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LeBlanc Build Guide by Real or clone

[Season 7] Detailed Reworked Leblanc Guide The one and only

[Season 7] Detailed Reworked Leblanc Guide The one and only

Updated on May 29, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Real or clone Build Guide By Real or clone 33,580 Views 5 Comments
33,580 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Real or clone LeBlanc Build Guide By Real or clone Updated on May 29, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Welcome to my Leblanc Guide

It's my pleasure that you are reading my Leblanc guide, I hope you'll learn a lot from my guide. I have been playing League of Legends since Season 5, I was inspired to play Leblanc by the juke master SivHD, I always wonder if SivHD could do jukes like this, I could Mimic what he does. Therefore, I made my guide on Leblanc and the deception combos of her. The reworked Leblanc requires much more planning and deceiving. However, once you master her, she's just impossible to deal with in low Elo.

This guide will focus on the basic ability usage of LeBlanc, Pros and Cons, Combos and Juking Technique of Leblanc. So sit back and enjoy.
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For runes, I would like to have more flat ap to compensate the nerfed ap ratio of Leblanc. Therefore, I have glyph of AP instead of glyph of magic resist which most mid laners will take.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As I stated previously, maxing is the way to go Maxing Q provides you with a bit more single target damage, which is useful when going for solo kills in lane. You will be doing even more damage with your double combo, but will not have as much waveclear, or potential to roam and get away from ganks as you would with . The reason of taking E is because your W deals literally no damage in pre-6 so taking will be a nice way to set up a gank or all in.

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Pros / Cons

+ Able to deceive
+ High Mobility
+ Huge Burst
+ Good Waveclear
+ Many options for burst
+ Picks off targets
+ Decent CC
LeBlanc is the ideal champion for solokills. Her mix of damage, mobility, and waveclear make it very easy to carry teammates by helping them out. She can push waves fast, and then roam to help her teammates which will often lead to a huge team advantge. She is able to burst down high priority targets before they have a chance to react which allows her team to gain advantages over the enemy. She can lock down tankier targets, allowing her team to follow up and get some easy kills, and can also snare fed enemies if she can't kill them herself. Pick up LeBlanc if you are confident in your ability, and you will be climbing the ladder in no time.

- Fun to play, Hard to master
- One wrong move, then your damage will be reduced by a lot
- Squishy
- Countered by fast CC

LeBlanc still has weaknesses that you will have to learn to work around. She falls off late game due to the defensive items the enemy carries will begin to start buying such as and . Her teamfight potential is pretty weak because of her lack of sustainable and reliable AOE damage as well as her susceptibility to fast CC (such as Annie's which will often lead to death due to squishiness. She requires good mechanics to play properly, and fast thinking to perform to her potential. These weaknesses are still not enough to hold her back from carrying her team.
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Summoner Spells

Taking is a must on Leblanc. It allows her to have an extra aggressive and defensive resource which she can use at will. It is one of, if not THE only summoner spell which provides you with incredible offensive and defensive uses. Use it to dodge skillshots, engage without using Distortion, and flashing away over a wall.

Taking increases kill potential. And is also what I recommend as your second summoner spell in most if not all games. The added DPS is extremely helpful throughout the entire game, and it is often the deciding factor in which engages are successful. This summoner is also useful for countering enemies who have lots of healing power because of the grievous wounds passive.

Taking is situational. It gives you more map pressure, take it when you're against a roaming champion such as and
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Combo and Jukes

Farming is relatively hard on Leblanc due to the slow animation of her auto attacking. As mentioned before, Leblanc is a champion that requires so much skill and effort to conquer, her damage output cannot be underestimated if you manage to use your spell rotation on the right targets

Bread and butter Combo
wait 1.25 second, then
You can W into the minion wave, W back into safety, wait 1.25 second, then use Q. Since the Q has a travel time (cast time) it takes approximately 0.25 second to land, so when the is charged up, it can be proc'ed quicker. The more practice you make the better your combo will be.
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Early Game

When you get into the game you will want to buy your starting items, and then head straight to lane. If your enemy comes within your range at level one, you can easily get off some free harass by auto attacking them once, Q onto them, auto attacking once, proc and then auto attacking again. If the enemy laner is not coming close enough for you to do this then don't worry, as there are many opportunities where you will be able to get off some harass. One great way to do this is with auto attacks. In the early game everyone has very little health and armor, so try to auto attack the enemy whenever you can.

LeBlanc has one of the best level 2 power spikes in the game, so you will want to be auto attacking the minions as much as possible so that you reach level 2 before the enemy. You will hit level 2 after exactly 7 minions, which includes the entire first wave and then 1 melee minion from the next wave. Start walking forward just before you are about to kill the 7th minion, so that when you hit level 2 you will be ready to perform your combo. Walking up to early will scare the enemy away, so it might take a few games to get the timing perfect. After hitting level 2 you will want to use your Q on the enemy, followed immediately by E , one auto attack, and then [icopn=ignite] if possible to finish the kill.

