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Taric Build Guide by orrvaa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author orrvaa

[S7] Bodyguard Taric - Support - updated for 7.19

orrvaa Last updated on October 2, 2017
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tank items against mixed dmg

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


0 Ferocity
















18 Cunning
















12 Resolve
















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About myself

Hi, my name is Or and I play since the end of season 5, I started main Taric since the rework in season 6, I ended season 6 as a gold player, as I am this season.
I try to update the guild every patch if needed, you can see the update log for more info.

This is my first guild I will be happy to get comments about the guild.

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Update log

  • patch 7.18 -
    1. Ardent Censer and Zeke's Convergence buffed, added a built for them. (it will be better with the new runes reforge.
    2. Added runes reforge chapter, move thinking and open for discussions.
    • patch 7.18 -
      1. No change
    • patch 7.17 -
      1. No change
    • patch 7.16 -
      1. No change
    • patch 7.15 -
      1. Abilities order changed.
    • patch 7.14 -
      1. Taric's base mana regen early is much higher (8.5 instead of 5) but it's growth lower (0.8 instead of 1), level 18 it will be 22.1 instead of 22, so it will just give better sustain early game.
      2. Q - Starlight's Touch has been changed (buffed) - CD now 3 instead of 12, but charges and the passive work different with it, see the abilities chapter.
      3. E - Dazzle - stun time set to 1.25 sec, CD changed, damage higher, see the abilities chapter.
      4. Abilities order changed! - still tring it but this how it looks like for now. ( see the yellow section in the abilities)
      5. Thornmail has been changed, passive do less damage but inflict Grievous Wounds and Cold Steel, see items chapter.
    • patch 7.13 -
      1. Added a chapter "Other guilds you should see" in the end of this guild.
      2. Refillable Potion and Hunter's Potion entered the guild.
      3. Added potion section in the end of the items chapter, and my view about it.
      4. Starting items updated.
    • patch 7.12 -
      1. Locket of the Iron Solari active is based more on bonus HP, and Redemption based more on heal and shield power amplifiers, this doesn't change much as Taric will want to use them both, i prefer Locket of the Iron Solari most of the times.
      2. Zeke's Convergence changed and moved into the support items section, still not that recommended on Taric.
      3. Athene's Unholy Grail added to items section, works good with the forbidden idol's items.
    • patch 7.11 -
      1. No change
    • patch 7.10 -
      1. No change
    • patch 7.9 -
      1. Midseason patch - items changed and updated -
      items that are no more part of the guild: Guardian Angel,
      items that add to the guild: Gargoyle Stoneplate, Adaptive Helm, Abyssal Mask,
      items that only looks good: Randuin's Omen, Banshee's Veil, Zeke's Harbinger
      2. Items chapter got improved and new arrangement that split most of them into tank or support item, as Taric can do both roles depends on what is really needed.
      3. Chapter that got a little bit better look: Abilities, Vision and ward placement.
    • patch 7.7 -
      1. Added Banner of Command to the item's section Banner of Command
    • patch 7.6 -
      1. No change
    • patch 7.5 -
      1. No change
    • patch 7.4 -
      1. Added vision and ward placement chapter (mini guild).
      2. Added pictures to the items and masteries.
      3. Change mark runes to armor.
      4. Adding graphic improvements.
    • patch 7.3 -
      1. Change skill order from W>Q>E to W>E>Q
      2. Item Mikael's Crucible add to situational
      3. Added pros - cons
      4. Added about myself
    • patch 7.2 -
      1. I took the ZZ rot off from the build because the change it had in patch 7.1 it can't be used for split push, and it used for destroying towers only.
      2. As item that have armor and MR i use Locket of the iron Solari, as it gives good active.
      3. Main build changed to a item using build.

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+ Make your team sturgle against Assassins.
+ Have shileds, heals and invulnerable ult.
+ Gives a passive armor to a partner.
+ Can spam abilities with the right mechanics.
+ Can secure objective with ult.
+ Have unique range that have good flexibility
+ Fun to play


- Low damage.
- Can't carry alone.
- Bad mana sustain early game.
- Most of your game depends on the ADC cooperation.
- Must have high movment.
- Hard muchup against ranged champions early.

