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Malzahar Build Guide by Ahpulzz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ahpulzz

Space AIDS Stage 2 - Remission

Ahpulzz Last updated on May 10, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Hey, this is Ahpulzz, and this is how I play Malzahar, the original MC-Hammer of League of Legends.
Sorry, Jayce...

As the first champion I ever owned when I started League, Malzahar surprised me both with his simple yet powerful combo and his ability to 1v1 pretty much any other champion in the game and win. At the same time, I wasn't too mindful of the fact that he had practically nothing defensive in kit and died my fair share of times.

Now however, with much more experience with Malz and the game in general, I give to you a guide that can (and hopefully will) convey the mindset needed to become the prophet of both the Void and your victories!

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Pros and Cons

  • All of his abilities deal damage
  • Has one of the longest single-target CC's in the game
  • Easily one of the best wave clearer's in the game
  • Extremely powerful R-combo
  • Does well in all phases of the game
  • Gets a free pet every so-often
  • From the void.
  • Has one of the best dances ever
  • Relatively squishy
  • No gap closers/escapes of any kind
  • Good positioning is crucial but can be hard to maintain
  • Almost no defense without R
  • Quicksilver Sash can make you "useless"

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Runes & Masteries

Standard marks for an AP mid.

Flat or scaling health are both good options as seals. Armor yellow's don't give as much anymore, but unless you have health seals, you can try using them, instead.

By level 6 these out-scale flat ability power glyphs, and it's level 6 and beyond where you should definitely be looking for some kills. Get Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if you're against a difficult AP match-up and need some extra survivability.


The type of quintessence you choose can be completely up to you. Personally, knowing that Malzahar lacks any sort of gap closing ability and requires good positioning, I'd take Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed to make me a bit more mobile and make up for my general lack of mobility. Otherwise, Greater Quintessence of Ability Power boosts your early game power by a fair amount and scales well with Call of the Void and Malefic Visions.

Standard 21/0/9. In the offensive tree, your first few points can go into either Butcher and Feast or all into Sorcery. Everything else is a standard selection for AP carries.

(You may also spec into the biscuits instead of the extended buffs if thats

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Summoner Spells

This summoner spell is OP. Use it.

Still want an explanation?
Flash + R, E, or Q / Flash over a wall to save yourself / Flash Jarvan IV's Cataclysm / so on...

Ignite makes your full combo significantly more effective by adding in a true damage DoT as well as reduced healing throughout the whole duration.

Be warned though: Ignite has a slightly shorter range than Nether Grasp; if you try to ignite out of range while channeling R, you might cancel your ult by accident.

A more team-oriented choice, Teleport grants you the most map presence. Though you miss the benefits of a stronger combo from Ignite, you gain the ability to provide your team with a global, 2.5 second suppress. Also, being the amazing pusher you are, you have the additional benefit of letting your Malefic Visions clear an entire wave while you tp where-ever you're needed.

I used to run this when I was still pre-30 and will say that it can definitely come in handy. The reason Ghost is viable on Malz is because it provides him with a more sustained form of chasing/escaping as opposed to flash. This can be useful because Malzahar needs only a single cast from Malefic Visions in order to secure a kill; on the flip-side, Ghost makes it much, much easier to kite and burn down enemies while escaping.

Its arguable that Malzahar might need a second defensive summoner spell given his lack of a spammable escape. I personally don't believe in using either on him because you lose a lot of offensive potential/utility from either Ignite or Teleport. Plus, if you have your CD's down, are under attack, and try burn either heal or barrier, you're more or less delaying your death because during that time you nothing to fight back or escape with.

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Skills & Abilities

After casting 3 abilities, the next ability you use will spawn an uncontrollable Voidling that attacks enemies and lasts until it's killed or 21 seconds after spawning. However, enemy units who are being auto-attacked by Malzahar, have Malefic Visions on them, or are being hit by Nether Grasp, will aggro Voidlings. Additionally, Voidlings grow in both size, resistance, and damage every 7 seconds they remain active.

Here's a general order that should help you better control this little guy and make him more useful to you: (most influential to least influential)

Nether Grasp > Malefic Visions > Malzahar's auto-attacks

Call of the Void is a long-ranged skill-shot that fires two bolts from opposite directions in a horizontal line respective to Malzahar. Enemies that are hit by either of the bolts take damage and are silenced for a brief duration.
  • As your only skill-shot in your repertoire, it's the only thing you really need to focus on regarding aim and prediction. However, it may be difficult to land at first.
  • Asides from your ultimate, this ability is the closest thing to a "defensive" skill you have due to its silence. Therefore, it is important that you land this whenever your opponents go on the offensive.
  • This skill can also be used to cancel channeling abilities much like your own.
    Ex. Infinite Duress, Requiem, Crowstorm, Idol of Durand, etc.)

