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Singed Build Guide by Hardcash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hardcash

Singed of Celerity

Hardcash Last updated on February 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide. Please, review it, try it, and tell me what you think. Singed, of course, is my favorite champ, so I would like to get as good with him as possible.

We're going to start with a description of the skills of Singed, followed by my choice of Summoner Spells, Runes, Masteries, and Items.


Singed descended from a long line of Zaun's revered chemists. Even in his youth, his talent for concocting potions far outstripped that of his peers, and he quickly distinguished himself from his less extraordinary chemist compatriots. It came as no surprise to anyone when he was selected for apprenticeship by the infamous Warwick, master apothecary on a lucrative retainer with the Noxian military during their campaign against Ionia. Within Warwick's laboratories, Singed toiled without end, rapidly absorbing every detail of his predecessor's deadly craft. Singed had little concern for the death and destruction that was the fruit of his labors. By the time the curse of lycanthropy descended to claim his master, Singed was poised and eager to make the transition from workhorse to innovator; he was ready to share his genius by bringing a new brand of suffering to the Ionian front. His zeal for progress was unquenchable, and when suitable test subjects proved to be in short supply, the eager chemist was often thought to turn his volatile mixtures on his own flesh.

When the uneasy peace created by the League of Legends settled on the world, Singed journeyed to the one place where he was still able to showcase his beloved craft: the Institute of War. By this time he was barely even a man, his body both ruined and sustained by his ingenious craft. A thousand burns - accidents of shadow and flame - mar his ravaged form, and exposure to such harsh conditions has deadened his nerves, hardened his body, and strengthened his physique, transforming him into a veritable juggernaut. This, combined with a formidable arsenal of deadly concoctions, makes Singed a force to be reckoned with on the Fields of Justice.

''My deadliest dose shall bear my patron's name!''
-- Singed, having just christened the Insanity Potion

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Empowered Bulwark:
This is an incredible buff. 1/4 of max mana becomes bonus health, making the Seraph's Embrace give Singed 250 HP. This buff also makes a Sapphire Crystal a great spawn choice, as it allows Singed more time with his poison & gives him an extra 50 HP.
Poison Trail:
The life-blood of Singed, his trademark trolling ability. Toggle: Singed leaves a trail of poison behind him that lasts for 3.25 seconds. Enemies caught in the path will be dealt magic damage each second for 3 seconds. Continual exposure renews the poison. This hits for 22/34/46/58/70 (+ 30% AP) DPS, so if an enemy simply dashes into the poison and runs, said enemy will still take 66/102/138/174/210 (+ 90% AP). After getting a point in both Mega Adhesive and Fling, this will be maxed first, due to a need for early game damage and farm. However, it has a mana cost of 13 mana per second, which can cause problems in the early game. Against tanks, Poison Trail may not do much damage, which is why I suggest a combo of Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Torment. The slow from Rylai's will increase the AoE damage from Liandry's back to its normal 5% over 3 seconds.
Mega Adhesive:
Active: Creates a pool of mega adhesive on the ground that lasts 5 seconds, causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed as long as they are in the adhesive and for 1 second once they are out of it. Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 Mana. Slow: 35%/45%/55%/65%/75%. This is a BIG slow. while it does no damage, IT'S AN AOE SLOW! HOLY ****! Catch straggling teamfighters! Split team groups! Catch a running laner! Hit the tribush for easy gank retaliation! The possibilities are endless. After getting a point in this at level 3, max this second.

Active: Flings an enemy behind Singed, dealing magic damage to them. Cost: 100/110/120/130/140 Mana. Magic Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 (+ 100% AP). This is HILARIOUS. Q, W, E, Exhaust, DEATH. To disable enemies from escaping Singed in invades, counter invades, accidental turret dives, get a point in Fling at level 1, but max it last. Leveling Fling only raises its damage, but if get an early Rod of Ages, your poison will do MORE than enough damage. Moreover, leveling up Mega Adhesive will allow Singed to poison his enemies, slow them while still poisoning, and fling them back into adhesive once said enemies leaves the pool.
Insanity Potion:

STEROIDS! SINGED HAS THEM! For a mere 150 MP, Singed gets 35 / 50 / 65 AP, armor, MR, movement speed, HP and HP Regen per 5 sec, and 10/15/20% CC reduction times, all with a 100 SECOND COOLDOWN! IMPOSSIBRU! In other words, while you are on steroids, you are NOT dieing.

