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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by StealthHD

AD Carry [Season 5] Vayne: ADC Goddess of Mechanics (Patch 5.9)

AD Carry [Season 5] Vayne: ADC Goddess of Mechanics (Patch 5.9)

Updated on May 26, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StealthHD Build Guide By StealthHD 5 2 66,229 Views 8 Comments
5 2 66,229 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StealthHD Vayne Build Guide By StealthHD Updated on May 26, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Vayne is a mobile AD Hypercarry that has the innate ability to snowball very hard with a few kills. Her combination of Stealth, Pure Damage and Chase Potential is one to be reckoned with.

Hi my name's Stealth! I go by the name Stelfalador (Previously: StealthHD) and I play on EUW.
I am 16 years old and reside in the United Kingdom

I have been playing League of Legends for around 6-7 months now.

I recently have entered the League of Legends scene coming from a Dota 2 background.

My Jinx Guide
My OP.GG Profile
My Dotabuff Profile

This is my first guide on the Mobafire guides and I hope this guide lives up to the quality and standard of the others here on Mobafire.

This guide will hopefully teach some newer Vayne players, and allow them to have a better experience when playing her, as she does have quite a steep learning curve.

I am no where near perfect with Vayne and I acknowledge this, however I have done a lot of research and read a lot of guides to help me improve my game, and hopefully through my insight and knowledge I can help you improve yours as well.
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+ High Dueling Capabilities
+ High Chase Potential
+ High Sustained Pure Damage
+ Able to Dodge Skillshots
+ Marksman With A Stun
+ Invisiblity
+ Extremely Potent Late Game ADC
+ Able to kite and outplay
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- Weak Laning Phase
- Hard To Catch Up If Under-farmed
- Difficult To Master
- No Abilities That Grant Her Vision (Must Facecheck, Until you purchase Scrying Orb)
- Squishy
- Annihilated By Strong Burst Heroes Such As Annie and LeBlanc
- Extremely Bad Against Exhaust
- Average Auto-Attack Range - 550
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Summoner Spells

Flash is almost a necessity on all ADC's, although vayne has good mobility, it is required for re-positioning and chasing.

Generally this should be your other Summoner Spell as it provides a much needed Heal and movement speed buff in sticky situations.

Consider Barrier if the enemy team consists of high damage nukers such as LeBlanc, Graves, Veigar etc.

Take Cleanse if you're against an enemy team with lots of Crowd Control such as Leona, Ashe, Amumu etc. However I rarely take this unless they have multiple forms of CC.

Generally Ignite is bad on Vayne as she has a weak laning phase and you shouldn't be engaging frequently, however Ignite can be viable if you're playing top.

Usually your support should take Exhaust, however I am aware that some professional ADC's prefer Exhaust over Heal and it is perfectly viable on Vayne as her ability to duel other champions is increased.
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Skill Sequence

Skilling Order

> > >


We max Silver Bolts first generally to maximise our sustained pure damage, then we max Tumble for the reduced cooldown enabling us to dodge more skillshots, we max Condemn last as it provides the least amount of damage per level stat.
We obviously take our ultimate Final Hour whenever possible as it provides bonus Attack Damage and movement speed with Night Hunter.

NOTE: I prefer taking three levels of Silver Bolts by level 6, then proceeding to max Tumble by level 10, If my farm isn't great. Three levels of Silver Bolts should be sufficient when fighting and the extra cooldown and damage you get from maxing Tumble exceeds that of which you could produce from the two extra points of Silver Bolts. This is because if you're not doing well in lane you won't be able to purchase the attack speed components i.e Dagger's, therefore you won't be procing Silver Bolts as often.
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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Vayne's abilities

- Can be used to dodge certain skillshots.
- Tumble's cooldown resets after you auto attack.
- Gives you additional bonus Attack Damage on your next auto attack.
- Can be used to reset auto attack. (Use walls to achieve this faster)
- Level 1 Tumble + Doran's Blade is sufficient to kill a ranged minion that has taken 1 turret shot.

