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Master Yi Build Guide by Sinerias

Jungle Sinerias Challenger Master Yi Guide

Jungle Sinerias Challenger Master Yi Guide

Updated on September 11, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sinerias Build Guide By Sinerias 286 20 516,905 Views 27 Comments
286 20 516,905 Views 27 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sinerias Master Yi Build Guide By Sinerias Updated on September 11, 2023
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Runes: Best Rune Page

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

Sinerias Challenger Master Yi Guide

By Sinerias
About Me
Hello everyone and welcome to my Master Yi guide. At the beginning I will introduce myself so you have a reference on how experienced I am with Master Yi.

I have been playing this game since season 2 and already back then I mained Master Yi. Around that time I was 11 years old and therefore was very bad at the game. My older siblings started to hate playing with my Master Yi so they were always very angry once I picked him. The one day my older brother got so mad, that he told me he would only play with me if I did not pick Master Yi. I was totally fine with his request, but the moment we were in championselect I instalocked Master Yi. I think by the time I was in championselect I had already forgotten my brothers request. We obviously lost that game. Afterwards I didn't touch Master Yi for a few years.

In season 5, when I first hit Masters in EUW at the age of 14 I started seeing my friends and Cowsep play Master Yi and ended up wanting to play him as well. I mained him from season 5 to season 6 where I started to play "funnel". For those who do not know what the "funnel" strategy is, Master Yi farms both midlane and jungle in order to get way more money and therefore snowballs and carries way harder. On midlane Taric protects Master Yi and helps him get his resources. Many of you may ask why I played funnel in season 6 even tough it was created season 7 and that is simply because it was not. It was created in season 6 and it was created by me. I did not get any credit tho, because I was not streaming or anything back then. The fact that I did not get any credit for creating a complete different playstyle for Master Yi and for the entire game did not bother me much, but the fact that people called me faking a strategy or "abusing", even tough I created it annoyed me. Anyways I started playing funnel from season 6 until end of season 10 where they removed duoq in Masters +. My peak elo was top 10 in EUW with 1129 LP. In season 11 I had to play solo again without any duo. Nothing has changed tho. Not only did I reach Challenger on 3 different accounts, but also peaked 1000 LP with only Master Yi which has never ever done by anyone in any season. End of season 12 I reached rank 6 with a total of 1483 LP, which means I am still getting better and better, reaching new peaks. As Master Yi already says, a true Master is an eternal student.

Basically I am currently and since 4 years the highest rated Master Yi player in the world, elowise! (I have had the highest LP throughout the years and now). Comparing players is overall very hard and I personally don't like it, because everyone has their own strenghts and weaknesses and also their individual problems they need to work on, so all im doing now is pointing out the fact that I have the highest amount of League Points.

Now I even have bigger goals since I already reached Challenger with 7 accounts as well as reaching 1000 LP + for 3 years straight. My next goal in League of Legends is becoming rank1 on the EUW Server, which as well, has no one ever done close with Master Yi in any season, at any time. This is a very challenging goal since first of all Master Yi is not the best high elo champion and secondly im studying economics primarly as well as having a social life, which simply means I do not have that much time. Season 13 will be the season I reach rank1.

Feel free to check out my here.

This is a journey I really enjoy.
How do you get fed with Master Yi?

It is very important you are playing around your strenghts. Master Yi has a lot of weaknesses so therefore its even more important on him than on other junglers. The big question we are looking for is

What are Master Yi his strenghts?

First of all Master Yi is a very good counterganker.... so it is important to play well with fog of war (staying in the shadow so the enemies do not know you are there).
Secondly Master Yi is one of the best towerdiver there is, mainly because of his q, since he can dodge towershots with it, but also because of his w. His w reduces 60% of incoming damage, but there is also a bug, when you cancel your w you get 80% reduction for 0.25 seconds. Every towerdive is different, but in most cases the best way of towerdiving is if you, the Master Yi, takes the first toweragro, dodge the first towershot with your q and auto attack cancel with your w when the second towershot comes in to not only get the full 80% reduction on the towershot, but to also get one more auto attack inbetween. That technique is pretty hard to explain so I have made a video you can see below showing how to execute that combo perfectly.
Another important strenght worth mentioning is that Master Yi has an insane burst with his w reset and, if you take that rune, with hob. Most people are not aware of the early game damage Master Yi has and underrestimate him. Try to play around the cc of your team. If a Xerath for example stuns a Lee Sin in the early game Master Yi can sometimes even oneshot Lee Sin druing the Xerath stun. Obviously it does not matter which form of cc, all I wanted to make clear is that Master Yi his burst works very well with cc.