Null Zone forms a circle on the ground that lasts for 2.5 seconds, dealing damage enemies who stand on it by a % of their maximum health every half-second.
  • This skill scales very well later into the game, and can melt away over half an enemies HP if stand in it for the entire duration.
  • This ability is zone-based but is also a damage-over-time, which can make it difficult to damage a moving enemy with. If an enemy is CC'd or is about to be, place this underneath them to maximize the damage.
  • Do not underestimate this ability!!! Even in the early levels, 15% - 20% of an opponents health gone is a decent chunk. If you're ever in a tight duel, don't hesitate to place this wherever your enemies will most often be at (ex. on top of you) and milk this ability as much as you can.

Malefic Visions is a lock-on ability that damages an enemy over time for 4 seconds. If the target dies before Malefic Visions runs out, it will bounce over to the closest nearby enemy and the duration will refresh.
  • Malzahar's infamous E goes by many names: Cancer, various STD's, purple sh**... People hate this ability because of the fact that a single cast can potentially wipe out entire minion waves as well as net multiple kills on an opposing team.
  • It is an auto-lock ability, meaning you can easily place thing on whatever you wish and just walk away while it does all the damage for you. As time goes on, this ability eventually allows you to AFK-farm minions while you dilly-dally somewhere else. In addition, it widens your offensive capabilities as well, giving you the option to Flash + Malefic Visions + Ignite a dying opponent to quickly and safely secure a kill.
  • Your early mana sustain will depend greatly on how well you utilize Malefic Visions. During the laning phase, casting this on a creep wave can restore plenty of many if kept active. There are some strategies to help you do this - I'll go into that later.

Malzahar remains in place while he projects a beam at an enemy champion that deals damage and suppresses them for 2.5 seconds.
  • The bane of assassins, hyper-carries, and solo Q'ers - Nether Grasp is the defining skill of Malzahar. It allows your Null Zone to deal the full duration of damage while your Malefic Visions and Ignite tick away at the same time; all while your victim does nothing.
  • Additionally, the catch-out potential about this ability is incredible, especially with Flash. This can help make plays that your teammates can easily follow up on.
  • The obvious con? You can't move either. This makes it risky when other enemy opponents are around to assist your target. Similar to your own silence, any sort of stuns, knock-ups/knock-backs, silences, or suppresses will cancel your ultimate - not to mention that while casting, you remain completely open to damage. Therefore, be wary of your surroundings and try to know your limitations before ult'ing someone.

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Skill Sequence

As always, put a point in your ultimate whenever you can. Malefic Visions will make up the brunt of your early game power, mana-sustain, and wave clearing - prioritize this second.

Your third and fourth abilities to be maxed will be a decision on your part.

Maxing Call of the Void:
- Better harass
- Better wave clearing
- Better utility/longer silence
- More burst

Maxixng Null Zone:
- Stronger ult combo
- More damage vs. high health targets ( Nasus, Rammus, Singed, etc.)

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Skill Rotation

( Arcane Blade =Auto-Attack)

Standard Farming Combo + Harassment Combo


Sustain Combo (On minion waves)


Kill Combo

.> >..>.

Fast Suppress


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Starting Items


Standard start for AP mids. The passive from Doran's Ring synergizes well with that of Malefic Visions if you can last hit well.


When against AD mids, opts for this start to bolster your defenses and help you stay in lane.


This can be a useful start when against skill-shot dependent champions such as Ziggs and Brand. If you're confident in your ability to dodge skill-shots and want a bit more aggression, you can swap out a Health Potion for one Mana Potion.

First Back

If you think your positioning alone can keep you safe for the most part, opt for this on your first back.
catalyst the protector
If you're against a tougher team or tougher opponents and need extra defensive stats, opt for this on your first back.

Main Build

Choose one or the other for your mana stustain item - rush Rod of Ages if your went catalyst the protector. If you went with Tear of the Goddess, finish another item first before building it into Archangel's Staff.

