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Fizz Build Guide by The Jhin Cena

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Jhin Cena

Snowballing Mid Lane / Jungle Fizz: In Depth Guide (Updated)

The Jhin Cena Last updated on February 1, 2018
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High Burst + Some Defense Mid

Fizz Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Ghost Poro
Ghost Poro
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Cut Down
Cut Down

+10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive and +9% attack speed

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Win 54%
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Ability Sequence

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Threats to Fizz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Veigar Veigar is a really easy matchup and you should win the lane against one. If he drops his wall on you, you can E over it and that should screw up his combo. Starting level 6 you can kill him with R > Q > E > W, though only use the E to get over his wall unless he blew his CD before you engaged. Be cautious when using your Q, you don't want to accidentally charge into his wall and get combo'd on. Banshee's Veil is a good 3rd item against Veigar, especially with countering his wall in case you accidentally get caught in it.
Vel'Koz His abilities can be dodged with your Q or E, and if he ults on you then you can easily E away, land your ult on him while hes channeling his, and then kill.
Talon Only way you should lose to him is if he roams around getting fed off your team. Talon is a pretty easy match up since unlike most other Mid matchups, he's melee and can't poke you as nearly as much as someone like Ahri or Zyra. If he has you pushed up to your turret then wait until he uses his W and then Q > W > E for an early game kill. If you're 6 then you can start landing easier kills by throwing an unexpected R at him. When laning against a Talon, grab Zhonya's right after Lich Bane. Zhonya's is the best item to counter a Talon because of the activatable ability which counters his ult, as well as the armor to weaken his damage. If Talon ults a decent distance from you, then you can also try to wait it out while on your E, rather than having to waste Zhonya's.
Ashe If you're quick, you can E or Q out of the way of her ult when you see it coming. Ashe is super squishy and shouldn't stand any chance against you unless she's fed and has Bloodthirster. Launching a fully charged ult should kill her after 1 more hit. If your ult is down or you're not level 6 then you can Q > E (Fully charged) > W
Corki Laning against a Corki should be a very easy lane. The only time he should be annoying is level 1, and maybe level 2, because of the constant poke. Though you should be able to heavily out damage him and dodge his Q and R in a 1v1. At level 2 grab E, and if he has you pushed up against your turret, then wait for him to Q and then E > Auto > W, or Auto > E > W. Try and land your E fully charged on him for the slow. However if he has W, then you should probably just land a regular E on him before he gets away. Level 6 is when it really gets easy, and you can just land your Ult on him then Q > E > W or E > W > Q for a free kill.
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Hello I am The Jhin Cena and I started playing League when Jinx was first released, which was like 2013. I'm a Fizz main that began playing Fizz around Winter of 2013, shortly after I started League. I began playing Fizz because I remember facing against a really great Fizz player 1 shotting people which made me buy Fizz and his Void skin immediately after the game. I was trash at Fizz as well Nocturne (my first main) so quit League when Vel'Koz first came out and then returned when Kled came out to begin playing more seriously (I used to use a full Runaan's Hurricane build on Nocturne). My three favorite champions to play are Fizz, Vladimir, and Jhin, and the highest rank I've been was Gold V though recently I've been playing ranked more often hoping to reach higher.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the best option for Mid Lane Fizz. A lot of times it has helped me secure a kill on somebody almost lucky enough to get away.

Ignite is an ideal Summoner Spell for Mid Lane Fizz and can many of times get you First Blood. Early game Fizz has a lot of damage potential but sometimes cannot quite finish the enemy in 1 burst which leaves you with Ignite to save the day.

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All the Jhinformation is in the notes ;) just take a look around.

