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Teemo Build Guide by Puhsy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Puhsy

Teemo - AP / On-Hit Bruiser Pro Poker (S3)

Puhsy Last updated on November 21, 2013
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This is my Teemo Build. Regardless AP or On-Hit Bruiser Runaan's Hurricane makes Teemo twice as good. Before this people considered Teemo terrible because if they bought Oracle's Elixir Teemo was pretty worthless. But now we can actually do consistently well without depending on well placed Noxious Trap.
Tell me if there is anything I've missed in the comments (I'm still working on this build). I just replaced AD with On-Hit Bruiser so if something doesn't make sense it relates to the old AD build and please tell me to fix it in the comments. THANKS!

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I didn't have this section up here first but I believe some times your Noxious Trap is important and sometimes you don't need Perseverance as much, so if you want replace it with Meditation you can it is not a bad idea at all.

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Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Glyph of Ability Power(AP) - (On-Hit Bruiser) Glyph of Attack Speed

Mark of Attack Speed(AP) - (On-Hit Bruiser) Mark of Attack Damage

Seal of Armor(Anti AD) - (Anti AP) Seal of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed(AP) - (On-Hit Bruiser) Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

You don't have to use Greater Quintessence of Life Steal but it can be used for holding your lane and/or used to stay in team fights longer by killing minions when weak, it works great with Runaan's Hurricane.

Just basics for Teemo and Armor/Magic Resist to make him less squishy.

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Makes Teemo OP with AP or On-Hit Bruiser. Attacking 3 people at same time and poisoning them all at once or bruising them all at once. This is optional on On-Hit Bruiser.

Another item that should always be used by Teemo. It gives a high amount of AP and makes your pokes do a lot of damage.

For AP and AD these are great for Teemo and I recommend these because Teemo is Atk Speed dependent. This works and should be done it works good because of Teemo's ridiculous movement speed... Sell your boots late game and get Trinity Force this is so you can hold a really good CC with the passive that slows when you hit and you shoot out 3 arrows so 3 people could get slowed. Also it gives some movement speed to make up for selling the boots.

If you are going against a AP team I recommend this, and for facing enemies mid that have really good stuns or slows, it can prevent ganks.

I use this to move around the map quickly to help your team or pick off easy kills. This can also be used to run away because Teemo can be very squishy.

This is the CC Jesus of you. You can attack 3 people and slow them all making it a lot harder to run away. You can also poke people with Teemo's extremely fast movement speed and just run away every time you hit them until they start running then you just chase them, using this strategy with this item is what makes Teemo really good at picking people off.

I use this item because the AP is pretty good and the cooldown with the mana regen is helpful for placing more Noxious Trap. The passive is not that great unless the enemy can heal or has a lot of health regen. This item is replaceable.

Very helpful in team fights it's AP is good and allows better pokes. The armor and the Active will save you every now and then and can let your team catch up while you take no damage.

Great item for early game and still pretty good late game. The cooldown can be great for any position giving him the ability to place many Noxious Trap preventing ganks and giving a great amount of Atk Speed and early game AP. This item is replacable but should be used early game. Should be sold late game.

Great starting item for Teemo because of the fact that it gives magic resist and 42 damage on each hit, but is sold late game.

If the champ in your lane is building Magic Resist and you are more offensive or want to be more offensive buy this to decrease their Magic Resist.

If you are doing good late game and you're not dying a lot you should replace Wit's End for this.

Replaces Wit's End for magic resist because I did not put magic resist any where in this build and I believe sometimes it can be extremely helpful.

Optional AP

Liandry's Torment This item helps a lot against a team with a lot of health or a tank because it's passive does 5% of their health and 10% if they're slowed (Remember this only works with Q and R, your poison does not activate the passive). Using this against tanks will cause efficient pokes and giving you health and AP at the same time. But the fact that Q and R only activate the passive is the worst thing about this item.

