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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShailsTDSPT

Shails' Guide to the Sneaky Dominator

ShailsTDSPT Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

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16/11/2011 - Made some changes like revamping masteries because of the Fizz Patch. Please note I still need to update pretty much the whole guide according to some changes.

9/10/2011 - Removed the Gunblade and replaced it with Abyssal Scepter. An explanation is on the Item Section.

8/10/2011 - Did some changes to the Item's section to make it more organized, renamed the "How to Dominate" part to "The ways a game can go" and added a Bad Game part. Added a new "How to Dominate" part.

1/10/2011 (2) - Forgot to change the runes to the new ones. Silly me.

1/10/2011 - Changed some things in the guide based on what zapatou and Muertog suggested:
Starting items are now 2 Tomes and Boots of Speed, getting Sheen before Gunblade and switching Lich Bane around with Deathfire's Grasp. Quicksilver Sash was added to the items you might want to get.

30/9/2011 - Published the Guide

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Deleted previous Changelog by accident. This one only shows changes from after 09/10/2011

09/10/2011 - Replaced Hextech Gunblade with Abyssal Mask. See reasoning behind this in the Item Section.

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Evelynn - A Sneaky Dominator

Evelynn. You know her. Everyone knows her. That useless champion that only feeds and that makes everyone queue dodge. Well guess what. She isn't useless. She isn't in Classic 5v5 and she DEFINITELY isn't in Dominion. Thanks to the Gold you gain passively you can successfully build Evelynn, eliminating the problem she has farming. With a good build your E will be hitting hard on squishy champions, leaving them open to being ripped apart by your Q. True. You are still a Glass-cannon. But if your friends initiate and you focus on squishier targets that you can kill before they nuke ya you probably wont have problems.

Evelynn excels at locating Squishy targets that she can bring down easily. Her slow can very well secure a kill for your teammates (its a Team Game after all), feeding them on kills and feeding you on assists (which, on top of your kills, will make you the most fed champ in the Fields of Justice).

However Evelynn's true strength comes from the enemy's idiocy. Most people once they see a Evelynn in field, be it either Classic or Dominion, will say "GG we are getting fed like hell and playing 5v4", well this makes them easy targets because most of the time they will ignore you on team-fights, giving you the opportunity to deal good damage, killing/assisting, resulting in getting fed. Once they understand what is going on they will see them losing control over their points like if they were playing against Rammus, seeing their life bar dissapear like if they were confronting a LeBlanc and finally seeing you getting into the middle of them, killing one, and getting out like Yi.

There ARE smart opponents but these aren't as dangerous as you think if your skill and build beats their's. Now follow me as I show you how to play Evelynn - The Sneaky Dominator.

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Pros / Cons

+Good ninja capper
+Good damage Mid - Late Game
+Leads enemy to insanity
+Often underestimated, increasing her element of surprise

-Lackluster in Early Game Damage
- Oracle's Extract and The Lightbringer can screw her over
-Did I say Squishy?

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The Skills of a Dominator

Shadow Walk - Many underestimate this passive (especially in Dominion). The thing is you will often find yourself fighting on the enemy turret with minions surrounding you, defending a point from assaulting champions and minions or plain fighting in the minion waves. Attacking enemy champions aggros the minions therefore this passive will help you tank them, increasing your survival chances.

Hate Spike - At first look this may look useless but any Evelynn worth her salt knows this is your enemy's bane. Sneak behind them with Shadow Walk, activate Malice and Spite, use Ravage to lower their MRes and let your hate consume them from the inside out. Tankier targets will laught at you but our prime targets - the Squishy Damage Dealers - will cry tears of blood.

Shadow Walk - This is what makes Evelynn... well Evelynn! Sneak past the enemy champions to strike the weak Squishy champ that is abusing the fact that Dominion's recall is faster to go regen his HP that is really low. Sneak past the enemy to capture a point. Spawn camp the Squishy Champions. Escape from what would be otherwise certain death.

