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Talon Build Guide by Murigen

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Murigen

Talon - Tanky Elite - High burst but high survival!?

Murigen Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Well at first sight it looks like the usual Warmog's Armor+ Atma's Impaler build.

In truth, this build still focuses on scaling AD while following the usual flow of getting more survivability as the game goes into the late stage.

That's the point of AD scaling champions and builds imo. Thanks to Atma's Impaler, only they can build for survivability + AD together, and in my opinion every melee AD champ needs survivability.

Talon is no exclusion for me, i found that he's got an awesome aoe burst and escape with Rake and Shadow Assault.
This perk combined with a steady Atmog build made Talon sky-rocket into the top ranking among my owned champs :) :)

Once i managed to end a game closing all slots and it had 300+AD (imagine with baron) and 4+k HP with a 110+ish mres and ar. It was able to deal its burst on a squishy and survive a full focus fire (thanks to Shadow Assault ofc).

Other more squishy builds just blow up from a single burst from the enemy AP mage heh..

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Pros / Cons

Let's talk about unique Talon pro/cons:


  • High burst - As any assassin champ out there, Talon is awesome at this as well. Also, with the Infinity Edge and Atma's Impaler of this build, you are going to do some crazy crits when bursting cutthroat+ Noxian Diplomacy
  • Wonderful AD/dmg scaling - % scaling on E grants that Talon's damage still goes up as he hits 18, in a subtle way. This build enfatizes the scaling for late game while still being very aggressive in the early stage.
  • AoE dmg Juke - Shadow Assault. No other explanation needed.
  • Impressive AoE - This pretty much is what made me love Talon over other famous sins such as Akali and Poppy. Rake and Shadow Assault together provide a high amount of AoE damage, especially when you are doing your job and you pop in their cluster doing Talon's powerful full combo on the squishy.

  • Squishy - But NOT in this build ahahaha
  • Depends on burst combos - While it also is a trademark, not being able to do much after the full combo is done may become a drawback in pro-longed fights. Noxian Diplomacy's low CD plus the high crit from the build's Infinity Edge+ Atma's Impaler (not to talk about Warmog's Armor bonus health) grant some carrying power, but i absolutely don't recommend to stay there and auto attack :D
  • Passive - The passive, mercy, is a bit meh with my Talon play-style, but it comes in handy after all

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The item build is all what makes this guide work. I tailored it exclusively to fit into this concept: build AD then survivability.

For this reason, it all is followed in a (almost) strict sequence.
Unfortunately there is no "situational" items, simply we are going to build up AD while keeping up with the game stage need for survival.

The build flow:

Why Doran's Shield and not Doran's Blade??
One word: sustain. Doran's Shield gives you good armor and health regen. Doran's Blade basically only gives you 10AD, the HP is 20 less than the shield and, imo, the 3% life-steal at lv1 (do your math) can't be compared to a steady passive 8hp/5sec.
Btw, Doran's Shield best utility is that actually the added armor+hp+regen helps a lot when harassing the enemy and minions instantly turn on you

First we build The Brutalizer and Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Brutalizer takes precedence over Ionian Boots (but get Boots of Speed first), because we really want the AD, armor pen and CDR.
These items are enough for the early stage.
Notice that early stage is aggressive and builds up AD/CDR.

Then we get our core AD item: Infinity Edge. Ive chosen this one over other options (such as The Black Cleaver, Trinity Force etc) because my Talon play-style focuses on bursting abilities, and i've chosen this one mainly due to the higher AD provided (then i've realized that the bonus crit and passive are awesome ahaha).
Notice again that we are still building for massive AD prowess, and by the time you get the item, we have transitioned into mid-game.

After this, we get some bonus HP with Giant's Belt and rush into Atma's Impaler.

Why Giant's Belt before Atma's Impaler?
We get the Giant's Belt in preparation of Atma's Impaler. To me, those two items come together in this sequence so you get a chunk of HP and then AD.
It is very important that we get Atma's Impaler A.S.A.P. so much that i skip the Negatron Cloak until very late. This is because we can not get behind in the AD race: Atma's Impaler is the item that will give us our late-game AD scaling.

