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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar


Deckstar Last updated on July 23, 2013
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Here´s Decks! With another Build Guide for Shen's Fan!

This Shen guide, is more like a build that always worked with me, so i would like to share with many players, who have dificulty to use shen proprely, no offense i mean it, and you know its true, but the fact you´re reading this makes you less noob, and another step to the PRO ROAD (not like i am super pro... ). Let´s begin, shall we?


Each 9 seconds Shen´s next attack will deal +10% + 4x ur lvl. Yes, each nine secs, Shen will actually use his max health to attack in magic damage.

In this build, at lvl 18: This passive deals (115.25 + 398.5 + 72 =...)585.75 of damage each ten seconds! Thats not much in the late game, but it will be useful!

A flying blade hits and marks an enemy, this enemy takes 60% of Shen´s AP and any ally that auto-attacks this marked enemy will heal 220 + 1,5% of Shen´s max health.
If u kill with the vorpal blade this will heal 33% of the usual healing effect.

So... This skill, at max lvl, will deal 310 of damage, slow the target and heal 58,7 of whoever hit that enemy.


Creats a shield that block up to 250 dmg + 60% of AP, witch is only useful if you have some item for Ap, and luckly there are a lot of useful items that fit the description.


A simple skill shot-like dash that taunts any enemy for 1.5 secs, dealing 190 + 50% of Ap(165 of Dmg) and restoring 40 energy per target hit. This is unbealiveble useful for catching up with enemies and even escaping dangerous situations, a well used dash will win the teamfight. This skill can also be used to pierce through walls and escape mechanism, which will be a substitute for a Flash in this build.


Its a dangerous and annoying suport ability that gives the ally target a total of 850 + 150% of AP (1175 of shield!!!) and after 3 secs, you will be teleported to your ally and this can save a lot of people from your team, with your UT you will be able to gank magnificent and turn teamfigtsh if you´re able to get your target alive and taunt the enemy. But Ulting in a suicide player will doom you both, this is also the main reason for Shen to be unable to take part into ranked matches, this UT is way too much OP. The only way you can assassin a vulnerable carry is doing it before even the carry knows what happened.

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About Shen!

Shen is no less than one of the most known champions in the league, ever since he arrived he had the ability to kick *** in whatever role the player choose to be, TOP, JUNGLE and SUPORT. These are the choices. Even though Shen just have 1 damage ability his Q, Vorpal Blade is pretty much the only ability that deals some damage as an harass, even though he is said to be THE most OP solotop champion in the league... Why is that?
The answer is simple: His sustain is so much that you just can't deal enough damage on him for him to die, his shield and harass makes the lane very safe for him, you can't kill him with simple harass and if you try to bully him out of lane you'll fail for 2 reasons: You'll get vunerable for a gank and he can taunt you. And in this build, he would have an Exhaust, and maybe even a Teleport making it unbeliavably annoying to fight him in lane, you can barely harm him, its risky, he can harass you constantly, he can farm well and even if you manage to kick him to his base he can simply ult in a jungler ready to gank you or tp to a minion... The Teleport+ Stand United make an excelent combo when suport and when in solotop, other lanes need help? Ult on them, save the day then tp on a minion that is tanking the turret, rendering it in an unvenerable state and since giving your carry more time to break the turret or get fed.

I really want to show this video, the player is doing Shen as a jungler and is doing really good, getting a kill each gank... Even though he likes to KS, plz don't follow his bad example, but notice how aware of the map situation he is.

Oh and about their comment, they only say things like: "HA! ARROW IN YOUR BUTT!"
Or "LOL WHAT A ******!!!", "SoloTop Shen RULEZ!!!", "THATS FIFTY SHEN, RAPING YA" And things like that, its pretty funny though! I wish i knew how to put subtitles in it... :(

(Fifty Shen apears at 05:40)

Riot Spotlight is not updated so i wont post it yet.

Pro Ks...

