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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImJohnson

Tanking/Solo Top. What it is, and how to do it.

ImJohnson Last updated on August 15, 2012
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Hello everyone! This is my first and probably only guide.

Now in every game, there will be people who will want to be AD carries and AP mid, but there aren't very many tanks or people who want to solo top out there that I have been noticing. I may be wrong maybe tanks/solo top summoners just don't like me and they avoid me in queue. Anyways, this guide is more for beginners or people who want more information on tanking/solo top. I know that this guide doesn't have EVERY tanky/solo top champion in the game and that this guide may seem stupid and not worth reading to some of you, but try it out, you never know. So, this is just an intro. Scroll down and continue reading, or just look at the builds.

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If I were some random guy looking at this guide and the builds, I would think to myself, "What kind of build is this? Who would get 3 Warmog's Armor ?" Now I know that might sound crazy to some of you, but it really helps throughout the game. When I play as a tank, I usually start out with a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion . I never start with a Doran's Shield because I personally think it's a waste of space when it comes to building. Now as you can see, MOST champion's build includes 3 Warmog's Armor and a Force of Nature . These core items are for the health regeneration and survivability. If the game goes on for long enough, you'll be very hard to kill with your team around. The last item on the build, Guardian Angel can be replaced with whatever item is need or just whatever you want. Some people may look at my build and think, "Why is there no Philosopher's Stone or Heart of Gold in this build?" The reason is that you can do just fine without them. You can get them, no one is stopping you, but why would you need Shurelya's Reverie going as a tank? Randuin's Omen I can understand, but seriously.

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When tanking, always remember to watch your health, and be aware of your surroundings. For example, let's say you're Jarvan IV and everyone from both team's are push mid lane. As Jarvan IV you can use Demacian Standard and then Dragon Strike to initiate. Now you're in there but you're team is losing the team fight. What I would do is Cataclysm and either Flash out or do the same Demacian Standard combo. From there maybe two or three enemy champions are inside the wall and your team could kill them from there, winning the team fight. Not only should you initiate, but you should also tank turrets. That may not seem very important to you, but trust me, it helps a lot.

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Solo Top

When going solo top, there are many things to consider. One, survivability. That's where the Regrowth Pendant comes in. If you have all of the runes and masteries, you should start out with 20 - 30 or maybe 40 health regeneration at level one. Two, farm. You always need farm. Farm is only good, there's nothing bad about it. The more farm, the more money. The more money, the more items. The more items the better you do. Three, ganks. Place wards in possible ganking areas.

Those are just some possible places to watch for ganks. And this brings us to four, map awareness. You should always remember to call "mia" and help mid lane if they need it.

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Pros / Cons

Now there are probably more Pros than Cons. Or I may be wrong.


+ You will be really hard to kill
+ You get plenty of assists, and maybe some kills
+ You might get lots of praises from saving people
+ Increases your team's chance of winning if you do well


- You will deal close to no damage end game

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So this is just a brief guide mostly targeted on Tanking/Solo Top. I hoped this helped some of you summoners. I am open to suggestions, criticism, comments and what not. Thank you for reading and good luck.

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Special Thanks

These are just some people who helped me in making this guide: