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Soraka Build Guide by maarten5l

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author maarten5l

Soraka jungle? try before *****ing

maarten5l Last updated on July 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well because soraka is a pretty good supporting jungler, because she actually does decend damage, but can silence, give mana to her allies and even heal the entire team. And espacially with spirit of the lizard elder her Q is pretty OP.

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[*] lowering enermys magic resist
[*] decend damage
[*] great supportive abilties and passive
[*] great in teamfights
[*] heal
[*] silence
[*] good multitarged

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[*] squishy
[*] not that high damage
[*] no CC whitout red buff
[*] your team might flame because its not common

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The runes like i put them up here are ideal, because you have a great balance between begin game and late game. But if you dont want to buy new runes of have them a bit diffrent its O.K. to.
I know spirit of the lizard elder is in the items but that doesnt mean you should get attack damage runes, its mostely there for the passive.

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It is great to have it like this, because you do more damage against the monsters and enermy champs, and your kind of squishy anyways.

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You begin like almost every jungler with hunters machette and 5 health potions, i know you can just heal yourself after blue, but that doesnt heal that mucch so its better to have some health pots with you, or the 1st jungle clear will take very long.

You must rush to spirrit of the lizzard elder, because it is amazing together with you Q because you dan hit that every 1.5 seconds or so, and since every Q uses spirit of the lizzard elder its amazing. (NOTE: red buff only works on normal attacks not on your abiltys)

The boots options:
I personaly prefer ionian boots of lucidity, because you can heal, silence/give mana, and spam your Q more often, but you can however gank more often with boots of mobility. Also i wouldnt buy Ninja tabi or mercurys threads, Unless you have one of these problems: hard AD enermys, hard AP enermys or hard CC.

Banner of command is a great item with soraka jungle, because you can promote the siege minions, so they push lanes harder, and get you more gold. Also the normal adventages are great for you, because your AP and some armor and health reagen is never bad.

Ohmwrecker is also a very important item for you, because it gives you some HP witch is never bad AP witch is also very usefull mana regen witch is great when you dont have blue, and HP reagen witch is also usefull, but mostely the passive is amazing for you, because now you can push like a beast, and remember every turret equals 2,5 kills and also gets an tactical adventage.

Liandrys torment, is usefull because you use the passive a bit like the one on spirit of the lizzard elder, and it also gives you usefull AP and HP witch is great.

Your last picks:
Rabadons deathcap: Hard AP boost witch means you really do a lot of damage with your abilties and you have a great heal.
Athenes unholy grail: some AP some magic resist not really usefull CD because there is an maximum on CD, and a lot of mana regen, BUY THIS ITEM ONLY WHEN YOUR MID KEEPS NEEDING BLUE.
Lich bane: pretty decend AP some mana and a great passive its a pretty good item with soraka, but not my preference.
Raylais crystal sceptre: all your damaging abilties slow witch is great and decent AP and HP i love this item with soraka jungle.
Rod of ages: decend AP HP and mana pretty good item.
Runic bulwark: Great supportive item Note: if your supp hasnt bought it you really should.
Mejai's soulstealer: if your fed and still going good GET THIS ITEM.
Deathfire grasp: Great AP boost, and great passive, but its not really needed because you already lower the enermys magic resist with your Q
Zhyonas Hourglas: good item Great AP boost some armor witch cant hurt and stasis, you dont really have a great stasis abilty like KENNEN or FRIDLESTICK but its never wrong

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence above is my personal preferance, but you might want to change it a bit, if your team needs mana, or you want to heal them more.

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Creeping / Jungling

Always start with blue, than wolves, than ghouls, and than red. You really need red Buff for ganking because it is your only slow so just start with a full run.

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Soraka is one of the junglers where you really need the smite because you dont have lifesteal or spellvamp from standart. And smite is always usefull so they cant steal the moster kills from you, because you can really lose a game if they steal your baron, and if you lose your blue and then get killed.