Ravage - A good damage output as well as reducing MRes? This is what makes your enemies cry blood once you start using Hate Spike. Mid - Late game this will be hitting HARD (potentially half the HP of the squishiest champions) and very possibly disorienting them. Lets be honest. If you were walking all happy to a control point and then saw 1/3rd of your HP dissapearing at the hands of a "Useless" Champion you would be "What did just happen?" as well.

Agony's Embrace - I say this is OP. Cooldown refreshes from ANY enemy champion's deaths. Doesn't matter if you killed or assisted. Pop this up if a team-fight is going on to rush to the team-fight and it might be up again before you reach the team-fight! Give chase to your enemy and make them understand that chasing you is useless! Towerdive like MAD as once you get a kill you replenish your HP!

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For Runes I recommend:

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic Penetration. For some games I didn't have any problems with MRes. Well one game everyone decided to buy some. I got ****ed up. This will help you penetrate the armor of those tanky bastards.

Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction - Thanks to some people making me thinking twice I changed this one to Cooldown Reduction. With this you will be using E more frequently in battle and R without fear of not having it up in a crucial moment.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - AP per level since its late game that you deal the most damage.
Flat AP Runes are for someone with high early game damage (not Evelynn's case)

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power - See Above

This makes you very squishy but you should be out of harms way anyway and focusing on targets that you can kill before they turn around and kill you.

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Thanks to the Fizz Patch, all masteries were revamped. The ones up at the Sheet are still being tested. Once the testing is finished I will re-do this section.

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Skill Sequence

Taking 1 point in each ability right away is in my opinion the best start. You wont be dealing much damage at the start therefore putting two points in one of the damaging skills right away is useless. The first point in stealth will allow you to sneak past the enemy, ninja capping their mid point once the top battle starts or allowing you to kill the lowest HP one at the top fight. After that I take one more point in each ability (starting from Ravage), taking the Agony's Embrace whenever possible. Proceed to max Hate Spike, followed by Ravage and Shadow Walk.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells I recommend:

Ghost - For escaping, getting to a team-fight/control point, chasing, stopping a capture.
Exhaust Chasing, killing and escaping.

You can replace Ghost with Flash if you just want to completely focus on killing and leaving the capturing to your allies.

Also good:

Promote - It can help you push and give you some extra gold.
Garrison - Makes defending and towerdiving even easier.
Ignite - To finish off those fast bastards like Yi or annoying blinkers like Ezreal, Kassadin, etc.
Surge - The amount of AP it gives is not THAT small plus the attack speed is good to get some quick sheen/lich bane procs in.


Heal - Can save your *** in the middle of a teamfight or allow you to continue the rampage.


Clarity - You will rarely have mana problems and even if you have them it probably wont be on crucial moments. Health Kits should replenish your mana at a good rate and the recall is pretty fast as well.

Revive - Maybe for Jungle Evelynn in Classic but in Dominion hell no. It can help people that can defend points easily against 2 or 3 champions single handly (COUGH COUGH ALISTAR COUGH COUGH) but if you need to use revive chances are you will die right after you use it.

Rally - Update the damn game or stop hacking.

Fortify - Stop hacking will ya?


Clarity - If you need to use Clarity you are dead anyway.

Smite - To kill those pesky Promoted Minions. Better on the hands of a pusher/defender.

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The Starting Items

Boots of Speed - Some speed to start off. They are level 1 so you reach the point AFTER the clash starts so the enemy doesn't expect you.

Blasting Wand - Some free AP to help you start the assisting rampage at the start of the game.

The Core Items

Boots of Mobility - To reach the team-fights faster and the open points as well.

Rabadon's Deathcap - Insane ammounts of AP to make your enemy go from "Its a Eve! :D" to "OH **** ITS EVE"

Sheen - If you are building Lich Bane right after the Gunblade or not this item will boost your damage output.

Abyssal Mask - Hextech Gunblade Used to be here but I replaced it since Abyssal Scepter is superior. If you want an explanation there is a Math Zone below. Not for those with a brain that explodes at the sight of Math.


NOTE: The following calculations are done without counting Runes and Masteries.

