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Sion Build Guide by boomgozyomom

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author boomgozyomom

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boomgozyomom Last updated on December 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I have played this build and carried every time that i did. I've tried every single other build on this website and had a less win streak than this one that i created.

Any suggestions, comments, etc. will be much appreciated.

Now for the Guide

AP Sion is great against squishy early game top laners. You can burst them really well. It is also good against champs who are bad against stuns. For example Master Yi, Tryndamere, Aaatrox, Riven, Irelia, Garen.

You should not play Sion against champs like Teemo, Nasus Darius. Unless you feel very comfortable with camping turret and your jungler's ganks.

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Pros / Cons


-Fear the Cryptic Gaze- Your Cryptic Gaze does 300 AP damage when fully upgraded. Plus another 90% of your total AP. So say if you have 400 AP (which is easily attained by mid-late game), you do an additional 360 magic damage on hit. So 660 AP damage with 1.5 second stun. With 8 second cooldown (minus 1 second from Deathfire Grasp) you are sure to troll your enemies.

-Keeping the lane- It's really easy to not lose ground in your lane while going AP. You turret hug, or get other ranged or Heavy ADC in your lane and you push. You can have great teamwork with the person in your lane with your Ult and Stun.

-And then the shield- Same concept with the shield except for the shield, you wait 4 seconds to explode it. Dealing the same amount of damage. With a wider range.

-Solo Dragon/Baron- With AP, your shield comes into play tons when soloing baron/dragon. You can start solo dragon as early as lvl 9. Face it even 50% lifesteal is a whole lot especialy if it lasts for 20 seconds with 50% more attack speed.


-No extra damage for Ulti- Your Ult any advantage. After using your ult, you are basically hitting them fast and getting healed for the damage you do. The damage is your basic physical damage from Enrage (E).

-Team Battle- Because your Ulti gives your team-mates health based off your physical damage done, in team fights, AP Sion is plain out worse than AD Sion.

-Kill Steal- You will get your kills stolen. Especially in the beginning. You dont have enough damage or Attack speed to finish them off. But you do have stun to get your teammate to do that and get assists. Frankly, i think 6/5/30 is better than 15/9/5. But, later on in the game, you start to get more kills when you start ganking and team battling.

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With AP Sion, I have found that laning bot is your best choice. Especially if you have a CC laning with you or even a long range carry. The only way it can go bad for you is if both your enemies and long ranged. Then i would advise going top.


1) Always try to get the upper hand on farming. You will need a bunch of Coins to get an upper hand.

2) Go to the bushes in the VERY beginning. Once your teammate catches upto you, you can just charge the enemy. DON'T TURRET DIVE THOUGH!

3) Stun will be your best friend

4) Be nice to teammates. If they get ks on you, then you forgive them. Build relationship so if you happen to mess up, no worries :P


1) Get Enrage upgraded right after your stun. It will help you with Ulti.

2) Solo Dragon. If enemy steals it from you, beat the **** out of him. Because DRAGON WAS YOURS!

3) Start ganking. Will help your team get upper edge.

Late Game

1) Look for team fights. Your team will get a whole lot of the 'Upper Edge' when you're using your ult healing your allies and yourself.

2) Do not go alone in lane. Sion is not good at getting away so do not go alone. If your team wants someone to backdoor, stay with your team for team battles. Send a person who is not that good with team fight but great pusher and getting away. AD Master Yi, Shen, Twisted Fate, great choices.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Getting your Cryptic Gaze first allows you to get the advantage over your enemies. Because hardly anyone plays Sion anymore, they will underestimate you early game. Especially in low elos. That 1.5 second stun and ~100 AP Damage from it will surprise your enemies for sure. Especially when you reach level 2 and 'pop your sheild' which deals about 125 AP itself. With those two abilities, you have knocked off 1/3 of their health with you hardly losing much because of the stun and shield.

This strategy can be used for many different reasons.
1)Poking While knocking off 1/3 of the opponent's health even without Auto-Attacking. Poke, get back. Simple. The person you lane against will get pretty mad. Two things happens when this happens: Either they get mad and want to fight you, or they stay back, allowing you to out zone them.

2) Your jungler wants to join the intercourse With the 1.5 second stun from Cryptic Gaze, your jungler has ample amount of time to go in aswell. This will either result the enemy to burn their flash, or death for them. However, it is important that you dont chase them too far when they retreat. You won that fight! Now go get some cs and level up higher than your opponent.

3) Initiating Because of your 1.5 second stun, this gives you enough time to land 2-3 auto attacks and your Death's Caress, it gives you a decision to make: Keep fighting (remember you only have your AA and ignite now) or stand back and laugh.


BASE COMBO Put up =>> =>> Pop your cherry This will be the natural combo you will need to practice the most and be most efficient at. The difference between killing Ashe in 2 seconds rather than 3 can make all the difference in team fights and how you do. Because you will be looking to go after the adc and assassins in team fights, the enemy will likely to focus you to protect them. Thats why you only have a small opening to destroy.

Troll Combo If you prefer getting teleport over flash, you can teleport to a team fight or lane fight. Right before this, you put up your shield. The moment you land, and if they are in range, drop your nuclear bomb and get that double kill (pop ) If they are still not dead, go ahead with the rest of your combo just this time without a shield :P

End of your combo At the end of your every combo, get your ignite off. Especially helpful against Lifesteal reliant champions and it gives you the "secure kill" assurance.

Between Each other ability Idealy, if you have enough time, after using each ability, use an AA to use Lich Bane's passive. As it comes up every 2 seconds, you might have already killed your enemy by then. But if not, this passive gives you crazy Damage on your AA.

FULL COMBO =>> Toggle on =>> Put up =>> =>> Auto Attack (Lich Bane Passive) =>> =>> Explode =>> Keep auto attacking because of your insane life steal =>> to slow them so they cant get away if they aren't dead yet. In an ideal situation, you should be able to use your full combo in under 4 seconds. This is very crucial as the enemy team will see you attack the adc and will focus EVERYTHING at you. Thats why Randuin's Omen helps you a ton with the extra armor and health.

Enrage gives you the extra attack damage you need for your ult. Putting up Death's Caress will absorb the initial damage if he decides/gets a chance to fight you before you land the rest of your combo.


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Doran's Ring. + X2 Health Potion. + Warding Totem. Gives you the upper edge and tons of extra ap damage early. Great against squishy early game champions like Teemo, Riven, Zed, Vladimir. etc.

Doran's Blade. + Warding Totem. This is helpful if you are going to rely on your Enrage early game. This is to reduce its cost (hp) so when you-re attacking minions or other champions with Auto-Attacks, the toll wont be too much while still providing you with a good amount of AD.

Boots of speed. + X4 Health Potion. + Warding Totem. This is a great start if playing against a very strong early game champs. You need the movement speed to poke, and pots for sustain until your jungle ganks. These early game champs with tons of earl game potential that you need to watch out for are Riven Renekton Fiora Tryndamere, and more.


Lich Bane. + Ionian Boots of Lucidity. + Deathfire Grasp (DFG) Having the Lich Bane provides you with an amazing passive, extra mana, and a good chunk of AP. You have to practice using this passive a lot and see how you can maximize your damage the most to last hit minions and deal the damage to champions. The CDR boots are great to have two stuns going when fighting (if the enemy decides to stick and fight). And because this is still mid-game, you wont be able to kill enemies in 3 seconds like late game. Then you obviously have your DFG which allows you to use your full combo, and deal a **** ton of damage to them.

Late Game