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Talon Build Guide by SquirrelMaster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SquirrelMaster

Talon - I Heard You Like Blades

SquirrelMaster Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Hi Everyone,
Squirrel Master here. I decided to try out making a guide. I am by no means pro and this may not be the best guide you will ever see. But this is the way i like to play with Talon and i thought i would share and see if anyone feels the same. Please keep the flaming and trolling to a minimum. If I'm bad... just let me be bad lol.

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- High damage
- low cooldowns
- Great at ganking
- Cutthroat (yay silence blink)

- Squishy. Emphasis on Squish
- High damage is mainly on only one target
- Item Dependent. just like any champ, if you are money/xp starved you lose

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I'm no expert on Runes. So my choices were pretty simple.

Greater Mark of DesolationX9
Most melee champions (especially assassins) benefit greatly from piercing armor. So grabbing these was a no brainer for me

Greater Seal of ArmorX9
One of Talon's drawbacks is that he is very squishy. These runes help a bit with that especially early game.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown ReductionX9
Talon's real utility and damage comes from his abilities. Lowering their cooldown just makes him more deadly.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationX3
More armor pen. See mark explanation

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Summoner Spells

Any combination of these 4 usually works for me. It depends on how i am feeling that game really.
Flash is great for those quick get a ways or catching up. For Talon think of it as a second blink.

I pick this one the most. Sure Rake has a slow effect but it tends to run out kinda quick. Letting a target get away with 1 health is so annoying and happens a bit with Talon.

This spell is great especially if you can teleport so invisible objects such as Noxious Trap or wards. This can set up a nice gank if the enemy is not paying attention. Otherwise it is a good utility tool to leave, health, buy, and be back before your enemy can push.

This kind of goes along the topic of letting a target get away with 1 health. This helps prevent that. Doesn't help very much late game though

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Not much to go over here. I use 21/0/9 to maximize damage with a little utility. Its pretty basic.

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This deserves some explanation. Some of you are probably saying "Squirrel, why so many Doran's? are you teh noobz?". The answer is simple. Yes. But as far as Talon's early game survivability, i tend to favor going for 3 of these before buy my other core items. +300 health adds so much survivability and +30 damage with 9% lifesteal is great in the early game. If you think 3 is a little over the top, i recommend at least 2.

Choosing your boots is a matter of play style. I tend to go for Ionian's because of the cooldown reduction. However, if you are finding yourself getting cc *****d or bursted down with magic, you can take Mercury. If you are the roaming type and prefer speed Boots of Swiftness are a nice fit as well. These are the only 3 i would recommend for Talon.

Here is another toss up that is more play style than utility (cause they are both good). I again go for the cooldown reduction of Brutalizer. The added armor pen and damage help also. But i found sheen to be fun to, adding more damage with Noxian Diplomacy. Usually after Cutthroat which adds damage as well. I would say that sheen is better for ganking but Brutalizer adds more utility

This will be your first big purchase. And boy is it one. Your damage output will skyrocket when you get this guy. Survivability will increase as well with the added lifesteal.

We are starting to get into expensive territory. If you aren't gaining money enough to get Warmog's quickly, i suggest grabbing giants belt and moving to the next item (coming back to finish Warmog's later) However, at this point in the game i like to start thinking about survivability. Ganking someone alone is fine but there are going to be situations where you want to gank someone 2 v 1 or more (if you choose wisely). Warmog's is great for Talon to keep you alive for those team fight moments with a floater in the back feeding on everyone elses kills.

You guessed it. No Warmog's is complete without this item. Feeding off the need for survivability, this item's passive changes overall health to attack damage. along with Crit and armor its a perfect compliment to Warmog's

The last item is situational. Trinity Force and Infinity Edge are for overall damage output. Madred's is if the other team is stacking health. Force of Nature is for those high AP champs. Last Whisper and Black Clever are for those armor stackers. Youmuu's to add some extra buffs instead of sticking with Brutalizer. You can pick these in any order that suites you and the game.

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Item Shuffle

After Doran's Blades and Boots, You are free to take my suggestions in any order that fits your playstyle or the games progress. If you find yourself dying or being at low health consistently you might want to try looking into health items earlier. But i guess that goes without saying.

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Ability Play

So you will be using Rake about 90% of the time. Its damage and slow are very good early game and throughout. Rakes animation actually hits farther than the selection cone. So use it to maximize your distance from those pesky ranged Champs.

One thing i have learned with Rake is the act of leading. Rake still does damage and slow to anyone walking into it as the animation follows through. This is very handy for get aways. you can throw your Rake behind you are pure air and your enemy chasing you will walk into it. Thus slowing them and making you fight another day.

Ganking / Killing
When ganking or even just grabbing those killing blows its best to lead with Cutthroat. What more can i say than blinking to the target and causing them to WTF spam their abilities in every direction hoping they hit you (Thats only happened once but you get the picture). Follow with auto attack+ Noxian Diplomacy. Noxian Diplomacy resets your attack timer, so using auto attack first gives you that extra damage. Follow with Rake. Be careful when casting Rake when you are in melee range of a champ that isn't moving. Its easy to miss. Most of the time people will run. But sometimes they don't. If you have to, you can take a step in a different direction to get a better angle for your Rake. After that Shadow Assault. Try to get in front of your target while stealthed so when the blades return they will hit again. Repeat as necessary.

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Choosing your Battles

Keep in mind that even with items, Talon is easily focussed and is squishy. So be patient when attempting to kill someone in a team fight.

something else to keep in mind is that due to Cutthroats high cooldown, you usually only have cooldowns for one full kill (2 if you have flash). Sorry but you aren't the type of champ to penta kill consistently. That doesn't mean it won't happen. Just don't get your hopes up to high on it.

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Laning Partners

As a primarily melee champ, i usually try to lane with someone who is ranged or has a ranged cc ability of some sort. The best champ i have laned with so far, believe it or not, is Cho Gath. His spike ability is great in conjunction with Talons abilities and can lead to some early kills. However, any one with a ranged cc or high damage range is good to lane with as Talon.

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Talon is a great champ with nice balance and burst potential. When played correctly people QQ on you. And that how we like it. Thanks for reading. Please vote. I am open to constructive criticism. I always like to hear feedback.