How should I teamfight properly with the Duskblade build?

First of all we need to get clear that with the Duskblade build you are not able to splitpush very well, so it is really important to get good teamfights in order to close the game as fast as possible. Back to answering the questions the optimal way of teamfighting with the duskblade build is simply by waiting. If you are the one who engages first in most cases you will simply get instantly oneshot by either burst or cc. Most people are not patient enough and get very nervous, because they are not doing anything before the teamfight is starting. They are simply waiting, but that is very good. I would like to quote myself here saying

-"The one who is the most patient will be the most victorious"

This quote is simply saying that the longer you wait the better it is for the Duskblade Master Yi. It is very important that during fights you are able to get resets not only for your q, r duration, e and w, but also for your duskblade stealth and triumph heal. What do you think is the best situation during a teamfight to get resets on? Im assuming you guessed it right, its literally at the end of the teamfight where not only everyone is low, but most importantly EVERYONE used their abilities, which means, NO MORE BURST and NO MORE CC, which means you will dominante all of them! All you have to do before a teamfight is wait for your team to engage and engage when someone of the enemy team is low or if the enemies used their abilities already. I recommend telling your team in champion select already to pick a champion which can engage very well. Im listing a few champions who can engage insanely well for the Duskblade Master Yi on each role.

Toplane: Sion, Wukong, Malphite, Maokai, Kled, Singed...

Midlane: Galio, Diana, Sylas, Twisted Fate, Azir, Neeko...

AD carry: Ashe, Lucian, Sivir, Twitch...

Support: Rakan, Thresh, Sett, Nautilus, Bard, Alistar...

Can you build AP on Master Yi as well?

No. AP is literally worse than AD in every single case. Even if all enemies only stacked armor, buying AD Items would be way smarter.

Is maxing Wuju Style or starting with it optional?

You always start with your Alpha Strike. It is simply more dps. In 90% of all games maxing Alpha Strike is the way to go, only if you play versus a full melee enemy teamcombination and as well have extended fights, maxing Wuju Style can be better.

What is the best Master Yi skin?

Every Master Yi skin is awesome in my opinion. I like and play them all. If I had to decide I would pick Eternal Sword Master Yi and the Chosen Master Yi Skin afterwards. I think those are the best looking, coolest and smoothest to play. The worst skin is Headhunter Master Yi. It simply does not feel smooth.

Is playing Master Yi for several years even fun?

Which champion should I ban on Master Yi
This is a question I get a lot on my Discord Server and on my streams as well. The answer to that is pretty simple.

Since there is an insane amount of champions which hardcounter Master Yi I highly recommend to ban counterchampions, that are being picked on a very high rate in your elo. For example there was a time I was permabanning Lee Sin even tough Wukong was a much bigger threat. Luckily there were only a few players who decided to play Wukong wether on the other hand there were a lot of players deciding to play Lee Sin. Therefore banning Lee Sin was unironically smarter. Banning the biggest counter champion is not always the best. This statement can be applied to all champions. Basically I recommend banning whatever is meta and annoying for Yi, because there is no way you ban every counter anyways.
In the following chapter I will talk about the Master Yi gameplay way more detailed

First of all the main reason why all the pro players are able to get challenger without struggling much is not only because of their talent and work ethic, but most importantly because of their consistency. I do believe that especially in League of Legends consistency is the way to success and in the following paragraph I will explain why.

It is very important for you to know that most people are not stuck because they are simply bad and can not get better, it is because they do the same mistakes over and over again without knowing that they are doing these mistakes. It is the same for the high elo players, they are doing the same good plays, decision making wise, every single game. That basically means that they are instantly climbing since these positive decisions have an insane impact and therefore is decisive for the outcome of the game. In the end it does not matter how smart or good you are playing, all that matters is the outcome if you are winning or not. Now back to the reason why a lot of people are stuck, they think they are playing very well and can not understand why they are losing all the time, but in fact most people are simply stuck because of their repeatedly behaviour of making the same bad decisions every game which is obviously bad for their outcome over and over again.

I will give you an example.