Silver Bolts
- Silver Bolts will not proc if you change targets.
- Silver Bolts does not work in conjunction with Runaan's Hurricane.
- Silver Bolts gives extra pure damage when the third hit is proc'd.
- Silver Bolts does not affect towers or structures.

- You can proc Silver Bolts while taking minimal retaliation by auto-attacking, using Tumble, auto-attacking again and finally using Condemn to proc the final silver bolt stack.

- Condemn adds another stack to Silver Bolts.
- Condemn can stun against destroyed structures.
- Condemn can be used to prevent certain stuns such as Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia.
- Don't be afraid to use Condemn to last hit.

Final Hour
- Final Hour grants 1 second of invisibility when used with. Tumble
- Final Hour triples night hunter's movement speed bonus.
- Final Hour grants bonus Attack Damage based upon it's level 30/50/70
- Final Hour gives Vayne a big power-spike allowing her to duel many champions at level 6.
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Laning Supports

The type of laning support that Vayne requires and doesn't work well with are organised into 3 main categories:
-Lane Bully Supports
-Sustain Supports
-Engage/Disengage Supports
There are more than these 3 categories, but I will only be covering what I believe to be the main 3.

There are many other supports that work well with Vayne, at a quick glance generally Lane bully Supports and Disengage Supports are the best laning supports for Vayne as she needs the extra help early to farm safely.

Great Synergy 10/10 (Lane bully Support)

Lulu fits Vayne's play style perfectly, Lulu has almost everything except a heal, her Glitterlance, Whimsy, Help, Pix! and Wild Growth are great at assisting Vayne escape and deal sustained damage with her Silver Bolts.

Great Synergy 9/10 (Engage Support, Disengage Support)

Alistar is a great support combination with Vayne, his wide variety of Crowd Control, Disengage and Peel allow him to keep Vayne's enemies at bay when farming and knocked up when engaging, Pulverize allows Vayne to have an easier time to attempt to land a Condemn if a enemy is caught out of position.
Headbutt and Unbreakable Will are good disengage and peeling abilities that can protect Vayne from different instances of threats.

Great Synergy 9/10 (Sustain Support, Disengage Support)

Janna allows vayne to last hit and disengage easily which is perfect for Vayne's play style. Both her Howling Gale and Monsoon are great disengage spells allowing Vayne to farm with relative ease and make flashy plays with the knockback it provides in combination with Condemn. Her shield Eye of the Storm grants bonus Attack Damage which is great for last hitting and engaging and protects Vayne from poke and enemy engages.

Good Synergy 8/10 (Engage Support)

I highly rate Morgana due to her large amounts of CC and Counter CC, her Black Shield is great for Vayne whenever she is engaging. both Dark Binding and Soul Shackles are amazing Crowd Control spells and allow Vayne to dish out lots of damage with her Silver Bolts.

Good Synergy 7/10 (Engage Support, Disengage Support)

Thresh is able to engage and peel very well for Vayne, as he is relatively tanky and has good engage/disengage spells. However he is more of a aggressive support which doesn't entirely fit Vayne's laning phase. His ultimate The Box combined with Death Sentence allows Vayne to easily chase and engage on Crowd Controlled enemies. Dark passage also allows Vayne to easily escape when caught out of position or in danger.

Moderate Synergy 6/10 (Lane bully Support, Sustain Support)

Sona has good healing and harassing tools at her disposal which should allow Vayne to farm. Her ultimate Crescendo works great with Final Hour and Silver Bolts allowing Vayne to engage relatively safely.

Moderate Synergy 5/10 (Sustain Support)

Although Soraka grants a lot of sustain, she lacks any form of kill/nuke potential.
Not much can be accomplished in lane besides farming under tower and sustained healing.
Which isn't too bad for Vayne as long as she receives adequate farm.
If paired against Blitzcrank or Thresh this lane is VERY HARD.

