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Sona General Guide by TheCrabPpl

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheCrabPpl

Sona AP, Chords of Doom!

TheCrabPpl Last updated on February 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey all, this is my first guide, and I have chosen to do it on Sona. Not just any Sona, but AP Sona. Basically, a honey badger build, when your bored and just want to have fun. There are tons of advantage's to this build, that I will go into in later chapters.

This guide will be aimed more at Normal play than Ranked play, but I have done this build in ranked before, and it does work, if your team has synergy.

I Realise alot of more work will need to be put into this guide, but I'm tired, and I just want to get this off my chest. With a couple of upvotes, I will expand on it, and make it prettier.

As I said before, This is my first guide, so if you have any suggestions, complaints, or anything, just let me know, and i'll go ahead and try and fix or implement them. Negativity and Trollism will be allowed, but frowned upon :P Enjoy and let me know what ya think. If you don't like it, or think it needs more work, just say so, and I will get to it. I just don't want to put time into it if people arn't even slighly interested.

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Why AP Sona?

Why would you want to play AP Sona over a regular, normal, boring Sona? Well, there are a few reasons. First... you can actually do damage, and feel good about yourself? But seriously, AP Sona has a ton of benifits that a normal Sona just can't do as good.

Poke: Your Poke, as an AP Sona, is 3X better than a normal Sona, especially early game. All you need to do is sit at the edge of the bush, poke out, Hymn of Valor, quickly auto attack, and get back in the bush, and most people can't even react fast enough to hit you. Make sure you hit your Power Chords, and have an ADC that pay's attention, and just farms unless you can present an oppurunity.

Lane Sustain: Because you are AP, not only does your Hymn of Valor hurt alot more, but your Aria of Perseverance heal for ALOT more aswell. With enough Mana regan, you will be in the lane forever. You can outlane your oppenent's long enough with a good adc that you can last untill lvl 6 or 7 while you force your oppenent to back several times, and STILL beat them in lane.

Its Fun: No Longer are you there just to help the ADC. Now, you can actually get kills yourself. Your Power Chord HURTS. You can literally kill an ADC at lvl 6 with 6 Hymn of Valors and 2 Power Chords, if he doesnt back and doesnt have someone healing him. Your Crescendo actually does some really good damage to.

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Pros / Cons

+Good Burst.
+High Sustain.
+Ultimate that chains well.
+Benifits the team with aura's itemless.
+Has a nice rack, I mean Avatar.
+Has a Pentakill Skin.

-Generally no escapes.
-Usually focus'd.
-Male's want her, females want to be her.

+++Male's want her, females want to be her.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Obviously you will want flash, as Sona, especially this build, have no real escape's other than your Crescendo. You can also Flash+ Crescendo engage.

Heal: Having that extra heal early game can secure a kill, or save from a gank. Also, helps alot in early teamfights.

Exhaust: Take this over Heal if your lane has no slow's, since you wont be taking Song of Celerity untill late game, and you will be using your Power Chord for Hymn of Valor anyway.

Ignite: Only take this if you want to be a complete troll. Your ADC should already have this, and stacking ignite's never really works well.

Clarity: Not Needed, with the mana regan that you will be stacking early game.

Ghost: Nope

Revive: Lol? Get off your smurf.

Smite:.....I'll need to test this :P

Cleanse: Can work only if against a heavy CC lane, but Not advisable that you take it.

Teleport: Not worth taking over other spells, since you can't do much in a gank other than Flash+ Crescendo.

Barrier: Only needed if playing ARAM/ABAM

Clairvoyance: This is sometimes needed by supports in higher ranked match's, but since you most likely wont be using this build in higher ranked match's, you don't need to worry about it :P

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General Gameplay

Start off the game with a normal support start, but instead ofHP pots, get Mana pots. Pop your Q right at the start, so you have full mana when you get to lane. Stand in your Triangle Bush/Golem Entrance(depending on what side your on) and wait untill minions get to lane. If your Bottom and doing golems, take turns tanking it with your ADC, killing the smaller one first. Once in lane, INSTANTLY push forward into their bush, and ward it, then camp in it, poping out to Q and auto attack, before going back in. Harrass untill you can get a kill. Allow your ADC to farm, and have them conserve mana untill you can assure a kill or some major poke.

Don't head back untill you have atleast 700 gold, which is how much you will need for chalice. Now, because your AP sona, and you just don't care, your going to TRY and get the kills. There is no love in warfare. Your ADC doesnt NEED the kills, he/she wants them, but its your job to support him, and since your going AP, the only support you can give him is emotionaly, cauz those kills are yours!