Let us say you get invaded every game and therefore lose your red buff every time and you end up losing the entire game because of it. Of course it is completly right that your midlane should cover your red buff jungle entrance every single game so it looks like it is the mistake of your midlane for not covering. In reality it is simply your mistake for not taking responsibility and using first of all your ward and secondly yourself to cover the entrances at the right timings. If you do that every single game no matter what, you instantly build an insane consistency for being protected against invades. That statement applies for all things. You simply need to build consistency for every negative thing that happens in your game. Of course there are some scenarios you are simply not able to get control over, but getting more consistency in your games than you have currently, will help you climb a lot. I personally think that the biggest reason for me being multiple challenger and also in multiple seasons is simply because I try to be as consistent as possible.

Sounds good on paper, but how exactly do I need to play the game now?

The first thing I do when the game starts and would also recommend you to do is not waste a single second in base. It is important especially as Master Yi to not fall behind early in the game. Use your time to cover your jungle entrances, warding or simply pressureing enemies. What I do most of the times is simply warding one jungle entrance, for exmaple the blue buff one and cover the other jungle entrance, the red buff one. Afterwards I reset before the minions spawn to get my sweaper. Now you already covered both jungle entrances in order to not fall behind from invades and therefore get the certainty for both you and your teammates that all of your jungle camps will still be up and not being stolen by enemies.

Next when the jungle camps are spawning it is important to be as efficient as possible clearing them. The idea is pretty simple. The faster you are the better. There are countless ways to practice, but I recommend watching pro players and checking how they clear, since most of the time they clear very fast and efficient. Copy their playstyle on how they clear their camps and afterwards go into practice tool and try to always beat your time and get as fast as possible.

Many people have no idea how Master Yi works and how he should be played. Of course after the camps spawn every game will be different, but it is very important to have an overall idea on how you want to play the game. Most people simply clear a few of their camps and gank whenever they feel like it or think they need to apply some pressure on the map. That is already very fragile and not consistent at all. It is way better to first of all clear your camps in a pathing where you do not miss out any camps and gank when it is almost guaranteed to get something out of it. If you have a Twisted Fate midlane with Ignite against a Syndra with no Cleanse for example the chance of getting a kill out of ganking midlane is way higher than if you had a Vladimir. You can think of it pretty much mathematicly. If the chance is about 80% or higher of getting a kill then ganking is for sure a good choice, but if it is 60% or lower clearing your camps will already be way smarter. Many of you might think ganking a Vladimir can lead to a good outcome too and 60% sounds like a very solid number, but in fact it is terrible. 60% means that out of 10 games there will be 4 games where you end up not getting anything, waste your time or even die, maybe even due to a countergank. You do not only waste your time, you most importantly give enemies information about where you are. Not only the enemy jungler does get an insane amount of information, where you are, how many camps you cleared, what your future pathing is gonna be, where he can invade you, which camps of him are surely up, what is next gameplan is gonna be, but also the enemy botlane will know where you are. They know when you are midlane there is no way you will be botlane at the same time so they can start playing way more agressively. They know if they need to help their jungler to invade. They know when they need to ward in order to stay save from ganks and they also get the certainty that warding while you are midlane is save, since you are midlane. They can start trading and try to all in your botlane, while your botlane still needs to care that the enemy jungler does not suprise them. Exactly the same applies for the toplane situation. If you have not known all these facts already I hope you now realize how terrible one failed gank can be for you and your entire team. By the way you did not only waste your time on a failed gank, but also fell behind in experience and gold since you did not clear your jungle camps. Furthermore since your jungle camps are not cleared they will not spawn on a higher level and therefore will not give you more experience. Another very important aspect worth mentioning is that if you get the enemy flash or let us say your midlane even ends up getting a kill, you got almost zero gold and almost zero experience from it. On the other hand if you cleared your camps you would have gotten more gold and more experience from those camps. Of course your midlane does get a lead through a successfull gank, but as a matter of fact you will be behind, even on a successfull gank. Ironic, no? That is exactly the reason why I personally only gank on a very high success rate.

Does that mean I have to fullclear all the time and can only barely gank?

No! Only because you want to avoid ganks where the chances of getting a successfull outcome is below 60%, does not mean you can not gank often. It simply means you need to increase the chance of getting a good outcome and not decrease the amount of ganks!

How do I increase my chances then?