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Ability Rundown

Nimble Fighter is Fizz's passive. The most noticeable effect is being able to move through units. I find it to be a really useful passive since you wont get ****blocked by minions if you have to avoid for instance, Lux's Light Binding. Also it makes CSing on Fizz even easier since many of times a wave of minions will block my path toward a low health minion and by the time I move around the wave, the minion is dead. With Fizz you can just run straight into it no worries. The reduced damage from basic attacks isn't noticeable though it can help you hold your stand in the lane against ranged pokers who spam click you with auto attacks such as Ezreal. Also if you get away with around 10 HP after fighting an AD such as Jhin or Varus then you can thank Nimble Fighter for that.

Urchin Strike doesn't really do any damage until about level 18, and is more for mobility. There have been a few times where I've got the killing blow on somebody using Urchin Strike though it's not going to be your main source of damage. There have however been many of times where I've used Urchin Strike to dash out of the lane when I'm being ganked which is what you want to be using this ability for a lot.

Seastone Trident is Fizz's most reliable ability for heavy damage output. You can Garentee it will hit the enemy, no skill shots needed. Early game depending on your matchup, it usually does about 15-20% of their health so pretty useful to use. When the enemy gets too close for comfort while CSing, you can auto them once and once your Seastone Trident is fully charged (The trident above the enemy's head will light up blue), you can use your Seastone Trident on them and it'll do pretty huge damage. Once they're low enough you can try and get the kill.

Playful / Trickster is another heavy damage source on Fizz, however I do not find it as reliable as Seastone Trident. If you release Playful / Trickster early, it can be a pain in the Ashe to land on the enemy, and if you wait for it to charge up, then there's a chance the enemy moved far enough away to avoid it. I like to use Chum the Waters before Playful / Trickster so then they are slowed and cannot run out of the way, and I can land a fully charged Playful / Trickster on them. If they are low and you are trying to get a kill, then don't try and fully charge up Playful / Trickster, just use it to catchup with the enemy so use Urchin Strike and then Seastone Trident.

Chum the Waters is an amazing ability that will leave your enemy's in shock when your combo brings their health to 0 in seconds. I rarely ever use this ability close up because the damage + slow just isn't there. A great strategy is if you Recall and your enemy laner is destroying your turret, once your Chum the Waters is in range, you can launch it before they even see you back in the lane so they don't have time to react to dodge it. This has worked many of times and has helped me snowball during laning phase.

Some Chum the Waters tricks:

An example of the Chum the Waters ambush strategy

Get a kill and maybe a dragon

Another Chum the Waters ambush strategy

Weak after Baron Nashor

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Skill Sequence

Most of the time Fizz players will rush Playful / Trickster at level 1 which is a big mistake since Playful / Trickster does not help at all with CS, costs tons of mana, and doesn't do too much damage until late game. Your Seastone Trident can help you have the

most CS on the team since using it fully charged on a minion is basically a guaranteed kill which mostly resets the CD on it. Recently I've actually been rushing Seastone Trident to max over Playful / Trickster which also works well. It's your heaviest damage source against champions, but the increased damage is nice for CSing as well.

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How to Wall-Jump with Playful / Trickster

This used to be a big challenge for me to the point where I'd just blow my Flash instead. I'd make the mistake of using Playful / Trickster up against the wall, rather than over it. Now let me tell you, Fizz cannot Playful / Trickster over thicker walls such as this one;

However, Fizz can surprisingly jump over some of the walls next to the Crimson Raptor nest;

Fizz can jump over the Baron Nashor wall as well as the dragon wall, so take advantage of that to try and steal a dragon or kill somebody. If a Blast Cone is up, then use that to launch yourself into the pit to do what you need, and then use your Playful / Trickster to get out. If the Blast Cone isn't there but Flash is up, then you can still Playful / Trickster over to do what you need, and then use Flash to get back over to your jungle. Otherwise not recommended to put yourself at risk of not getting the Baron Nashor or dragon.

To actually Playful / Trickster over a wall, you must only attempt this if you are pressed up against it. It is easiest to get over a wall by running up to it, moving your cursor to the other end of the wall, and using "Playful". Do not try and use Trickster to get over a wall. By using Playful to get yourself closer to the wall and then using Trickster, this will result a lot more often in failing to jump over.

