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Singed Build Guide by WorldWarWinner

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WorldWarWinner

Tank+AP Singed

WorldWarWinner Last updated on August 21, 2011
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Singed. Many people build him pure AP and I cannot blame them for doing it. But still... he remains a tank. This guide will show how to assist your team with killing tons and tons of enemies.

I will also include the guide for the mainly AP build. I have already placed the items for it. Don't see the two Singeds up her as two different builds. It is just a path to choose from. I included the dodge build.

This is the last game I played:

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Well, there are different directions to go with runes. The one I placed on the top uses Life/Level Seals: The most important thing for a tank is obviously health.
Magic Resist/Level Glyphs: Magic resist is very useful, because every champion has at least 1 ability doing magic damage.
Life/Level Marks(?): You might be thinking: WHAT? But it is just the way I would go. Because it stays a tank, I rather take these then Magic Penetration or Abilty Power
Movement speed Quintessences: For my way of playing, this are the most useful Quints.

The other path:
Dodge Seals and Quints, because of the Nimbleness mastery.

I won't take
Mana/Level Glyphs, because of his passive, Empowered Bulwark
Why not? Only 1/4 of your mana counts as health. You would get 230.04 mana at level 18, making only 57.51 health.

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As you can see, I have not mastered a tree, but I can not command to do what you like. Try to make it suit for your own playstyle!

Offensive tree

Defensive tree

I max Hardiness and Hardened Skin, to gain more defense against normal attacks and minions. I only put 1 point in Resistance , cause the runes are also giving me some Magic Resist. Of course Willpower is important when taking Cleanse. I go for Strength of Spirit so the passive won't only give more Health, but also give more Health regen. I know this boost is not doing much, but hey, without this you have a chance of being dead when you would have a bit of luck normally. When I started this build, I thought it could be useful to take the dodge mastery. But now, I prefer not to take it, cause it has only 2% dodge chance. However, if you do take the mastery, also go for the dodge runes.

The other path:
The dodge mastery ( Evasion ) is only useful when dealing with champions in minion waves. Nimbleness will make you go faster when dodging and speed is not to underestimate. If you take this, also take dodge runes.

Utility Tree
I go for Quickness , because again, for my playstyle, I absolutely love it. I also take Haste , because Ghost is the most important spell for Singed. I go for Expanded Mind , because of the mana bonus it gives for making Empowered Bulwark better. Standard, my choices are aslo Greed and Awareness because gold is the most important thing in the game, such as fast leveling.

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Now, the part you can argue A LOT about. I will just show my build.

The Tank>AP Path

I start with Boots of Speed, because you want to be as fast as possible in the beginning of the game. With the money I have left, I usually buy 1 Health Potion and 2 Mana Potions. I keep buying Mana Potions all the game long, cause you will rapidly run out of mana.
Then, for some an unusual item for singed: Tear of the Goddess. I take this item because of the mana and the later possibility to upgrade it to Archangels Staff.
After this, I take the most important item for this build, that will allow you to laugh at your enemies when they see they are tricked: Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This item gives a decent portion of Health and Ability Power and ofcourse, the most important: Slow. When your enemies start following you into your Poison Trail, they will get slowed. Also your fling will slow, what makes it very hard for the enemy to escape your team.
Banshee's Veil will help you against Crowd Control and takes the place of Rod of Ages in my build. It gives a good bonus to health and mana, what will give an even better bonus to health.
The next item will be Force of Nature, which will help you to get even faster to the enemy when they are running. It also gives a good Magic Resist and lovely Health Regeneration.
However this is generally a Tank build, I like to take Archangels Staff for Singed, just as I like to take Atma's Impaler for Dr. Mundo. It will give you decent Ability Power, so your mana will boost your Health, your Health regen and your Ability Power.
As last item, I prefer Randuin's Omen, slowing your enemies and giving Health, Health regen and Armor. Also possible is Frozen Heart, giving a nice amount of armor and extra mana, wich will boost your Health, Health Regen and Ability Power again.

Rod of Ages is also recommended, but I don't play with it.