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Unique Skills

Here is a fun video about Singed & his massively trollish abilities. I don't suggest bothering with the Invisible Poison, but the Void toss is incredible.

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Summoner's Spells

GOOD Spells:

  • Exhaust - YES. 90% of games, you will need this for the kill secures.
  • Ghost - YES. This is the spell of Singed. Ghost, Steroids, Singed goes EVERYWHERE.
MAYBE Spells:
  • Cleanse - MAYBE. On teams with a ton of CC, this could come in handy. However, if you REALLY need it, rush Mikael's crucible after RoA, Seraph, & boots.
  • Ignite - YES. On occasion, you may be matched up against someone like Sion or a jungling Dr. Mundo, who each require their ultimates to gain health FAST. In such a case, Ignite could be crucial to killing said champ.
  • Teleport - MAYBE. Sometimes, if you are the only tank on the team, you may be required to be jumping around, saving your team.
BAD Spells:
  • Barrier - This spell is okay on the Proving Grounds, due to no healing there, but isn't as useful as an Exhaust or Ignite in a Rift teamfight.
  • Clairvoyance - Leave this for the supports.
  • Clarity - HELL NO. With over 2000 MP, why the hell would you want more mana?
  • Flash - While this does give a nice "HOLY **** HE APPEARED AND FLUNG ME ERMAGERD", Flash is a one-time deal.
  • Garrison - Disabling turrets isn't useful except for dives, and if you buff your own turret, the enemy team will simply wait a few seconds before attacking.
  • Heal - While this is useful in the early game, after gaining tons of health from Tear of the Goddess, it becomes useless.
  • Revive - HELL NO. Singed doesn't die. Ever.
  • Smite - NO. While some people can play a good jungle Singed, both you and I cannot.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Movement for Singed is INCREDIBLE! He NEEDS movement speed, so, to make up for an early Sapphire Crystal, movement quints are ESSENTIAL.

Use Magic Pen to WRECK people with your poison.

Run a mix of Scaling & Flat Armor and Magic Resist to give Singed both a good early game start and some more late game tankyness.

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You're a tank, so, FYI, you must be tanky.

My preferred masteries are:


Summoner's Wrath gives Singed extra movement speed with Ghost and lowers enemy armor & MR with Exhaust. Movement Speed Quints + Mercury's Treads + Augment: Alacrity + Ghost = Speedy Gonzales.
Sorcery makes Singed have slightly lower cooldowns.
Blast packs a little more punch into early game Poison Trail.
Durability : HP on a tank? What AM I smoking?
Hardiness gives early Singed some more durability. He needs it.
Resistance has the same deal.
Unyielding has a small but profound effect on early Singed. However, there are better things to put points into than Block .
Relentless is REQUIRED for Singed, due to the inhibiting quality of slows on Singed. No speed = no running = no damage = no kills.
Veteran's Scars is HP. You need HP.
Safeguard allows for larger, longer turret dives. Potion, glue, dive, fling, poison, kill.
Tenacious , like Relentless , helps Singed run EVERYWHERE.
Juggernaut gives Singed MOAR HP! This is why I like Warmog's Armor + Spirit Visage so much.
Legendary Armor , because, FYI, Singed = tank.

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Because the abilities of Singed use tons of mana, buy a Sapphire Crystal at the spawn, with two HP pots to boot. Boots & 3 pots can be used, but if you follow this build, get catalyst the protector ASAP.

By 9 minutes, you should have enough gold to get catalyst the protector. This will GREATLY improve your sustainability and allow you to farm more easily. Following this, get Rod of Ages for your poison to wreck people. By the 15 minute mark, you should also have Mercury's Treads, which allows Singed to ignore ALL the CC. If you are having trouble with a melee laning partner, get Warden's Mail before Treads.