The formula to calculate the reduced damage is 100 / (100+MRes). On a target with 50 MRes its 100 / (100+50) = 100 / 150 = 0,66. 1 - 0,66 = 0,34 which means your magic damage is reduced by around 34%.
Your E has a 1:1 AP ratio so to calculate the extra damage (assuming you have rabbadons and gunblade): 140 + 75 = 215. But wait! Rabbadon's Passive gives us +30% Ablity Power! 30% of 215 is 64.5. 215 + 64.5 = 279,5.
Now your E's base damage at level 5 is 320. 320 + 279.5 = 599,5.
So your magic damage is reduced by 34% right? Ok then. 34% of 599,5 is around 203,66. This means you deal 203,66 less damage. 599,5 - 203,66 = 395,34.
Now we apply the magic reduction of your E and see how much your Q damages.
Your E will reduce the MRes by 26. 50 - 26 = 24. 100 / (100+24) = 100 / 124 = 0,80. 1 - 0,80 = 0,20. You deal 20% less magic damage.
Your Q deals 85 + 28% of AP. 28% of 279.5 is 78,26. Your Q deals 85 + 78,26 = 163,26 damage. Now we take of 20% damage from the Magic Res. 20% of 163,25 is 32,65. 163,25 - 32,65 = 130,6. Each Q while E's MRes reduction is on is 130,6.
In the MRes reduction period you should be able of using 5 Q's. 5*130,6 = 653. 635 + 395,34 = 1048,34. In 5 seconds you dealt 1048,34 damage. Now lets try with Abyssal Scepter shall we?

With the Scepter our AP is 140 + 70 = 210. 30% of 210 is 63. 210 + 63 = 273.
Your E will damage for 320 + 273 = 593. But right here before you use E the opponent's Magic Res is lowered by 20! 50 - 20 = 30. 100 / 130 = 0,76. They will receive 24% less magic damage. 24% of 593 is 142.32. This means they will receive 450,68 damage.
The damage with Gunblade was 395,34. and with abyssal scepter 450,68! Your E deals more damage with the abyssal scepter. Now lets try with your Q shall we?
With the reduction from the E and the Scepter your target's MRes should be 4! They will have 4 MRes for 5 secs! Thats almost 1% magic damage reduction! How sad...
Your Q's Damage will be 85 + 28% of your AP. 28% of 273 is 76,44. 85 + 76,44 = 161,44 damage per Q. Now lets apply the MRes. 1% of 161,44 is 1,6144. 161,44 - 1,6144 = 159,3856.
Your Q with Gunblade would be 130,6. With the Scepter around 159. This is a clear win for Scepter. But lets see how much damage you deal in 5 seconds. 159*5 = 796,928 + 450,68 = 1257.608. Not to mention the Scepter is cheaper as well.

Hextech Gunblade (1048,34) VS Abyssal Scepter (1247,608)

We all know the winner here.


From here on it depends on how the game is going on.

The Damaging Items

Lich Bane - The AP you already have PLUS your E will make the enemy cry. You might be hitting for almost as much as your E for each auto attack with the proc activated making you a true assassin.

Deathfire Grasp - If you dont really like auto attack that much get this. Use this on a target followed by your E and Q's to make them regret calling Evelynn useless.

The Defensive Items

Zhonya's Hourglass - Finding yourself dieing a lot late game? This is for you! Resistance, AP and a good active. If you activate your stealth before using this you will come out of stasis while invisible!

Quicksilver Sash - If you are getting CC'd every. damn. time. you walk out of your spawn and even THINK about killing someone. They CC you, you use this, Shadow Walk and Zhonya's (if you have it) or just ghost and ult out of there, allowing you to come back to kick someone's ***. I say this is the OP'est item active. Period.

The Miscellaneous Items

Priscilla's Blessing - Like I said with Rally and Fortify: Update the game to the most recent version or just PLAIN STOP HACKING!

Haunting Guise - Consider getting this if you are really are dieing a lot early game and cant get the gold from kills and assists. AP + MPen and 200 health which can pretty much save your life.