Guide Top

Taric Role

Taric as support as i see it, should focus on saving team mates especialy the ADC or other dealing damage characters. He does so by making them more sustainable so they can deal more dmg. while in fight, Taric use his abilities to guard his team mates by shielding them, healing them, stunning the enemies and take dmg insted of them by blocking incoming projectiles abilities.

Guide Top


Passive - -

This ability is the core for Taric game play.
First, After each skill (Q,W,E,R) Taric gains "Taric's next two basic attacks within 4 seconds each gain 100% total attack speed dealing damage that sacle with his armor as bonus magic and reduce the cooldowns of his basic abilities"

So Taric always want to deal two Auto Attacks (AA) between each casting of ability.

Q - -

Taric heals himself and all nearby allied champions, with the amount increasing with every stored charge (max of charges equal to the ability level).
the healing scaling with AP and max health.

W - -

Passive -

Taric and his marked champion (with Bastion buff) gain bonus armor. scaling with Taric's armor.

Active -

Taric shields himself and the target allied champion for 2.5 seconds (scaling with the Target health), blessing them with Bastion Buff Bastion and causing his abilities to be replicated on them while both are near each other, though the effects do not stack.

Taric can mark only one other allies chaption, and the buff transfer to the last target of the Bastion.

This ability make each of Taric ability to replicated from this ally so his abilities can cover double the surface of the ability alone.

E - -

Taric projects a beam towards the mouse location, erupting after a 1 second delay, dealing magic damage scaling with AP and armor to all enemies hit and stunning them.

After Taric cast the ability he and his allie cans till move until the delay end and then the enemies get stuned.

R - -

After a 2.5 seconds delay, cosmic energy descends upon Taric and all nearby allied champions, granting them invulnerability for 2.5 seconds upon impact.

pay attention

1. Taric's Q get charges and cooldown reduce by his passive.
2. Taric's R do not get cooldown reduce fron his passive at all.
3. Taric's E that replicated from his ally will direct from the allied champion to the mouse of Taric's player.
4. Taric's abilities don't stack if they happend from both Taric and his ally. (it do not double stun time, do not heal twice and do not double ult time)

Guide Top


Key stone - Windspeaker's Blessing -
this ability boots Taric's Q and W abilities and give a buff for allies that give them armor and MR for 3 seconds, each time Q or W cast on them. Although it looks like a little buff but armor and MR for four of the team players a lot of times in the game can save them and make the fight easier.

Meditation , Secret Stash and Runic Armor
make good sustain during the early game and even later.

Unyielding , Intelligence and Fearless
makes your abilities better

Wanderer and Explorer
give you better movement so you can help jungler or even gank mid.

Guide Top


i take these runes.


Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

3X Greater Quints Runes of Armor = 12.8 armor
9X Greater Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist = 1.44(lvl 1) - 27 (level 18) magic resist
9X Greater Seals of Scaling Armor = 1.44(lvl 1) - 27 (level 18)- armor
9X Greater Mark of Armor = 8.19 armor

i take Greater Quints Runes of Armor because Taric is a mid-late game character so to give him some strength to overcome the early mess without ruin the game.

i take Greater Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist because until mid game bot lane wont face an huge magic damage and from level 8 the scaling gives more Magic Resist then the not scaling one.

i take Greater Seals of Scaling Armor so late game Taric will have the sustain he needs in team fights.

And last i take Greater Mark of Armor runes because it give a good sustain in the early game against the ADC

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Early game items

The best item out of the 3 supports items Taric can use, give good sustain and make sure you will have your profit on the lane, always try to get the cannon minions while you can (just don't be too risky for it).

every support need to have the ability to make vision, it's so much important for catching a gank before it happens, if you can't control the vision with yellow wards and control wards (if the enemy destroy or have huge movement speed) you must buy this item early game and you shouldn't wait till mid game.

it's a core item because let you be more efficient by reducing lane backing time and more important let you deal your passive and stuns more easily.

Early game making vision is more important then denying the enemy vision,
so this trinket make the job.

For potions check the end of the chapter.