Follow your ROA and Merc Treads with a Tear of the Goddess, which will destroy all mana problems. To max it ASAP, keep your Poison Trail on as much as possible, since more mana = more hp = more tankyness. Next, buy the Frozen Heart. This item will lower your cooldowns & give you enough armor to last you the game, not to mention the extra MP/HP and -20% enemy attack speed. To complete your core build, upgrade your Tear of the Goddess to an Archangel's Staff. Soon after, the staff will upgrade into the Seraph's Embrace.

NOTE: Leave poison trail on, and Tear will fill up as fast as possible. Fart until you have maxed it.

With your core build, you should have:

As a base, you will be receiving 650 HP, 2050 MP, 140 AP, 45 movement speed, 25 MR, 90 armor, 20% CDR, 35 tenacity, and -20% enemy attack speed. However, Empowered Bulwark gives Singed another 513 HP, and Seraph's Embrace's Insight gives him 3% or his max MP as AP, resulting in another 62 AP. Also, Embrace gives Singed a shield equal to 25% of his current MP. This gives him, if you have 3/4 MP, a 400 HP shield. In sum, the core build gives Singed 1560 HP, 2050 MP, 202 AP, 45 movement speed, 25 MR, 90 armor, 20% CDR, 35 tenacity, and -20% enemy attack speed.

With the Core Items, LV 18 Singed has:
HP: 3291 ...................... HP Regen: 17
MP: 3275 ...................... MP Regen: 26.5
Armor: 188.85 ................. MR: 72.5
Tenacity: 35 .................. Move Spd: 429.94
AD: 117.4 ..................... Attack Speed: 0.802
AP: 238 ....................... Spell Vamp: 0
Magic Penetration: 7.83 ....... Cooldown Reduction: 20%

Now, you have three choices:
1. TEH TROLLZ! Warmog's Armor + Spirit Visage = No cooldowns, always on steroids. Also, the 1000 hp doesn't hurt.

LV 18 TROLLZ Stats:
HP: 4491 ...................... HP Regen: 101 HP / 5 sec
MP: 3275 ...................... MP Regen: 26.5
Armor: 188.85 ................. MR: 122.5
Tenacity: 35 .................. Move Spd: 429.94
AD: 117.4 ..................... Attack Speed: 0.802
AP: 238 ....................... Spell Vamp: 0
Magic Penetration: 7.83 ....... Cooldown Reduction: 35%
ITEMS: Seraph Shield, Frozen Heart -20% enemy attack spd

2. UBER Tank! Guardian Angel + Mikael's Crucible OR Thornmail = INVINCIBLE SINGED! Only get Thornmail if your team is 4/5 AD champs. Get this if you are dieing a ton. If you die, get revived, instantly use Mikael's & Seraph on yourself to get away.

UBER Tank (w/ Mikael's) LV 18 Singed stats:
HP: 3291 ...................... HP Regen: 17
MP: 3275 ...................... MP Regen: 35.5
Armor: 238.85 ................. MR: 102.5
Tenacity: 35 .................. Move Spd: 429.94
AD: 117.4 ..................... Attack Speed: 0.802
AP: 238 ....................... Spell Vamp: 0
Magic Penetration: 7.83 ....... Cooldown Reduction: 20%
ITEMS: Seraph shield, Mikael's heal/cleanse, Guardian's Revive

3. Shredder Singed! With Rylai's Crystal Scepter's AoE slow that shreds away health %(with Liandry's Torment), where can you go wrong?

Shredder LV 18 Singed has:
HP: 3991 ...................... HP Regen: 17
MP: 3275 ...................... MP Regen: 26.5
Armor: 188.85 ................. MR: 72.5
Tenacity: 35 .................. Move Spd: 429.94
AD: 117.4 ..................... Attack Speed: 0.802
AP: 388 ....................... Spell Vamp: 0
Magic Penetration: 22.83 ...... Cooldown Reduction: 20%
ITEMS: Rylai's AoE slow, Liandry's HP% shred

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Bad Champ Matchups

These are champs that you should NOT play against. Please. Don't do it, you will lose.

