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Rammus Build Guide by KageSakk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KageSakk

Tank/Duelist Rammus - He didn't even attack me!

KageSakk Last updated on May 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"He didn't even attack me! I ganked him, landed a few AD hits, and I died! Rammus is OP!"
- Fiora, The Grand Duelist

Rammus is a Tank/Support/Fighter hybrid. Even a 5-player gank won't easily kill him. Can save more people in a single match than the number of kills you have gotten as a fed, AD Master Yi. All of the ADCs run in terror, as you are literally indestructible to them. His heavy armor and health, combined with his efficient abilities with low mana cost and quick cooldown, and a passive that raises your attack damage without having any AD items, players will tell their therapists the gruesome day they crossed this unstoppable machine.

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Pros / Cons

- Super-Tank
- Very strong mid-game
- Even stronger late-game if fed
(about the same strength otherwise)
- Abilities have short cooldowns
- The Ultimate ADC counter
- Excellent at chasing/escaping
- You can never have too much armor
- Can easily save people
- Wins most 1v1s, even if not fed
- Barely played, so not much people know what he is capable of
- Easy to catch on to if you are experienced

- Weak early-game
- Can feed easily if not careful
- Armor often overestimated in the beginning
- Can be counter-able via AP Nuking
- A little less powerful against ranged
- Useless early-game if mana is low
- Not that good at farming
- Quick Reflexes and a lot of ability-using is required
(NOT Recommended for beginner players)

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Rammus's Abilities - Tips, tricks, and strategies

(Passive) Spiked Armor: 25% of Rammus's Armor points are converted into Attack Damage.

This is a very strong passive, as it gives Rammus a lot of Offense with his Defense. Throughout the game, you should start to see your Attack Damage go up reasonably high when you stack up on armor.

(Q) Powerball: Rammus spins like a ball, dramatically increasing his speed as he rolls across the field faster and faster. Rammus stops spinning when the abilities runs out or he lands into an enemy unit, which does damage and slows the unit.

Powerball is your primary source of speed and transport. It can be used to quickly get across the map in little time. Since its speed over time exceeds most other champion's way of transport, Powerball makes it very easy to chase running champions, escape/dodge powerful attacks, and gank people from behind. The only problem is that it will stop when colliding with ANY unit, making it difficult to chase enemy champions when minions will often get in the way.

(W) Defensive Ball Curl: Rammus will make a defensive stance, increasing his armor and magic resist, as well as damaging players that deal any damage to him.

Use this ability in the very beginning of the game when you check to see if there are any champions hiding in the bushes. It can also be used when you are minion farming and you feel like the enemy will attack you (this is a good tactic against long-range players like Ziggs and Caitlyn). Later in the game, using DBC with Thornmail and Frozen Heart, any player's basic attack they land on you will deal more damage to them than they do to you.

(E) Puncturing Taunt: The enemy unit targeted with this ability will be taunted to attack you for a few seconds, decreasing their armor while doing this.

This is a very important ability, as you could save a player's life easily by turning the damage onto you. You can also use it when you are ganking from behind, Powerball into them and taunt them so they can't escape. This becomes very overpowered when the enemy champion is attacking a turret. The decrease in armor makes it so they can be easily wiped out when allies are helping. You attacking them, their decreased armor, allies attacking them as well, no chance to escape, combined with DBC, and they will literally start to panic.

(R) Tremor: Earthquakes around Rammus will start to occur, dealing a lot of damage enemies in the area over time.

Once you get this ability, you should be able to easily gank and 1v1 most champions. The best way to use this ability is to simply use it when using all of your other abilities. You know you are OP when you have the extra damage of your passive, slowness and chasing of Powerball, Damage returned to them with DBC combined with thornmail, taunted so they can't make a move, decreased armor with taunt, and the big damage from tremor all on them at once. Just don't be afraid to overuse tremor, it has a quick cooldown.