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Pros and Cons

- Can kill
- OP tank
- Flawless suport
- Great positioning(Dash, UT, Flash and Teleport)
- Annoying Harass
- Excellent Duelist
- cheap price
- Energy user
- Awesome sustain.
- Barely needs to fall back 4 health, just to buy itens
- Incredible chaser
- ALMOST invicible in teamfights depending on the teams of course!
- Dominant ganks
- Extremely easy to play
- Extremely FUN to play! :D
- Energy user(no mana needed)
- With your UT you feel like a life-saver!XD
- Funny joke + tai-chi dance

- Pratice required
- So OP that can´t fight in ranked matchs, pros r afraid of him.
- Your UT can save your allies or screw you both, dependin on the situation, must think twice.
- Must think FAST
- Shen´s dash over walls might fail frequently
- Not-noob team required, Shen can´t fight 4 the whole team alone... Always.
- Your noob carry will most likely put the fault on you for his/hers deaths

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The most reccomend for Shen as a tank suport is health quintessences, with standard scaling magic resist gliphs and armor seals, but most of summoners, like me, only have 2 rune pages, if thats the case i Strongly reccomend taking an AP Rune Page as Shen, since his abilities will scale with AP as well.

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You will notice that my build flows the path of an AP-TANK, almost right, its a ap tank-suport, remember you´re not getting AP for damage, you´re getting AP for defense! (Whadafuq..?) serious! Shen´s shield, as much as his UT uses AP things involving defense and suport is linked to AP, vorpal sword's damage AND Shen´s utility as a tank are influenced by HP only.

Having both in the right measure brings out Shen´s full potential!


- Warmog's Armor (Duh) - Huge ammount of health, sustain like hell, NECESSARY FOR EVERY TANK.

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter (AP,HP, Slow)- Makes your abilities cause far more imapact, vorpal sword harass becomes really dangerous for the enemy, making some big difference in a chase, also getting your shield more effective including a decent amount of health.

- Sunfire Cape Health, magic damage against nearby enemies, helping clearing minions waves as well as helping against the enemy ADC. I STRONGLY RECCOMEND.

- Ruby Sightstone I ALWAYS take it when i'm suport, it gives health and many refreshable ward that will make a VERY big difference in THAT chaotic moment of the match, you know... The time when the players don't simply stick with the lanes, but they are always ganking and going for teamfights, when the adc from bot is pushing top, while the ap mid and the solotop are killing the dragon, and the jungler is being ganked in mid by the suport and the other solotop... Its VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR TEAM TO LIGHT THE JUNGLE

- Against Powerfull AD enemies: forget Abyssal Scpeter, and G.A. Change them for an Atma's Impaler or even a Thornmail. That will deal with it. But careful is always welcome being a tanky tank doens't mean that you're immortal.

-Against Powerfull AP enemies: Sell your Thornmail for a Quicksilver Sash against hard CC or an Abyssal Mask which will give you Bonus Ap for shield and Ultimate, and also shredding magic resist of nearby enemies, making your Ap Carry more dangerous in teamfights.

- Against powerfull tanks: Make these guys GET THE **** AWAY FROM YOUR CARRY!!! (translating... : First ignore the big guys, focus the squishy as always, then taunt them, protecting the carry, not letting the damage reach him, making the tankiest of the tanks, crumbles to the power of numbers.)

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Summoner Spells

Your UT + Teleport, makes you so fast in the map, that you can always charge into the fight, before its too late.
Heal is 4 noobs!Not you, i mean your lane partner, if your ADC is kinda suicidal you can use him as a bait to draw enemies, heal you allies, taunt and tank enemy champions so your allie will deal a lot of damage... if he starts to runaway.... You´re just screwed, you can escape if your fast enough, but if u can´t... Then try to damage as much as you can, if you die, you have two fast travel mechanism, so you won't be out of lane for much time.

If your lane mate is a pro, and you know it OR he can be a noob that already have heal than you can replace Heal for a Flash, which is much more useful for movement, one other great spell is Exhaust, it will grant easy kills for your carry.

But by far the most useful spell i can count on is exhaust, since you will be using your dash as a flash most of times, you can use it to debuff the enemy carry, while taunting them and make the your ally deal the max damage as possible, maybe even an early double kill.

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Masteries Explanation.

For Shen, i make a customized tank-suport build, since i always make a "weird" start with him, taking Doran's Shield first for an early engage, if needed i'll recall and buy the wards i need, making some room for the Vision Ward then i use the Teleport so i won't get behind in exp or risk my carry's safety while i'm out.

