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Shaco Build Guide by PunicaDrink

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PunicaDrink

Shaco - Am I Fooling You?

PunicaDrink Last updated on December 1, 2012
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Hi, welcome to my short guide about Shaco. First of all I want to thank everybody. Since I start playing League Of Legends, you all helped me with your guides and tips. Now it's my duty to help you with my guide. And everyone who said "**** you noob" instead of helping me, **** off :D

For me it's not about forcing you to play like me, it's about help you playing Shaco and giving other opportunities of playing The Demon Jester. And I hope it'll bring you further of mastering this champion.

You see, you can have still a good Kill-Death rate even losing a match. And if you do win you have a 19/0/9 :D

Thank you: I want to thank JhoiJhoi. Her great "Making A Guide" guide helped me a lot and I'm really not one of this kids, who used her guide to improve their own without a thank you. So: JhoiJhoi you did a great job with this guide!!!

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Why Shaco?

Pros / Cons


+High Atttack Damage
+Fed= kill with ca. 3 hits
+You can confuse them ( Deceive; Jack In The Box; Hallucinate)
+Slow + Fear
+Invisible + Flash with Deceive
+Good farmer
+Can play all lanes + jungle
+Can escape very nice (very, very, very nice with Guardian Angel)


-Needs items
-Hard to master (harder than you think, trust me)

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Backstab - Shaco's normal auto attack from the behind make 20% more damage. Thats why I prefer more Attack Damage than Attack Speed. First of all, if there's a enemy with 30% or less maximal Healthpoints, it's helps you a lot, if you can onehit your enemy. I personaly can think of thousend moments, where I killed my enemy with an disadvantage on my side. Secondly, it gives you an unexcepted advantage. It attacks the mind of your enemy. If you attack him and destroy 40% of his maximal Healthpoints with your first hit, he trys to run away and you can slow him, follow him with Ghost and make a glourios kill. But if you make the same damage over time with Attack Speed and just destroy 20% of his maximal Healthpoints with your first hit, he overthinks to run away.

Deceive - Another reason to get more Attack Damage! Just like Backstab, it makes the next auto attack stronger. Together with these abilitys, you get a deadly combination which makes a hard life for a squishy enemy losing half of his maximal Healthpoints. Try to get with Deceive behind your enemy, to use your advantage with Backstab. The great thing about Deceive is that you can use it in every situation. You can use it to run away, to get through walls, and even for chasing your next potencial kill. It can be also used for dealing tons of damage and stop being focused for a short time. That's why Deceive has most uses for ability in League Of Legends for my opinion.

Jack In The Box - When you use the Jack In the Boxes, it's a must for every good Shaco! First it helps you killing neutral monsters. You can pull the Blue Buff-monsters and dealing damage and fearing golems and wolves. Here is it important how you use them! Not like other attacks, it can be useless or a real pain in the *** for your enemys. For example, you can put you Jack In the Boxes, when you gank, in the way, where you think the enemy runs away. In a fight, it can be also very usefull because of the fear. It will give you some time to run away or dealing extra damage, without taking any. But there is also the absolute opposite of a normal fight! Many people put a lot of Jack In The Boxes in the bushes to kill the first enemy who runs in. You'll find a video in the chapter Ganking.

Two-Shiv Poison - For my opinion, it's not the best ability to do damage. But to slow them! Very good is, that it stacks with Trinity Force ( Phage and Frozen Mallet) and the Red Buff. A ability like this makes it almost impossible to escape unless he's a champion like Master Yi. But you'll only make it with your other abilitys like Deceive and Ghost :D

Hallucinate - One of the ultis, where a lot of your enemys often write, what a nooblike ulti it is. Wonderfull here is, they're right! With Hallucinate you summon a double of yourself, which can be controlled. Your double makes 75% of your damage and get's 100% more damage than you and exploses when it dies and dealing damage to nearby enemys. A great advantage is that you can fool your enemys! You can use this ability in a fight to hope that your enemy is dumb enough to focuse the wrong one. But that's just one point! You can also tank with your double towers and trick your enemy into traps. I self use the tricks which succeed and it often makes my Kill-Death rates always perfect. I find it really sad, that I exploy this trick which complete my evil plans. So: I attack my enemy/s and use ulti. Than I run away with my double and self still attack them. 90% of my enemys chase my double while I still attack them. And if that isn't enough my double returns and attacks my enemys too. If the enemys kill it, it exploses and deals extra damage on my enemys!!! On this way, I easily can kill my enemys! Like you understand, it's a little risky but it works almost everytime and if it doesn't work you also have your Guardian Angel. And: No risks, no fun! :)

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About The Jungle (Respawning Times)

Okay, to get to the highest level with jungling you have to get to know how about the jungle. You have to know, where do you have to go when, what do you get from it and how fast it respawns. Long story short: You have to be the master of the jungle. Here are the basic informations about the jungle creatures:

High priority

Blue Buff
Time to respawn: 5 minutes
Profits and buffs: for a short time a higher Mana Regeneration and 20% Cooldown Reduction

Red Buff
Time to respawn 5 minutes
Profits and buffs: slows your enemy for a short time with basic attacks and deals damage over time

Low priority

Time to respawn: 1 minute

Time to respawn: 1 minute

Time to respawn: 1 minute

If possible

Time to respawn: 6 minutes
Profits and buffs: 190 gold for your team

Baron Nashor
Time to respawn: 7 minutes
Profits and buffs: 300 gold; for a short time higher Mana Regeneration, Life Regeneration, Attack Damage and Abillity Power

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No Wriggles - Why That?

