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Gangplank Build Guide by Anark

Support Tankplank Support A.K.A Master of slows [Season 4]

Support Tankplank Support A.K.A Master of slows [Season 4]

Updated on June 5, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anark Build Guide By Anark 12,313 Views 3 Comments
12,313 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Anark Gangplank Build Guide By Anark Updated on June 5, 2014
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Hello guys, it's my first build. I main junglers and supports because I enjoy more map awareness, roaming and ganks than last hitting on lane. I've recently tried GP support and I found him so powerful that I need to share it and write something about him.

It's all about bait CC and perma-slow enemies.

Note to meta-nazis : I'm not a pro and I don't recommend this build to reach challenger but at my level it seems really good and seems to counter a lot of "meta" bot lanes and most of all it's really fun to play.

There's still some sections under construction but the most important things are here.
Apologies for my English, not my natural language as u can see :)

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Champion description

Tankplank - Master of slows

Ranged, Melee, Tank, Assassin, Support

Specialities: Never be catch as pirate, slow and slow and slow ennemies, protect teammates as front laner tank, assassinate low life fugitives, roaming and warding.
face of the mountain

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Pros / Cons


+ Immune to CC, great on laning phase to harass, bait and deny farm, supports engage or ganks
+ Master of slows (Q, R, items like Iceborn Gauntlet and Randuin)
+ Deal decent damage
+ Ulti is global, it can help mates/depush/earn gold on assists from everywhere
+ His Q can last hit low life melee champions who try to flash out
+ Extremely fun to play
+ He's a pirate !


- It's not "meta-approved", nearly all players think you are a troll
- Squishy early
- Need to play agressive to force enemy cc
- Can be countered by poke (karma, nidalee)
- No escape when W is on cooldown
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Skills overview

Grog Soaked Blade (Passive)
Awesome passive who gives DoT (3+lvl) + slow (7%) stackable 3 times. Be aware to hit enemies 3 times (autoattack, Q, autoattack) to apply a 21% slow.

Parley (Q)
Gangplank bread & butter. The range isn't awesome and make him vulnerable to range and poke champions, but GP can get around through bush or buff his move speed to apply it. Use it constantly to harass enemy and assassinate low life enemies out of range to your adc. The cost of mana is important at the beginning but you'll soon can spam it.

Remove Scurvy (W)
Why GP is GP, the uncatchable pirate. Enemies will hate you because of that spell. They just can't catch you with their CC. This spell counter almost all standard supports : Annie, Morgana, Leona, Sona, Nami, Alistar, Thresh and gives you a domination on lane with agressive positions, allowing more harass with Q and quiet farm for your carry.
Warning, the cooldown is pretty long (around 20s) so use it carefully.

Raise Morale (E)
This spell buff attack and movement speed to you and your allies. Perfect to engage a teamfight, destroy an objective or disengage.

Cannon Barrage (R)
A global ulti which allow Gangplank to depush, help allies in difficulty by slowing ennemies, engage a teamfight woth AoE slow or earn gold on an assist from everywhere. With cooldown reduction it refresh around 60-70s at the end of the game.
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Skill Sequence

There is two way to play Tankplank, it depends mainly on enemy support.

Versus a sustain & catch bot lane support ( Nami, Soraka, Sona, Morgana, Leona, Annie, Alistar), you will want to constant harass with Parrrley, so the skill order will be :
> > >

Versus a poke botlane (not a good idea, it means you'd be countered) like Caitlyn, Nidalee, Zyra and most of all this damn Karma you'll have less opportunities to approach and use Parrrley, so you'll need to buff your carry who have a better range than you, so the skill order will be :
> > >
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Obviously the best summoner spell in that game. Flash to kill or Flash to escape, always useful in a lot of situations.

As a support you have to deny enemy ADC damage. Exhaust is one of the best way to do that. It guarantee an unfair trade with your ADC who still have full dmg (or only a fair trade if the enemy support use it at the same moment).
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Greater Quintessence of Armor: Tankplank needs armor on bot lane to start less squishy
Greater Seal of Armor: More armor for Tankplank ! Very useful on bot lane for a good start.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Magic resist is also good to prevent support/jungler/mid damage.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage: And an upgrade of damage to assist your ADC on first blood
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5% Cooldown reduction is very nice to spam more Q and reduce R big cooldown.

Health regen is excellent to sustain a little more on lane, specially early.
More armor and magic resistances, really good for our Tankplank.