Support items

This item give a good shield based of your health, and giving more stacks for spoils of war.

gives very good stats against a bursting bot lane (like Sona or Brand) and gives a huge shield

this item gives a good sustain for long fights, it gives a passive that increase the effect of shields and heals, and have a wonderful active.

gives a passive of 20% bonus healing and shielding power and have a good active against stuns that can save your team mates.

more aggressive item, works good with attack speed adc, and giving you movement speed,give a good spike to both you and your adc

this item make your active items cooldown 10% less, it work very good with the right item combination

The item have a good sustain and make the Taric's ult more aggressive but it won't really sycronized with Taric's ult as the ult have a long cooldown, it will be better with the new runes (see the relevant chapter)
now can be cast on the same target as knight's vow target

The item synchronize good with the forbidden idol items, gives a lot of ap and improve more the heals and shields.

Tank items

perfect item for Taric, have a lot of armor, health and movement speed (even more movement since 7.9).

gives good sustain and take 1 space instead of 2 if you go with face of the mountain and ruby sightstone

gives mana sustain, armor and very good passive especially against auto attack champions

have good magic resist, good sustain and make your heals better on you

an aggressive item that gives armor and health, i rarely use it as it aggressive but if you need more pushing] power its the item.

Good item against auto attack team, gives 2 debuffs when being attacked. Easier to build - lower finishing cost. And have mini item ( Bramble Vest with the half of the ability.)

let you get a lot of hp and awesome hp regen out of combat or in the back line.

have a good siege power (shouldn't be used for split pushes since 7.1),
And give a lot of defense and some movement speed

a very good item against a spamming abilities AP champions.

gives magic resist, hp and a good passive if your carry (maybe mid lane) is AP

very strong item for team fight when there is ap and ad damage from the enemy, should be late game item for both passive and active.

Tank and Support items

a grate item that give a lot of sustain for you and your adc and gives you movement speed, i buy it 99% of the games

a good item for split pushing, i buy it when we behind and need to group a lot

Boots upgrades

Taric movement is a core ingredient for his passive and stuns, if you don't have any other movement item this is a must buy

good against ad team but remember to have at least one more item with movement speed

good against ap and a lot of stuns but remember to have at least one more item with movement speed

Warding items

since the first recall you should keep on the map a control ward so you can have a better vision control and can get a better ganks. especially if you don't have sightstone yet

after you buy a sightsone you can use this trinket to deny more vision to the enemy team. Not a must buy if you need more then the 3 stacks of the sightsone.

the first recall after getting level 9 you should get this trinket as it have a huge vision control, you should have a sightstone until this level (most of the games)

  • look in the "Vision and ward placement" chapter for more information

Items that not recommended

  • These looks good but there are better items for Taric.

have now less HP more crit def, and better slow, there are better items, such as Deadman's plate.

item against ap, with a spell shield, but again there are better items then it

Things to keep in mind while building

  • first of all you are a support, you should be with your team mates (not must be the adc)and you don't have to deal damage, you are not a bursting support.
  • passive passive and more passive, you can spam your abilities!, but only if you can deal 2 auto attacks between them, you must have more movement speed then the enemy team for it.
  • you shouldn't stuck to one build, every game need his own build, think of what kind of damage the enemy have, they are bursting or dealing damage over time, lethality good against non armor champions, and you have the W passive that giving armor. And so on...
  • don't sure what to buy? You should buy the basic item that can be build into both items.

  • for easier explanation i will compair only potions the mastery Secret Stash .

gives 180 hp and 15 mana each. 3 biscuits give 540 and 45 mana.
Can be used once.
Cost 150 gold.

gives 137.5 HP each. 2 total potions give 275 HP (after one back gives more HP then Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation)
Cost 150 gold, can be sell for 60 gold, total cost 90 gold.

Gives 66 HP and 38.5 mana each. 5 potions give 330 HP and 192.5 mana.
Cost 400 (150+250), sell for 160, total cost 240.

Gives 137.5 HP and 82.5 mana each. 3 potion give 412.5 HP and 247.5 mana.
Touch of corruption ability - not that useful for Taric
Cost 500 (150+350), sell for 200, total cost 300.

i recommend the Refillable Potion to start with as he have more gold profit from the second back (for HP), and you have the option to upgrade it. As 45 mana won't help you that much (less then one ability).

Hunter's Potion gives such a good mana sustain and can be used more often because it won't go over the max HP or mana. But it have lower ticks so use it so make you bars high not only when you very low.

* buy hunter's only when you feel you need more mana sustain, if you don't need just stay with refillable

Corrupting Potion Tried it, didn't feel good with it, as it over the max HP and mana, and the damage ability doesn't worth that much, prefer hunter's and control ward.