Rod of Ages - It can fit somewhere in the build or even replace something if you get it early enough (Before 7 minutes)

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How to Dominate

Before anything, remember that Evelynn is an extremely squishy assassin and should be played like one. This means staying out of harm's way unless you are sure you can survive it and get a kill or two (or maybe securing it for an ally).

At start cap mid and head top. Search for the lowest HP Squishy target. If there is no target like that and the other mid of their team reaches the point strike the enemy that is being focused. Use E and Q and as soon as you start taking some damage back off.

Through the whole game your basic combo while going in for a kill will be W -> R -> E -> Q. This will allow the enemy not to expecting you resulting in an easier target. The fact that your E will slow thanks to the stealth and your R is giving you a speed boost the target should not escape unless they blink away (or they are tanky). Activate R everytime you are sure you are gonna get a kill. Look at that 1 HP Yi that is recalling and has his ult on cooldown! Activate your ult and kill him. You recover HP and your ult is back.

Once you get Sheen though you want to auto attack in between Q's to maximize damage (same for Lich Bane) so your sequence when going for a kill is W -> R -> E -> Q -> AA -> Q -> AA

However that combo WILL NOT always help you because of Oracle's Extract... Avoid the champion that haves it at all costs unless he is distracted or you can get him from a bush. For The Lightbringer Champions always approach them while stealthed and kill them before they have time to react. Same for Hextech Sweeper Champions.

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The ways the game can go

Note: Each one of these situations is to be taken as its own. You can have a good early leading into a bad mid game and vice-versa.

The Good Game

You are standing on the Summoner Platform with your Boots of Speed on and holding your Tomes. Warming up via Taunting, Joking, etc. and ready to fight. You then see the force field dissapearing followed by the announcer saying that the fight is on. You then rush to the mid point, capturing it. Right after that you will want to go top stealthed waiting for the opportunity to strike the lowest HP target, getting some assists and hopefully a kill or two. From here on you can focus on capturing undefended points and striking lone Low HP Targets. Do not engage full HP targets since they will probably shred you to pieces.

Mid game is when the party starts. You aim for the Squishiest targets, killing them in 5-10 secs if no enemies are nearby. Once you do something like that recall or get some Health Packs because you might be low. You can help more on Team-Fights now that you are dealing a good damage and wont be getting as many assists as before since you are probably getting some well deserved kills. Do not forget to cap tough.

Late game. You are fed. Your friends are fed from you helping the early game. The enemy is crying for mercy and your team is spamming GG in the chat. You can walk through an entire team to kill the Squishy enemy, vanish, come back 5-10 secs later (with or without teammates) to kill another one and vanish to either cap a point or wait for your teammates to kill the remaining.

The Bad Game

You are standing on the Summoner Platform with your Boots of Speed on and holding your Tomes. Warming up via Taunting, Joking, etc. and ready to fight. You then see the force field dissapearing followed by the announcer saying that the fight is on. You then rush to the mid point, capturing it. Right after that you will want to go top stealthed waiting for the opportunity to strike the lowest HP target. However the opportunity either doesn't come or the attack doesn't go so well, resulting in you being killed as well as your team, giving the enemy The Windmill. Try to cap undefended points and striking lone low HP targets. If you are dieing a lot consider getting an Haunting Guise.

You had a bad early game so you won't be that good mid game. You want to do the same as before: capturing points and striking lone targets. You can try to help in team-fights but try not to die. You need to get your core build ASAP.

If you are having a bad late game consider getting Zhonya Hourglass ASAP after the core build (or Quicksilver Sash if CC is your bane). If you got the core build you should deal some good damage now nevertheless so you can focus on taking squishy targets 1 on 1 if you think you can kill them before they kill you. However if you are having a bad game DO NOT engage targets that can escape just to snipe you from afar ( Vayne... Ezreal... Kassadin... and especially Caitlyn... Y U NO STAY NEXT TO ME!?) unless you are 250% sure you can kill them before they use their escape spell or their escape spell is on cooldown.

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Well this ends my guide on playing the Sneaky Dominator. Please comment on how to improve it and Up Vote it if you found it usefull. Remember - stay hidden - find the squishy one - kill - cause fear - win.