Movement speed is a must have for the Master of slows.
10% cooldown reduction on Summoners spells, always nice to have : more flash and exhausts.
Mana regen is very useful on early levels.
Always nice to sustain more in early game and earn more XP/golds on your lane before the first recall.
Gold per sec because you'll not last hit minions.
1 more gold each time your mate last hit minion, really nice.
More gold at start, excellent for an extra pot.
You'll harass enemy a lot and extra gold is always welcome.
As you'll roaming, this is excellent to prevent an XP gap between you and allies in mid-game.
More cooldown reduction on spells and items. Excellent on Tankplank, for even more slows.
More movespeed, always good for roaming and warding.
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Core items

Item Sequence

Ruby Sightstone 1600
Iceborn Gauntlet 2600
Randuin's Omen 2700
Zeke's Harbinger 2250
Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Homeguard 1250
Oracle's Lens 250

face of the mountain Start with Relic Shield and upgrade on first or second recall to targon's brace. Later you can finish face of the mountain for better stats and cooldown reduction. Those items allow Tankplank to sustain and heal his adc by killing minions. It also gives golds (same amount is given to the adc). Focus canon creeps to earn more money.
May the best item for Tankplank. It gives mana and cool down reduction (more spam), armor (more tankiness) and most of all an awesome AOE slow on hit when using abilities. It works perfectly with Parrrley.
Boots are a requirement for every champion and these boots are just perfect for Tankplank. It gives cooldown reduction which is really useful to refresh Remove Scurvy, Cannon Barrage and Raise Morale and spam Parrrley. You can also buy Mobility Boots to increase your slows efficiently and roaming/warding abilities or Ninja Tabi if your team fall behind.
Sightstone is the first item you need as Tankplank. You have to buy it on your first recall (800 golds). It gives you map awareness, the most important thing in that game in my opinion. It allows preventing ganks, tricks from bushes and protect objectives like buffs, drake and baron. You can upgrade later to Ruby Sightstone for more survivability.
After first recall, when u buy Sightstone, swap Stealth Ward for Sweeping Lens. It allows you to counter enemy vision. On mid/late game, upgrade it to Oracle's Lens to unward more than one bush at a time.

Situationnal Luxury

zeke's herald

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Gameplay & Team Work

As tankplank you have a lot of missions to accomplish :
* Give vision with wards the whole game ( Ruby Sightstone & Oracle's Lens)
* Harrass the enemy bot lane on laning phase ( Parrrley)
* Protect your mates by baiting CC ( Remove Scurvy) and slowing aggressive enemies ( Parrrley)
* Engage ( Cannon Barrage) and giving steroid ( Raise Morale) on teamfights

On laning phase, you have to play really aggressive to avoid the enemy from farming. Hide in bush and harass them constantly with Parrrley while your carry farm quietly. If the enemy try to punish you with CC, use Remove Scurvy.

On mid/late game, roam everywhere and keep jungle (your or enemy one, it depends) and neutral objectives under vision control with Ruby Sightstone and Oracle's Lens.

In teamfights, as front laner you have to protect your teamates by taking agressive position to bait CC and by applying slows on enemy front lane, you can also engage or disengage a teamfight with Cannon Barrage.


Always refresh your 3 wards and your pink.
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Enemy support

Annie. Difficulty 1/10
Annie can't play vs Gangplank as she only have her stun early. It's really easy to dominate lane.

Morgana. Difficulty 2/10
Laning phase is very easy because Gangplank absolutely don't care her Dark Binding. Stay between her and your carry, behind enemy creeps and harass the carry while your carry farm. Later her ulti gives her a second CC but at this point enemy bot lane must be far behind.

Nami. Difficulty 2/10
Laning phase is very easy because Gangplank absolutely don't care her Aqua Prison. Stay between her and your carry, behind enemy creeps and harass the carry while your carry farm. Later her ulti gives her a bump but at this point enemy bot lane must be far behind.

Taric. Difficulty 2/10

Lulu. Difficulty 2/10

Sona. Difficulty 3/10

Soraka. Difficulty 4/10
Very good sustain which deny harass and her silence can be annoying.

Fiddlesticks. Difficulty 4/10

Alistar. Difficulty 4/10

Thresh. Difficulty 5/10

Leona. Difficulty 5/10

Blitzcrank. Difficulty 6/10

Braum. Difficulty 7/10
One big problem : Braum can poke with a better range. Concussive Blows isn't a problem but Winter's Bite can be really annoying. You have an advantage as Parrrley is not a skillshot. To beat him, avoid his spells and harass him and his carry.

Nidalee. Difficulty 7/10

Zyra. Difficulty 8/10

Karma. Difficulty 9/10
Nearly impossible lane. She can poke and she have an awesome movespeed. You can't use Parrrley. Surrender at 20 :)
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Thanks !

I hope you'll enjoy that build, thanks for looking at it (add a like if you enjoy it) :)

Feel free to give feedback or comments which can help me to improve it (I mean others feedback than "OMGWTFBBQ GP supp... are u crazy man ?").
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anark
Anark Gangplank Guide
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Tankplank Support A.K.A Master of slows [Season 4]

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