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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vebbebbabarl


Vebbebbabarl Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ok so here we go, This is my third official build and is going to be a long one. Once the build is done there will be 10 full builds for each of the outlined champions and they are all tanks. Each build will have full descriptions for the champs and it will include full alternate items and in depth detail of the build orders.

So just before we get into the build I will make it clear that these are my favourite tanks to play as, but there are a few others that I have left out simply because I don't play them alot (like Malphite and Cho'Gath) Anyways This build will let you play any kind of tanks, from the slow tanks like Galio, Singed, Dr. Mundo, and Nasus. Or the Taunt tanks like Galio, Rammus, Shen, and Amumu. Or even the annoying Stun/Snare tanks like Maokai, Amumu, Alistar, and Taric. This even includes the two best support tanks, I think, Alistar and Taric.

So read on if you like, give some input for me to improve, but until that time enjoy reading this build and trying out the tanking builds I have found work the best!

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Change Log

June 09 2011: Masteries added, Check em out!
Added Boots of Mobility to Alistar and Taric also changed Taric's build a little, changed the rammus build
June 08 2011: starting text, set up the chapters

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So this is an area where I will outline the things that are the same throughout most of the build. This will start off with the summoner spells, which as you could have seen are all Ghost and Exhaust EXCEPT Alistar who takes Flash instead of Ghost. So the reason for these summoner spells is that personally I think that every time you are tanking you should always take these two. They are perfect for tanking, Ghost allows you to fly across the map to help support your team, to catch up to enemies to launch out your CC and get the enemies back to your team to die!

So obviously Flash is taken on Alistar because it is the perfect spell for him because it lets you punt enemies back into your team. This is also a viable option on Singed and Dr. Mundo because they both have movement speed boosters built in.

Exhaust is so awesome on tanks because it slows, it weakens the enemies and that is perfect because I holds the enemy on your damage characters to win! Of course each build has the Exhaust mastery.

So here are pictures of the masteries, seeing as they are fairly general I will give the different outlines of the builds:

AP-Mana Tank

To start we have the masteries of Singed, Galio, Maokai, and Amumu:

So this mastery is for any kind of tank that will be using mana and uses AP scaling abilities. These masteries focus on the defense tree being sure to get the awesome health regeneration from Strength of Spirit and the Physical damage reduction. Dodge is useful, but I think that the health regeneration is better for tanks like this because they get a lot of mana. Finally I throw my 9 other points into the offense tree being sure to grab the Exhaust mastery, the bonus AP (to give some bonus), the CDR, and just to be annoying the Magic pen.


Next is a similar mastery tree to the first, but this time it is for those AP scalers ( Shen and Dr. Mundo) who do not have any mana and therefore the Strength of Spirit will be useless.

So as you can see the only difference from the first build is that instead of getting Strength of Spirit I grab more dodge, seeing as there really is nothing else to do with it.

The 1-21-8 Tank

So next is a weird mastery I know, but bear with me, so this mastery is made for Rammus and Taric here we go:

So this build, as you can see, is defensively the same as the first mastery because both Rammus and Taric use mana, but the big difference comes in the other 9 points. These go grab the Exhaust mastery from offense and then dump down into Utility getting the Ghost mastery and the greater experience mastery.

AD-Mana Tank

So next we have the mastery that is used solely by Nasus seeing as he is mostly about the melee attack rather then AP damage:

So this again the defense in this build is the same as the starter, but now instead of AP, CDR, and Magic pen in the offense, I grab the crit, attack speed and one armour pen instead.


So the last one is for Alistar and is very different from the others:

So in this instead of getting full out defense I go 1-16-13. This build gets the Exhaust mastery then goes into the defense to get the armour and MR, then the Strength of Spirit, followed by the physical damage reductor, and the health bonus. Finally the 13 points at the end go into Mana and health regen, the experience, more mana regen, and finally the Flash mastery to get those flashes off more.

There we go, all of the masteries and descriptions of why to use them.


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