It is simple. Master Yi has indeed a lot of weakness, no cc, not enough burst to oneshot enemies early on, no gap closer besides his alpha strike, etc.... I could go on forever pointing out his weaknesses, but it is way smarter to explain how to avoid those. Master Yi does not need a better gap closer than his alpha strike if enemies are cc'ed. Master Yi does indeed have enough burst, if his teammates helps him bursting down enemies and he as well does not need more cc if his team has a good setup. After reading all those statements I assume you already know how to increase your chances of getting a good outcome of a gank. You simply focus on lanes which do have an insane setup for Master Yi. A lane which has a point and click cc for example (point and click abilities can not be missed nor dodged which makes it very consistent) or a lane which has a good engage, followed up by a good burst. cc and burst does not only hardcounter Master Yi, but also hardsynergizes with Master Yi. Almost every champion has a sort of cc or damage burst, which makes ganking for him not even that hard.

When is the perfect timing for ganking?

There is no perfect timing since every game is different as I said before, but there are good situations where you can consider ganking. Try to gank lanes which favours your pathing so you do not lose a lot if you end up not getting anything from it. For example if you clear your chickens and want to get to your wolves, ganking midlane can be optional, because you need to walk almost the same way anyways. If you do not end up getting anything from the mid gank you simply walk to your wolves and only lost a few seconds. After clearing your entire jungle and end up being on gromp, your crugs will still need some time to respawn so top/bot ganking, depending on which side of the map you are, is again, very optional. On Master Yi I highly recommend clearing your camps first of all and afterwards go for a gank, because Master Yi needs to get as much gold as fast as possible, since he is mostly scaling from his items/gold.

Let's get back to the gameplay-plan.


Master Yi is a carry champion which means he is the one who needs gold in order to carry. Of course there are some games where you can play around your ad or ap carry and let them do your work, giving them all your resources, while all you are doing is peeling and covering them, so they can simply carry you. Most of the games though you need to be the carry. That basically means that you need to take all the resources, all the jungle camps, the kills on ganks and potentially even the cs in lane. A lot of people do get upset playing with Master Yi, because he steals a lot of their resources, but stealing your teammates gold and experience can often lead to victory. Im not encouriging you to take your teammates cs, all im saying is that Master Yi needs gold and minions, towers and enemy champions are all gold incomes. The gameplay-plan is pretty simple now. When a game starts you try to get as much gold as possible and try to be as efficient as possible. On-hit Master Yi scales very well into late game so going even in jungle or simply not getting a lead early is completly fine. All that matters and where you should looking forward to is that you are not falling behind. Especially on Yi it is very hard to recover, since Master Yi is not a champion where you can trade or play slow, you simply engage and fight for your camps, or you don't. Most of the times there is no backing off. That is by the way one of the reason why I started playing Master Yi. I love the fact that he is a warrior, fighting until his bidder end. Currently Master Yi is not insanely strong at splitpushing, but decent. Which means that in some games you want to go sidelane after second or third item, but in most games you prefer to teamfight with Master Yi. The reason for that is because Yi is a very good teamfighting champion which most do not know. One vulnerable target for Yi can already lead to a 1v5 Pentakill. That fact simply does apply an insane amount of pressure and enemies need to always look out for that threat. Some even save their abilities for the "dangerous" Master Yi which simply leads to your team having an advantage during the teamfight.

Master Yi gets a powerspike after every legendary item!

This fact applies since 2 years now. It does not matter if it is for the lethality Duskblade of Draktharr build or for the onhit one with Blade of the Ruined King. Every finished item makes this champ grow bigger and bigger and since 2 years now his biggest powerspike is after he finished his third item. Therefore your gameplan is to get these powerspikes as fast as possible and I recommend communicating well with your team, letting them know how strong you are about to be the moment you finished your items.