BAD Champs:

  • Blitzcrank - Grab, punch, team kills you.
  • Darius - True damages wrecks HP.
  • Dr. Mundo - Runs away, has more movement speed than Singed (ERMAGERD).
  • Ezreal - Dat blink.
  • Heimerdinger - No turret dives for you!
  • Irelia - Since she has so little HP, in lane, she will stun, hit, run, pot.
  • Jayce - Early game pokes.
  • Kayle - Slows, ranged attacks.
  • Nidalee - POKES!
  • Lux - Slows, LAZORS! Only bad if AP mid.
  • Nasus - Slow, OP Q.
  • Olaf - Spammable true damage. Olaf SMASH!
  • Riven - Dat ult. You can't win fights, since her ult hits through minions, killing your last 100 HP.
  • Sejuani - THE ICE! OP in the right hands, normally harmless.
  • Veigar - Boxing in players for dayz.
  • Vladimir - *****y spammable lifestealing abilities he has range, so he will spam you to death.

However, there are those times when you get counterpicked. In which case, here are some solutions to you problems.

BAD Champs:
  • Ashe - Focus her, only engage with team. Target her, make your ENTIRE team work towards killing her, as with all ADCs.
  • Blitzcrank - Since Blitz is almost always the bot lane support, get a Zhonya's Hourglass as one of your last two items. It will allow you to survive if Blitz pulls you into a teamfight.
  • Darius - Turret hug, wait for ganks. In a 1v1, he wrecks you.
  • Dr. Mundo - Do NOT focus him. Mundo is a character who, like Singed, is designed to troll the enemy team - he CAN NOT DIE. He has no damage lategame, so either stun or ignore him until he can be singled out.
  • Ezreal - Run towards him, so he uses his blink, then go back the way you came. When he comes back, kill him. DO NOT CHASE HIM IF HE FLASHES.
  • Heimerdinger - In lane, chill until your jungler comes around. Then, let Heimy push, and kill him. Without kills, his turrets do nothing. In teamfights, remove one, then two of your teammates to push other lanes, peeling off the mid lane enemy. Heimer is much more dangerous if he has other people who can stun the enemy in front of turrets.
  • Irelia - Get her nerfed. AGAIN. Switch lanes with your mid, since Irelia is OP as ****.
  • Jayce - Turret hug, stay behind mage minions. After Merc Treads, gank, kill.
  • Kayle - Slows, ranged attacks. Kayle usually goes Hybrid, a build which wins early game, decays mid game due to item costs, and recovers late game. Hug until RoA & SPD Boots, gank. Her ult will save her, but she will sustain enough damage for an easy turret dive.
  • Nidalee - POKES! Dodge the spears - they are slow. Hide behind mages until she pokes, then farm.
  • Lux - Don't bunch up your team - stay spread out. Nothing is more annoying than a Quadra kill from a single line of 100 HP LAZOR kills.
  • Nasus - Slow, OP Q. Push hard, deny him farm. Ask your jungler to babysit you through 7 min. By that time, his Q will have become useless.
  • Olaf - Spammable true damage kills early game, but Olaf has no HP. You should be able to 1v1 him by the 15 minute mark.
  • Riven - Switch lanes.
  • Sejuani - Don't focus her. She has long cooldowns, so hang back a bit, then run into the fray after she uses her stun.
  • Veigar - Wait inside the box until it ends, then run. Don't run INTO the box.
  • Vladimir - Turret hug, get tons of HP pots.

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If you play a tanky Singed, you cannot die. This build has been tailored so that this Singed is still quite tanky, but has enough AP to get some kills, not assists. However, do not use this guide strictly - tweak it however you see fit, and if you disagree with anything in this guide, tell me in the comments section.

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1/6/2013 - Published, later added Summoner's Spells & Conclusion
1/7/2013 - Added Champ Matchups, changed grammatical errors.
1/11/2013 - Elaborated upon the uses and stats of each Singed build