You won't need Mana regen or any other kind of mana mastery, since Shen only uses energy, in season 2 these masteries would also boost the energy, but that does not seem to be applied now... Which is bad for Shen, Energy is good and recharge fast as hell... But its a very low quantity, and in mid-game your skills will waste a lot of it, making you run dry in many situations, making impossible for you to use your ultimate on a carry...

As i said, i want to make an early engage, since its a very good oportunity since Shen is very strong early, due to Shadow Dash's taunt and Vorpal Blade high base damage, since you'll take Doran's Shield first... You can withstand the attacks and raise some hell while your carry gets a lvl 1 double kill. Your enemies won't do much damage since you also will have Exhaust to render the enemy adc weaker, as you are also attacking as aggressive as you can because you CAN... Its very hard for the enemy to take you down... Unless a very early gank, which is VERY Rare... But its still a safe bet to go for an early engage.

The rest of the build is up to you and you only, how you improve your character in the game is very situational.

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Ranked Play

Vorpal Blade Harass, its quick, useful, but you must do it from behind the minions, best way to push in my opinion. You harass, your adc farms, simple and very effective.

Other useful trick is when ULTing, if someone is getting chased, this ally hide himself below the turret, but the enemy is going to tower dive, you can wait so you can not just save your allie, but rape the enemy champion below the turret taunting them and get a kill, its a risky shot, but if you can manage somehow, you can get a free kill AND save your partenrs, if you´re too late you will waste your turret, your ultimate and your ally will get killed.

Always listen your instics, don´t keep pushing when you know you will be ganked, even if the ADC is pushing as well, at least warn him to fall back.

Shen is OP, so you gotta be confident, and do as much as you can to support the whole team.

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Creeping / Jungling

Shen WILL NOT Farm when you are a suport, instead you'll leave the whole farm for the adc, but you can help him! When your adc is low on health and farming, throw the Vorpal Blade in a full hp minion, a hit from the adc on this minion will heal the adc and give him easy farming, but do not worry with money, in the teamfight you have the chance your have loads of assists and maybe some kills, as well as bonus money from turrets.

Oh, there is something intresting about kills, Deaths and Assists.

Did you knew that kills give you bonus damage? That deaths reduce your damage in general? That assists give you bonus health regeneration?

OH HELL YEAH ITS TRUE! Getting a carry feeded wont give him just Money and experience, that will give him general damage in every aspect, such as dying will get him nerfed a little bit, and assists will make someone lasts A LOT MORE IN THE LANE! Which is Very good for Shen.

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Team Work

MUST HAVE IT!!!! IF YOU CANT USE TEAM WORK you are Not just a noob but also your lack of harmony with your team might cause terrible consequences. 4 you AND 4 your team.
Don't take too long for Ulting in your allies, but when you do, keep calm, ALWAYS calm... To play with Shen you gotta be like him, Calm, Cool and Cold, just like a Ninja.

Im starting to talk like a crazy hobbo ain't i?


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Lane Matchs! Partners and oponents

Good partners: Carries that have stacks, high burst damage and have escape mechanism, maybe some CC as well, since you can create quite many oportunities with your taunt. But you can't give mana to your partner like Soraka, so an ADC that is not mana hungry will be better( Ezreal, Caitlyn, Graves, Tristana, Vayne )

Okay Partners: ...Squishy carries or a melee assassin with capacity of high attack speed and take turrets down( Fiora, Xin Zhao, Tryndamere ).

Bad Partners: NOOOOOBS!!!!!! Thats it...

Easy oponents: Squishy carries, suport with low CC and anyone with few escape mechanisms or tenacity.

Tough Oponents: Powerful gap closer tank suports with Hard CC and plenty of survivability and good at positioning wards someone like Leona, Taric , Alistar , Blitzcrank , even Wukong , knock ups are effective against Shen as well as skilled long range enemy carries, with escape mechanism and hard harass such as Ezreal , Caitlyn , Kog'Maw and very swift early ganks from the enemy jungler Evelynn , Udyr , champions that can close distance in a very fast way, and hit the enemies with a hard CC while dealing high amount of damage to you or your carry.

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I'd like to thank anyone who votted, who commented, who gave me feedbacks, not only in this guide but in any other build i made so far. I'll be sure to improve the guide often, thanks for reading till here, and have a good luck in your matches!