Rod of Ages This item is good early game and decent late game. The reason why is because it gives you the ability to stay in your lane more because of the Health, Mana, and Passive. The AP also gives a decent boost.

Twin Shadows This item is for magic resist and can be helpful against AP and still builds AP at the same time. It also has a pretty good Active that helps after team fights to kill the enemies who barely made it. Also can be used to see if the enemies are in your jungle and can be used to initiate a team fight.

Athene's Unholy Grail This item can be very helpful if you are getting overpowered and/or are running out of mana due to Noxious Trap. The cooldown lets you place Noxious Trap more so your team can't get ran over from ganks. The mana regen allows you to maintain your position while placing Noxious Trap. It also gives a decent amount of AP.

Iceborn Gauntlet Gives armor and ability. Honestly this item is situational and I wouldn't use it unless you are being overpowered and can't maintain a position without running every second. It's passive makes it harder to get you low vs melee. Only buy this if they keep running up and attacking you because you can't do anything, when you but it use Blinding Dart to activate the passive and make it a lot easier to maintain position or run away. Also this can be used to slow enemies for ganks and team fights.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter At first I didn't consider this item optional because the slows only work with Blinding Dart but you already have Noxious Trap to slow them. But it has a pretty good amount of health and AP.

Ninja Tabi Unless the other team gets fed AD right off of the start I don't recommend buying these.

Sorcerer's Shoes If the other team is killing you in your lane you can use this to make your pokes more lethal with Magic Pen. For the people who go mid you could use this to go against magic resist considering most mid's build against magic resist. But if you are taking more damage use Mercury's Treads.

Guardian Angel This item can be really helpful against a team that is over powering you. If they are not over powering you or you are laning and not team fighting do not buy this item.

On-Hit Bruiser

For AP and On-Hit Bruiser these are great for Teemo and I recommend these because Teemo is Atk Speed dependent. For On-Hit Bruiser you should have this to apply your stacks for your Passive's on your items.

I love this item because it reduces the Magic Resist of the enemy and gives Magic Resist and Attack Speed. Also the pokes are even better with the Passive.

This item is good for poking and maintaining your lane or surviving longer without recalling. It also gives a decent amount of Dmg.

This is the CC God of you. You slow people every time you hit them and you can hit up to 3 people at a time with Runaan's Hurricane. You can also poke people with Teemo's extremely fast movement speed and just run away every time you hit them until they start running then you just chase them, using this strategy with this item is what makes Teemo really good at picking people off.

This is a great poking item for On-Hit Bruiser's because the Dmg is decently high, it gives a little bit of Health for Teemo, and the Passive is great for team fights.

Even though this is not an On-Hit item it is good because it still provides the On-Hit Passive while providing you with Health and Armor. The Health and Armor are helpful considering Teemo is extremely squishy.

Optional On-Hit Bruiser

Runaan's Hurricane Makes Teemo OP with AP or On-Hit Bruiser. Attacking 3 people at same time and poisoning them all at once or bruising them all at once. This is optional on On-Hit Bruiser.

Executioner's Calling This item is pretty good if their team has Heal or a good support Heal like Soraka's Ulti which Heal's the whole team. This also provides a little bit of Crit and Dmg so you can do more effective pokes.

Statikk Shiv This is a pretty good item for Teemo because he attacks really fast and the Passive is dependent off of Movement Speed and Attack Speed, which is all Teemo considering he is one of the fastest attacking and moving champs in the game.

Trinity Force This is a little more offensive than Frozen Mallet but does not slow them 100% of the time which is the only thing I don't like about it. It gives AP so if the other team is anti-ad it can benefit with more efficient pokes. It also has Crit and Movement speed which is another thing that I like about it.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill Sequence

Camouflage Camouflage This ability is great, right when I start I buy Boots of Speed and Health Potion x3 and I run to my lane and stand right where my minions will start fighting. This can also be use strategically by standing in spots where you know they will probably go to. In some cases you can stand on Baron and try to take the kill possibly. If you are trying to go into Camouflage but your auto attacks won't let you press S so it will stop.

