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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Aatrox Build Guide by KrFC

AD Offtank SEASON 5 High Elo MassacrATROX Jungle guide

AD Offtank SEASON 5 High Elo MassacrATROX Jungle guide

Updated on November 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrFC Build Guide By KrFC 13 2 665,923 Views 10 Comments
13 2 665,923 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KrFC Aatrox Build Guide By KrFC Updated on November 24, 2014
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Im diamond player on Eune i would like to introduce you my Aatrox guide for season 5.

I think in current circumstances when jungle is savage and very demanding, Aatrox with his sustain kit can be a very solid pick. If we consider that Warwick is currently a must ban/pick, playing/maining Aatrox gives us a comfortable zone - always open very solid jungle pick in every game.

I made this guide because i think with current jungle changes Aatrox is very strong jungler and pretty fun to play.
I decided to write this guide because a lot of people dont know that Aatrox is OP now just like Warwick but he is not banned all the time.


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Aatrox is very strong jungle champion with strong sustain, great ganks and decent jungle clear, and he give us one advantage which can't give us any other jungler in League of legends. His passive let us do mistakes, we can go and fail gank, die and we will revieve, we also can take turrets aggro while our team mates will finish enemies and we wont die. I dont say we should do mistakes and die but i think it gives us more comfortable ganks because u know that if u fail(and lose passive) your team friends will not be burried because you transfered buffs to enemy team.
More also i think Aatrox is very good in teamfights u can initite with , jump on ADC or other squishy target, knock them up, deal AEO damage with your ult , slow enemy team with E , Botrk active someone and u can Autoatack with ~2.5 atack speed which combined with your W heal, Botrk heal and Feral Flare heal and 20% Additional heal from Spirit visiage gives you crazy amount of sustained DPS damage, but there is more if u die u will revieve with passive and if u die again Guardian Angel will save your life again. Togheter its almost 5 seconds of stasis and your team can deal realy big damage to enemy in this time, also every time when you revieve it confuses enemy team because they need to change focus.

Some of mine last games with Aatrox
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Pros / Cons


+ Free Guardain Angel
+ Good counter jungle (good duelist)
+ Good counter gank
+ Great jungle sustain
+ Good jungle clear time
+ 2 AOE CC, knock-up and slow
+ AOE damage with ult
+ Ranged with ultimate
Atrox very versatile champion, his gap closer and slow makes him very good ganker while both of those spells can be usen to escape. Thanks to W he can deal more damage or heal himself thanks to that we can play offensively or defensively depending on situation.


+ Squishy early
+ Very risky ganks without passive
+ If behind/die early, rly hard to come back
Aatrox without passive can almost only farm jungle, its very risky to gank when passive is on cooldown. Hard CC and peel in teamfights can realy make him useless he got only 1 gap closer and no movement speed boost if u dont go in with Q its realy hard to postion yourself well in tf (often it requires flash to ADC at start of teamfight to be able to deal damage to him
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We want our Aatrox to deal a lot of damage, while taking reduced damage in jungle 21/9/0 is best option for us then.


Fury To increase our jungle speed potential and healing ability from Blood Thirst / Blood Price

Butcher Aatrox depends on autoatack jungle clear it will help us.

Brute Force Give us more damage every level.

Feast 3 HP for every killed unit for example it give us 12 additional heal hp by clearing wraights and its a lot.

Martial Mastery 4 damage help us clear jungle and it scales with our abilities

Executioner Aatrox want to kill enemy as fast as possible and this mastery let us finish them off faster.

Dangerous Game This mastery can sometimes save your live or passive.

Warlord Increase our bonus AD (i dont think its good mastery for this Aatrox guide (we dont have much bonus AD) but we need it to get Devastating Strikes )

Devastating Strikes This is really good mastery for us it boosts every kind of damage we deal. Aatrox deal a lot of magic damage from his abbilities and this mastery also suport Feral Flare passive damage.

Havoc Overall boost to our damage help us kill people and jungle faster ;D


Recovery It help us all the time while we are walking trough jungle or when we are on our way to gank, it heal us.

Tough Skin Jungle monsters deal us less damage= we like it =)

Veteran Scars +36 hp at lvl 1 is a lot

Bladed Armor Help us clear small camps, blue, red, dragon and baron its good mastery for 1 point.

Juggernaut +3% of maximum health, combined with items we buy it gives us a lot off free hp.
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Skill Sequence

Skilling Order

> > >


Alwayz max if possible i recomend to max in at lvl 6, 11, 16.
We max for more jungle sustain and faster camp clear,
Then we should max for more dmg and longer slow effect, last one to max is because it dont deal a lot of dmg and knock up is this same on every levels.
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Summoner Spells

I Highly recommend flash over any other summoner spell its both offensive and defensive summoner spell with many ways to utylize it.
Smite= must have in jungle
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!!!!!!!!! WARDS !!!!!!!!!!

First of all i would like to tell you 1 important thing I wont bother you to ward whole map, I saw many guides where ppl were showing where to place wards, there is ~15 places or more where you can put a good ward but i will show u 3 where if u place your wards, your game will be easier. I think those 3 places are most efficent.

You should always have 1 pink ward and 1 green.

I think that pink ward in left bush next to mid is most cost efficent now because often it takes 15 min for enemy to find him out. It prevent counter jungle for you and makes your midlaner save, while pink ward on right side is also very good i think that now after a few patches people check this bush more often so its easier to find.

If u choose where to place pink place green one on opposite side of mid.
Thats all wards u need to place during laning phase
(sometimes u can use trinket to ward top tribush or baron.
U cant ward whole map, you just dont have money for that but place this 2 wards (1 green and 1 pink) and u will see how big impact they will have on your midder game and your jungling.


Thoose are best possible ways to gank, remeber to go at gank with at least 60% of HP or u will be threat for your own team, giving up double buff early is almost lane destroying for your team.

Always try to predict counter gank, for example if your bot lane is pushing u should consider that enemy jungler will gank them, then you should go and farm golems just to be near your bot lane and help them if need, u can also use their push to come from lane like in points 1 and 6.

Gank lanes where u can see possibility to take kill or carry. If your bot is losing and you mid is winning you can gank bot (high risk= high reward) or gank mid (low risk low reward).
Its up to you if u want to help your lane to stand up from knees or just snowball lanes where your team is winning.


Always when u gank succesful try to take more advantage by taking dragon.

!!!!!!!! REMEBER !!!!!!!!!!!!

Important things every jungler should remember

While jungling you dont need to focus on last hitting and harass enemy like other lanes need to so always pay attention to enemies positioning (if u see enemy jungler is 40% hp and he goes from mid to wraight camp ----> go and kill him, take his buffs or at least make him burn his flash) be EYES of your team and plan your jungle route to be as efficent as it can be, by planning ahead your way you can utylize your time more effectively which will save your time and give u lvl and gold advantage.


Baron spawns every 7 minutes.
Dragon spawns every 6 mins.
Red $ Blue buff spawns every 5 mins.
Small camps spawns every 100 seconds.
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I think actually the build i suggested above is very complex and u can play it in every game.
Only versus full AD enemy teamcomp i would switch Spirit Visage for Thornmail, and evetually Guardian Angel for Sunfire Aegis
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I would like to thank jhoijhoi for making guide tutorial I used many templates from his guide.

League of Legends Build Guide Author KrFC
KrFC Aatrox Guide
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SEASON 5 High Elo MassacrATROX Jungle guide

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