Bad Synergy 4/10 (Engage Support)

Leona works moderately well with Vayne as her Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak are great engage tools, however as with Thresh, it does not completely suit Vayne's style early, as Leona is more of an all in support.

Bad Synergy 2/10 (Engage Support)

Blitzcrank is a heavy initiate and burst support, which doesn't suit Vayne very well. However Blitzcrank can work very well if you are able to combine his Rocket Grab and your Condemn together.
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Laning against other ADC's

When beginning to learn Vayne or any ADC for that matter, you should have a competent understanding of your enemy ADC's spells and abilities, and how they work mechanically.
You must also understand who your support is, who their support is and how they function, I may or may not cover enemy supports in the future.

The definitive way to obtain a firm grasp on understanding laning is by simply playing the game as much as possible. However, I will be giving useful hints about the little discrepancies between each individual ADC.

Match-up Difficulty 10/10

- Draven is a extremely difficult match-up for Vayne as his prowess for dealing damage and out-trading Vayne is extremely noticeable.

Thanks to his Spinning Axe and Blood Rush, he is able to manipulate auto attacks much faster, and at a higher Attack Damage percentage than Vayne.
His passive League of Draven allows him to snowball exponentially if he receives one or two kills, allowing him to purchase his Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster that much faster.

Your main focus as Vayne against Draven should be to farm until you see a good opportunity to engage with your support.
Do not try and duel Draven if he is a semi-competent player, as his damage outweighs yours if you are on equal footing; even if you max Tumble and purchase Bloodthirster.
You may try and duel him if you land a good condemn dependent on your skill level, however results may vary.

Match-up Difficulty 9/10

- Caitlyn is a rather difficult match-up for Vayne as she exceeds Vayne's attack range by a significant 100 range.

Her laning poke prowess is very irritating for Vayne, as a combination of her Piltover Peacemaker, Headshot and Yordle Snap Trap zone Vayne heavily.
Caitlyn also has a great escape 90 Caliber Net, that allows her to leap over certain walls and obstacles, which make it that much harder for Vayne to chase or catch up to.
Finally her ultimate Ace in the Hole reveals invisible units when locked onto a target, which is terrible news for Vayne as her Final Hour and Tumble together grants her invisibility.

Your main focus as Vayne against Caitlyn is to farm.
Vayne is a much better late game hyper-carry than Caitlyn, and will be able to successfully duel her with sufficient items at level 6.
I suggest leveling Tumble over Silver Bolts early as this will allow you to last hit and trade more effectively early. However I only take around 3 levels of Tumble before I start to max Silver Bolts.

Match-up Difficulty 7/10

- Twitch is particularly dangerous for Vayne he has the ability to sneak up on Vayne with his Ambush, and has damage that equals that of which Vayne can produce, with his Contaminate and Deadly Venom.

Getting last-hits shouldn't be too much of a problem as Vayne is able to dodge Venom Cask with her Tumble, also Twitch's range is the same as Vayne's at 550.
The real problem that Vayne faces against a twitch is he Ambush allowing him to position himself where Vayne is most susceptible and unable to land a condemn to safely get away.
Especially once he obtains rat-ta-tat-tat, combined with Ambush's extra attack speed make him an extremely potent threat.

In order to successfully win lane against a Twitch as Vayne make sure either you or your support has a Vision Ward allowing you to see Twitch in Ambush form.
This way you can easily engage on him once he oversteps his boundaries.

Match-up Difficulty 7/10

- Graves is difficult for Vayne, his combination of Quickdraw > Buckshot > Collateral Damage can be devastating burst against Vayne dealing hefty amounts of physical damage.

