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League of Legends Build Guide Author Junipher

Taric Jungle: Why It Works (In ranked solo queue) Post 3.03

Junipher Last updated on April 21, 2013
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The purpose of this guide is to fully explain how and why jungling Taric is both possible and effective. Also, I will explain step by step the reasoning behind my various setups , etc. This does work in ranked (especially in solo/duo que games), so this guide will be focusing more on that. Please feel free to request extensions of this guide if your feel I haven't covered something significant. Thank you!

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Why Does Jungle Taric Work?:

The purpose of jungling Taric as opposed to other junglers is to provide more protection, initiation possibilities, and sustain for your team. Given that most junglers deal mostly physical damage, it is useful to have extra armor. Also, random Taric heals as you pass from lane to lane can make a huge difference as to who wins a lane (especially the solo lanes). Taric doesn't have a knockup, slow, or snare like Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, or Maokai, but rather a flat stun which can open up more opportunities for the lane you are ganking. Also, with constant sustain and lots of armor, Taric is less likely to die from a counter jungle gank, and may even be able to kill the enemy jungler instead. His kit is great for escapes when in a sticky situation, so you are less likely to get shut down if you use plenty of wards.

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Advantages and Disadvantages:


-Plenty of sustain
-Tanky champion and can give allies increased armor while ganking
-Can 'heal gank' so that your ally lives from almost inevitable death, but no actual aggression is shown toward the enemy.
-Deals a decent amount of damage
-Can increase the physical damage of an ally
-Can easily disengage from an unfavorable fight.
-Can counter-gank effectively, using Dazzle
-Can build tanky or high burst damage
-Can gank often
-Clears jungle quickly after first run
-Likely not to get focused by the enemy team
-Does not need red buff


-Needs a strong level 1 leash (if starting at blue)
-Blue buff dependent during laning phase
-Needs to build 250 armor in order to give allies 30 bonus armor aura (which used to be flat out given in the past)
-Slow first jungle clear (which is why I usually gank at level 2)
-Must actively build to counter magic damage (if needed)
-Shut down by silences, and high AP burst damage during the early game
-Relies on Flash to gank safely, and save allies

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Synergies (both effective and ineffective):


Effective Synergies:

Taric jungle works well with champions who have a root, snare, or gap-closer.
Here are a few champions I feel he works particularly well with in each lane. Remember that not all possibilities are listed. The idea is just to understand how and why these champions work particularly well with Taric's ganking ability. I recommend referencing this list during champion selection in order to determine if jungling Taric would create a good synergy with the other champions on your team in order to optimize your control over the early-game laning phase, where Taric shines most.

Top Lane:

Riven- Knockback, Slow, Stun, Gap Closer

Xin Zhao- Khockup, Gap Closer

Cho'Gath- Knockup, Silence (prevents enemy from flashing away from Taric's stun)

Fiora- 2 Gap Closers

Irelia- Stun, Gap Closer

Jarvan IV- Knockup, Gap Closer, Trap

Jax- Gap Closer, Stun

Kha'Zix- Gap Closers

Wukong Gap Closer, Knockup

Shen- Taunt (allows Taric more time to stun), Gap closer

Tryndamere- Gap Closer

Mid Lane:

Ahri- Taunt, 3 Gap Closers

Akali- 3 Gap Closers

Malzahar- Silence, Stun/Suppress

Annie- Stun

Gragas- Gap Closer, Knockback

Diana- Gap Closer, Knockback

Fizz- Gap Closer, Knockup

Fiddlesticks- Silence, Fear, Gap-closer (his ultimate)

Lux- Snare

Morgana- Snare, Stun

LeBlanc- Silence, Snare, Gap Closer

Ryze- Snare

Veigar- Stun

Ziggs- Gap Closer/Knockback

Zyra- Snare, Knockup

Bottom Lane:


Ashe- Stun, Gap Closer (ultimate and slowing abilities)

Vayne- Gap Closer, Stun

Draven- Knockback, Gap Closer (super speed chasing ability)

Tristana- Gap Closer, Knockback

Corki- Gap Closer

Ezreal- Gap Closer ( Arcane Shift and Global ultimate)

Caitlyn- Gap Closer (long-range ultimate and net)

Urgot- Stun/Suppress, homing attacks


Alistar- Knockup, Knockback

Leona- 2 Stuns, Gap Closer/Snare

Lulu- Silence, Knockup, Revealing Ability (This allows Taric to still stun the enemy who has fled into the brush, which can be very important in bottom lane)

