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Gragas Build Guide by Puhsy

Gargle 6.18

Gargle 6.18

Updated on September 18, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Puhsy Build Guide By Puhsy 43,268 Views 0 Comments
43,268 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Puhsy Gragas Build Guide By Puhsy Updated on September 18, 2016
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Hi, I'm Zach but you can call me Puhsy if you would like XD. I'm Diamond V and Gargle also known as Gragas is my most played champion in ranked as well as it is my favorite champion. I've always loved tanky champs that do decent damage with mobility and do cc. I think Gragas falls perfectly under all of that. So here is a guide for all of you. Thanks for reading!
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So here is a fine set of masteries that I use every game for Gargle. Everything is pretty explainable, however there are a few that could be swapped. Recovery is better for early game over Unyielding for sustaining for ganks, however Unyielding definitely helps a bit later game when you have more items. Also there is Swiftness which could be swapped out with Legendary Guardian for being a little more tankier during team fights, if you are the only tank you might want to consider swapping to Legendary Guardian . Then there is Expose Weakness which can be swapped for Feast and the reason why this is sometimes good is because it gives you a little more health early game that way you can gank some lanes at lower levels with more health.
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Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest
Phase Rush
Greater Seal of Scaling Health These help you become tankier with out building tanky items and considering I build Iceborn Gauntlet nearly every game these help out a lot.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed These help clear early jungle quicker, these are standard on most tank junglers.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction I almost never cap out at 40% Ccdr on items so I use these to get me to 30% or 40% at level 18.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist I go these because it seems that I never build mr early game which ends up hurting me later so I have these to help me get a little tankier. Also having mr early does nothing in the jungle and nothing when ganking lanes vs. ad's.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power These are the best Quints for Gargle because they help you clear quicker early game and help give more impact on ganks.
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Summoner Spells

You always need smite for obvious reasons and you can not run without it as a jungler.

There are no other summoner spells as good as flash solely because of your Flash Body Slam engage, so there is no reason to use any other summoners so I'm not listing any others.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill Sequence

Happy Hour If there is anything I love about this fat drunk it is that he sustains all on his own. This passive is so helpful all throughout the game and keeps you from recalling a lot.

Barrel Roll So this is the first ability I max on Gragas for many reasons, its CD gets so low and it does a lot of damage and helps you clear the jungle pretty quick. It is important to let the cask sit for 2 seconds before popping it (when it turns red) on jungle monsters or minions because its damage is increased to 150%. Its slow effect is increased the more you level it along with its damage which is why it is crucial to max this ability first. When ganking or killing someone it is important to pop this immediately that way they get slowed and have no time to get out of it.

Drunken Rage Drunken Rage increases in damage and increases its damage reduction per level, it also decreases the cooldown. When taking a lot of damage it is very crucial you pop this cooldown in order to reduce the damage you take, even if they interrupt you while drinking you will always receive the damage reduction buff. Also this ability does a lot of damage thanks to dealing 8% of targets health as magic damage.

Body Slam This ability is why Gargle has such a great engage, using this along with flash can close a huge gap really quick and stun whomever you hit. This is often used as an escape or used to re-position yourself accordingly. This ability has saved me countless times considering you can go over walls with it as long as no one is in front of you. I try not to use this and Flash as an engage unless it's on a carry or if I feel like we can get a pick for a Baron/Elder Drag play. Due to recent patch changes that increased the cooldown of this spell, this is the 2nd spell you max to reduce the cooldown.

Explosive Cask If there would be one ability to define this champion it would be this one, this cask is one of the most crazy abilities in this game. When used correctly you can change the game, when used incorrectly you can make your teammates type hateful things toward you or about you. This comes along really helpful and can setup a huge engage for your team such as Flash Body Slam the adc and ulting him to bring him to your team so they can delete him. This can also be used to get people off of you so you can escape which I would never be afraid to do considering you build cdr on this champion and the cooldown is not that long. However it is important when engaging to not use this to bring someone like Renekton into your back line so he can kill/cc your carries, UNLESS he is alone and is a free pick that way you can setup a possible Baron/Drag play 5v4 while he is dead. Also this ability can be used to peel people off of your carries, when one carry is really fed and is carrying the game in damage this can sometimes be really important to do and even be worth to save this ability for.
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This item I find is extremely good when you get a first blood or even an assist before you back to choose which jungle item you are getting, because it helps snowball and gives you a little more damage with a slow and a movement speed buff. I commonly build this when I feel like they have a really kite heavy team due to the active affect on champions.