Graves has the ability to poke and zone with his Buckshot which can deal large amounts of physical damage early.
His passive True Grit gives him bonus Magic Resistance and Armour when in battle, which hinders Vayne's damage.
Smoke Screen deters Vayne from chasing or engaging as it renders Vayne unable to auto attack whilst inside it.
Collateral Damage can deal insane amounts of physical damage from very far away, which can catch susceptible Vayne's that are unaware of his physical damage prowess.

To defeat Graves we have to play better than him mechanically, knowing when to Tumble is paramount against Graves as you can dodge his abilities.
Minimising damage taken early from Buckshot is key, allowing you to farm safely without having to get worried about him bursting you down.
Try and fight Graves whenever his passive True Grit is down, you can tell if all the circles beneath him are gone.
When dueling Graves dodging collateral damage with either Flash or Tumble can be the difference between dying or getting the kill, so be extremely attentive when fighting against Graves.

Match-up Difficulty 6/10

-When playing against Jinx as Vayne, I find that whoever gets an early lead generally will be able to win the game, Jinx's mixture of high range physical damage and global magic damage make her a formidable foe.

Jinx can manipulate two attack stances with Switcheroo! allowing her to gain the most base attack speed without items, if fully stacked with Pow-Pow, the Minigun, she can also deal increased Area of Effect physical damage that can critically strike with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. These attack stances allow Jinx to adapt between dueling, farming and poking which can be quite frustrating for Vayne in lane.
Her Zap! can slow and deal adequate burst physical damage and also reveal invisible units, which is bad for Vayne with Final Hour and Tumble.
Her Flame Chompers! are a nuisance to Vayne as she can't tumble through them.
Her ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket! is particularly frightening, as it is global, since Vayne is squishy this will usually kill her if Vayne is bellow 1/3 health.
Jinx's passive Get Excited! is potent against Vayne, as she will be able to chase/escape Vayne, even if she uses Tumble or Final Hour.

In order to win lane against Jinx we must learn how to control the pace of battle/duel. Tumble can easily dodge zap and should be used effectively especially when used in conjunction with Final Hour allowing Vayne to remain invisible.
Tumble can dodge Super Mega Death Rocket! however the hit-box of it is very large and difficult to dodge, a noteworthy fact is that Jinx's Super Mega Death Rocket! must travel a certain distance before dealing full damage, otherwise it will deal half of the damage, this is good knowledge to have as you can take this into account when dueling her in close proximity.
We must avoid tumbling into Jinx's Flame Chompers! as we will be unable to move and chase, but still able to auto-attack and cast abilities.

Match-up Difficulty 5/10

- Lucian has high physical burst and poke potential with his Piercing Light and Lightslinger, coupled with his mobility from Relentless Pursuit make him a moderate threat to Vayne.

Lucian's Piercing Light does high physical damage that can be used from a relatively safe and far distance, by using the ability on a minion.
Each of Lucian's spells grant him the ability to use his passive Lightslinger, which lasts 3 seconds after he casts any of his spells, this adds significant damage to his trading and poke potential.
His Ardent Blaze grants him vision and movement speed which is helpful for scouting and chasing. However this spell is usually maxed last as it provides Magic Damage instead of Physical Damage.
His dash Relentless Pursuit allows him to trade and escape effectively as it procs Lightslinger, for each strike used by Lightslinger the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit is reduced by 1 second, this is doubled if the strikes hit an enemy champion.
Be wary, if he uses a combination of abilities quickly, he can proc Lightslinger many times allowing him to dash forward and dash back in a relatively short time span.
Lucian's ultimate The Culling deals quadruple damage to minions, you will frequently see Lucian's using this ability to push waves.
He can also use Relentless Pursuit while using The Culling but cannot use Piercing Light or Ardent Blaze.