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Pros / Cons


1. Strong Early, Mid, and Late Game.

2. High Mobility.

3. Fun (IMO).

4. Good at getting CS.

5. 1v1 God.


1. You have to distance yourself for Chum the Waters' maximum Damage / circumference.

2. Very squishy, 1 screw up can be fatal in certain situations.

3. Lots of times can be poked repeatedly mid lane, leaving you a hard time to CS.

4. Seastone Trident's passive has to be fully charged for good damage.

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Use your Seastone Trident whenever you can when farming. It's a cheap ability that wont run you dry on mana. Additionally, Seastone Trident will refund you some of your mana if you kill a minion making it your best option for farming. If you have a horde of minions doing most the work for you, then don't wait for Seastone Trident to fully charge, just try and land your W uncharged when the minion has around 10% health left. If your Seastone Trident doesn't kill the minion then you'll

have to wait the entire cooldown time so back away from the enemy laner til it's up again. NEVER use your Playful / Trickster to farm unless there's a huge wave, or it's late game. You need this just in case you get ganked, or if the enemy laner jumps on you. Not only that, but using a few of these will erase all your mana and you'll have to peel back to base.

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Team Work

Late game as Fizz you WILL get deleted if you're the first to charge in. A good method is to wait for the tank to go in, and that is when you launch a fully charged Chum the Waters while they're most likely grouped on top of one another. I've seen that if your Chum the Waters is landed and hits multiple people it really helps you win that team fight and even pull off some multi kills. If you're dying really fast in a team fight then just Zhonya's Hourglass so your abilities can recharge, and also their team might even focus on other teammates besides you, giving you the chance to wipe them.

Remember that unless their team is really trash, you should never charge into 3+ people alone. If you're feeling selfless then you can even run in first to bait out their abilities, to then simply Playful / Trickster out of the fight, so then your team can have an advantage for when they go in. If your team is really A.D.D then they might not help you though, so this is probably something you should try over Discord and not with randoms. Also Fizz is really vulnerable while his Playful / Trickster is down, so make sure to position yourself correctly when pulling this off so you don't get pulled back in by a Blitzcrank or Thresh.

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Creeping / Jungling

1. Jungle Clear Order: You always want to start off Blue Sentinel since Fizz relies heavily on abilities to get through the jungle. Recall back when you need to, preferably once you've cleared your entire side of the jungle to save time. Additionally, if you need time to regenerate health or mana, or simply there's nothing else to kill, you can head down to the river and take a Rift Scuttler .

How to gank: Use your Sweeping Lens on a bush and if there are no Warding Totems then hide in there until they are extended to at least half way across the lane. I generally only hide there for 30 seconds - 1 minute since I don't want to fall behind in farm. If you're level 6 then you need to get to their lane ASAP and use your Chum the Waters and then kill. If your Sweeping Lens is on CD then don't wait for an over extend unless they don't seem to react at all to your presence. If you're level 6+ then the way you want to pull off your ganks is by launching your Chum the Waters from your bush so they don't have time to dodge it, and then Q > E > W.

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How to Play Fizz

I see a common mistake many Fizz players make, and it is that they engage with Playful / Trickster. You should NEVER engage with Playful / Trickster unless you have Chum the Waters on them, or if they are low health and Playful / Trickster is the only way to reach them. The reason that you should never enter with Playful / Trickster is because it is your main source of safely disengaging from combat.

So say you enter with Playful / Trickster onto a LeBlanc and suddenly an enemy Shaco appears. You are basically screwed at this point because you will get rooted and have nothing to get away with. Not only that but if you enter with Playful / Trickster it is harder to land it on the enemy because they are distanced from you, so even without the Shaco the LeBlanc might be able to kill you. This will drastically reduce the amount of deaths you receive, and with this strategy you should average with only around 2 deaths by the end of the game (see Chapter 14 for examples of this).

