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Teemo General Guide by 0xJamesx0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0xJamesx0

Teemo - Mana/AP Damage Ramp

0xJamesx0 Last updated on December 15, 2012
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Muramana Teemo

Teemo Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first guide, Teemo was one of the champs I played early on, at first because i like the idea of a little dude like this taking down a monster like Cho'gath, and second because he is very fun to play.

while his usual builds are usually AP or AS i decided to attempt to make a build that ramped up his damage as much as i could, because he struggles to do any real damage (not including his poison) and most people accuse you of kill stealing, even though your poison did a lot of the work :P

When i tested this, by end game, i was getting approximately 500 per basic attack due to the stacking of muramana, hextech gunblade and his toxic shot, this is not including the lasting poison affect.

This Build is far from finished, i will work on it over time so advice is welcome

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The items i have chosen are all used to ramp up his damage and poison at the same time, making him a killer of all but the toughest champs.

Start Game

first off you need to get manamune as soon as possible, because you need its ability to charge with attacking as well as spells, this will get you a fair amount of mana and a bit of extra damage.

Early Game

Once you have manamune slowly buffing up its time to start the AP/mana regen this means you shouldn't run out of mana easily and adds some damage to you attacks.

Mid Game

mid game there is are choices depending on the situation of the game, but they all end the same:

Offensive Mid game is for if you are pushing and need more damage & Life steal/spell vamp, useful for early kills.

Speed/Gank Mid game is for when the opponents are getting away on very low health and you cant catch them, also useful for ganking other lanes, the enchantment almost guarantees you don't lose them.

Defensive Mid game is for if you are on the defense and need a little more armor and damage as well as having a slow ability to help kill the opponents when they push

Post Muramana Evolution

This will probably be made late Mid game, and it to finally add even more damage, mana and AP.
once you have bought Archangel's Staff try to use all your ability's as much as possible,

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First off, i can say this is an expensive build Costing approx 16k for a finished build.
(Manamune = 2100, Hextech Gunblade = 3400, Enchanted Sorcerer's Boots = 1750, Iceborn Gauntlets = 3400, Athene's Unholy Grail = 2800, Archangels Staff = 2700)

So farming well is vital, i recommend going mid with this build as the sooner you get the money the more powerful you get.

because teemo is ranged you don't need to worry about pushing to the first tower early game, this provides you with an easy way to get feed and helps reduce the amount of feed the opponent get because their tower is getting all the kills, and don't be afraid to use your blinding dart or noxious trap to secure feed.

if you find you are pushing too hard, try to last shot them and allow the enemy champ to push a little before advancing again.

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Pros / Cons

With the current testing i have done this is what i have come up with.


  • 500+ Damage
  • High Toxic Shot & noxious trap damage
  • Adapts to different situation based on the order you buy the items
  • Uses both AD and Spell damage, harder to build up defense against.
  • Can toggle Muramana to save mana and still do fair damage
  • Great 1 vs 1-2
  • Provides an 800+ Shield (Seraph's Embrace)


  • Expensive build
  • Takes time to buff Manamune & Archangel's Staff
  • Doesn't handle group battles on the offensive well
  • Squishy, not good against 1v1 based champions


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