Magic pen and passive effect both have great synergy on your abilities, as you'll be dealing both flat and maximum health-based magic damage (asides from your minions, of course). Also provides some health to make you harder to kill. If you build Tear of the Goddess, complete Liandry's Torment next. Otherwise, build it after Rod of Ages and Sorcerer's Shoes.

Important for both damage and survivability. Upgrade from Boots of Speed as soon as you have one, fully completed item.

Core items that all boost your damage. Rabadon's Deathcap gives the most ability power and damage out of the three. Zhonya's Hourglass gives armor and an awesome active that temporarily makes you invulnerable. Void Staff helps shred magic resist when the enemy team starts building items to counter you.

These three items can be built in whichever order needed after completing the previous three items.

Alternate Items

If the enemy has a lot of healing abilities, this may be a good item to pick up. Replaces Liandry's Torment.

Useful if getting constantly dove by AP champions. Can replace Void Staff.

Has good AP, makes you tankier, and gives you the option of kiting with your abilities. Only two cons are that you get less slow for AoE and DoT abilities and that the slow is pointless during Nether Grasp. Replaces Liandry's Torment or Rabadon's Deathcap.

A late-game defensive item that makes you very hard to kill if you're well protected. Has no damage, however. Replaces Liandry's Torment or Void Staff.

Another late-game defensive item. Grants more protection against magic damage than Abyssal Mask, but has no AP. Replaces Liandry's Torment, Void Staff, or Zhonya's Hourglass.

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Early Game & Laning Phase

From the get-go, focus mostly on last hitting and avoiding harass. You can try hitting your opponent once or twice with Call of the Void, but make sure to keep your mana near full and your wave not pushed. Malazahar has decent range on his basic attacks, so if you can, get a few auto's onto your opponent when they walk up to CS.

At level 3, you should have two points in Malefic Visions. This is the time when you can begin using it to harass your opponent and push the wave.

While pushing the wave with Malefic Visions, make sure to auto-attack the afflicted minion so it dies while the DoT remains active. This ensures that Malefic Visions spreads to the next minion and continues to deal damage, push the wave, and restore your mana.

Harassing with Malefic Visions is similar to harassing with auto's, just with an ability added in. Wait for your opponent to move up for a last-hit, then move into range for your E. Malefic Visions outranges your autos by a tad bit, so you can add in an auto-attack after you cast E if you want to add extra damage to your harass.

While you rinse and repeat all the Malefic Visions pushing and harassing, be sure to maintain both awareness of the map and a safe distance towards your turret. Though Malz's forte is pushing, it serves as a double-edged sword because of his lack of an escape other than Flash.

Upon reaching level 5, unless your current circumstance prevents it, start to amp up the harassment in preparation for a kill with your soon-to-come ultimate, Nether Grasp. Once you have your ult, your ability to 1v1 and your kill potential skyrocket. If you still have flash, don't hesitate to flash into range for a kill combo if your opponent has around 60% hitpoints - this will result in either a kill or their flash, guaranteed.


With an auto-lock, 2.5 second suppress in tow, Malzahar also becomes one of the most effective gankers from the midlane. If you see a lane that needs help or is pushed in towards your side, push your own lane out first and then make your way either up or down. When you arrive, always remember to head in a bit behind your target to make sure they can't flash or dash out of range of your ultimate.

If you gank bot-lane, always take note of both the enemy ADC's and support's abilities since at least one of them will be free to move while you suppress the other. If they have a hard-CC that can stop you from channeling your ult, don't use it right off the bat. Use Call of the Void and Malefic Visions first to wittle them down along with your allies' damage - this combination of damage should provoke them to blow their CC, where afterwards you can then safely lock one of them down. If only one of them has a hard CC, it may be easier to just lock down that person from the start, instead.

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Mid & Late Game

Stay behind your tanks and pay attention to the map when moving around, as you're still relatively immobile and are easy to pick off. When fighting, always try to get your full combo off on either the bruiser, the ADC, or the AP carry. Before you ult, however, you need to keep track of the other members of the enemy team, as they can capitalize on your brief standstill and kill you if you're within their reach. If anyone on the enemy team overextends or tries to initiate by themselves, blow your full combo and punish them for it - your ult will give more than enough time for your team to follow up, and one ultimate blown will always be worth it if it means making it a 5 v 4.

If your ADC is being dove, combo and ult the one doing the most damage to them - your ADC's life is essentially your team's life, so don't let them die for nothing.

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Thanks for reading my guide on spreading space-AIDS throughout solo que and beyond!

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