Depending on the enemy champions runes and masteries, this simple combo can do up to 60% of their health! This will provide you with a huge lane advantage, and may cause your opponent to use multiple potions. Continue to use this combo throughout laning phase whenever you get the opportunity because it's effectiveness is absurd, and when followed by your Ethereal Chains could even lead to kills in the early game if your opponent overstays.
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Pre 6

LeBlanc has 10 times more opportunity to kill the enemy when she hits level 6 if she has been effectively poking down the enemy in the earlier levels. If the enemy is under around 65% health then you can potentially cause the enemy to use flash, and if they don't have flash, or fail to use it effectively then you may be able to get a kill. The ideal combo you can use in this situation is the E R (E)Q . If you chose to run ignite then this combo is more likely to kill the enemy because it provides extra damage, and also prevents the enemy from being able to survive with 5-20 health from ticking a Health Potion at the last second.

Just like with the level 2 combo, it is best if you engage before the enemy hits level 6 so that you will have the clear advantage. Once you reach level 5, start to auto the minions a little bit extra every so often, and keep track of the rate at which the enemy is auto attacking minions and try to be a little bit faster. This ensures that you will hit level 6 first. When you recognize that you will hit level 6 within a minion or two, casually start to walk up to your opponent to about the range of your Distortion. Then, right when you hit level 6 you should use Shatter Orb, directly into Mimic and then Distortion. Auto attack the enemy until you have a clear path to shoot your Ethereal Chains, if at this point they are at around 15% health then you will want to use Ignite, and continue auto attacking as much as you can. Most people will flash before your Ethereal Chains snares them in place, but often people underestimate your damage (in lower ELO especially) and may even use flash, and then die to Ignite.

That is the ideal combo you will be using, but if the enemy is playing extremely passively then you can also use your Distortion to get into range to use Shatter Orb Mimic, and Ethereal Chains. This combo often ends in the enemy flashing away or even dying to your unexpected burst.

TL;DR, Push for level 6, all in with QRWE if the enemy is in range, or WQRE if you need Distortion to get in range.
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Mid Game

Mid game
This is when you are at your strongest point on LeBlanc because you should be able to one shot the enemy back line with your full combo. During the mid game is when you should be buying wards and looking for picks. Roam to help your team and take advantage of your HUGE mid game powerspike. Occasionally use your Farsight Alteration in the enemy jungle when you notice that the enemy jungler or bot lane has been MIA for an extended period of time. Getting picks in the jungle is something LeBlanc excels at due to her ability to maneuver throughout the jungle, and instantly kill the enemy. You can also get picks by placing pink wards at enemy jungle camps such as red or blue buff, and then killing whoever takes it. Make sure than when you go to ward you watch that their bot lane doesn't go MIA, because if they do it could mean you have been spotted by a ward, and they are coming to collapse onto you.

Roaming bot lane is one of the best way you can snowball in SoloQ, because it will allow you to get your ADC more gold, therefore alleviating some of the pressure on you to carry. Communicate with your bot lane when you are planning on roaming, maybe ask if the enemy bot lane has warded the river, in which case you will not be able to roam until the ward dies out, or has been cleared. When roaming, you will want to walk as far from behind the enemy as you can without using Distortion, because if they flash away you will need this to catch them. If possible, start with Sigil of Malice, into Ethereal Chains and then Mimic on, preferably, the ADC. If they flash, or use something like Valkyrie to get away you will then want to use Distortion to catch up.

You will also want to identify if it is worth roaming depending on the champion matchups bot lane. If the enemy team has an easy escape, and your bot lane has very little CC or mobility, then it might not be the right game for you to try to roam. For example, if they have an Ezreal, Nami lane, and your team has a Kog'Maw and a Janna then roaming is almost impossible.
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Late Game

As you saw, there is a lot of thought that goes into playing LeBlanc in the late game. At this stage, be cautious and patient are the two most important things. You have the potential at this point to do an incredible amount of damage, but going in half a second too early could easily lose you the game. Also, being too hesitant about whether or not to go in may cause you to miss your opportunity, and you could easily end up doing nothing at all. You have to find the balance between to early, and too late, because LeBlanc's window for going in is extremely small in most cases.

At this stage of the game baron is going to be one of the most highly contested objective. Inside the baron pit, your Distortion Mimic combo is extremely effective because the enemy is forced to group quite closely together.
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Late game build

Keep watch on objectives with your Farsight Alteration, and buy an Elixir of Sorcery whenever you have the extra gold, even if you are still finishing your last item. The bonus 50 AP, 15 flat mana regeneration, and true damage to champions and turrets is worth slightly delaying your last item.
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]I hope you enjoyed my guide, will update my guide every patch. If you liked it they please give it an upvote so more people can appreciate my effort.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Real or clone
Real or clone LeBlanc Guide
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[Season 7] Detailed Reworked Leblanc Guide The one and only

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