That is basically everything you need to know about the gameplay-plan you should have with Master Yi. Try to follow the plan of getting yourself ahead as good as possible, sometimes you obviously can not, but overall it is very important to know which path leads you to victory.
In the following chapter I will talk about the core items for Master Yi and I will also list my opinion on some optional ones as well as items that are frequently asked for

On the lethality build Duskblade of Draktharr is the core of the item build and therefore by far the most important item. Not only are the stats of the Duskblade item insane but mostly importantly is it necessariy to have the Duskblade stealth after every kill or assist. Without the Duskblade stealth I personally think that going lethality on Master Yi is rarely good, which means that in most cases other build paths are simply stronger. If you do not get stealth after 1 kill, you will mostly get oneshot instantly. The stealth provides an untargetability for Master Yi, which helps him to use his q one more time before he gets oneshot. With the following q he is often able to get another kill off where he can get the stealth again and the circle repeats. That and only that is the reason why lethality on Master Yi even works.
That statement basically means that by nerfing or changing the Duskblade item lehtality yi will be way worse and barely optional. There are a few high elo Master Yi players like WujuSenshi who used to buy Eclipse, or Dandelion Yi who used to buy Galeforce, but I personally wouldn't buy any of those and I am pretty sure my elo would drop drastricly if I started buying one of those items instead. If you are interested for their reasoning I have my Discord Server linked on my afterword, feel free to hit up WujuSenshi or Dandelion Yi

The Kraken Slayer item has been the best mythic for Master Yi on the on-hit build for the past years. The reasoning for that was the insane amount of damage it provided since you get extra true damage every third auto attack and Master Yi his passive works insanely well with that. Most of the times you bought Guinsoo's Rageblade afterwards anyways which again helped both the passive and the Kraken to proc even more often. Now since the Master Yi changes there are better options than Kraken. Since now your e works with onhit effects I recommend buying items who have those. If you still want to buy Kraken Slayer I respect that, but I do not think that you get the most dps out of that build.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is currently the best dps (damage per second) item there is for Master Yi. The passive of Rageblade is simply working insanely well together with the passive of Master Yi. I personally do not like buying Rageblade since the build path is terrible and not very efficient, but out of all the options there are for Master Yi it is currently the best. Besides Rageblade Blade of the Ruined King is probably the second best on-hit item there is right now, since it simply deals a lot of dps, even against squishy targets. There are some situations where I even recommend buying Blade of the Ruined King before Rageblade when the enemies have a very tanky teamcombination for example, making the Blade of the Ruined King passive way more impactful and therefore can lead to more dps than Rageblade would do.

Many people may ask why I put Zhonya's Hourglass as a recommended item for Master Yi, but currently the item is that broken, that even on Master Yi it is insanely strong. Obviously we are only talking about the active, the resistences and the AP, as well as the Cooldown you are getting are not really necessary. The active on the other hand can change entire teamfights completly and especially on Master Yi the active is very impactful. On the Duskblade build I recommend buying it as last item, after Guardian Angel is already used. Resistences are mostly pretty useless as last item, because if something hits you will get oneshot nontheless. More damage does not change that many fights as well, since in the late game you will not deal insane amount of damage during the fights on the Duskblade of Draktharr build but more likely be the one who executes low health enemies and having your three to four damage items are for sure enough for that. Zhonya's Hourglass helps you to get some extra time during a teamfight or block some essential abilities that could oneshot or stun you already. It might sound like a joke, but im indeed serious. Zhonya's Hourglass is a very strong item for Master Yi on the Duskblade build. On the on-hit build it is situational, but there are better items most of the times, because you are not an assassine like on the Duskblade of Draktharr, but more like a front to back fighter, so the playstyle is completly different.

I gladly introduce you to my favourite item in the game. Blade of the Ruined King! I have been in love with this item since season 5. It feels awesome to play with it, looks cool and has a very interesting story. Anyways it was not good enough for Yi for a very long time and I am very happy to put it into my build path again. The lifesteal effect on it is decent, but damage for the gold you pay would be better. The attack speed and AD you get from it is nice, but not very gold efficient. The reasoning for this item to be very good again is simply its onhit effect. It works very well with Master Yi his passive and his build path with Guinsoo's Rageblade. Since the Master Yi changes, the on-hit effect of Blade of the Ruined King works on Alpha Strike as well and therefore makes it very efficient. Overall it is a very good legendary item for Master Yi.

This item is very good for Master Yi only because of its passive effects. Of course AD/Ability Haste and Armor are nice to have, but not what Master Yi wants to buy. The healing possibility and most importantly the survivablity makes it very strong for Yi. I recommend buying Death's Dance as third of fourth item on the on-hit build. Even on any lethality build it can be very decent, simply because of its survivability. By the way it is a good replacement of the old Sterak's Gage
The 2 passives of Death's Dance
UNIQUE Passive: Stores (35% for Melee / 15% for Ranged) of all post-mitigation physical damage received, which is successively taken as damage over time true damage instead, dealing one-third of the stored damage every second.

