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Wukong Build Guide by hackr1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hackr1

Solo Top Wukong: How to get really OP

hackr1 Last updated on October 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide to a solo top, AD Offtank Wukong. It contains a build, a description of this build and some strategy tips. I use this build myself for Wukong and usually I get a result like 20/5/15 or 14/1/10 which I think is good enough to make a guide about. In this guide, I will describe how to play with Wukong in early, mid and late game and what Items to buy in different situations. I hope this will help you!

BTW: I am german so please excuse me if my english isn't perfect, i am just learning that language.

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Important Note

When i released this guide, there were only 2 builds that both had 23/7/0 masteries, the same runes and summoner spells, only the itembuild was different. But, in reaction to some first feedback, i changed this.

Now i have 3 builds, which are divided into 2 sections: recommended and alternative builds.
i tried out ALL of this builds, and i decided to put those, which gave me good results in almost every game, into a category called "recommended builds" and those, which only gave me good results in some games, into another category called "alternative builds".

Here you can find a description of every Build:

Recommended Build 1:

This was the original build that i had in the first version of this guide. It is very offensive and i recommend it if you already know how to play Wukong and want to improve your results.

Recommended Build 2:

I created this build after reading the first feedback that other players gave me after i released the guide. I made it a bit more defensive, improved my runes and masteries and changed some Items into better ones. I think this is the best build i can provide at the moment.

Alternative Build 1:

This build is an earlier version of Recommended Build 2, It is still a bit more offensive and has other runes and masteries. i would not recommend you to use this build, but i didn't want to delete it because some people would maybe prefer this to the other builds.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells:


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greater mark of Desolation
For marks, i would either take flat AD or flat ArmorPen marks.
They guarantee you a good burst damage in early game, so you can dominate your lane right from the start.


greater seal of defense
There are two types of seals that you can take: armor/level and flat armor. Some people prefer to take health instead of armor seals, but i think armor is more important than health in early game, because if you don't take damage because of your armor, then you don't need to build up high health. Also, my masteries and Starting Items guarantee some health and sustain, so i think i don't need health runes also.


When i made the first version of this guide, i couldn't decide what glyphs to take, because glyphs are primary for Magic, which Wukong doesn't need. But then, found a leak of magic resist in my builds, so i decided to take some magic resist glyphs. It's up to you if you take the flat ones or the MR/Level ones, everybody has his own preferences for this. If you think that you don't need any magic resist, you can also take flat AD glyphs, but then i would recommend to take the ArmorPen marks, so you don't have too much runes focused on AD.


greater quintessence of desolation greater quintessence of vigorgreater quintessence of vitality
As your quintessences you can take Flat ArmorPen, Flat AD, AD/Level, Health Regen/Level or health/Level. They are all good, it's your decision which ones you take. If you have a lot of EP, maybe you can try them all and then decide which ones are the best.

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I am currently reworking the masteries section

Possible masteries are 21/9/0 or 23/7/0

Look at the cheat sheets to see my mastery choices.

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Your Abilities

_____ (Passive) Stone Skin is maybe one of the best passives that an Offtank ever had. It gives Wukong additional Armor and Magic Resist for every enemy near him, making him a real juggernaut when he is in teamfight.

_____ This ability is your main source of burst damage. When you have bought the right items, you can deal up to 600 damage with one Crushing Blow. Also, it increases the damage of your next strikes by reducing the enemy's armor for 3 seconds.[/color]

_____ Decoy is your built-in escape mechanism. It makes Wukong invisible for a few seconds and creates a visible illusion of him at the place where it was casted. So, for your enemy, it will look like you have lags or something and just stop walking, so he will attack the illusion while you disappear unseen.
If you want to trick your enemies, you can just press S when they chase you, so they will think you decoyed (because S amkes you stop walking) and search for your double while you can REALLY decoy into another direction

_____ In my opinion, Nimbus Strike is Wukong's best and deadliest ability, making him jump on an enemy and dealing high damage to the target and to enemies around it. This makes Wukong such a great chaser, because if you use it while having a Phage, Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force or Entropy, and if you put one auto-attack after Nimbus Strike, you will have a "jump-and-slow-combo" that can help you to kill any escaping enemy except for Master Yi.