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The recommended spells:
Heal: Rammus does not have any abilities that apply healing effects, so Heal is a great spell that will help you and your team, even in dire situations.
Exhaust: Using exhaust is a good extra way to simply slow down your enemies. I have found it to be very convenient when low on mana, and/or your team is chasing a fast player (Master Yi, Teemo, etc)

Spells that would also work:
Flash: On the rare occasion that you will be chased, usually early game, flash is a good way to get yourself out of trouble when you are low on mana. It can also be used offensively, chasing to kill a champion past behind a turret and flashing back to minimize turret damage.
Ignite: Ignite is a convenient spell just like exhaust, use it to last-shot escaping enemies when you are low on mana.
Smite: Smite is always a must-have when you are jungling.
Teleport: If you are low on mana, or Powerball isn't fast enough to quickly save your ally from the other side of the map, teleport can help you with that.

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Key Items & Other Alternate Items

Thornmail: Thornmail is probably one of the most essential items you want on Rammus. The 100 Armor boost will give Rammus that Rock-hard tank-yness, as well as the 25 attack damage with Rammus's passive. The part that's even better though is Thornmail's Passive, which deals 30% of the damage from basic attacks that you receive back to the source of the damage (works on any unit). The best part about that is that the armor that Rammus has does not effect the amount of damage done back to the unit. If you had Ashe dealing 100 damage to you, the thornmail would do 30 back to her before armor reduced the 100 damage done to you.

Frozen Heart: The 95 Armor boost helps Rammus the same way Thornmail does. The Passive of Frozen Heart slows down the attack speed of nearby enemy champions by 20%. This is useful when taunting, as you won't take as much damage as fast, but not something to use when using Offensive Rammus, as you actually want them to attack faster so they take more damage from Thornmail and DBC.

Runic Bulwark: No matter the style of playing you use with Rammus, the Runic Bulwark is a remarkable item that increases both your armor and magic resist, as well as increasing the defense of nearby allies. This item is great in team battles, as the extra defense comes in great use.

Grez's Spectral Lanturn: This is an alternative item for junglers. If you plan to jungle and keep jungling throughout the game, this is a strong jungling item that is both beneficial for jungling and fighting. The Lifesteal from the spectral lantern helps both healing on the battlefield and remaining full health in the jungle.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem: Another alternate jungling item. Use if you want a jungling item less beneficial for jungling, but more beneficial for fighting. And with the Tenacity Passive, getting Mercury Treads isn't as necessary, so get the Ninja Tabi.

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How to play Rammus

Beginning of the game:
Start by buying the Doran's Shield. Rammus is best bottom lane, preferably with any ranged, ADC or squishy AP champion.

Level 1-3:
What you are going to do is farm. That's pretty much it. Use DBC whenever you feel you will be attacked or ganked. If you're bottom ally foolishly tries to kill the enemy champion during this time, and is doing surprisingly well, you may help them out, but otherwise play in a defensive manner.

Level 4-5:
Keep doing what you are normally doing, except you will be playing a little more aggressive. If there is an enemy champion with low health, go for them, just don't chase them carelessly. Something to consider is to gank the mid enemy once in a while when they are vulnerable, just make sure your bottom ally can handle solo-ing bottom for a bit.

Level 6
Once you get Tremor, this marks the part where you can 1v1 people. If you see a single champion pushing too far, go gank them. Since Puncturing Taunt isn't fully ranked yet, they might often be able to escape.

Level 7-11
This is the part where you want to decide whether or not to play normally, defensively, or offensively. Play normally if you have been doing really well with helping your bottom ally get kills and saving people. If somehow you get the kill each time, and you go on like that to kill players on your own, play with the Offensive build. If you have not been doing well, you can still help your team with the Defensive Build. AP Resist Build is if the enemy team has a lot of ability power, and is the reason you are dying a lot.

From here on you know what build to use, and by now team battles will start to happen. Rammus can be a lot of help in team fights, target the enemy MVP and tell the team to go for that champion first. Tremor can really help also by attacking all of the enemy champions at once in team battles. Just watch out for the APs.

How to kill with Rammus:
1. Powerball into the target.
2. Use Puncturing Taunt on them.
3. Activate DBC and tremor both while you are taunting them. This will put a lot of damage on them and little on you.
4. They will most likely run away. Use Powerball again to chase them, and then use Puncturing Taunt to trap them and finish them off.

How to jungle with Rammus:
The way to jungle with Rammus is up to you. Personally, I don't jungle much at all because I'm really bad at it, which is why I'm not giving step-by-step instructions.