UNIQUE Passive: Champion takedowns remove Ignore Pain's remaining stored damage, and heal you for 15% of your maximum health over 2 seconds.

Wit's End is one of the best on-hit items there is for Master Yi. The good thing about it is simply its ap on-hit damage and its nice consistent dps. If you are playing against a stacked ap enemy teamcombination I highly recommend buying it as third or fourth item. Many people ask me why I never buy it as first or second item, and the answer is simply its scaling. Before level 11 it is not gold efficient enough in my opinion. After that it is already decent and they higher level you have the stronger it gets.
Jungle pathing is all about optimization and creating a game plan for success. Every game in League of Legends is different, but this variation is especially true in the jungle role. The jungle is a high-impact role and can easily make or break the game with one false move. That’s why it’s vital to plan strategically while also having the ability to understand the different options available to you. Before I will talk detailed about every clear I do and recommend doing I would like to mention that it is very important to be insanely efficient each and every second throughout the game. That basically means that there is not a single second you are not aware of what your plan in the game is. For example DO NOT clear your jungle and afterwards think of which lane is gankable, but DO think about which lane is gankable during clearing your jungle. On every play you are doing you need to already think one step ahead and plan your next move. I personally see League of Legends like a game of chess, where you have to play very strategicly.

The first two pathings I will mention are in most cases the best on Master Yi and are also the most beginner friendly....

1.) The red - fullclear:

On that clear you are not helping your team, you are primarily trying to get yourself ahead, so try to optimize how you kill your jungle camps and try to be as fast as possible. On the bottom bellow I have put a video of how to do the red - fullclear properly. On that pathing you have a few good ganking options.

-> red-crugs-bot/top gank
-> red-crugs-chickens- mid gank
-> red-crugs-chickens-wolves-blue-gromp-scuttle-top/bot gank

I have put bot/top and top/bot because it depends on if you are blue side or red side.

If you cannot get any ganks off throughout the entire fullclear do not be worried. All you have to do, if that happens, is resetting, then you should have around 900 gold, and instantly returning to your crugs, which will then respawn already.

This clear is by far the most efficient if there are no ganking options, since if you do the red - fullclear your crugs will respawn at first, whether on the other fullclear (the blue - fullclear), gromp will spawn at first and crugs do give more gold and more experience than gromp.

2.) The blue - fullclear:

The blue - fullclear is literally the same as the red - fullclear, just the other way around. The problem on that clear is that you get your Red Brambleback later and therefore have less dps for your clear. You will be a bit slower than on the red - fullclear. As I mentioned earlier this clear is also worse in comparison because your gromp does respawn instead of crugs, which simply give more gold and more experience.

The good thing about the blue - fullclear is that you can first of all counter enemy invades, if they do their red into your blue for example and secondly you confuse your opponents overall, because they mostly assume you are starting red buff. This can lead to an insane suprising effect for you and therefore can lead to good ganks.

3.) The cheesy invading playstlye

Currently there are 2 ways of invading properly in the early game and all other options are barely good.

First of all the most common cheese invade is red buff into enemy blue. It is called cheese, because it is not flawless, exactly like a cheese which has holes in it. On that invade you simply use your early game level 2 powerspike and try to get the enemy jungler behind. There are many situations where you are able to track down the enemy jungler and maybe even kill him early on. If you do steal his blue buff, gromp, maybe wolves, or even kill him, you get a huge lead over the enemy jungler. That does not mean you are snowballing faster it just means that the enemy jungler is behind early on. Another good thing about the cheese invade is that you have a lot of options and it is very hard for enemies to know your following jungle pathing. You could gank midlane instantly after enemy blue, maybe even bot/top, you can clear your camps, it is even debatable which camps, because there are many options. You could keep invading the enemy jungle, both sides, you can try to focus a lane or simply decide to fullclear. All im saying is that it is very hard for enemies to predict your following gameplay.
I think the invade is interesting and can be good in some situations, but I personally never do it, just because it is not consistent at all. First of all there are chances you do not get anything from the invade, if the enemy jungler starts blue buff for example so all the camps will already be cleared. Secondly there is also a possiblity you will die fighting the enemy jungler. These are already huge reasons for me thinking the invade is bad, but the main reason I dislike invading like this is simply because in most cases you do not end up with a gold advantage. If you fullcleared on the other hand you would get the same amount of gold than if you invade and kill the enemy jungler. 1 kill +3 camps for example is almost the same amount of experience and gold as 6 camps. Don't get me wrong, it is very good getting the enemy jungler behind, but Master Yi his gameplay-plan, which I mentioned earlier, is getting himself ahead and not the enemy jungler behind. You win games by being insanely fed and killing the enemies and not by denying the enemy jungler to do an impact.

