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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Quinn Build Guide by Tragabaldas

AD Carry Season 5 ADC Quinn Guide (after 5.9 patch)

AD Carry Season 5 ADC Quinn Guide (after 5.9 patch)

Updated on May 16, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tragabaldas Build Guide By Tragabaldas 6 3 316,285 Views 5 Comments
6 3 316,285 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tragabaldas Quinn Build Guide By Tragabaldas Updated on May 16, 2015
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tag team
Hi, this is my first League of Legends Guide, so i´m reviewing my favourite carry; Quinn. English is not my native language, so please forgive my mistakes. Any kind of constructive feedback would be awesome.
Also take into consideration that i'm only Platinum III, so if you are a high Elo player you should look other guides (probably you wont need them though), this would appear too basic. But if you are starting to play bot ADC Quinn, the guide should be useful. I hope so. It's a very unseen carry in my opinion, so you have the surprise factor on your side, if you apply correctly the tips that you will find here.

SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ You have 2 CCs; a blind and a small slow.
+ Awesome passive for last hitting, trading or scaring.
+ Great ulti for chasing or escaping, even for roaming or ganking.
+ Anti-ambush ability.
+ High-damage burst combo OP against carries.
+ Fun to play, and you have a bird.

- Low range (525), you have to position very well in teamfights.
- Squishy, like most carries.
- If you fail the blind against a carry you can get beaten easily.
- Your E can position you sooo bad sometimes.
- Your ulti cannot be used in teamfights in its full potential
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I'm not going to explain much about this, obviously for a carry you build at least 21 points in offense, the rest is up to you. And in offense you improve last hitting, Attack Damage & Speed and Penetration. I take Executioner to burst out the other carry when 50% Hp left and he stays in the lane. and Feast for lane sustain. What I don't recommend is taking Double-Edged Sword , because you will be focused in teamfights and don't want to take 1,5% more damage from 5 people. Also Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving aren't very useful in my opinion because you don't have a spammable ability and you are an AD-crit based champion, so the synergy between both masteries doesn't proc much in Quinn.
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Starting items

Now since season 4 we can buy a pot with our Doran's Blade. That would be my choice the 99,99% of the times. Taking Boots at start is a choice that I no longer consider viable, the only thing I find perhaps more viable is to take a Long Sword and 3 pots. If you think that you are going to loose a lot of life, 3 pots would heal more tan your Doran's Blade. Finally take the Stealth Ward, to help your support with warding.

First recall

Depending on your gold, you may buy different ítems. If i can, i try to buy B. F. Sword ASAP, but usually you will need a few kills or last-hit like a pro. Lets say you come back with 1900 gold. I get the B. F. Sword and Boots & Health Potion. If you come back with less tan 1550 gold I usually get the Vampiric Scepter, and all I can from the Berserker's Greaves upgrading path. So, preferences are B. F. Sword > Vampiric Scepter, and Boots if posible anytime. Specially if enemy jungler ganks a lot.

Main core

After this you should aim to finish Infinity Edge. It's easy if you first took the B. F. Sword. But you can also get a Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King first instead of the IE. Also, is time for some attack speed. You can buy a Statikk Shiv or a Youmuu's Ghostblade, which is also a great option. You get the Attack speed from the active, plus armor penetration, critical chance and some AD.

Finish build

First you have to choose between BT or BOTRK. With the recent change of the ADC items, I think BOTRK provides more kiting potential to carries who don't have escaping abilities. Having Vault is enough most of the times for Quinn, but the passive is also a reason yo pick it. So its up to you, both items are great. Just don't buy Essence Reaver, it would be a waste of gold, since you are not an AD caster.

Once you have Lifesteal completed, and enough Damage and Attack Speed, you'd have to think the order of your next picks.

If the enemy team is squishy, with no armor but a lot of Damage, you should focus in boosting your survivability; and I prefer almost in every game to buy the Guardian Angel. There are other viable choices, like Banshee's Veil, if they have a strong pickup composition with heavy CC.

If the enemy team is buying Armor, a thing very likely in the tanky meta we are now facing, you need to aim for Armor Penetration, in order to kill the tanky frontline. I usually take Last Whisper for his low price, but a Black Cleaver is viable also, and due to the recent changes, a very worthy item in terms of stats/gold.

Selling boots

Once you have money left after completing your buid, you can sell your boots and buy Zephyr. Only do it if you can purchase the final item, not the components. At late game you will have the ultimate every minute with its boost of speed and more attack speed thanks to your w passive at max level, so you dont need the berseker greaves and you might need tenacity, or a little more damage. If I'm fed and I know I will be CCd hardly, I buy Zephyr.
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Skill Explanation

Ability Explanation

tag team

This passive adds some extra damage to the next auto attack when hitting a marked target. Valor will prioritize whoever you hit last, then the nearest low HP enemy champion, and finally the nearest low HP minion. It dissapears when Tag Team is used.

