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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Fluffyknowsyou

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fluffyknowsyou

Silly kog maw, Real estate agents are not tastey snacks D=

Fluffyknowsyou Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Hello hello fellows, this is a casual build I came up with for kog maw since I have only played normal matches thus far. The main reason, I just barely reached 29 yesterday and will not have my chance to try him in ladder matches for a few weeks. That said,this guide is aimed at being a competent kog maw who can push a tower,carry his team to a certain extent, and wreck havoc on anyone foolish enough to get within range. My basic goal is to build him around Madred's bloodrazor, Rylai's Crystal scepter and attack speed.

Great harasser
Great pusher
Competent defender

Farm hungry
item dependent
slow start

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Alrighty then, now let's focus first on Kog's masteries and why utility works well with kog. So first off, I want to explain why I do not go heavy on the offensive tree. The offensive tree greatly help auto attackers who rely on items such as phantom dancers, infinity edge, and so on and so forth. If you invest into this mastery tree, then another build is right for you. As for the defensive tree, I am intrigued by the health regen, and the four percent reduced damage,but most of these things are useless on a squishy ball of jelly that is Kog.

So my basic line of thinking for this build is to focus on utility and gaining archaic knowlegde. Archaic knowledge should be a staple in any ability power champion and utilities just happen to greatly help kog. He can obtain increased movement speed, increases in his mana pool,cooldown reduction on ghost and flash, and reduced time spent dead. Personally, these benefits far outweigh +48 health, 2 percent dodge, and armor penetration. but yea, this is simply my opinion and how I play league of legends; you can get whichever masteries you want. :)

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Runes are a tricky subject for me because I don't have the ip to splurge on these thingies. But I did invest my fair share into runes and found magic penetration to be the most important ones of the bunch. After this, buying mana regen runes and possibly ability power or magic resist runes afterwards. As for quintessences, buying tier 1 magic penetration is the best choice for me anyways. Why you might ask, because most runes in the league of legends are limited to early game advantages.

For instance: Let's say you spend around 4000 ip on and another 3000 on ; well now you have around 15+ ability power at the start of the game. Much like ignite, your benefits will only last until the early mid game, where you will find said ap to be insignificant. That is why we focus on magic penetration up until 10 to 15 percent, which will allow you ap spells to cut through most of your target's resistance throughout the game.


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[MOST OF THIS IS MEANT TO BE OBTAINED IN Chronological order :3]

Starting out of the gate:


The reason why I chose this path is to sustain kog's ability to spam his spells while laning as long as possible.There are two key reasons why I chose meki over doran's ring or doran's sword. If you are laning against a tough opponent such as caitlyn in mid or jax on top or bottom, 3 percent of 60 damage which is reduced due to minion armor will not sustain you for very long. Which means that for every putilizer shot cait fires, you have to retaliate with a void ooze. If you went with life steal, you're going to run out of mana quick and you will be force to hug the tower while your opponent chips away at its health and possible yours as well. If you go with Doran's ring, you may have some sustainability,extra life, mana regen, and ability power,but then you would need more money for the tear of the goddess. Let's face it, if you can't dodge long range skill shots from swain or cho gath; you probably need to try a different champion because kog maw needs to played conservatively.

Alternative: If you are good at dodging, you can go with boots of speed and two health potions because the extra speed will allow you to avoid skill shots more frequently. Which means you can use your auto attack to hit minions instead of spamming your void ooze as often.

On your first trip back to base:

Hopefully you were able to gain around 850 gold before dying or recalling back to base. Because now you can finish your tear of the goddess and even get your boots of speed. This will allow you to go toe to toe with any laning opponent because you will have mana regeneration and the snowball effect of gaining 4 mana per ability casted. This is crucial when you reach level 6 because now you can use your ultimate and bio arcane barrage more liberally. Which means that now your opponent should not be able to push on you and if are dumb enough to continue to last hit minions, your living artillery and void ooze will force them back and allow you to push more often.

By the mid game:

Now things are starting to pick up,but most of the best items you need are very pricey. Well my general mindset now is to build certain parts early and finish the item later when it costs 1500 to 2000 gold. These key items will do a few things for you; one you will gain ability power and vamp for every spell you cast. With a ratio of 0.7 for a few of your key powers, you should be doing fine. As for the recurve bow, it's the most useful of madred's blood build.


Having trouble with trydamere or another ranged carry like ashe? Go armor first and enjoy the 15 percent chance to instant kill an enemy minion with your auto attack.

Late mid game(roughly level 15):

This is the point in the game where you complete your Rylai's Crystal scepter or your Madred's blood. Personally I chose the ability power weapon because it give a slow to caustic spittle and bio arcane barrage. At the same time, you already have a built into Madred's blood in your W(bio arcane barrage xD).

Late game:

Fully upgraded boots

At this point in the game, everything is in full swing and now you have a few kills under your belt. This is the time to start building your death's cap and to finish madred's blood to become the ultimate pusher. I'll explain boot choices at the end.

Dragged out games:
Upgrade to


At this point in the game, everything is dragged out and farming minions is as easy as 1 2 and 3. With this, you upgrade your items fully realize this build's killing power.

Choice in boots and why they are so delayed:
Kog maw is a low champion and he doesn't need to be ganking all over the map. With the 1 to 2 second delays on skill shots abilities, all you need is this small boost of speed.

Berserver's greaves fit this build well because it allows kog to hit his target one more time before death or retreating.
For heavy crowd control teams can be the difference between death and living to trolololol.

If you find yourself dominating the battle field, go with
for a sustained movement bonus of 3 or
for a bonus of 5 outside of combat.

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Summoner Spells and skills

Meh, coming soon. I don't have any more time today. :3