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Skarner Build Guide by Deservart

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deservart

Skarner: Offencive Jungle Build

Deservart Last updated on April 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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I'm Deservart and my english is not the best in the world, but i will try to teach you how do a offencive jungle with skarner and show my preferred build, Skarner Fighter.

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Pros / Cons - Offencive Jungle

-Take level faster
-Destroy the enemy jungle
-The first gank is behind your enemy's
-Control 3 auras

- Need team to start it
- Money to buy ward's
- One mistake in the early game and you lose everything

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Summoner Spells

You will NEED take Smite to be faster and steal the enemy jungle, dragon or even the baron.

The second spell you can choose:

Flash: The best option in my opinion, with flash you can jump on yout enemy's and ult them or just slow them and give to your team the first. Or even get out the enemy jungle when you make a mistake in enemy camp.

Ghost : Ghost is the second alternative in my opinion, you can use offencive or defensive, running to your enemy or just running of yout enemy.

Exhaust : This will help to take first, win a gank, win a feed enemy or just help you to run away. In my opinion is the best spell in the late game, but in offencive jungle you will never try to fight in the enemy camp, will be easy to get a fatal gank.

Ignite : And why not? More damage or just a "Kill security".

Teleport : Use it to get out in a gank or to teleport in a ward in the enemy jungle, to gank the enemy jungler.

Will be easier if you take Flash or Ghost, but it is up to you.

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and 3x


- - -


- - -


- - - - -

If you want more damage you can sell the and make or .

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Skill Sequence

In my opinion the best skill of skarner is the Crystal Slash, the slow, damage and Energize causes it to be strong, the enemy can't escape unless the other team counterattack and you lose the control of the situation. So I focus the Cyrstal Slash first and after the Crystalline Exoskeleton, why? Easy, more shield health = more durability in battle, more durability in battle = more time with more MS and ATK Speed. The Crystalline Exoskeleton make you more fast which makes it easier to get the targed.

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Offencive jungle begin

Where you should go:Team plan:
Who goes with you? If the mid and the side of aura -> In the img, if you start in the red, goes with you and mid, the solo top. In the blue goes the AD Carry and Support.

If you go in the red and found enemy's, don't fight unless you are sure it will work, go to the enemy blue and steal it.


kill the big enemy wrath and 2 small's, let 1


go to the red and kill all the minion's, because you will know when the aura is born again (Remember: A part of the enemy jungle is ur, don't bug her!)


Go with the solo top gank the enemy top, make him spend the flash, ghost or try to kill him.


Take the blue.






Red again.


Go base, buy Boots of Speed and 2x Sight Ward.

Go gank the mid and put the ward in the enemy's red aura, take the big wrath and go gank other lane.


Enemy Red


1:00 - Start the invade, just check the first bush and go to next.
1:10 - Check the other bush and let 1 ally here, go to next.
1:20 - Check and let the other ally here.
1:37 - Preper to take the wrath's, take the bigger and 2 smaller.
1:55 - Preper to take the red aura, kill them all, aura and the 2 minions.
Choose your destination: Gank Top with the solo top ally, keep junglin', gank mid with the mid ally.
2:10 - Go with your ally gank top, causing him to waste the Flash, Ghost or some Spell or even take the first blood.
2:15 (Arrow Down) - Equal to gank top.
2:15 (Arrow Left) - Keep with your jungle, take the blue and wolf's. And choose again, keep junglin' or go try gank.

Team work:
When you go try a offencive jungle, you need ally's, at least 2.
The solo top stay in the point "1:10 - 1:55", it's the point and the time, he will stay there at 1:55, when the aura born.
The solo mid stay in the point "1:20 - 2:00", it's the point and the time, he will stay there at 2:00, when the aura is died.
Choose Time: Choose keep ur junglin' time or gank with your ally.


Enemy Blue

In my opinion is the most offensive and tough guy of all, in the blue side go take the most protect part of jungle. I advise only trying if the enemy's is on the red, if you are sure about that.

1:10 - Start the invade,check the first bush and go to the next.
1:15 - Check and let the solo mid ally here.
1:25 - Check the other and let the AD Carry here, stay here or go to the wolf's
(Optional) 1:30 - The support can go to the other bush, below, to check or he can stay in the point 1:25 with the AD Carry.
1:37 - Take the bigger wolf and 1 smaller wolf.
1:55 - Take the blue aura and the 2 other's minion.

Choose your destination: Gank mid (<- 2:15), keep junglin' (2:15 green) or gank bot (2:05)

2:05 - Go with the AD Carry and Support gank the bot lane.
2:15 White - Go with the Mid gank the mid lane.
2:15 Green - Go to the wrath's, kill them and go to the red, kill them. Choose your destination again, keep junglin' or try to gank or even go base.

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Gank way's and combo


There are three types of gank and others alternatives, let's go.

Combo of the type 1 - Classic Gank: If you have not the ult -> Active Crystalline Exoskeleton and run to the enemy, use the first Crystal Slash -> Fracture -> Crystal Slash -> Crystal Slash, until the target dies.
If you have the ult -> Acitive the Crystalline Exoskeleton and run to the enemy, use the Fracture and ult him fast ( Impale) -> push him to the friend side and and using always be possible to the Crystal Slash, never let the slow of Crystal Slash end, since the slow take on the enemy is to never let it end.

Combo of the type 2 - Frontal Atack: Active the Crystalline Exoskeleton -> use ON ENEMY MINION the Crystal Slash, to take the "stack" -> Run to the enemy and when you get close enough use the slow on targed, ult him if you have, if not: Use the Fracture and continues to slow the target ( Crystal Slash), until he dies.

Combo of the type 3 - Behind: Active the Crystalline Exoskeleton -> Crystal Slash the targed -> Fracture -> Ult him if you have -> Crystal Slash and continues to slow the targed. "Hey, this is equal to the classic", yup, but will take less time to get in the targed then you take more time with the Crystalline Exoskeleton and will be more easier to ult the targed.

Top Gank:

Mid Gank:

Bot Gank:

And my favorite alternative:

You just need to tell to your ally's push for a little time, to you go into the bush without the enemy having vision then you can go in there, after you just need wait the enemys push the lane or enter in to the bush (where you are) and BOOM! There is the invisible alternative frontal gank! It always works, trust me.

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Offencive Ward's

You can't just go and steal it in the early ~ middle game, you will need some vision. The ward will do it for you, if you start in the red, use the red aura strategy, if you start in the blue use the blue aura strategy.

Red Aura Strategy

Blue Aura Strategy


Red Point: very useful
Yellow Point: security ward, will give to you vision when you go into the enemy jungle and give time to you get out.
Green point: not good, if you want to know when to get close jungler

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Will give you work to gank


LeBlanc with Flash
Lulu support, if you want to gank the carry
Leona in support, if you want to gank the carry
Kassadin at lvl 6
Shaco if he saw you
Corki with Flash
Wukong with Flash


Event Horizon of Veigar, stun you and ur ally's for 2.5
Sanguine Pool of Vladmir, make him untargetable and give to him more MS for 1s.
Destiny of Twisted Fate, "Okay, let's gank them... (2s ago) Hey hey hey, stop... The TF had used the ult >.>"
Intervention of Kayle, make a targed immune for 3s.
Noxious Trap of Teemo, "omw bot (...), forget, falls into a mushroom"


Sight Ward or Vision Ward

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Replay's and history game's

-working to make this-

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Final lengths

The build is not ended, but I would like to know what you think the build. Sorry again about the english and I am eager for the opinions. Me tips if you can, how improve the build.

Thanks for your patience and for reading, see ya.