_____ Cyclone is the ability that makes Wukong such a great initiator. It makes him spin around his own axis and hit every enemy coming near to him, dealing high damage to this enemy and knocking him up into air. If you use this ability in a teamfight, your enemies will soon start to focus you instead of your team's carries, so the carries can kill them without taking much damage. When you get low on health, you can stop Cyclone by using the ability again, and use Decoy to get away from the enemies.

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Core Items:


Early Game:


Middle Game:


Late Game:


Possible Alternatives:

: Take this instead of the Ninja Tabi if there are more than 2 AP Champions in the enemy team.

: Also a good boot alternative, the bonus movement speed makes you more mobile which can result in more kills. If you buy them, you have to play a bit more defensive in early game because you don't have as much armor as with the Ninja Tabi

: Many players take this instead of Doran's Blade because it makes you more tanky in early game. Can be a possible alternative when there are some powerful AD Carry champions on your lane.

: This is a very popular popular item for Wukong because of the passive that gives you some AoE damage. If you want, you can take it instead of Maw of Malmortius or Warmog's Armor, but keep in mind that this will shrink your AD a lot.

: This item gives a kind of an additional Smite which works on champions so you can get some kills on enemies who try to escape. Can be taken instead of The Bloodthirster or Wriggle's Lantern.

: This gives you some attack damage and much Armor Penetration, buy it if the enemy team has 2 or more tanks who build up high armor values. Can be taken instead of Maw of Malmortius or Youmuu's Ghostblade.

: Don't know why some people take this on wukong, i think it is only good for Blitzcrank and some other AP tanks. but, if you really want this thingy, you can take it as your last item instead of Maw of Malmortius or Youmuu's Ghostblade. But I wouldn't do it because for me, Wukong needs DPS.

: This is mainly an AD Carry Item, but if you want more DPS, you can also take it with Wukong. Good to buy as second item instead of Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet. Will make you more carrylike and less tanky.

: A great item for both offtanks and carrys, gives you much armor, AD and Attack speed. But it is very expensive. take it instead of Atma's Impaler if you have a lot of money.

If you have some other Items which can be good at wukong, post it in your comment and i will add it to this list. (Only if it makes sense, i will not post things like Rylai's Crystal Scepter in a wukong guide, even if thousands of people want it :)

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Gameplay in Early Game (lvl. 1-6)

So, you finally started a game with Wukong, the monkey king! After spawning, you will want to know what starting Items to buy with Wukong. My answer to this: It's up to you!
You can take nearly all Starting Items for AD Champions or Tanks, they all will be good at Wukong. Here are some Item builds you can choose from:

boots and 3 health potions

cloth armor and 5 health potions

doran's blade

doran's shield

Dat little red stone

After buying your Items, you will head to the top lane (if you go to any other lane, you will not be reading this guide) and stand near your tower. You will not go into the grass or stand in the enemy's side of the lane. When minions pass your outer tower, follow them and try to take as much lasthits as you can. Don't push your lane, always try to stay in the middle or on your side of it. Also, try to dodge your enemy's harass as much as possible, so you don't lose much health. After reaching level 3, when you have unlocked all your abilities except for the ultimate, you will start harassing heavily. Your harassing combo is

This means that you jump onto your enemy by using Nimbus Strike, hit him with Crushing Blow and some auto-attacks, and Decoy away from him when he starts striking you back.
If you use this Combo often, you will run out of mana very fast, but you will stop your enemy taking lasthits and you will build a level advantage over him.

ATTENTION: Do not harass champions that are listed as "dangerous enemy" or "counterpick to wukong" in the "Wukong's Enemies" chapter. This champions will eat your HP like a piece of chocolate and you will die early when you try to harass them.