Noxious Trap This is amazing for Teemo because he is so squishy. Noxious Trap placed in the right places at the right times can prevent numerous ganks and can be used to slow enemies while at the same time doing a lot of damage. Placing these in front of Dragon or Baron will let your team know what they are doing allowing you guys to all push Dragon or Baron. If you go behind a enemy and you know their most new minion wave just passed place the Noxious Trap towards their spawn and then go initiate while they try running to their spawn.

Toxic Shot Regardless AP or On-Hit Bruiser always build this first for efficient pokes early game. It also allows you to keep your CS at a decent amount.

Move Quick I build this 3rd so you move relatively fast early game with a good 10% bonus early level making it more easy to repeatedly poke the enemy team. The reason I build this after Toxic Shot is because you are not as squishy early game because of your Noxious Trap and ridiculous movement speed.

Blinding Dart I build this only once early game so you don't take as much damage.

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Extremely useful so the other team can't heal as well and does a decent amount of damage.

Teemo can be very squishy so I use this to flash over walls and avoid dying or if I get stunned I will Flash after it's over and use my Move Quick to escape.

This can be used but I build Phage and your Noxious Trap can also be used to slow them. It still helps pick up kills in cases you can not place your Noxious Trap.

This is optional it can help Teemo survive or heal others but I used the mastery Perseverance so you can lane longer without having to recall as much.

This is optional because Teemo is very squishy and sometimes Move Quick might not be enough to get out of there.

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Pros / Cons


+ Shrooms are Sight Wards and prevent ganks and slow with decent damage.
+ One of the fastest characters in the game.
+ Blinding Dart can be used against melee's who rush your turret because you're low.
+ After Runaan's Hurricane and Phage or what it builds into you are the CC God.
+ After Runaan's Hurricane you can farm so hard.


- Really squishy and even Flash doesn't help sometimes.
- Focused on a lot because of low health.
- Short range compared to other ranged characters.

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Team Work / Farming

Team Work

Teemo is amazing with the team because of Phage or what it builds into and Runaan's Hurricane these items together makes you the CC God of any game. With these two items all you need is someone who can tank while you slow and do damage to 3 people. But some times in team fights you have to realize you are squishy and how to avoid the other characters by poking them and then backing off so your team can start the fight. Also you can use your Noxious Trap to kill a lot of minions too, if you use a Noxious Trap on 2 minions it will be a waste but if the minions are attacking you place it in the center of them or place it and run back a little so they all get hit by it. Lets say one of your team mates is low and is getting chased down, use your knowledge that you are a really fast player and if you have a Phage or what it builds into, go attack the enemy until the slow is applied and run if you have to.


Runaan's Hurricane once you've gotten this your done. Nothing more needs to be said.

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Shroom Placing!

Alright you should place your Noxious Trap in corners where they could gank early game. Middle and late game you should place your Noxious Trap on corners also they should be placed on Baron and Dragon. Here's some pics on top, bot, mid, and farming.

Top - Depending on where you are you want to place Noxious Trap so you won't get ganked easily.

Mid - Depending on where you are you want to place Noxious Trap so you won't get ganked easily.

Bot - Depending on where you are you want to place Noxious Trap so you won't get ganked easily.

Farming - I grabbed the minions placed my Noxious Trap and then ran so they all would get poisoned which they did. Also don't forget you can just place it in the middle of them you don't have to run.

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This is my first build to start with. I'm still working on this build and some of it is incomplete like my AP Chem Quizzes. I am still working on it and comments have helped me add and replace to this build. If I do not have something you think should be there or something that should be replaced, make a comment please! They help me so much. Thanks!

Some guides do not put where they get their information from, but I think the people who helped me make this guide deserve their credit so these are the sites that I used to make this guide.