Tips & funny facts

Blinding Assault
Great CC, its an AOE damage and it blinds every target it hits!. This skill is great for either farming or trading with the enemy carry. Its also very useful in fights, as the blind lasts for 1,5 seconds, that could be 2 auto attacks missed by your oponent. While in tag team the ability no longer is ranged, it covers an area around Valor.

Tips & funny facts

Heightened Senses
Its passive gives you attack speed when you hit a marked target. Its active reveals the area around you. Useful if you want to check bushes while stepping in the enemy jungle, or while pursuing an enemy that tries to outplay you. For example flashing to a bush, or behind a wall where an ambush awaits you… While in Tag team, increases your attack speed, but the active is the same.

Tips & funny facts

You can dash (750 units) to a enemy champion or minion and you slow it, also marking it as vulnerable. Then you jump back to your AA range (525). You can jump thin walls if you are skilled. While in Tag Team, you don’t jump back, so that it keeps you in attack range.

Tips & funny facts

Tag team tag team
This skill turns you into Valor and also changes your range to melee. Be aware that your skills do not reset cooldown as in Nidalee or Elise. Great for getting away, and chasing down for a kill. You can even gank. Pressing R again (there is a short CD of a second) will trigger a rain of deadly arrows that deal damage base don your enemies missing health.

Tips & funny facts
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Tag team > > >
The first point depends on the situation. Normally i would take 1 point in Blinding Assault. But, if invading, you can also take Vault for a small CC and passive trigger, so you can get a kill. Even you can pick Heightened Senses for a coordinated invade. But this will leave you with a useless skill in lane.

So after 1 point in Q, I pick next pint in E, and at level 3 another point in Q. I pick E at level 4 because im not expecting ganks at lvl 3, and the wards should be up at the moment, ADN Q trades better. After lvl 4 it’s easy; follow the skill sequence at the left of the section.

I choose Q>E because it scales better with level and AD (and even AP) and its AOE. Furthermore, i use it more often than E for farming.
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Combo, Tricks & Teamfights


The trading

--> Autoattack --> --> Autoattack

This is a great way to put pressure into the enemy carry (only the carry) when he gets distracted. For example, he is aiming for the big creep, and his support is placing a ward, or not too next to him. It's the moment to blind, and attack him, and you wont get damaged from auto attacks because of the blind. After the 2 auto attacks you step back because the blind will be off at that time.

I´m advising no to use it on the support for a simple reason: the support may stun you, and the enemy carry will blast you, with no Vault to get away, and no Blinding Assault to stop his autoattacks. So only use on carries. Of course if the carry is not in the lane, feel free to use it even in a minion if you want to. But careful with mana.

The bait

--> -->

This is soo fun to use, but is rare to match the requierements. One, to have both barrier and your spells up. Second, to be under your turret. Third, to have a noob enemy carry or jungler who towerdives alone. The moment when it enters tower range to kill you, you bait him as much as you can before popping Barrier, then Vault to slow and mark him, and finally blinding him so he nearly commits suicide when he sees his basics missing. This can kill even a full hp dude in early levels.
The where the **** is my life

--> Autoattack --> --> --> Autoattack. Use whenever.

Mentioned it early. Also used on the carry, as its life will come down more quickly and you can zone him, denying him gold and experience. Use all this combos when you have nice % of your Hp and your support is near, just in case inconveniences appear.

The bird's burst; AKA Ohhh ****ttt a bir...

tag team --> --> Autoattack --> --> Autoattack --> --> autoattack if needed

This burst takes down carries and AP casters in a second, its just hilarious. In lane I even enter a bush in normal form, change to valor, and appear with 750 speed for moar lolz and the surprise. If you manage to not miss the skill order, even if they slow you you can chase them with Vault and perform the combo. Be careful in deciding when to use Skystrike. Against a tank you want to stay in bird form as much as you can for the attack speed, but if its someone squishy but fast, cast it when out of Valor's range and shot him down with Quinn. Also if you dive 2 enemies (possible if very near for Blinding Assault) and they are splitting, cast it quick for larger area damage and chase one of them, then the other.

Lastly, there is a way of using your ultimate on teamfights without positioning yourself too much in a bad position. This trick is not easy to master, it consists of using Tag team when you see a chance to finish up an enemy, then you use Vault and immediately cast Skystrike before hitting the enemy with Vault. If timed correctly, you will change into human form before vaulting the enemy and you will jump backwards as you normally do, also marking the enemy with Harrier. You must train it a few times because it's hard to time it correctly.
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Lane Match-ups

Caitlyn: Her range. Her Q, Piltover Peacemaker. With this two factors she can low your hp safely from distance. The best thing to do is to farm avoiding his Q (do not stay just behind the minion wave, perhaps a bit to the right or left.) Never engage without your support (with CC of course). With Tag team the situation changes, here you have a gap closer with Vault, and you can have an even match with her. Try to wait before she uses her E before using Vault.