Once we have built the above-mentioned stuff, it's time to build up more health to scale up with our AD, so we upgrade the Giant's Belt into Warmog's Armor.
Again, i'm delaying the Negatron Cloak (sell the Doran's Shield or buy a 7th item slot lols), but here is the only situational part of the guide: get a Negatron Cloak before Warmog's Armor only if you're dieing vs astounding AP bursts/champs.

How can the Negatron Cloak be so much delayed?
The real answer is that, if you did your job right, their AP should have collected 5-10 deaths through early and especially mid game, most of which should come from you, so their AP is going to be very weak, and you are going to take it out very fast anyway.
Their AP is going to be your top priority in early-mid game, while late game priority is going to be their AD carry, there your Atma's Impaler will provide that bit of armor needed, while Exhaust will shut them down.
Also, considering that you have Atma's Impaler by then, selling Doran's Shield for a Negatron Cloak still makes you lose that bit of everything, HP/armor/AD/regen.

The core is done:

Do what you want with the Negatron Cloak (which can build into Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil) and the 6th slot. The Brutalizer can be turned into Youmuu's Ghostblade turning you into a part-time AD carry :D, or you can sell it to have consumables or another item such as Frozen Mallet.

Once the core is done, it doesnt matter anyway, it's unlikely that you will get past Negatron Cloak and by then you will be a powerhouse with 3.6k-ish HP, 100ish Armor/Mres and 275ish AD which is more than enough to wreak havoc on squishies while still being able to endure the whole fight.


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Summoner Spells

Spells explanation:
Talon's Shadow Assault provides a nice stealth together with a move speed bonus on a low cool-down.
I found that this is enough to let me skip Flash or Ghost and go all-out offensive with Exhaust and Ignite.

Exhaust is mainly used to shut down those pesky AD carries, such as Caitlyn Miss Fortune Ashe Tristana and especially to win you those tough fights against peeps like Master Yi and Tryndamere, or survive them at least :D
This one is also used to grant that they won't escape during the early stages.

TIP: When fighting against any champion, Exhaust sometimes is just there to scare them off. In the psychological warfare, an exhaust may make them break-off and start disengaging, giving you the great advantage of the chase (or giving you the chance to run away if you're suspecting enemy reinforcements are arriving).

With the current champion/item roster, self-healing is more common than one may notice.

Ignite is there mainly to cut off a big chunk of their regen.
It really screws the game-play of champions like Dr. Mundo Warwick Vladimir Swain etc but with luck it can also waste half of Soraka Nidalee Sona Kayle (etc) heals.

Do not forget to check for other champions which may have items such as The Bloodthirster Zeke's Harbinger Hextech Gunblade Hextech Revolver Will of the Ancients.
The builds which use those items usually rely on sacrifying higher dmg items or tanky items, being squishier or less damaging but self-sustaining through damage: if you halven their heal, they are put in a real disadvantage.

As you can see, there are many ways to self-heal in the game.
The second use of Ignite is to obviously make some low-health enemy die in a fire *evil laugh*

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Skill usage

The Skill Order

Rake is maxed first because it is AoE and it slows down enemies. The damage is also good and the sum of it all makes sense for it to be the priority.
Also, Rake (especially the slow part of it) is your best skill in team-fights: together with Shadow Assault you will do your slow and a good amount of AoE.

Noxian Diplomacy is your second skill to be maxed out, this pretty much is your burst skill.
Some quick notes:

  • This skill resets your auto-attack cool-down, so try to use it right after your first auto-attack to deal much more damage (ex. cutthroat -> Auto-attack -> Noxian Diplomacy)
  • Remember: you need to succesfully land an auto-attack to apply Noxian Diplomacy. It sounds obvious, but by now i personally missed quite a few shots because i clicked too fast and it actually didn't do the noxian auto-attack, so always keep your focus when bursting fast :)
  • This skill works on towers. It somehow helps when downing a tower, so spam it on towers

Cutthroat will have a point at level 4, then it will get some love in the last levels.
Its main usage early game is obviously the stop-gap: when cutthroat is up, Talon's range simply amplifies by a lot.
Do not forget the Silence debuff. You mostly won't notice this detail, but never forget how annyoing it is when you get silenced :D :D
The % bonus damage will help a lot at late-game, when your AD isnt growing that fast. Your damage, however will still grow up thanks to cutthroat and you won't notice it really (damage will increase just on your main target btw).