The second cheesy invade is also well known and works for other junglers besides Master Yi as well. This is one of those cheesy invades I sometimes even do and also recommend doing, but only in some situations. It is called the late invade 1:25. The reasoning for that name is pretty simple. 1:25 is the time on when the invade should start. Some start at 1:24 or 1:26, but I personally think 1:25 is the best timing. I only recommend that invade if you and your team are stronger than the enemies on level 1. If so, wait in the pixel bush before the red buff jungle entrance until 1:25. Then simply walk around the red buff corner through the bushes into the bush right infront of the red buff. Many junglers start red buff so the chance the enemy jungler is there is very high. Since your level 1 is stronger you simply kill the enemy jungler or scare him away. In comparison to the other cheesy invade this one is way more consistent, because the enemies can not fight your team if they are weaker level 1. As a result the enemy jungler has 3 options after losing his/her red buff. 1.) He invades your red buff, which can easily be countered by you, 2.) he takes his blue buff and accepts the fact he is insanely behind, or 3.) he tries to do cheesy ganks or comeback tries. The second and third option is terrible as well since on 2.) he will not recover from his early game if you play it correctly and if he does one more mistake on the third option, his game is completly over. In comparison to the other cheesy invade again, the enemy jungler has way less options and you do not need to sacrifice your pathing. After you stole his red buff you can do whatever you like doing. Enemy crugs into enemy chickens, go back into your jungle to fullclear, or simply try to continue cheese invading the enemy jungler. Every option again has their own huge advantages.

Kami Khazix, who is also a streamer on Twitch, has made a very educational video about this cheesy invade, which you are able to see on the bottom bellow.

4.) The canyon clear

The following pathing im about to explain is quiet interesting, because on that pathing you mainly want to focus on a certain lane, which can be insanely good for Master Yi, since Yi is very good at camping one lane. First of all it is called the canyon clear because Canyon, one of the best korean junglers in the entire world in both competetive League of Legends and in soloQ, does this clear countless times so it got named by him. He simply starts his red buff and instantly does his blue into gromp afterwards. On that pathing he is missing out a lot of camps, but since he gets level 3 after gromp already it does not really matter. After getting level 3 he instantly ganks toplane if he is blueside or botlane if he is red side and simply provides an huge amount of pressure towards the enenemy top or bot laners. After a successfull or unsuccessfull gank he already has many options like invading the enemy jungle, ganking midlane, or going back to wolves wich can afterward lead to reganking top/bot or continuesly clearing. This pathing simply allows many different options and therefore makes it very hard for the enemy jungler to track. I recommend doing this clear only if you really want to get a certain lane ahead or if you think you can get yourself fed, if the enemy toplaner on blueside for example is very vulnerable.


These are all the clears I would recommend doing currently. I will keep this paragraph updated, but so far I would not consider doing any other pathings than those I mentioned. I personally think that the red - fullclear is the easiest and the best for Master Yi. In 80% of my games im doing the red - fullclear, only in some games (10% of my games) when I think the enemy jungler invades my blue, I do the blue - fullclear. In the last 10% of my games im doing the canyon clear, simply when my toplaner on blue side for example is a very well known pro player, who has first of all a good matchup and secondly is someone I know who can carry.
The Perfect Master Yi Fullclear
In the following video im explaining every single detail about the Master Yi fullclear you need to know. There are some tips and tricks to make your clear very efficient.

Of course this clear is made with the old Master Yi, before the changes on his Wuju Style, but it is still very similar. The only thing that changes is that you should now use your Wuju Style while starting to cast your Alpha Strike.
Mental Health
This chapter will make your mentality for the game way better!
What I am about to explain in this chapter is exactly how I coach people on how to get better mentality so feel free to take this as a free coaching session.

So first of all it is important that you know that you only climb in soloq because of these three big bullet points.