Considering Gragas is a champion that roams and farms quickly, this is always really good especially for helping laners that do not ward often or even just getting vision out.

So lets talk about the Runic Echoes really quick, it gives you ap, movement speed, and 18% of your missing mana when its passive procs. This means you can infinitely sustain on mana in the jungle and it gives ap for more damage along with the proc. Moving on it gives movement speed so you can move around from camp to camp farm quicker and gank more with more damage. I highly recommend always building this when ahead or even with your enemy jungler.

Since they have buffed the Cinderhulk I actually find that it is usually better when behind because it helps you become tankier early and still gives some damage with it's passive. Also when your team has a lot of ap and no tank the Runic Echoes is not always needed.

This is NEEDED on Gargle to clear wards for Dragons or Barons, I never go a game without building this it helps so much. Build this every single game you play with him.

Very good boots for Flash engages because it lowers the cooldown on your summoner spells.

I usually only build these if I get extremely ahead early game due to the facty it is only +5 movement speed from other boots now. But they are still really good from ahead do not get me wrong.

Usually my go to boots when they have a lot of cc or even a lot of ap damage. I build these in most games because the tenacity is just too good and when fighting it makes you stick to them like glue.

I build these when they have a lot of auto attack based champs or most of them are ad.

Damage Items

So I build Iceborn Gauntlet most games, it gives 20% cdr which helps a lot with Gargle, the mana helps you sustain especially if you did not build Runic Echoes, the armor just because I love armor and making it so adc's do not hurt, and the extra damage from its passive's. I love this item and pretty much build it every game on Gragas. Next we got the Abyssal Mask which is very nice if you do have other ap champs on your team due to its passive, also it has cooldown ap and mr on top of that so this is a really nice item for Gargle if they do have a lot of ap. Next we got the Lich Bane which is chosen over the Iceborn Gauntlet if built because their passive Sheen proc's do not stack. I usually only build this when I am really far ahead early and I am farming kills, the movement speed and damage you gain from this item is insane when built early. Then we got the Hextech Rocketbelt this is another item I only build from when ahead mainly because it is not as effective when built from behind, it adds another gap closer to your kit and gives you a bit more damage on top of the health and 10% cdr it gives you.

Armor Items

So Dead Man's Plate is a really good item for roaming around and at the same time the stats on it are amazing, I mostly build it for move speed usually as a fourth or fifth item. I like to prioritize cooldown items first. Randuin's Omen is a really good item when you are the main tank because of the 10% reduced crit, also the active slow is really good in team fights to peel them off your carries or slow them while they're attempting to run away. Frozen Heart is the item I find myself building the most when they are all ad, the armor and attack speed slow is insane and is a great armor item when their team it mostly ad's. Thornmail is what I usually build when their adc is behind and they have other ad champions solely cause it punishes them so hard when they attack me, one thing to know about Thornmail is that it scales well when built with other armor items, so I would try to make sure if you do build it you build another armor item with it.

Magic Resist Items

I pretty much build Spirit Visage every game because the stats on it are amazing and it's passive 25% increased healing is insane with your passive Happy Hour, also it gives 10% cdr. Banshee's Veil is usually an item I build after Spirit Visage only have they have a lot of ap and only if another player does not have Locket of the Iron Solari. Locket of the Iron Solari is usually what I build if I am ahead and they have an ap carry that is ahead, I would build Spirit Visage if my support or another player builds Locket of the Iron Solari so communicate with your support and ask them if they are building it before you do.