Engaging with Fizz with Ult:
Once you land a Chum the Waters on an enemy, the rest should be a breeze. The way to engage with ult is to launch a fully charged Chum the Waters at your target, and then Playful / Trickster > Seastone Trident > Urchin Strike (Alternatively you can do Urchin Strike > Playful / Trickster > Seastone Trident). This should nearly or fully kill an enemy if they are squishy. Be wary of engaging like this on someone like Darius.

Engaging with Fizz without Ult:
The proper way to engage with Fizz is to use Urchin Strike > Playful / Trickster > Seastone Trident. This works amazing because the Urchin Strike will proc your Seastone Trident's bleed effect, so then you can use a fully charged Playful / Trickster, and use Seastone Trident while you're on your pole so when you land, you deal a massive amount of damage to the enemy + slow them.

Engaging with Fizz Early Game:
First blood is definitely obtainable with Fizz starting level 2 but mainly level 3. At level 2, you can try to get a first blood by Auto Attack > Playful / Trickster > Seastone Trident. This can be a bit hard at level 2 since you have to be right next to the enemy and don't have Urchin Strike to close the gap. However once you get Urchin Strike, you can start being much more aggressive and using your Urchin Strike > Playful / Trickster > Seastone Trident Combo.

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Getting your Mastery up with Fizz

Getting your Mastery up with Fizz is a challenge if all you think you need is kills. I thought that for awhile and was always stumped why I'd get an A+ with 20 kills. Luckily my friend walked me through getting to Mastery 6 with Shaco and from then on I realized a huge key to getting an S that I was missing for awhile. To get an easy S on Fizz, I'll run you through a game of mine that ended with an S+ so you understand the priorities during your next Fizz game.

Early Game: Early game is pretty standard for Fizz. You want to try and get as much CS as you can without blowing all your mana (See how to farm with Fizz above). On an S+ game that got me to Mastery 7 with Fizz, I had 50 CS by 10:00, and my KDA was 3/0/0.

Mid Game: Fizz doesn't require much to do a ton of damage, just land a fully charged Chum the Waters on your enemy and you should have your kill secured unless they're tanky. With that in mind, you want to begin wandering whenever your turret isn't being bombarded by minions. Most games I wander bot and it can really help me get fed, as well as help my team secure a dragon or turret kill. By 20:00. I was 124 in CS and my KDA was 9/0/1.

Late Game: Late game is where I used to screw up my S a lot on Fizz. I'd be really fed and try and get more and more kills without looking at my really low CS. Your CS is a huge part of getting an S on not just Fizz, but every non-support champion. This doesn't necessarily mean you should ignore team fights all together and just tunnel into CSing, but you should make CS a big priority for you so in case the enemy team surrenders, you'll be set for an S. I like to set goals as I am CSing, such as ending the game with at least 200 CS. By 30:00 my CS was 179 and my KDA was 19/1/4. I did not just focus on CS but I still helped my team in teamfights as well as 1v1ing wanderers. By the end of the game I had 238 CS and my KDA was 25/2/7. Though if you were 8/0/0 and had 250 CS you could probably pull off an S or S+.

Early Surrenders or Quick Games: I used to think that when a team surrenders early on, that basically ruins my S since I don't have enough time to farm up CS. However when one of my games ended at 20:14 with only 123 CS and my KDA being 11/0/2, I was surprised when I got an S. My theory is that your KDA and CS requirement for an S scales up as the game goes on. So if it's a really long game, you might need 15-20 kills instead of merely 8. If someone could confirm whether this is true I'd like to hear it in the comments.

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Some Potential using this Guide

I've had a lot of luck with Fizz using this Build, even on teams that feed I can still get a pretty good KDA. If you have any questions then post them in the comments and I'll try and get back with you ASAP.