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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by bobthebigandbad

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bobthebigandbad

Tank Mundo

bobthebigandbad Last updated on November 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a build for a tank Mundo. The first build is full tank, the second is off-tank or maybe still full-tank, but just not as full-tankish... something like that. The goal of this build is to be able to charge in to enemy teams, throw cleavers, run around, and hit people, all without having to worry about your dying. Dr. Mundo is considered to be an underpowered champion right now, but I would argue that he is a very viable pick. He is excellent at the top lane and is a very sturdy champion with good damage throughout the game.

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21 in defense for better tanking.

9 in offense for improved exhaust and the CDR.

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Marks - Get magic penetration for stronger cleavers. Otherwise, you could get armor penetration if you plan on getting some AD items and dealing some damage.

Glyphs - Get magic resistance/level, so you're tankier against mages in mid-late game.

Seals - Get armor for a tankier laning phase.

Quints - Health for a tankier laning phase.

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This is good for chasing people down and decreasing an enemy carry's damage output in a team fight.

This will make you a better chaser, faster initiator, and the extra movement speed makes it easier to get good angles for cleavers.

Other viable spells-

- This is good for faster initiating and escaping when you need it.

- This will give you some extra damage in team fights and the regeneration decrease is really good too.

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Starting Items

The health from Doran's Shield helps your passive heal you faster. The extra health regeneration can also allow you to heal fast enough, without needing any health potions.

Other viable starts-

+ 3

This is another good start for Mundo. The extra movement speed makes it a lot easier to get in position for throwing cleavers. The health potions also do a great job keeping your health up.

The extra health from this is good for your passive and builds into a Spirit Visage. Other than that, it pretty much sucks though. You won't always have enough sustenance to hold top very long and may have to go back earlier than you'd like.

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First Shop


Dr. Mundo can farm very well and is very sturdy in the laning phase, so you typically should be able to afford a Spirit Visage and Boots of Speed, by the time you go back. If it isn't going as well, you may just get the Spirit Visage. On the other hand, if it's going very well, you might get Boots of Lucidity right away.

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Boots of Lucidity

I like getting CDR boots on Mundo. The whole reason for this is just for more cleavers. More ults also helps quite a bit for the laning phase.

Other viable boots -

Get these if you're having difficulty with the other team's AD. These go pretty well with your Nimbleness mastery.

You can get these if the other team's CC is keeping you from being able to tank properly. They are especially good against annoying stuns.

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Core Build

Spirit Visage is a great item on Mundo. It gives you some CDR for more cleavers, health and magic resistance so you're tankier, and then its healing increase affects both your passive and ultimate.

This gives you lots of health, which boosts your passive. The extra health regeneration also allows you to heal back your health very quickly.

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The First Build - Full Tank


Get some resistances to make you tankier in team fights. The Warden's Mail also gives you some more health regeneration and a great passive.


Build the Negatron Cloak and Warden's Mail into these. The Force of Nature's passive goes very well with your high amount of health and gives you tons of health regeneration. The Randuin's Omen also has some health regeneration and then a great passive and active.

This gives you some extra health and ability power for your W. The main reason for getting this is that it makes your slow on each cleaver much stronger. Instead of having a 40% slow, you have a 75% slow.

Once you have your build completed, you can sell the Spirit Visage and buy this. Spirit Visage doesn't really do all that much for you late game, so I usually sell it after finishing my build. Youmuu's is great for extra attack speed and movement speed. It also gives some damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction. Stark's Fervor or Phantom Dancer are other great items you could get instead for attack speed, the main reason I prefer Youmuu's is for the cooldown reduction. You could also get a Shurelya's Reverie instead of this, but it doesn't give you any attack speed and you shouldn't need any more health or regeneration.

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The Second Build - Off-Tank (whatever)

You can get this before, during, or after the Atma's. It just depends on when you need the magic resistance.

Once the build is completed, this will give you 86 attack damage. Along with the critical strike chance and armor, this is a very strong item. I don't get this of the full tank build, just because it's more of a damage item than a tank item.

Health regeneration, magic resistance.

Get this for some extra armor and the passive goes great with Burning Agony. The amount of damage its passive adds is equivalent to getting 175 ability power (the scaling could probably use a buff...). So, don't ever bother getting AP on Mundo; get a Sunfire.

Same as above. Just for extra damage really and a very good well-rounded AD item.

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Other Viable Items

If the other team is effectively countering you with Ignite, you can get a Quicksilver. This will cancel the Ignite and allow your health to begin regenerating normally again.

If the other team's AD is being a serious problem, you can counter them with a Thornmail. This is especially good, since you have a high amount of health with this build. If an attack damage champion brings you from full health to kill you, this will return about 1650 health to them.

This is an option to get instead of a Youmuu's Ghostblade. This gives you about the same movement speed and attack speed, but isn't temporary. Its drawback is that it doesn't give you the attack damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction.

This is another option to get instead of a Youmuu's. This lacks additional movement speed and doesn't provide any cooldown reduction, so I don't usually get it. The only time it's really good is if your team's attack damage carries need some extra life steal.

This is the last option you could choose instead of getting a Youmuu's. It gives you extra health, health regeneration, cooldown reduction, and a great temporary speed boost. I prefer Youmuu's though, the attack speed helps a lot on Mundo.

You can choose to get this for the extra health and an on-hit slow. Combined with your Youmuu's (for attack speed and movement speed), this can be great for chasing people better.

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Tell Riot to buff Mundo.