The AP>Tank path
Because Deathalo44 was so kind to comment on my guide, I made the AP path for him as well.
Start with the Boots of Swiftness like I did in the other build.
Then, take Rod of Ages, because of the huge health and mana (resulting in even more health) bonus for Singed.
After this, go for the Tear of the Goddess for mana, lovely, mana.
Then, the most important item of this build: Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Now, Archangels Staff for lovely Ability Power and health.
The next items are free to choose from, but I recommend Zhonya's Hourglass and Rabadon's Deathcap for Ability Power and armor.

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Skill Sequence

Here I will discuss the skill order. The way to use them is in the 'How To' section.

I start with Poison Trail, allowing me to easily farm minions and already deal damage to aggressive players. I max this as soon as possible, to deal nice damage.
The next skill will be Fling, not only useful for damaging, but mainly for throwing careless enemies into your team/turret.
Mega Adhesive is extremely useful for assisting your team (and yourself of course) when running or chasing. Still, I max this last, because it has a strong slow already when giving it only 1 point.
Insanity Potion is very useful for any type of battle, cause it gives you a lot of buffs (35/50/65 Ability Power, Armor, Magic Resist, Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, Mana Regeneration and Crowd Control Reductions by 10/20/30% for 25 seconds). Note: I just copied the buffs from the LoL page because it was a little too much to remember.

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Summoner Spells

I like to go for Cleanse and Ghost, helping you to chase and 'escape' easily.

Also Possible:
Ignite is fun with every damage over time spell and will make a BBQ of that annoying Tryndamere or Master Yi with lifesteal
Fortify is usefull for every champion, especially assists and tanks
Teleport (on 5v5) usefull for fast defending turrets.
Exhaust will slow the enemy terribly, so you can Fling him, etc.

Not recommended:
Clairvoyance, because you won't have any profit using it, except for scouting brush.
Heal, because I hate the spell.
Clarity is useful, but other spells are better.
Flash, because movement speed is much more important.

I beg you not to take:
Smite: Why would you ever take it if you are not jungling?
Rally: errmm.. no.
Revive: Oh, please?! You are not supposed to die!

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How to

Beginning of the game:
In 3v3, I try to go up, to farm as many minions as possible. Still watch out for ranged champions cause it will be hard to counter them. When playing for example against a Jax or Trynda, just pretend that you are scared and run away with a deadly cloud of poison behind you. 1/3 times they will chase you (if they are good players). The running is why I like to start with the boots. Also, you can wait with Flinging your enemies till they are near your turret.

Mid- and Late-game
As soon as you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter, start playing more offensively. Slow your enemies with Mega Adhesive, Fling them and poison the with Poison Trail. This should be your standard skill combination. You can also wait for the enemies to attack you if they are playing aggressively too. Don't botter buying Mana Potions, you will need them very much.

Singed is a real pro for teamfights. Don't be a chicken and take the front line. Pick the dangerous enemies out with Fling and let them stage dive into your team. Put Potion Trail on all the time during team battles. You will fling them in it and walk around a lot, not noticing the enemies walking into your trail. Slow the enemies when fighting, so escaping will be harder for them and easier for you.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Don't just run away from the enemy. No, make sure they follow you by standing still sometimes and let them come closer. The enemy won't notice you are standing still, because they want to see you, a Singed with only half his health, running from them. They will think they can easily get you. But then, they will suddenly turn around and run, because they stopped looking at you and finally noticed their Health bar is at a dangerous low level. Just slow them with Mega Adhesive and Fling them over your shoulder. Then, the chasing can begin...

Chasing with singed: Don't follow your enemy
That's right, do not follow your enemy. As soon as you have Flinged them over your shoulder, keep running in front of them with Poison Trail on. That way, they will be slowed by Rylai's Crystal Scepter, making you way faster then them. But just stay right before them, so you are actually standing against them, making escaping impossible. If you see him heading for the brush in a helpless try to escape, throw Mega Adhesive and run in front of them again. This will look weird, but deal a lot of damage.