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Sejuani Build Guide by Ratchet HuNdreda

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ratchet HuNdreda

Sejuani JUNGLE Season 4 Guide

Ratchet HuNdreda Last updated on September 10, 2014
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Hi fellow Summoners!

First of all i would like to introduce myself. My Summoner name is Ratchet HuNdreda I'm playing on the EU-NE server. I've been playing League since the V3.6 Patch ( This is the patch when came out ). When i started playing ranked in Season 3 my Provisional put me to Silver III and i finished the season in Silver II. When i'm making this guide i'm in Gold III. I played about 400 ranked games and over 2000 normal games since i started. I can say that even if i don't have dem epic skills yet i'm a really experienced player. This is my first guide on this site and i hope i will help as many of you to get a better gameplay with this awesome champion as many i can.

About my experience with Sejuani :

When i started to get to know this game Sejuani was the one who tought me all the basics of Jungling. How to gank, how to clear the Jungle, how to counter gank and all sort of good stuff. In Season 3 Sejuani was one of my mains. I played around 30 ranked with her and a ton of normal games.

My opinions on Sejuani :

Sejuani has a really cool character design which i love and which is the reason why i picked to main her as my first jungler. As of her gameplay compared to high tier junglers and junglers in the current non-competitive and competitive meta, she lacks of serious design issues. For 6300 IP(or 975 RP) you will get a really awesome character with a poor gameplay design. There are many reasons why Seju is currently on the edge of the jungler meta. We could argue that most of the reasons are because of the Jungle changes or the General design but the main reason is that she is not balanced on her disadvantages and advantages. There are many problems with the current jungle as of patch 4.13 and Riot is currently aware of that and hopefully they will balance out the problems as soon as possible in a way that champions like her won't suffer in it because of their gameplay design like many do right now. I could talk about this really deep but this isn't a Jungle guide this is just a Champion Guide. ;)

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Pros / Cons


    - Really good ganks
    - Good kit againts heavy CC teams
    - One of the best tanks in the late game

    - Really poor sustain in the jungle
    - Easy to counter jungle
    - Heavly relies on her teammates
    - Hard to establish counter builds on her
    - Too long cooldowns
    - Bad ability scalings

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I would like to teach you how did i try to balance out these issues she currently suffers and tell you what you should be careful of playing as Sajuani. First of all we will discuss the Runes and Masteries you can use to balance out problems and the way they are useful for you.


Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Speed Amount: Varies
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed Amount: Varies

You should use these to clear your jungle faster. You can set this up to about +5% Attack Speed
In depth

Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Amount: Varies
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration Amount: Varies

You need these for higher damage output. You should have around +7 Magic Penetration
In depth


Greater Seal of Armor Amount: x9
Greater Quintessence of Armor Amount: Varies

You need these to be tanky. You should have +9 Amror AT LEAST!
In depth

Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Amount: x6
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Amount: Varies

Again you need these to be tanky. You always should have +8 Magic Resist AT LEAST!
In depth

Movement Speed
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Amount: at least 2 (if you want to have it)
For better roaming. You should have at least +3% Movement Speed
In depth

Of course you will have to adjust the amounts to your playstyle but these runes are the most valuable for you. Here is an example runepage i put together and use but of course this may not be the most optimal for all scenarios.


Example Masterie Page:

Masteries you should consider:

This Mastery is a really good help early if you adjusted your runepage for lategame this can be a pretty useful option for you to compensate.
It should be your job to judge which of it you will need againts specific matchups.
You can try this one too if you want to be more efficient in the jungle since you will bring Attack Speed with your runes.
This one can be pretty useful in certain matchups as well but i don't use it most of the time.


The main thing you have to focus on with most item builds is to empthasize your advantages and counter your disadvantages. This is a really hard thing to do with Sejuani especially the last part. You will have to be really celever about what you choose to do because one wrong step can cause many problems. You should always try to get the perfect balance between your HP and your Utility. I will try to explain which item you should buy in between certain circumstances and how to utilize them.

Core Items:

Currently this is your core item and the item you should focus on getting first. The bonus HP is pretty much your priority in order to farm better in jungle with your Flail of the Northern Winds and provide HP for your team. Quill Coat Should be your first buy on your first back which means if you have nothing to do you can back as soon as you get around 700-800 gold This will be enough for you for a Quill Coat a Boots of Speed and some Health Potion or Mana Potion.