Thresh- Stun/Pull, Knockback

Volibear- Fling, Gap Closer Rolling Thunder

Blitzcrank- Pull, Knockup, Silence

Inneffective Synergies:

Even though some champions would seem to work well with Taric's ganking potential, DON'T BE FOOLED! A slowing ability may not be enough to allow Taric to effectively gank a lane. Also, a silencing ability is also not enough because even though it gives Taric more time to stun, Dazzle is a traveling spell of impending doom which can hit its target when it's too late. For example, if Nasus Slows the enemy Riven, who has Flash, they may be able to flash under their turret by the time the stun hits. Also, if Soraka silences the enemy Ashe, who has Flash, the silence may allow Taric enough time to get in range to stun, but Ashe may flash under her turret before Dazzle takes effect. These are some of the champions that may be harder to gank for. If you force the enemy to use Flash, come back to gank that same lane before it comes off of cooldown.

Top Lane:

Nasus- Slow

Gangplank- 2 Slows

Darius- Slow, Grab (if not landed, Taric's gank will be much harder to pull off)

Jayce- Knockback (in this situation, Jayce must initiate, which brings early suspicion to the enemy top laner.)

Mid Lane:

Karthus- Slow
Wall of Pain is not enough to ensure that Taric can land his Dazzle, depending on where the enemy is when they are slowed. Perhaps this strain will be lessened if Karthus has picked up Exhaust, rather than Ignite as a summoner spell.

Katarina- Gap Closer Shunpo
Even though she has a gap closer, it can only be cast once until it has come off of cooldown. Also, she doesn't have any abilities that would help to disable the enemy mid-laner, meaning that Taric would be the only one providing a disable with his Dazzle.

Kayle- Slow
Although her slow is very significant, it is important for Kayle to heal Taric as he ganks the lane so that he can land his Dazzle before the enemy mid-laner can get away. Though Taric and Kayle do have some sinergy, there isn't enough of an immidiate disable that would secure the kill.

Kassadin- Silence, Gap Closer
Despite the ability to close the gap over and over, Kassadin Cannot stun or snare the enemy mid-laner, making it much harder for Taric to land his Dazzle, especially if Force Pulse is not casted.

Bot Lane:

AD Carries:
Varus- Slow, Long-range skill shot
The slow won't stop the enemy from flashing away to safety, and you can't guarantee that he will land his skill shot in time before Taric's stun duration has ended.

Sivir- Movement speed boost
Despite the long range of her Q, and movement speed boost, this will not be enough to guarantee that the enemy will die, especially since she won't get the movement speed boost until level 6.
Soraka- Silence
A single silence won't be enough to ensure that Taric can land is Dazzle.

Sona- Slow, movement speed boost, AOE Stun (at level 6)
Because Taric jungle is focused on early-game advantages for your team, it would be difficult for Taric to effectively gank before level 6. Sona may not be as strong of an option as someone with a snare such as Lux/ Morgana, Zyra or a stun/taunt such as Nami/ Shen/ Amumu.

Nidalee- Provides no crowd control effects, however her traps do reveal the enemy in the brush, which can allow Taric to land his stun, unless the enemy bot lane has Flash.

Kayle- Slow, Movement Speed Boost
Her hard slow on Reckoning might not be enough, unless the enemy as pushed their lane very hard and there are allied sight wards in the brush that the enemy AD Carry/Support Flees through. A movement speed boost on Taric could also solve this issue.

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What Champions are Especially Good Against Taric Jungle?:

Champions that have a built-in re-positioning skill are ideal against Taric. Also, champions who have a built-in cleanse or CC-preventing shield are very good against Taric

Top Lane:

Because Taric's stun is a traveling spell, Kha'Zix will have plenty of time to jump away before Dazzle takes effect.

Broken Wings will allow Riven to escape before Dazzle can take effect.

If hes got oranges, he will always be K against Taric.
Mid Lane:
Shunpo and a sight ward will ensure that Katarina will be under her tower before Dazzle takes effect.

Her spell shield will prevent her from being stunned by Taric's Dazzle.

Riftwalk will allow Kassadin to escape consistently through laning phase. Also, his Null Sphere can prevent Dazzle from being casted.
Bot Lane:
AD Carry:

Rocket Jump has quite the range, so Dazzle will be useless unless Taric ganks after Tristana just used it.

Valkyrie has a long range, but a long cool down, so Taric has to gank him the same way he would Tristana.