Corki: This match is dificult when he gets to lvl 6. With his ult can poke you from far away and you cant blind those shots. But in early levels you can escape his Gatling Gun with Vault and have some advantage. However he can escape with Valkyrie so some CC from your support is needed to kill him.

Draven: I find it hard to beat him if he plays well, with the axes it deals a lot of damage. If you have to engage, wait him to loose an axe so he has them on CD. He would have maxed them first, so he would lose an advantage there. And make sure you blind him.

Varus: He has 2 long ranged abilities, that aren´t blocked by minions like your Blinding Assault. With a CC support engaging after he fires a Q you can beat him, but only by trading is going to be hard.

Ezreal: He is difficult to take down because of Arcane Shift. And he spams Mystic Shot which you can't blind. So wait for an opening (for example your support CCing him, or him using Arcane Shift) And Tag team so you can destroy him. In lane you can trade well and avoid his Mystic Shot staying behind minions, so it isn't that hard in my opinion.

Graves: Graves abilities doesn't have that much range so in lane is not that scary. When fighting try to avoid his smoke so you don't miss a blind. If he dashes in or out you can Vault him.

Vayne: Quinn wins the lane at early or mid game, as she relies on autoattacks. If you manage to blind her you can trade safely. Be careful about her Condemn as she can stun you when hitting terrain behind you. With valor is a win also if she doesn't Condemn you after you Vault her, making you miss the combo.

Ashe: Also you beat her as she relies on autoattacks. Be careful in the trades because she can kite you very easily with her slows, so have your support near. If you want 1vs1, use valor, but careful with her ult so use a bush to engage.

Urgot: Who is this?. I have never played against him :P. Really. It hasn't even been free since I started playing... lets see after the rework...

Twitch: Also I havent used Quinn against him, so iI can only speculate. He relies on auto attacks, so it might loose against a blind. but i don't now if the ult also gets blinded...

Tristana: I have only played against AP tristana, who's ulti scales a lot and can blow you before you can attack her. So careful even when in Valor form.

Quinn: This can be funny. So play very safely, concentrate in farming and denying his, and expect your support to be a rational guy. I lost a match just because of the gold, and then he got the lead and was very difficult to beat him. Funny fact though, we tried to Vault each other at the same time (without murdering intents) to see if it was possible to synchronize them. We couldn't, let me know if you can :D.
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Support Synergies

In this section I will give my personal opinion about which supports proc Quinn's gameplay in lane, based on my own experience. Until I play with all of them, not all of the supports will be analyzed. Of course remember that what is important is the player behind the champion, not the champion itself.

Blitzcrank: Blitz is useful with most of the carries thanks to the ability to pull of a enemy and separate him from the support, gaining the advantage in combat. Combining it with Vault we have a pull, an airborne skill and a slow. The carry will probably get scared and try to escape instead of fighting you, so is easy to get the kill. Care of grabbing the support, cause the carry might focus you and you have to switch targets. Very funny if Blitz grabs someone to turret range, it won´t escape with all your CC.

Leona: This is one of my favorite choices, because of all of the CC and her engages. Also, the passive [sunlight adds more damage to your autoattacks. Not much more to say, if he catches the carry with the combo, it is pretty much dead.

Nami: Also great with his CC and the heal. Also gives you a extra magic damage to your autoattacks with Tidecaller's Blessing. If Nami manages to hit Aqua Prison to an enemy marked with Harrier, you can pull a combo without receiving any damage and perhaps a kill. Also she helps you a lot when escaping as her abilities give you speed bonus.

Soraka: This choice is very funny to play. Soraka may be not be played as very agressive support, it is fine if she just heals you. But, if you manage to blind and silence the enemy carry at the same time in a fight, he wont be able to damage you in any way, nor escape using summoner's spells. This is very demoralizing, he will start to pop all buttons and not even scratch you. By the time the CCs go down, you will have the upper hand in the fight. The problem is that both of you are very squishy.

Janna: Since worlds, Janna has got some popularity nowadays, and her sinergy with Quinn can be resumed in: the shield. Not only because it absorbs some damage, that is the same for other carries; but for the bonus AD that it gives you, because it sums up in your AA, both of your Damage dealing abilities, AND your passive. that means a LOT of burst potential for a combo- If she is able to shield you while you harrass someone marked with Harrier, you will give them a hard time.
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I hope you have learned something about Quinn in this guide, and I hope my english didn't make you sad :D. Please comment or advise me so I can correct my errors. Also opinions are welcome. Ill try to update this ASAP, I'm going to play now :P.
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