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Singed Build Guide by Kyle Campbell

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyle Campbell

Singed Middle Finger Workout *Updated Jan 7th, 2012*

Kyle Campbell Last updated on January 7, 2013
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This will be my second guide for mobafire thus far. That said, I give you Singed, my hands-down go-to tank whenever I need to just quit screwing around and get my 1st win of the day. So to put things in perspective, here are a few key points to playing an effect Singed with style.
1. I fully condone using poison trail to smoke up a lane like a rape train speeding out of the station.
2. Contrary to popular belief you dont use mega adhesive to catch the enemy and flip them if you're still in the solo-lane phase, you flip them under your turret, THEN use mega adhesive to keep them under.
3. If you're the enemy, feel free to chase Singed.

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Pros / Cons

+Fantastic Farmer
Very hard to catch
Even harder to kill
Poison Trail get's you a lot of assists, or even kills if your team isn't last hitting like they should.
Great at catching, cornering, and shaping the battlefield.
Can write his name in smoke.

A well coordinated CC team can counter him
Susceptible to fear, stun, and some slows.
Great at isolating enemies, but not finishing them (Very team work dependent)
Not much diversity in builds.

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A simple build really, scaling everything except quints. Since your 3 core items come with no armor or magic resist, this is a great way to keep the enemy from focusing you down early game. The 1.5% HP quints pay for themselves, at 3300 hp they officially become more beneficial to have than scaling hp, and this build will put you close to or even over 5k.

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I'm sure you're wondering why in the hell I don't have mercury treads in my preferred build. Well the simple answer is this. Season 2 is over! With the new season came the new items, and the loss of favored classics like Force of Nature. Fact is mercury treads were famous for 1 reason only, they were the only tenacity item that didn't suck. With Spirit of the Ancient Golem that is no longer the case. This means instead of having to put speed into both masteries and quints to make up for the lost 8% from Force of Nature and the bonus from Initiator , you can combine boots of switfness and the Spirit of the Ancient Golem and get the same effective tenacity and movement you're used to.

Just cuz it's unfamiliar, doesn't mean you have to fear it. Here you trade out 25 MR and 1 item slot, and free up 3 quint slots, and 3 mastery points. And what do you get for the trade?!?!?! You get 30 armor, 500 hp, 14 hp5, 7 mp5, 25% bonus dmg to minions (very handy for solo top), and you're tenacity, plus the ability to add the %HP quints which add even more hp, and 3 mastery slots to place however you like. As for the rest, its pretty common practice for singed players. Get some armor, and mr, and then add what you need to counter the enemy team, beit more AP, MR, ARM, or HP.

All in all the point is, you're going fast, and tanking like a boss again.

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I love Ghost and Heal, they really are my hands down favorite spells on nearly every tank and carry aside from the ones I jungle with. Flash certainly has it's practical uses, but unless jarvan or anivia are free to play that week, you dont really need it. The combination of your ult and ghost means you can keep pace with damn near everyone, I've outran all but Rammus this way, even Master Yi with Phantom Dancer and Highlander can't quite keep up.

This makes kiting a hell of a lot easier, and it makes initiating way safer. The reason most singed players die is because they over-extend in an attempt to flip an enemy, and outrun their team by a great deal to achieve that goal, at that point it doesnt even matter if you flip because all you've done is surround yourself without backup. All this speed has a purpose, and it is to close ground so fast that the enemy cant get far when running. If they dont get far, then your team can't be far behind right? THIS IS A GOOD THING!