Try not to do much healing untill you have your chalice, as low level, it will eat your mana pretty fast. That's what the Mana pots are for, if your getting harassed a little. During Laning phase, start grabbing some CS when noone else is around, as you could use the extra gold. Continue poking, and being super aggresive, but don't get greedy, or you WILL die, as your SUPER squishy in this build.

Late game, just be a boss, heal your team constantly, and get your PC's off every 3sec. Just roll through your keys. E W Q Autoattack, and poof, there's 400-700 dmg.

Remember, you are NOT a tank, nor a carry. Only if your team is ahead by a good 10 kills, will you be able to solo someone on their team. If you've had a few kills yourself, You can solo alot of the squisher champs easy. For example, if you got 3 kills more than an Ashe, for example, you can solo her easy. Just make sure to poke some first, to insure the kill.

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Ward Placement

Warding is essential in both ranked and normal. It allow's you and your team to see inside a bush, be aware of enemy movements, and avoid ganks. Placing a ward in lane allow's you to controll that bush, and if done right, that lane. A few ward placements I like and use as AP sona are as following.

Place one in the bush closest to the enemy tower. If you know there's noone in the bush, the closer to the middle the better, but if you can't see into the bush, and are not sure if they are in there or not, you can place one in the edge of the bush, while still in the cover of your bush.

Placing one in the river, under the dragon. Place it along the wall of the dragon pit, right right of the triangle bush, so it covers both that exit, and the river. Unfortunatly, you won't see dragon with this ward, but the less time you waste out of lane, the better, and you should be able to tell if the enemy is doing dragon anyway. **There is no need to place this ward right away. Save this till about 3-4 Minutes in. If you see their jungle die from a failed gank, don't bother placing it untill about 6min, unless their mid is destroying yours. Exceptions are when against a Hecarim jungle, on purple team. I just have bad luck, and its personal, but He always ganks bot lane after blue against me.. not sure why... :P

*Pictures will follow once I get around to uploading them*

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Surviving a Gank!

Surviving a gank with Sona comes down to knowing when you going to be ganked. Yes, this is usually most cases, but it's more so with Sona. She has NO escape abilities, unless you count her ultimate, especially in this build, not even having the 3% speed boost, and earlygame, not even having boots. This is were ward placement, map awareness, and just guts come in handy. If you see an enemy coming from a ward, ping and move through the bush's. If you sense someone coming, because your enemy is playing aggresive all a sudden, or you just havent seen their jungle away, go and ward it, but be carefull, he might be waiting in the bush.

REMEMBER! Even if your AP Sona, your still a support, so if you can save your ADC's life, at the cost of your own, unless they are a prick or just plain suck, it's usually beter to sacrifice yourself. You never know, they might just back away from your big breasted Advance!

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Tips & Tricks

Sona is a champion that relies on positioning, to the extreme. Being able to make sure your HoV hits who you want it to hit, hitting asmany people as possible, including the ADC, with your Ultimate, ect ect.

Following will be some tips and tricks on what to do, and what not to do, with sona.

Hymn of Valor: Many people, when starting a new chamption, will first look at the spells, and the spell ranges. When they look at Hymn of Valor, they only see a range of 550. This is NOT true, in Sona's case. For Hymn of Valor, it will actually shoot up to 700! The only reason the circle is set at 550 is because it will ONLY focus champtions if in the 550 range. If you can position yourself so champions are closer than minions, or there are no minions around, you can abuse your range to its fullest extent.

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07/02/2013 6:35
Added: A few pictures.
Adding: In the process of updating some code, Publishing every few min because my internet is going wakky :P

07/02/2013 6:27am
Added: Tips and Tricks Tab.
Added: Introduction Picture.

07/02/2013 6:03am
Added: Some images.

07/02/2013 5:52am
Fixed: Some more grammer mistakes.
Attempted: To Wake up.

06/02/2013 7:08pm
Moved: Update Tab to bottom, so it's not in the way.
Fixed: A few grammer mistakes.
Upcomming: Major update's tommorrow. Sleep Needed.

06/02/2013 6:53pm
Added: Surviving a Gank Tab.

06/02/2013 6:45pm
Added: Changed item order around a bit, to better represent buy order.

06/02/2013 6:38pm
Added: Ward Placement Tab.

06/02/2013 6:18pm
Added: Pro's/Cons.
Added: Colour to Summoner Spells.
Added: Update Tab.
Adding: How to Combat Certain ADC/Supp combo's.
Adding: How to survive a jungle gank.
Adding: Picture's of ward placements.
Adding: Score Sheets.

06/02/2013 5:48pm
Added: Made Guide!!!


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