This item should be the next thing you need to get. Even tho most people thinks Warmog's Armor is a useless item but with Spirit of the Ancient Golem you can extremely well utilize that +25% bonus healh passive. Warmog's Armor Health Regen also gives you some sustain you would normally have a serious lack of and makes you extremely tanky lategame. I found this item combo to be the most efficient for her and this item dou should be the solution for her struggles.

Since Spirit of the Ancient Golem don't have the Tenacity passive anymore you will need to get this item. Even if the enemy does mostly Physical Damage you need this item becasue it's passive is perfectly works well with your kit. Your passive Frost Armor and the Tenacious Mastery with this item makes you almost as Tenacious as an Irelia which is a really good thing especially if the enemy relies on heavy CC.
Optional Items:

This item provides you no HP but it is still really usefull and i really like it on Seju. You get some CC from it some additional damage a decent amount of Armor and most importantly Cooldown Reduction. Seju has some serious problems with her cooldowns which you need to compensate on her especially because her utility highly relies on her abilities. This item also works pretty well with her Flail of the Northern Winds. You should start building this item from Glacial Shroud

Again this item gives you no HP but provides 20% CDR which is extremely helpful. Even though i wouldn't recommned this item all the time only if the enemy have some high Attack Speed champs like Vayne or Jax. You will also get some mana boost from it which is nice to have beacuse even tho your Spirit of the Ancient Golem gives you a decent amount of mana regen you still have to use your mana carefully.

This item is a usefull one too it gives you a really nice CC and some healthy stats againts Physical Damage dealers. It doesn't provide you CDR so you need to compensate that with another item. I also recommend this item if there are heavy kiter champions in the enemy team like Caitlyn or Ezreal. You can also utilize this item againts highly mobile Mixed Damage based matchups with Champions like Shyvana or Riven.

A really nice item to have if you like to be in the middle of the action and you should like it as Seju! It also gives you a faster Jungle clear and provides even more damage to your team. Trust me this item hurst. Many underestimate the damage output you can get from this item. Also really good againts less mobile matchups where you can stick to enemies. A nice item to have if you see that you don't need to be a hyper tank beast and the team could utilize some damage too.

This item is really useful againts fed high Physical Damage carries such as Master Yi Fiora Tryndamere. Don't buy this item simply for Armor because it has nothing else you could utilize from it. You can buy it if you get a lot of focus from mainly Physical Damage but if you don't it would be better if another tank or fighter gets this item from your team. I think you can't really utilize it because you shouldn't get focused. This item is mainly for Fighters with high lategame carry potential because they are the ones whom should get focused.

Another really good item which gives you a ton of sustain and you can extremely well utilize. It also works pretty well with your Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Warmog's Armor. I would not say this is a core item tho because it's mainly situational and you shouldn't always focus on getting this. If you are againts a Mixed Damage matchup it's really debends wheter you are more afraid of their Magic or Physical damage. If it's more on the Magic Damage's side then this would be your 4th item. Always start building it from Kindlegem unless it's a mainly Magic Damage matchup.

This item have some decent stats you can utilize. Only get this item if your support is Ability Power based such as Nami or Janna and they need to focus on other items. If you have a tank support like Braum or Leona it's their job to get this. Of course only buy this if you are up againts high AoE Magic Damage dealers like Katarina Lux or Teemo ... stupid shrooms.

This item is highly situational and you shouldn't get this most of the time. The main strentgh of this item is avoiding focus and avoiding long duration stun abilites but since you are Tenacious you should not be afraid of that. This item is usefull againts almost fully Magic Damage based matchups where even the adc does a lot of Magic Damage. Otherwise you don't need this at all.
Items you should NOT get:

DON'T GET THIS ITEM! This item is not for you. You are not a carry neither a something which would easly die and would have to rely on this items's passive. Your job is to be as tanky as possible and if you die first in a teamfight than that means you did the most you could do for your team. You took damage. And that is your main objective. To distract the enemy and hold down other tanks or carries while your carries do their job. This item is for champions who get a lot of focus and need to stay alive as long as possible to provide damage for their team.

DON'T GET THIS ITEM! I see this on many Sejuani and i'm really sad because of it. The reason is that it doesn't provide you enough overall damage and sustain to worth it. This item is for Champions with channel spells or those who can countinously damage because of low cooldowns like Katarina Malzahar or Fiddlesticks. Sejuani simply can't utilize anything from this because she is not mainly damage and even that little damage she has is mainly burst. Even tho her Flail of the Northern Winds can output continuous damage but for that to be efficient you would have to stick on targets which they will try to avoid anyways because they are afraid of your CC not your damage.