1.) Macro (decision making)

2.) Micro (mechanics)

3.) Mentality

Every single bullet point is equally important in my opinion and each and every bullet point is necessariy to have. If you have the best micro and macro in the game but your mentality is non-existent you obviously will not climb. If you have the best mentality on the other hand with the best mechanics in the game, but your knowledge of the game is non-existent you as well obviously will not climb. The third option of having a good mentality and a good knowledge of the game, but you simply cannot play the game properly does not change the fact that you are not able to climb. All im saying is that every bullet point is very important and necassariy to have in order to climb and to achieve your goals.
The good thing about mentality is that everyone can get a "monk-mentality" (having a monk mentality means nothing really impacts the players gameplay behaviour exactly like a monk, he does not get impacted by any circumstances from outside).

That's awesome and all, but how do I get a monk-mentality since you say everyone can get it?

In order to get a monk-mentality you need to accept that there will be a lot of disappointments and struggles throughout every game. There will be an insane amount of games where you simply make zero mistakes, or atleast it feels like you are making zero mistakes and still end up losing. Accepting these facts, will already help you to think different. Why do we even tilt is the better question? We tilt, because we are not happy with the outcomes we are getting. Sometimes we get tilted about ourselves for not performing like we used to, and the other day we get very tilted about our teammates that they do not perform like we want them to. All I can say is that we are all humans and nobody is perfect, which means that no matter how good you are or your team is you can not perform equally good each and every day. That is simply impossible. All we can do is try our best. If you are performing bad, but trying your best there is not reason to be tilted, since you are already trying your best. Failing sometimes and losing games is not a problem at all, being upset about it and because of it starting to lose more and more games, that is the real problem.

I have a tip im using myself and it also helps me a lot for my games. Basically im not seeing my teammates as humans. I simply see them as a software which does not work properly. What changes in the way of my thinking then? If the "software" is not working properly and my team starts dying for no reason for example, why should you be mad about a roboter who does not work? Being mad at things, a glass for example for not being able to get more water inside than it can is completly stupid. So if my team starts dying for no reason, I just accept that the software is not working well and think of how I can get the best out of this software.

Another very important thing you need to keep in mind is that you focus on yourself during games. The less you care about what your team is doing and the more you focus on your own gameplay, the easier it gets to not tilt and the easier it gets to improve, since you are watching your own gameplay and might witness some huge mistakes that are holding you back from climbing and reaching your true potential. After every loss I highly recommend rewatching your own mistakes/deaths and see if there was something you could have played differently or if there was something you could have cared more for. If for example im doing one mistake in the early game and afterwards play the entire game absolutely pixel perfect and I end up losing, since my botlane is 0/20, most people would blame them for their loss, even thought I blame myself in these situations, because while I rewatch the game im noticing the one mistake I did in the early game. If I did not make that mistake, I could have maybe carried the game, so I basically take full responsibility for my gameplay. What can also help is by thinking "Would Faker also lose this game?" Most of the times the answer is no, because he knows how to carry, even from behind when the game feels hopeless. Would Faker care about his losing botlane or would he focus and try to find a way to still win the game? The excuse of being stuck where you are because of your team is anyways not accepted in our society, because everyone knows that first of all this statement is simply wrong and secondly everyone is saying that, so why should it be different on you. If Faker was playing on your account would he stay on your elo with the same winrate? Why would he start climbing? Is it only because he gets "better teammates?"

It is that simple. You are the reason you are in the elo you are. You are the reason you have your winrate. You are the reason why you lose your games. Of course it is a teamgame and there are some games you are just destined to lose, but if you only focus about your mistakes and improve on them for the upcoming games, not only will you climb to insanity, but also will enjoy the game way more because of your improvements.

On the bottom below we have Dr. Alok Kanojia aka HealthyGamerGG and his explanation about why people tilt and /mute all! Highly recommend watching it! :)
One more thing I would like to mention is that the more responsiblity you take for whatever happens in your games or simply in life the more you are able to change things to the better. If you only blame mistakes on others there is no room for improvement and you will simply stay stuck where you are, but if you take full responsibility for whatever happens to you, you also get full control over whatever happens to you.

Thank you all for reading my guide. I hope you learned a lot !

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Master Yi Video Guide
I also published a Video on YouTube explaining lots of details about Master Yi. This video is up to date!
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