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Gameplay in Middle Game (lvl. 7 - first big teamfight)

When you played on your lane for about 10-15 minutes, you will already know if you or your enemy dominates your lane. At this time, you will have your Phage completed, so your Itembuild will look like this:

This will be the time to decide between the two item builds above.
If you are winning your lane, which means you have 2 or more kills on your enemy and the minions fight in the enemy half of the lane, you will take the Mallet/Bloodthirster item build, which gives you more damage and health but less armour and magic resist. If your enemy is winning the lane or if you don't know who of you is better, you will use the Trinity/Wriggles Build that will give you more armour and tankyness so you can hold your lane longer without going back to base.

In this phase of the game, you will finally see if your team or the enemy team has a better chance to win. Your team's jungler will start massive ganking and your other teammates will help each other and leave their lanes more often. You will do something different. YOU will not leave your lane too often. As a solo top player, it is your job to defend your lane and attack the enemies tower, not to help other players on their lanes. If you want, you can go to mid sometimes when your mid teammate really needs help, but you won't go to help botlane or initiate any ganks. That's the jungler's job, not yours. You will try to clean the minion waves, take as much lasthits as possible, kill your lane enemy and push his/her tower. When you can push your enemy's tower before he pushes yours, you have done a good job. If he pushes your tower before you push his one, you will be in much trouble. Holding a toplane whithout having your outer tower standing is one of the most difficult situations that you can get into. If this happens, you have to play very defensive and stay in your half of the lane all the time, or your enemy will kill you many times and build up a complete dominance over you. In this phase of the game, you will buy your core items: The Bloodthirster/ Wriggle's Lantern and Frozen Mallet/ Trinity Force. These items are the most necessary part of your itembuild and you HAVE to buy them if you want to get a good result with this guide.

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Gameplay in Late Game (lvl. 16-18, mid-/teamphase)

When both teams start concentrating their forces on one lane (mostly mid) and the big team fights start, your time has come to get completely overpowered. Wukong can be a real beast in team fights when he gets fed and is played the right way. At this time, you should already have your core Items Wriggle's Lantern/ The Bloodthirster and Trinity Force/ Frozen Mallet.
In this phase of the game, it is your job to initiate team fights. To do this, wait until your whole team is near you, then look where the enemies' AD or AP carry is. Use Nimbus Strike to rush onto him, then hit him with Crushing Blow and some autoattacks until his team comes to help him. when they are near you, you use your ultimate, Cyclone to knock them up and deal heavy damage to them. This is the time for your team to get in also and kill one after one. When your team has won a teamfight, you have to start pushing instantly. Try to get as many of their towers down as possible until they respawn, then go back to base, buy items and head back to the midlane to start another teamfight.

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Wukong's Enemies

In this chapter, i will give you a quick overview over the champions you will mostly be up against. If you see that some important champions are missing here, you can tell me and i will add them as soon as possible.

The champions in this list are sorted by how difficult it is to play against them with wukong. For each category, i will write a quick instruction how to play against them.


These champions will have no chance aginst you if you start attacking them immediately.
Harass them as much as you can and get some early kills on them, then the won't be a problem for you.

Tryndamere (from level 1-6, before he has his ultimate)


These Champions have a good chance to win aginst you, but if you play better than they do, you will be able to win against them. When you are up against one of these champions, you have to take as much lasthits as you can and stop them from lasthitting by using your harass combo as much as possible.
Tryndamere (After lvl. 6, when he has his ultimate)
Dr. Mundo
Jarvan IV
Lee Sin


These champions can be terribly annoying to play against. They have their own powerful ways to completely destroy a little monkey like you, and they will easily kill you if you directly attack them. When you are up against one of these champions, You have to stay near to your tower and you must not try to harass them because you would take massive damage while they would survive your attacks easily. If you play ranked or draft, just don't pick wukong if you know you will be up against one of them.

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Wed, 17/10/2012:
- Released guide

Fri, 19/10/2012:
- Added the "Important Notes" and "Changelog" Sections
- Reworked builds and Summoner Spells
- Did some small layout changes

Sat, 20/10/2012:
- Completely reworked the runes section
- Added Madred's Bloodrazor to the alternative items section
- Changed builds a little bit
- corrected some spelling mistakes
- Published changes