More Items

So I have most of these items in here because they simply are not a need or are situational I will talk about the more important one's first. Guardian Angel this is usually a fifth or sixth item for me, I build it in a lot of games it's obviously used for its passive this item is really good on Gargle since he is a front liner. Warmog's Armor so I use to build it a lot but tbh it does not seem worth it just for the health and 10% cdr considering you can build an armor item with 300 less health for around the same cost, also its passive heal is not as useful on Gragas because of Happy Hour. Banner of Command is an item I build to replace Spirit Visage when I am ahead so I get ap give my teammates mr and its active is pretty nice sometimes as well. Zz'Rot Portal is usually a third or fourth item if I do build it because it is amazing for constantly pushing waves and maybe even throwing it bot to start up a baron play. However it is not always amazing on him and I feel like prioritizing other items when you are fighting a lot is more important. Liandry's Anguish is usually something I only build when going ap Gragas which is rare but the stats on it are very nice on him giving him damage and health. Turbo Chemtank I usually do not build this item since he has such a nice engage with hit normal kit anyway, however I do believe it is still a viable item. Sunfire Aegis I usually avoid building this since they increased its gold cost, I usually only build it if I sell my jungle item and they have a lot of ad champions and we are having long drawn out fights.
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Pros and Cons


+ Lots of cc.
+ Decent damage even building full tank.
+ Great engage.
+ Great peel.
+ Beautiful.


- Sometimes depends on flash engaging to win a fight.
- Kited easily by some adc's late game.
- Always drunk.
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Ganking early and right when you hit 6 is really good on Gargle so you need to take advantage of it. Pay attention to your lanes and make sure no one is getting extremely behind. Ganking is easy on Gragas, if you don't know their Flash is down and you're behind them just walk up and attack them then when you're really close Body Slam then Explosive Cask them further away so even if they do flash it's not going to be as good and it will give you time for your CD's to come back up. Ganking middle is a little different, usually ganking mid when the mid laner is a little further back almost always consists of Flash Body Slam and Explosive Cask.

Now when it comes down to choosing which lane to gank, I usually choose the lane where the enemy overextends the most or is extremely aggressive. Also bot lane getting behind is probably your highest gank priority, even if you don't get kills you could prevent your teammates from dying and help burn summoners. Bot lane snowballs super hard if they get kills early, we've all seen bot lanes go 0-16 16 minutes in. This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to your bot lanes and make sure they do not get too far behind.

Since 6.15 was released the first turret to die gives an additional 400 gold so ganking at around level 7 or higher. You need to try to set up dives in order to get the first turret, this is usually easy when you have a tanky support such as Braum Thresh] or even Leona. But any support can do, you could also go to a lane that is ahead and just dive them without much effort.

Another important part about ganking is responding to the enemies junglers ganks or even him just showing himself on the map. For example if the enemy jungler ganks top and your bot is getting pushed in you should run straight bot, or if your bot is pushing then go for the dragon and ping them to help.
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Team Work

So in terms of teamwork it is important to know who your main carry is and if they have peel or not, for example a Jhin with Janna should usually be pretty good. However they may need help from champs like Malphite Yasuo so always pay attention to your carries.

If they have carries really ahead I will usually look for a Flash Body Slam engage on them, it is VERY important to make sure your team is there before you do this. I have seen Gragas's Flash Body Slam with no one around them and they just die, I've done it a couple times myself.

When poking use your Barrel Roll as a slow and damage, make sure you sit in the front so your teammates can't get poked and use your Drunken Rage to reduce your damage taken since it is on a very short cooldown and should be up frequently.

If I were to sum up a description of how he team fights it would be to keep front liners away from his carries and if they're safe then run straight to the enemy back line. But keep in mind adc's do a lot of damage sometimes and can kite you easily with decent peel.
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Final Comments

Thanks for reading :) if you have any questions you can put them in the comments and I will try to respond quickly. I do live stream occasionally so if you ever want to communicate with me my twitch is just drop a follow and I will be sure to play some Gargle games.

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