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Taric's game play

Taric is the bodyguard of his team, he can save team mates by healing/shielding/ulting them, even if they low they can relay on him to make them out of the fight or even finish the enemies.

Taric should not go alone (most of the time) as he have low damage and he is crucial team player in fights.

Taric's combo should be - W - AA - Q (3 stacks) - AA - E - AA - Q - AA - (repeat)
Taric's combo should be - E - AA - Q (3 stacks) - AA - W - AA - Q - AA - (repeat)

Taric's passive make the Q ability so useable and if he AA he gets to spam all his abilities, i prefer to start with the W ability so it could be use able much faster and when Q is used most of the time it would have at least 2 stacks.

Taric's ult need to be used before the team fight start or at the start of the team fight as the delay give the enemies time to kill allies before they have the buff.

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Vission and ward placement

Vision and ward placement is very important thing in the game, especially in the laning phase, knowledge is power.
One of the problems in low elo level is the lack of vision or thinking that only the support should use wards.
There are five different types of wards.

1) -
+can have up to 2 charges.

+the wards have stealth

+can be a target for Teleport
-each player can have up to 3 of them on the map simultaneously
-stealth that start some seconds after being placed (can be destroyed by that time)
-the wards are temporary
more information
= have 3 hp (needs 3 auto attacks to be destroyed)
= over warding destroy the first that was placed.

2) - (can be purchase since level 9)-
+have huge cast range
+don't have a time limit
+give less vision then the Warding Totem
+don't have a quantity limitation
+show bigger radius for seconds when placed
-can't store charges
-have only 1 hp
-don't have stealth
-can't use for teleport
-the placement can be seen throw fog of war

more information

3) -
+revel wards and disable their vision
+show invisible units (traps and champions) the champion stay untargetable
+have a cast range
-have a little reveling radius

more information
= revel the area for 6 seconds
=can't store charges

4) (can be purchase since level 9) -
+active for 10 seconds
+revel wards and disable their vision
+show invisible units (traps and champion) the champion stay untargetable
+revel a big area
-don't have a cast range
-can't store charges

more information

5) -
+revel wards and disable their vision, and gives vision
+show invisible units (traps and champion) the champion stay untargetable except camouflage champions
+don't have a time limit
+have 5 hp, after not being for some seconds will have regenerate the health
+can have up to 3 in the inventory in the same time (take inventory slot only once)
-each player can have up to 1 of it on the map simultaneously.
-take a an item slot.
-cost 75 gold each
-don't have a stealth

more information

Vision and right warding can lead to neutralize a gank from the jungle or roam from other lane, can save you from a enemy team trap (like if the hiding in the bush), and can help defend/secure jungle objectives such as red and blue buff, dragon and baron.

Warding can be used for 3 main things.

1) Defensive - when you make vision that inform you before you are being attack or ganked, most likely will be in the rivers or jungle neer the lane.
2) Objective - when you make vision that inform you about the status of the objective, like in the dragon or baron pit, or need the blue buff or red buff.
3) Aggressive - when you make vision in the enemy jungle so you can take his buff.

Questions you need to ask yourself before placing a ward

1) What i want to achieve?
2) Where would it give more vision?
3) What am i risking by going to there ?(farm, may be ambushed)
4) How easy the enemy would destroy the ward? (especially for blue/control wards)

Don't do

ward placed too close to lane, not effective enough to see the jungle before he start the gank if you push the lane.
ward too close to the walls so he lost a lot of vision
the ward will be spotted very fast and will be destroyed


placed where the vision can show the objective (blue buff) and the junction to see incoming enemies that pass by.
placed where the vision can show the objective (the dragon) and the junction that give deeper vision on the bot side.
placed so the ward get stealth from the bush and the vision can show the junction
placed so that ward get stealth from the bush and the vision can show the incoming ganks soon enough to do moves
placed in the place to maximize the vision with bonus from the bush

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Runes reforge - Looking into the future.

The new runes are still going on balance and new things, but I will represent what i think will work with Taric as a support, and will end it with what rune page i will go with.