You probably noticed, that this guide is for a jungling Shaco, but I'm not buying a Wriggle's Lantern. It's because of I strangly noticed a Wriggle's Lantern isn't worth it. With Shaco, I'm going with level 5-8 for my first time in the game to base. Than I can already buy a Vampiric Scepter and Boots of Mobility! Later I can buy in a succesfull game a Pickaxe or even a B.F. Sword. So when I'm ca. level 6 and have a Vampiric Scepter and Pickaxe I'll never have any problems killing minions. So I'll have a big advantage to other Shaco-junglers because of my Infinity Edge which I'll get very soon. With a Wriggle's Lantern it would take me so much longer to get my other items. That's why a Wriggles Lantern isn't that usefull as you might think. But I have to confess, that a Wriggles Lantern is nice because of the ward and it's price.

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Ok, I normally start with the Blue Buff. With that I buy the basic shoes with 3 health potions and choose for my summoner spells Ghost and Smite. As you know for sure, Smite is the perfect jungling spell. It deals tons of damage to the neutral minions in the jungle. And Ghost is a damn usefull spell because you already have a flash and slow alone with your abilitys. A higher Movement Speed is, because of that, very usefull. With that, you can run a long distance, while beeing invisible as your enemy thinks. If you've got the feeling, that you don't use Ghost very often, you can use it, to get from the base back to the action very fast. But to get back to the jungling: I start at the Blue Buff. As Shaco you don't need a pull, you just have to use your Jack in the boxes. You should try, to plant 4 Jack in the boxes before Blue Buff spawns. I wouldn't recommend to use Smite for this. But you should try, to use Smite very often to profit from the short cooldown of Smite. So it's easier to jungle and you'll get extra gold because of Summoner's Resolve .

Now, when you got Blue Buff, you should try to use ALWAYS your abilitys. So, you can easly kill minions faster. You don't have to worry about your mana (because of the Blue Buff). So with Deceive to minions, attack, plant some Jack in the boxes... Because of your health potions, you don't have to go back to base so early! With this map, I'll show you how to start the jungling:

That's how you should start. But here it's important, that you don't obey to all rules. You have to gank sometimes, take over some lanes or go to base. So the route is just a guideline. You don't have to use it!

For example, at this point, I was level 5, the same level as solotoplane, although I'll already had a 1/0/0 Kill-Death rate. So you see, you shouldn't believe in one right route. It's very important, that you can be spontaneous and flexible. It's a advantage for you, if you have premades playing in the same match. The right planing is extremly important for ganking and other, because the jungler is more dependent of your teammates as you think.


Okay, everyone of you steals sometimes the jungle on the side of your enemy. But it's very important to use the rules of Counter-Junglings. You attack Blue Buff or Red Buff in the jungle of the enemy's team. You should leave one little monster, which are left and right of the Red Buff or Blue Buff, alive. Now the time until the monsters with the buff respawns starts, when it's to late. The enemy jungler has to kill the little monster before the respwaning time starts... This will give you an big advantage.

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How-To-Gank As Shaco

Saying ganking is important as jungler isn't correct! It's the most important thing a jungler is doing. Without ganking a jungler is almost useless and specially as Shaco, you have to gank very often. Certainly - they are many deifferent ways to jungle, but the Shaco jungler has in my opinion the most advantages. He's varied! Moreover, he's got a stealth and a flash, so you can come without getting detected. I'm not the best Malphite, not the best Warwick but with both of them, I had problems with ganking. With both champions, my enemies had a chance to escape before I could jump onto them! That's my just the half of my ganks worked with one of these champions. Both of them has a nice ulty, to gank, but in my opinion, level 6 ist almost to late to start ganking. But with Shaco ganking isn't easy too. Here are some kinds of ganking as Shaco:


The "Throatcut" I'm calling it, is the most common way to gank. Just jump on with Deceive attack from the behind and use all of your *** abilitys. It's important, that you focus the enemy, who's still more squishy than the other. Before that, don't forget to ping, so your enemies won't miss it to attack until it's to late. Shaco doesn't deal any damage without beeing fed, so be carefull and don't overstimate yourself!

Jack, The Small Killer

One really funny kind of ganking succesfull. Just jump/run in stealth in the bush in the lane and place as many boxes as you can. When your enemies run into that bush, you Deceive and wait until they run in your boxes.. Then attack and you've another kill more! ;)
But be carefull: Your enemies can hear it, when you place a boxe, if you do it wrong, they can notice, what you're doing!