Her shield will prevent Taric from stunning her at all.


Whimsy will prevent Taric from casting Dazzle.

His ultimate will prevent Taric from stunning him as he protects his AD Carry.

His shield prevents him from being stunned, and he can easily 1v1 and chase down Taric in the jungle if need be.

Lee Sin
With so many re-positioning skills in his kit, it will be much harder for Taric to disengage from him and/or hunt him down in the jungle.

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Summoner Spells:

I recommend Smite for clearing the jungle and Flash for initiation, escape, and gap-closer.

Why not Exhaust instead of Flash?

-You have a stun, and when you have red buff, you have a slow. You simply do not need the summoner spell to help out your team, especially if someone else on your team already has Exhaust.

Why not Ghost instead of Flash?

-As Taric, you don't really have the ability to kite anyone. There is no reason to get this spell, because it ruins the element of surprise while ganking, and limits your initiation and disengaging opportunities during the late game. Also, with Boots of Mobility, you will already be faster than the majority of your opponents (and if you are not, then you can always flash after them and use Dazzle.

Why not Teleport instead of Flash?

-Because you need Enchantment: Homeguard boots or Enchantment: Captain boots, this summoner spell will be on cooldown for too long to be of any benefit to you. It makes more sense to move quickly around the map and rotate to where you are needed at opportune times, rather than camping out in a bush. Although Taric can push a creep wave pretty fast late-game, he won't be able to take down turrets fast enough to split push.

Why not Ignite instead of Flash?

-Unlike junglers such as Fiora who want to get kills, Taric doesn't need the kills. It is much better for him to allow the ally in lane to get it, rather than himself.

Why not Cleanse instead of Flash?

- Taric is better suited to be a support jungler, and Cleanse doesn't help anyone but himself. Although Cleanse would make him almost impossible to kill, Taric still needs Flash to help his team to his full potential.

Why is Smite absolutely needed?

-Without Smite, Taric won't be able to clear the jungle by himself on the first clear, despite Imbue. Also, it'll allow you to make bold plays by stealing enemy buffs, along with Baron and Dragon. No matter who you jungle, you should always take smite (even if you're Warwick or Shaco) because not having it already puts your team at an immediate disadvantage by allowing the enemy team to more easily steal key objectives.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
I like to use this setup because the extra attack speed allows Taric to safely clear the jungle during the early levels, and push towers more effectively. I like to have scaling Magic resist Glyphs because it is more beneficial to build armor on Taric, rather then Magic Resist.

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Agressive Taric Jungle


Against early-game oriented enemy team


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Core Items:

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is a great item from clearing the jungle, and sustaining in the jungle for a long period of time.

Frozen Heart is a solid item on Taric due to his Gemcraft which increases his damage.

Iceborn Gauntlet is great for all purposes because it also gives Taric a stronger heal.

Seeker's Armguard is a good early-game item that will prevent Taric and his teammates from dying to counter-ganks and the enemy team in general.

Take a look at the sample start below. This is what I usually start with when jungling Taric. Remember to prioritize armor over ability power because it is more beneficial for your team.

Item Sequence

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Stealth Ward

Boots of Speed

Hextech Revolver

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

Seeker's Armguard

Boots of Mobility

Zhonya's Hourglass

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What Skill(s) to Max First and Why:

I like to max Taric's Shatter after putting at least 2 points into Dazzle. With the stun duration now scaling with with more points in the skill, I find that it is very worth it to do so. I max Shatter because it can really make a difference in mid-game team fights when most carries have not yet built their resistances.

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Jungle Route:

There are many different options for jungling Taric so don't feel restrained by any typical jungle path. Make sure you have a hard leash on Blue buff. Based on he leash, decided whether or not to invade the enemy jungle. Remember that Taric is not Red-buff dependent!!

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When to Buy Wards/Where to Place Wards:

Ask your support to ward your Red camp so that the enemy jungler cannot steal it as you're ganking mid and top. On your first trip back to base, buy a ward to place in bottom lane in place of the ward your support used on your Red camp earlier. Feel free to buy wards when needed throughout the entire game. WARDS WIN GAMES! Also, everyone should be buying wards, not just the support.

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Thank you!

I hope this build answered many, if not all of the questions you might've had about Taric jungle. I enjoy jungling Taric in ranked solo que because I can fool the enemy team into thinking I'm the support, when in fact I'm actually the jungler. You can ruin enemy team compositions during champion select, alone! Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. :D