DON'T GET THIS ITEM! Is Arctic Assault a Singe Target spell? Answer: No. Is Flail of the Northern Winds a Single Target spell? Answer: No. Is Permafrost a Single Target spell? Answer: No. Is Glacial Prison and Single Target spell? Answer: No. Do people buy this item for Sejuani? Answer: Yes -.-. This item provides you nothing worth to have on Sejuani. You already have a really OP CC why would you waste your money on an item which makes it a tiny bit more OP when you could get items you can use to be OP for longer by surviving?

DON'T GET THIS ITEM! Again you can NOT utilize anything from this item. Your teammates maybe can but they could utilize from you more if you would be there and surviving the teamfights and ganks rahter than you trying to output more damage with items like this hopelessly. You still shouldn't be focused on her AP scaling they mean nothing.

DON'T GET THIS ITEM! If you would try to find the most resourceful items for Sejuani between the worst items for her this item would be it. This item actually gives you a decent amount HP which is good and some mana you can utilize too but nothing else. And yes that AP still doesn't matter :)
In depth

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I will explain the strengh of her abilities how you should use them for camp clearing and ganking and what you should be focuing on teamfights as your combo. The half of this section will be from the lolwiki and the other half will be my advices.


Frost Armor
Damaging an enemy with an ability or basic attack grants Sejuani 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 bonus armor and reduces movement-slowing effects on Sejuani by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 % for 2 seconds. Both amounts increase at level 7, and every 5 levels from there on. Subsequent damage will increase the duration by 2 seconds up to a cap of ~8 seconds, where after damage will refresh the duration.
This ability starts to get better from your level 7 which you should always keep in mind and utilize it at your max level. With the Swiftness mastery this movement-slowing effect reduction gets an adtittional 10% which makes you have 35% movement-slowing effect reduction at max level and if you get Mercury's Treads and the Tenacious mastery the duration of the slows are halved. This will make you extremely mobile and this is why i would get movement speed runes on her.


Arctic Assault
Sejuani charges forward, knocking enemies into the air and dealing 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+40% of ability power) plus 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 % of the target's maximum health as magic damage (max 300 damage to monsters). This charge stops after knocking an enemy champion into the air.
This ability is a really good teamfight initiation and gank engage tool. In ganks you can easly suprize and provide a brief CC just like you would do with a Vi and provide an easy followup for the friendly laner too. It's also strong againts healthy opponents.


Flail of the Northern Winds
Sejuani's next basic attack deals 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+30% of ability power) bonus magic damage to the target and enemies near it. She then swings her flail, dealing 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 10% of bonus health) (+60% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies over 4 seconds. If this ability is reactivated, Sejuani immediately starts swinging her flail.
This will be the ability you will farm the Jungle mostly and will provide you a nice AoE In teamfights. Keep in mind that by reactivating the ability you will skip the basic attack and start dealing AoE around you. This can be helpfull when your are chasing someone who is out of your attack range but you still could hurt him/her with this ability.


Passive: Sejuani's abilities and basic attacks apply Frost to enemies for 4 seconds.[/u]

Active: All nearby enemies with Frost take 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+50% of ability power) magic damage and are slowed by 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 % for 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 seconds.
This abilty will be the main cource of her CC. This is a really strong and kind of long slow which can make enemies pretty vulnerable. In teamfights try to focus on applying the frost with your W on as many Champions as many you can especially the carries and then activate the ability. It also does a quite considerble damage even without utilizing the AP ratios.


Glacial Prison
Sejuani throws her frost-forged bola in a line. If the bola hits an enemy champion, it shatters, stunning the target and nearby enemies for 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds. If the bola reaches its maximum range, it shatters and slows enemies by 90% instead. All enemies in the shatter area take 150 / 250 / 350 (+80% of ability power) magic damage.
After you get this ability you are dangerous as ****. This is one of the best CC abilities in the game right now. It has an extremely big range too but a pretty slow projectile speed which you will have to keep in mind. A really great long range engage could be you Q+R+E+W combo. This way you can give your ult an even longer range which you can utilize for engaging from the fog of war like a suprize party Fiddlesticks. In teamfights your position should also allow an R+Q+E+W combo which would also give you a higher damage output. This ability has a really long Cooldown early so you need to use it clever and try not to waste it.

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Last thoughts

I hope this Guide will help many of you getting started on playing Sejuani and get to like her because many people don't do :(. This is a really basic Guide i may could spend more time develpoing it and i will may do if i see people interested in it. I will gladly recive any negative and positive feedback you want to share with me and i'm looking forward to them :)
Until then remember to "Die with weapon in hand." ! ;)