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Taric Build Guide by NoodlePlayzLoL

Support Taric Sup Guide S11 (The handsome man)

Support Taric Sup Guide S11 (The handsome man)

Updated on December 18, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoodlePlayzLoL Build Guide By NoodlePlayzLoL 17 0 87,005 Views 1 Comments
17 0 87,005 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NoodlePlayzLoL Taric Build Guide By NoodlePlayzLoL Updated on December 18, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Taric
  • LoL Champion: Taric
    Funnel Mid
  • LoL Champion: Taric
    Jungle build (guide coming soon)

Runes: Survive

1 2 3
Font of Life

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Taric Sup Guide S11 (The handsome man)

By NoodlePlayzLoL
Im a newer Taric one trick that has been playing on the pbe testing the new items to find optimal builds runes and synergies. Im a gold sup main i also play leona and lulu.
For Those who are looking at the funnel you should know funneling is not a respectable thing so if you get flamed don't be surprised now it will be after the Jungle chapter
Guardian is a overall very good rune to run with taric as it help taric keep the adc and his teammates alive as he has many good heals shields and his ult.

After shock is something you would run if you want to play a little more aggressive as it takes away the shield but puts more dmg in taric's kit

For secondary you typically take precision as it helps taric dmg and sustain more but in poke match ups you would take inspiration to help with the mana lose due to shielding and healing more in lane. in the poke runes you can always select magical boots instead of the cosmic insight as that is also a good thing to have into poke.
I have found shureliyas and the new locket to be the best mythic depending on the situation locket is very good into more burst teams and more tanky teams while shureliyas is really good for squishy teams with more sustain

For the core you still take knight vow and zekes since it helps with taric's kit like with the last season.

Spirit visage passive has been changed as now it give 25% increased shield and healing with can be great with taric as it helps him heal and shield in the frontline

with the more situational it comes down to team comp if you want to be more of a front line into a burst team take more healing as you will win the sustain but if they have more sustain take more survivabilty items and with the change of grievous wound thorn mail will be even better to healing champs

Randuin is a great item to go into crit champions like jhin tristana and more. take this when they get fed or they start to do dmg

Frozen heart is a great mana and armor item while it has that it also has a slow which can be great into champs like jinx vayne ect. take this when they're team is heavy on ad.

Frostfire gaunlet is a great item for chasing and fits well with shurelyias it has armor and magic resist great to comps with high mobility

Ardent censer redemption and mikael are all great healing items it just comes down to comp to pick if you want primary healing and shielding for one person take ardent. redemption is great for aoe so if you want more aoe take redemption. finally mikael is great for heavy cc comps.

Make sure to take control ward whenever you can because vision is great to win
For laning phase you want to more let them engage on you as taric has a better all in when they come to you then when you go to them so farm up and let them come to you. but if they have a really passive bot lane like a jinx lulu try gaining priority early game and pressure them to not take farm and go for drake control. make sure to ward up for the jungler since you want to be more pushed up.
Out of laning
Out of laning the most importent thing is to protect you carry and get good ults in taric is one of those champions that can go 0/30 and still be useful in any stage of the game since his ult is that useful. so you should be helping you team in securing objectives and zoning people if possible.
all the people i put in the synergies are my personal favorite adc to play with since i find my performance better when i have them my most favorite being jhin. in most of the synergies it comes down to your ult and healing for example with jhin in big fights i would try to e someone then he would w then i would ult because there people would be stun and jhin wouldnt die immediately because if you ult to early it doesn't get used to much and if you ult to late they will get bursted so you want to find the sweet time and in that time hit people for you passive and heal them.
For the counters i will be explaining all that i categorized as major and above
Janna: For Janna you want to never really all in but rather make short trades and try doing them lv 2 if possible as she is useless pre 6 unless she can land her tornado after 6 try not engaging to hard and let them engage on you try pulling them away from tower and fight them so when Janna ults you can still chase also make sure to not flash for engages
Lulu: In lane you want to avoid getting poked as much as you can and engage when you can bait out her poly morph as that is a major thing that can get you killed as she can polo morph you will not be able to activate ult and that can be catastrophic. try saving the stun to prevent ulting so you can back of from the adc or get her to ult herself. be careful of her q as well as it can do dmg and slow you allowing the adc to do dmg to you
Tahm Kench: Tahm Kenches' w can prevent you from killing the adc as tahm kench is a really tanky champion so it becomes hard to get him to spit out the adc or he can w your adc and the ult becomes useless and they can turn the fight around. he also has his q which has high base dmg to get your mana down quick so play around tahm w when ulting and control you mana try not to take poke.
Brand: he is a huge dmg output while being having a decently large range so it becomes hard to counter attack his stuns can also be a major problem. when fighting him shield your adc whenever brand tries to w during fights ult right before when you see brand ult so you can more counter act on it. play safe in the early and engage lv 6 if possible try taking as little dmg as possible.
Sett: When you play taric you go tank but into sett that helps him as it amps up his ult dmg and he can use his ult to separate you from the adc so ulting to late whill be wasted. his w makes it great for countering your poke and his q lets him speed up. when you play into a sett try staying as far away you can from him and poke only the adc let them engage you when they engage try staying next to your adc so his ult wont separate you and wont dmg your adc try stunning after he uses his w and go for the adc
Soraka: she just play super passive and can heal the adc well makes it hard to get any plays in and she can be useful to the team with her ult. into her try shoving as much as you can ad get drake prio if you cant do that try freezing under your lane and then engage her.
Zilean: into zilean try baiting his ult out but you cannot go for both of them and dont dive him under tower try avoiding the bombs and engage when he has his stuff down his matchup in a way is like darius go in for trades when its down and bait them out
Jungle Guide coming soon
Work in progress build done only
FUNNEL (Dont go beyond supports)
This chapter is for funneling if you are playing sup no need to read this chapter.
Funnel intro
Funnel it has been a viable thing since season 5 consisting with yi and taric. riot can not directly nerf this since they would have to change the accual interaction between yi and taric otherwise they can indirectly nerf it which they have but it still remains viable.
Funnel items
You really only have 3 main items the rest comes down to the play style of the yi and what items he is building but the 4 other items i put are the main ones i use.

Mikael is good for cc heavy teams
Redemtion: For more healing
Zeke: For extra stats
Thronmail: enemy team has good healing
Funnel Early stages
You want to leash master yi no matter what and use the shield so he can take as little dmg as he can after that go to mid yi wants to go to gromp then blue buff. ones he clears those he goes mid for the cannon wave. make sure to know which side the jungler is so that once he clears mid cannon wave contest scuttle on the side the enemy jungler is. get both scuttles and invade if possible. your levels don't matter Yi's does. yi only goes mid lane unless he is ahead then he goes side lanes.
How to win fights
When master yi q into the enemy team you want to use your e and ult the e prevents the person master yi q to burst him down while that happens the ult will be coming down so as long as your healing and shielding before the ult he should be able to rampage make sure to constantly be healing and shielding.
The main counter to this is people with good roaming potentials as then it makes it harder for yi to camp mid if they are roaming and they can help the side lanes get ahead and make it harder to win teamfights especially if they have a lot of cc. the only way to counter this is make them useless before they can roam or shove tower but that makes it hard for yi to farm mid what you do then is help yi invade.
Everything i update after the jungle build will be recorded here.

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