The "I don't know a good word for this" ;)

Okay.. That's the last way to gank.. You can see all important fact in the clip, I made for you.. But: Don't forget, your enemies can hear if you use your ulti!

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Shaco In Teamfights

I really can imagine, that some guys of you, don't know actually, how to handle a Shaco in a teamfight.. For a champion like Shaco, it's almost easier than you think. As Shaco you can flash with your E. So use it, to focus their carry.. You can kill her with, I would say five hits.. Not more.. At the beginnig, you have to wait until the most AE CCs are used, because you're squishy, but later, when you have your Guardian Angel you can run in. If you die, you will reborn, so.. ;DD

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So, this my masterie-skill as Shaco perfect to jungle. As you could have noticed, I'm using Summoner's Resolve . With that abiliy, you'll get extra gold by using Smite. So, I tried to mix abilitys to kill your enemies and skills, to jungle. As example, I use Hardiness , because Armor is pretty usefull against creeps. Attack Damage, Attack Speed and whatever are really good masteries for a jungler, because they're usefull against players and against minions. I use this masteries, but if you want to use your own masteries, and you know, they're good for junglin, you can take them to jungle with Shaco as well too.

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My Runes

1.66 Armor Penetration

1.41 Armor

-0.65% Cooldowns

3.33 armor penetration

All together
+24.93 Armor Penetration
-5,85% Cooldowns
+12,69 Armor

In my mind, that runes are really good for a Shaco, I play.. Your Armor and the Cooldown Reduction is good for the jungle too, so you won't have problems at the beginning. I have really much Armor Penetration, because I haven't anything in my itembuild, which gives me Armor Penetration..

Other Usefull Runes

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Strenght

Greater Glyph of Strenght
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Armor

Ok, these should be enough alternatives for you.. I prefer my own runes, because they are good in comibination with my items. If you have other runes, like this or something else, you can use them too.. I have many friends, which play after my guide with different runes, because they don't like to spend money for other runes. It's okay - play like you want to.. I hope, I could help you a bit

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A pretty nice item for Shaco. Shaco profits of Attack Damage and Ability Power. That's one reason, why Trinity Force is great for [Shaco]]. Trinity Force consists of many cheap items, so it's perfect for the beginning. That's why you can buy everytime, you go back to your base, buy a little item and you don't have to wait a long time like with Infinity Edge.

It's the Rabadon's Deathcap for ADs.. Need I say more?

Perfeect for Shaco! In my opinion, every champion needs to have one tanky item. Guardian Angel is pretty nice for Shaco. Armor and Magic Resistence make you much more tanky and you withstand more. Thanks of the passive effect of Guardian Angel you will reborn after you died. In the time, you are reborning the most abilitys's cooldowns will run out, so after you reborn you can use Deceive to escape. For teamfight's it's quit important too. You will reborn after you died, so they have to decide: They can attack you at first, but then they have to wait while you're dead and in that time, they'll split their focus. Or they won't focus you - perfect for a Damage Dealer like Shaco.

With one or two The Bloodthirster's, you will deal the highest damage. So if you have two full stacked The Bloodthirster, you increased your Attack Damage with 200. Like I already explained is Attack Damage for Shaco really important so I don't have to say more than: If you have two The Bloodthirster's, take care, that they're stacked, before you fight, because with two of them, there are 80 Attack Damage left, if you didn't stack.

Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance and Movement Speed. Normally it's a popular item as AD. But in my itembuild, I only but it, two have "enough" Movement Speed after seeling the boots.
But if you don't like playing as Shaco without really much Movement Speed, just keep the boots.

The Penetrator

This is a itembuild, for playing against a team with a lot of tanks. Important: You don't have to buy everytime THIS boots. There are some situatuions, in which you should buy other boots. There are two options for the last item. If you are winning, and you could stack, I would take the The Bloodthirster - if not, I would decide myself for the Infinity Edge.


Like you already noticed, I guess, i the "AD-Killer" for a enemy team with only ADs. In that itembuild, don't regard the row of the items. Sometimes you don't deal enough damage, then you should buy The Bloodthirster very fast. You can buy a Phantom Dancer or a Trinity Force instead of the second The Bloodthirster, as well.


Pretty nice against a full AP team. Against the most APs, you have to survive the first ability-wave. After, you can heal yourself with Life Steal ( The Bloodthirster). For surviving the "first wave of abilitys", I buy Banshee's Veil, Mercury's Treads and a Frozen Mallet. Mercury's Treads are quite helpfull against CCs too. For dealing damage you have Infinity Edge, and a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Youmuu's Ghostblade is nice, because you can get Movement Speed with that - it gives you Armor Penetration and Cooldown Reduction too, so it's really, really good!

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Thank ya

So guys... I really wanted to say thanks for your attention. I really hope I could show the beginner in here how to play with Shaco and for the experienced League of Legends players in here: I hope it helps you a bit too. And I really hope, that I didn't torment you too much with bad english And a special thanks for JhoiJhoi. Hope ya enjoyed it :)

P.S.: If ya liked this guide. You can watch my Tryndamere Guide here ;)