Introduction - The rune system it build from 5 paths: precision, domination, sorcery, resolve, inspiration. Each path have 3 key stones and 9 runes split into 3 groups. While making a rune page you will start by choosing a main path and secondary path and you will get a bonus from the combination of the paths (see below). From the main path you will chose one key stone, and 3 runes that each one of them will need to be selected from different groups. From the secondary path you will need to chose only 2 runes from a different groups.

Path combination bonuses

main precision + domination/sorcery/resolve = + 12% attack speed
main precision + inspiration = + 18% attack speed

main domination + precision/sorcery/resolve = + 10 ability power or + 7 attack damage adaptive.
main domination + inspiration = + 15 ability power or + 10.5 attack damage adaptive.

main sorcery + precision/domination/resolve = + 15 ability power or + 10.5 attack damage adaptive.
main sorcery + inspiration = + 22.5 ability power or + 15.8 attack damage adaptive.

main resolve + precision/domination/sorcery = + 70 Health.
main resolve + inspiration = + 105 Health

main inspiration + precision = +20% potion and elixir duration, + 10% attack speed
main inspiration + domination = +20% potion and elixir duration, + 15 ability power or + 10.5 attack damage adaptive.
main inspiration + sorcery = +20% potion and elixir duration, + 12 ability power or + 8.4 attack damage adaptive.
main inspiration + resolve = +20% potion and elixir duration, + 56 Health

Keystone that can fit Taric

Sorcery - Summon aerie:
PASSIVE: Your attacks and abilities versus champions signal Aerie to dash to them, dealing 10 - 40 (based on level) (+ 10% AP) or (+ 15% bonus AD) (Adaptive) bonus damage to enemies or shielding allies for 40 - 100 (based on level) (+ 25% AP) or (+ 25% bonus AD) (Adaptive).
Aerie cannot be sent out again until she returns to you.
ADAPTIVE: Scales with which ever stats would grant the most bonus damage or shielding.

Resolve - Guardian
ACTIVE: You may right-click on ally champions to bless them with Guardian Soul for 3 seconds. You may only have a single ally blessed at any given time and each champion may only be blessed by one Guardian at a time.
GUARDIAN SOUL: If you would take damage from an enemy champion, you first gain a shield for 110 - 250 (based on level) (+ 15% Guardian's AP) (+ 10% Guardian's bonus health) for 1.5 seconds as well as granting an identical shield to your Guardian.
The cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds if the shield doesn't activate.

Resolve - Aftershock:
PASSIVE: Immobilizing an enemy champion grants 10 (+ 30% Armor) bonus Armor and 10 (+30% Magic Resistance) bonus Magic Resistance for 2.5 seconds.
After the duration, you release a shockwave that deals 40 - 140 (based on level) (+3.5% of your maximum Health) damage to nearby enemies.

Inspiration - Glacial Augment:
PASSIVE: Basic attacks slow enemy champions by 35% for 1.5 seconds, which increases to 50% over the duration. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every few seconds.
On ranged champions, the slow is reduced to 25% and only increases up to 40%.
Additionally, slowing an enemy champion with an item active triggers your Freeze Ray to fire a laser that cuts through the ground in their direction, creating a slowing field for 5 seconds that slows units inside by 50%. The Freeze Ray can fire upon up to 3 enemy champions per item active.
COOLDOWN: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3

Inspiration - Kleptomancy:
PASSIVE: Your first attack after casting a spell grants bonus Gold Gold, and occasionally a Consumable item (mostly potions and wards).

Runes that can fit Taric

Sorcery - Nullifying Orb (group 1):
PASSIVE: If you would take magic damage that would reduced you below 30% of your maximum health, you first gain a shield that blocks 30 - 120 (based on level) (+ 10% AP) or (+ 15% bonus AD) (Adaptive) magic damage.
ADAPTIVE: Scales with the stats that would grant the most shield.

Sorcery - Manaflow Band (group 1):
PASSIVE: Your next ability used has its mana or energy cost refunded, and restores 10% of your missing mana or 10% of your missing energy.

Sorcery - The Ultimate Hat (group 1):
PASSIVE: Grants 5% cooldown reduction for your ultimate ability, increased by 2% each time you cast your ultimate up to 7% / 9% / 11% / 13% / 15%.
This stacks additively with Cooldown Reduction and can exceed the cap on cooldown reduction.

