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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Singed Build Guide by CowKing

Singed - Full Tank

Singed - Full Tank

Updated on November 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CowKing Build Guide By CowKing 5 2 28,395 Views 14 Comments
5 2 28,395 Views 14 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CowKing Singed Build Guide By CowKing Updated on November 18, 2011
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This is my first build so:
Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

Please be tolerant with me, English is not my main language.
Also this is my first guide at MOBAFIRE, so any suggestion you got I'll really appreciate it.

This build is for really tanky Singed.
Before you start read the guide first you need to understand what it mean to be Singed tank.
Your main role is to absorb all the damage in team fight, because if they won't kill you soon as possible most likely that you will kill them with poison.
The second and also most important rule is to initiate the team fight.

If you think you aren't fit for the job then stop reading this guide and look for something else you like.

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* Change mastery to fit the new mastery tree.
* Update the masteries section.
* New chapter:
Items you don't buy
* Update items purchases.
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This chapter I'll explain some of the terms that I use in this guide.

AD- Attack Damage
AP- Ability Power
AS- Attack Speed
CC- Crowd Control
DPS- Damage Per Second
Gank- Ambushing an opponent
HP- Health Point
Mana- Need for using skills
MR- Magic Resist
Tank- Can take substantial damage without dying
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Pros / Cons


    The best damage over time
    Slow skill
    One of the best farmers
    Can hold a lane alone against even 2 champions
    Must be in a team fight (never go without him)
    Passive skill make neutral tanker


    Very slow movement
    Huge mana consumer
    Can't jungle very well
    Slow attack speed
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I decided to go 0/21/9 build.
I'm getting the best for tank in defense mastery tree and a lot of mana at the utility mastery tree.
With this build you could use more of your abilities like spamming your Poison Trail a lot more.
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Greater Mark of Insight
No need for a lot of explanation here.
You use a AP for your skills so you need to penetrate there MR.

Greater Seal of Resilience
Very good for early game, make more tanky from start of the game.
Greater Glyph of Warding
Same explain as for the Greater Seal of Resilience.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
Give you HP boost from early game.
Almost 80 HP more at the beginning of the game.

Another rune build you can try:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
This build is suggested by EvilDice in is build.
I used this rune build for a while so it also not too bad.
You can mix those 2 build as you wish.
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Summoner Spells

I found out that Ghost is very important for escaping and hazing the enemies with the combine of Insanity Potion give you "super" movement speed.

A lot of people don't understand how good this summoner spell, it's one of the best summoner spell for escaping and in team fight when they focuses on you.
I found him saving me few times.

Optional Summoner Spell

Tell you the true, you can choose almost any other summoner spells that you think can help you and your teammates.
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence help you on the early game to keep a little CC.
You want to max the Poison Trail as fast as you can.
Most of the time this is how you will get your kills.

(people hate poison so we love to poisoning them)

In some cases you can take as your first skill.
When your team going for LVL 1 jungle gank next to the blue it could help for FB.
When in your lane you playing with really aggressive player/champion the fling could help.

When you not sure what to take then I suggest to take the poison trail.
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Starting Items

Sapphire Crystal
Give you 200 Mana and because of Singed passive you get also 50 HP!!!

Health Potion
Help you stay in the lane so you won't return back to base so soon.

Mana Potion
Same as for the health potion just stay in the lane as much as you can.

2 Health Potion
If you just started playing Singed and you found that on early game they kills you often think of taking 2 health potion.
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First trip to base

On your first trip back to base you should grab those items.

Boots of Speed
You are very slow you must get boots as fast as you can.

Catalyst the Protector
Catalyst the Protector
More mana and more HP no need to say more.

Blasting Wand
Give more boost for you gas and fling.
And one more step for finishing Rod of Ages.

Alternative item that you can take

Tear of the Goddess
In some cases when you see that you low on mana or you prefer more mana and less AP and HP.
You should take Tear of the Goddess instead of Catalyst the Protector and complete it to Archangel'sArchangel's Staff.
Most of the time I prefer Rod of Ages but sometimes when i want to do lot of hazing and go nuts with the Poison, Tear of the Goddess is really good option.
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Core Items

Rod of Ages
Give you a nice amount of AP for your skills.
A lot HP and mana over time so for the far time the item pay off.

Mercury's Treads
There passive are awesome give you MR and because of the new masteries you are fast enough so you don't need Boots of Swiftness.

Force of Nature
Great HP regeneration.
Good MR.
A little boost to you speed.

Warmog's Armor
Give you a huge amount of HP and health regeneration.
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Finishing Items

Give you 100 armor.
Very cool passive that hit back 30% of the damage to who ever attack you.

Frozen Heart
Give you mana and armor.
But most important that you get 20% CD and reduce AS of nearby enemies.
That give you and your teammates good advantage over the other team.

If you playing against more AD you should change to order of what you take, like take Thornmail before Force of Nature.
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Alternative Items

Banshee's Veil
If you playing against a lot of CC and AP this is an item you should consider taking the Banshee's Veil for one of your early items.
I'm using it a lot also.

Abyssal Scepter
If you almost finish all your items and you kinda winning, you should consider taking Abyssal Scepter.
Beside that he give you nice MR he give you nice AP.
Also it reduce opponents MR by 20 that it's fine.


Randuin's Omen
One of the best armor that you can find.
With a really nice active that will come essential at team fights.

Guardian Angel
Nice armor and MR.
Cute passive but this is only my opinion.

There are other items that you can take, it's only depends on what kind of opponents you fighting against.
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Items you don't buy

Sunfire Cape
You don't need this, because you get much more life from
Warmog's Armor and his passive is nice but not enough.
Singed poison trail do much more damage.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
A lot of people really like taking this item with Singed, it's a great item but is one of the worst item for Singed.
From one of the latest update Poison Trail as been nerf and he last for shorter time and is trail is also shorter.
So when enemies are chasing you and you activate your Q most the time they stop chasing or they will be so much slow that they won't enter the poison.
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Tips and Tricks

Trough this guide I wrote few tips of how to play Singed.
Now I'll more or less summarize those tips and add a few.

First and most impotent tip that i can give is "DON'T DIE!!!".
Because you are a tank doesn't mean you can't die so don't enter a fight without a backup or you know you can win.

Always look what items the opponent team is taking so you also know what counter items you should take.

Try not to Fling every time, in some cases you can by mistake Fling an opponent on low HP allies and secure your allies death.

Learn to use your Q wisely, don't spam it to much so you won't ran out of mana.

Try to Fling so they land next to your turret, I got from this couple of kills and it really funny.

On solo lane always stay next to the turret.
When you see opportunity W next to your opponent turn on your Q and then E them.
If you got your R ready to use then after you slow them use the R for the chase.

Don't be afraid to use your R if you low on health and mana.

When running away try use your W in front of you or really next to you.
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I just started playing ranked games but here is my stats:When I'll have more I'll upload. :)
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I really like playing Singed.
I'm playing him from LVL 13 when i first saw him on other player and see what he can do.
So you can said I'm playing him for a few month now (4 month ago).

Also something I made:

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed the guide.
If you got any feedback or ideas please free to write them in the comments :)
Have a nice day with a lot of GAZ.
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