We can win lane against Lucian by trying to minimise poke damage taken early in the laning stage by focusing on farming, we may later on duel Lucian as our Final Hour gives us a great power spike at level 6.
Do not try and trade with Lucian early, his passive Lightslinger allows him to deal significantly more burst damage than we can produce.
You can dodge Piercing Light and Ardent Blaze with Tumble, however the gap is very small at o.35 seconds for Piercing Light.
Use Condemn to cancel his ultimate The Culling as any crowd control effects will cancel it.
Make sure you maximise usage of Tumble's invisibility as he won't be able to duel as effectively if he is unable to auto attack or use abilities while you're stealthed.
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I will only be going through notable items that need further explanation.

Doran's Blade is better than Long Sword almost 99% of the time for Vayne as it gives decent bonus Attack Damage but also gives her sustain in terms of lifesteal and health.

Blade of the Ruined King is Vayne's usual first core item, the percentage health based on hit effect is great for taking on champions with large health pools such as Shyvana, Amumu, Dr. Mundo etc.
The slow effect and instant healing effect allows Vayne to chase and kite her opponents at all given stages of the game, and is valuable asset to have during the course of the game.

You can purchase Bloodthirster instead of Infinity Edge or Blade of the Ruined King early, as it provides a helpful shield that can protect you from burst-orientated champions such as LeBlanc. The sustain you achieve from the lifesteal also contributes to your survivability when team-fighting and dueling.

Quicksilver Sash
You should purchase a Quicksilver Sash as your third or fourth item against high CC teams such as Amumu, Morgana, Lissandra etc. You don't have to finish a Mercurial Scimitar until later.

Last Whisper is essential for Vayne. even though she does pure damage with her Silver Bolts, her Silver Bolts only proc every third hit.

Youmuu's Ghostblade was almost made for Vayne giving her extra chase potential with the movement speed, extra attack speed enabling her to proc Silver Bolts more often and extra critical strike chance for the extra damage. Deciding to purchase Youmuu's Ghostblade over Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer depends on your confidence to make outplays and be victorious in duels.

or (PATCH 5.1)
As 5.2 and 5.1 have been in effect Infinity Edge's critical chance was reduced to 20% from 25% and Phantom Dancer's critical chance was increased to 35% from 30%. It is clear that riot has put an emphasis on purchasing a Phantom Dancer whenever buying an Infinity Edge to recuperate for the loss of critical chance.

However Vayne doesn't usually purchase Infinity Edge first, this doesn't really effect her that much, it is still perfectly viable to purchase Statikk Shiv after Blade of the Ruined King. Vayne usually will buy Infinity Edge towards the later stages of the game, when you will eventually replace Statikk Shiv with a Phantom Dancer anyways.
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Teamfights and Dueling

Vayne is the most renowned duelist, besides Fiora of course.

She can dish out massive amounts of damage to single target foes in a short amount of time, and can three shot people if she has sufficient items.

In teamfights your goal is to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team in the shortest amount of time possible.

Vayne relies heavily on good positioning with her Tumble and Condemn

- A common misconception for ADC players is to try and focus one particular enemy all the time.

- As an ADC you should be looking to deal damage to whoever you can in the safest way possible.

- You should be able to achieve this by having your bruisers and tanks in the front line almost acting as a shield for you.

- Remember to use tumble as often as possible to re-position yourself and use Final Hour's invisibility to mitigate incoming damage.

- Try and land your Condemn on a enemy, as you can easily focus them down whilst they're stunned.

As Vayne is the premiere ADC duelist she is able to outclass any ADC 1v1, if played correctly.

- Always try and land your Condemn.

- Maximise your invisibility with Tumble and Final Hour.

- Remember to use Blade of the Ruined King or Bilgewater Cutlass to restore health and slow.

- Try and dodge any skill shots with Tumble.
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Thank you for taking the time to read my guide!
I hope you found something useful and that you can use to help you improve your game!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Special Thanks To: Leedsio, Henrik, Alessis, Ki, IceJJThomas, Sandrino Rhys and freakers for reviewing and adding tips to this guide!

I found all my banners and photos using google and all credit goes to the respected owners of the work.
Thank you to all the other MOBAFIRE guide makers for helping me with information and layout design!
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