Sorcery - Celerity (group 2):
PASSIVE: Gain 3% bonus movement speed.
Additionally, you gain bonus Ability Power or Attack Damage (Adaptive) equal to 8% of your bonus movement speed.
ADAPTIVE: Grants bonuses based on which stats you already have the most bonuses for. Defaults to the first listed.

Sorcery - Gathering Storm (group 3):
PASSIVE: Every 10 minutes, gain 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / ∞ (based on Minutes) stacks of Gathering Storm. Each stack grants 8 ability power or 6 attack damage (Adaptive). This stacks with no upper limit.
ADAPTIVE: Grants bonuses based on which stats you already have the most bonuses for. Defaults to the first listed.

Sorcery - Scorch (group 3):
PASSIVE: Your next ability hit sets champions on fire dealing 10 - 40 (based on level) bonus magic damage.
COOLDOWN: 20 - 8 (based on level)

Resolve - Font of Life (group 1):
PASSIVE: Impairing the movement of an enemy champion marks them for 4 seconds.
Allied champions who attack marked enemies heal for 5 (+ 1% of your maximum health) over 2 seconds.
Healing values are reduced to a third for your own attacks.

Resolve - Demolish (group 1):
PASSIVE: After spending 4 seconds within 600 units of an enemy structure, gain Demolish.
DEMOLISH: Your next attack against a turret deals 375 (+ 20% of your maximum health) bonus physical damage.

Resolve - Conditioning (group 2):
PASSIVE: After 10 minutes gain 6 bonus armor and 6 bonus magic resistance.
Additionally, increases your total Armor and Magic Resistance by 5%.
RANGE: 800

Resolve - Revitalize (group 3):
PASSIVE: Grants 5% Heal power Heal and shield power, increased to 10% versus targets below 40% health.
Note that Heal power Heal and shield power increases self-healing/shielding, healing/shielding received from allies and your own heals/shields targeted at other allies (outgoing healing).

Inspiration - Biscuit Delivery (group 1):
PASSIVE: Receive a Item.png Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00.
Biscuits restore 15% of your missing health and 15% of your missing mana, as well as permanently increasing your maximum mana by 40.
Manaless resource Manaless Champions restore 20% missing health instead.

Inspiration - Magical Footwear (group 2)
PASSIVE: You cannot purchase boots. At 10 minutes (-30 seconds per Takedown), you gain Slightly Magical Boots for Gold free, which grants ENHANCED MOVEMENT and can be upgraded as Boots of Speed item.png boots for Gold 50 less.
ENHANCED MOVEMENT: 10 bonus movement speed.
This rune has no effect on Cassiopeia.

Inspiration - Future's Market (group 2):
PASSIVE: You can enter debt to buy items, up to 150 Gold (+ Gold 5 per Minute). Borrowing money adds 50 Gold to the total price of the item. Unknown if this is included in the borrow limit.

Inspiration - Cosmic Insight (group 3):
PASSIVE: Gain 5% cooldown reduction and increases the cooldown reduction cap to 45%. Additionally, reduces the cooldown of summoner spells, item actives and runes by 5%.

My ideas about the runes and optional rune pages

Summon aerie keystone dedefinitelyepends on how often you Taric will be able to proc the rune, "Aerie cannot be sent out again until she returns to you.".

For Resolve keystone i think Guardian will fit better the kit as it give you one more shield for your tools.

For inspiration, hard to predict how useful will be each of the keystones but even Summoner Specialist will have his own playstyle.

i Think that Sorcery main path will give more Poke damage that will grants stats, Resolve will give more stats for sustain, and the inspiration path will give more sustain and new tactics, for example to cocombinelacial Augment with Font of Life, or starting with smite to help jungler/counter jungle with your ADC.

The main Runes you would want to have will be
The Ultimate Hat - with great ultimate comes grave reresponsibility
Revitalize - As it was the main keystone before.
Cosmic Insight - especialy with the on use build.

The problem is they are from 3 didifferentaths and you need to choose only 2.

These are the total main and secondary path i rerecommendthe inspiration keystone for now can be any you want.
link for path here

link for path here
link for path here
link for path here
*it memeanto be kleptomacy but can't link with it yet.

link that help me with extra information

build your own path here

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Other guilds you should see

There are 2 guilds you should see too,

Sandytrain's guild - from there i took the refillable + hunter's potion use

L3gislacerator's support guild - he sees things in a different way from me, and have more informative sections, you should take a look