stack and a bit of CDR. Let your mid take it, and if you're in the area, help them out with taking it early game.

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Rush Stalker's Blade- Devourer. Devourer scales UNBELIEVABLY well into the late game if you keep farming jungle, as people will be building Armor against you, and it deals MAGIC damage. Meaning they will have to build health to try to tank you, in which case you can simply counter with Blade of the Ruined King (Or MR, but then you just cut through them with all your AD).

Youmuu's Ghostblade is essential. It makes your life so much easier. you essentially become a better Master Yi.

Someplace between finishing Stalker's Blade and finishing Infinity Edge/ The Bloodthirster, pick up basic boots.

Build Infinity Edge, or The Bloodthirster next, as they are your core items. Build The Bloodthirster if your team is winning the laning phase and is not in constant need of your help, since The Bloodthirster allows you to farm jungle incredibly easily and soloing dragon becomes a cinch. if your team needs your immediate help, build either Infinity Edge, as you will see an immediate power spike with the added AD, Crit damage, and Crit chance.

Get upgraded boots. CDR, Attack Speed, or Swifties are the way to go.

In most situations, you'll want to finish your build with Blade of the Ruined King,as its active's CC is useful, but its lifesteal also can allow you to survive after using ult. The passive is crazy good for shredding health based tanks as well.
However for fighting against squishy teams, get a Ravenous Hydra.
For playing against fed burst AP champs (such as Leblanc and Fizz), get Maw of Malmortius, as the two passives synergize with your ult incredibly well, and it also gives a decent amount of MR.
For playing against teams high in CC (which you never should but whatever), get a Mercurial Scimitar.
If you want to get a bit tankier, while also increasing your Lifesteal and the effectiveness of your Bloodlust active, get a Spirit Visage
Guardian Angel's Magic resist and Armor are good and the passive is great.

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Skill Sequence

You're gonna want to max Bloodlust ASAP. After which Spinning Slash is your priority, as lowering the cooldown of Spinning Slash improves your mobility, and the damage increase is nice too. Mocking Shout is your last skill to max.

Obviously put a point in your Undying Rage whenever you are able.

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Well this is it for my first ever guide. Hope you enjoyed it and found at least some useful information. Hopefully you will take what you have learned and go to solo queue, farm, get fed, press R, right-click, and win games. Split push, crit, farm, and dunk scrubs all game long.

But if you remember one thing, remember this:

For God's sake don't ever first pick Tryndamere.