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Teemo General Guide by makapromaka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author makapromaka

Teemo Survival Ownage Build guide

makapromaka Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Items Guide

Items Guide
This is my build guide for Teemo

As you can see I start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions. It is important for teemo becouse teemo have low HP and everyone is focusing him in team fights so you can run away very easy and surrvive.

Now at first return back I buy Boots of Swiftness so I can run even faster to chase or to survive ganking from enemy team jungler. It is important becouse Summoners Rift is preety big map so it helps in faster moving on map.

Now we are aiming to get Madred's Bloodrazor but first we need to buy Madred's Razors for some bonus attack damage and armor what is so important for teemo. It can help with killing minions faster when you are pushing becouse of Madred's Razors passive ability what has 20 % chance to deal bonus 300 magic damage to minions and monsters.

Now we need more items to build our Madred's Bloodrazor so we are starting with our attack speed. Recurve Bow helps so much with its 40 % attack speed what is cool when you are fighting 1 vs 1 so you can do more damage with your Toxic Shot what is big damage at start.

This is last item what is needed to buy Madred's Bloodrazor. It gives you even more attack damage so you can more easier last hit minions.

And finaly we are upgrading those 3 items in our final Madred's Bloodrazor. Now we have nice damage, attack speed, armor and one of the best passive abilities in game. Every hit deals 4 % of enemies health points what is good becouse of attack speed and it helps to kill tanks faster.

Now when we have 1 major item we need to go for lifesteal so we can sustain in lain. Now I buy Vampiric Scepter. It is cool 10 % lifesteal what will help to buy Bilgewater Cutlass faster.

Now we need more health points. But why buy only health points when we can get bonus chance to slow. After all those items I buy Phage. It gives health points, little attack damage and chance to slow opponent. Phage is important becouse we will upgrade it in Frozen Mallet.

At this time we upgrade our Vampiric Scepter into Bilgewater Cutlass. We will leave it here so we can later upgrade it into Hextech Gunblade becouse now we have bonus attack damage and more lifesteal.

We already have our damage, lifesteal, attack speed and armor but we dont have so much health points. Here comes Gaint's Belt with more 420 Health Points what is so beautifull. And of course it will be upgraded into Frozen Mallet.

Here comes our 2nd major item... Frozen Mallet. We all know that now teemo can kite very easy becouse of Frozen Mallet passive ability what is Perma-Slow. Big 700 Health Points and 20 damage is making teemo powerfull and tanky.

Now when our 2nd major item is done we need to go to 3th major item what is Hextech Gunblade but first we need to buy more ability power and some spellwamp so we can heal with Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap what was saved me so many times becouse I was running in brush to slow down my opponent but that shroom healed me and killed my ganker. XD
He was so mad when I killed him.

Finaly comes our 3th major item Hextech Gunblade. It gives all what we need to sustain and kill easly. It gives lifesteal, spellwamp, ability power, attack damage and so good active ability what is bonus 300 magic damage and 50 % slow. Sometimes come situacion that my opponent Exhaust me and flash away with 100 Health Points. NEVER FORGET TO ACTIVE IT. It kills excaping enemy.

We have all those items but game is still on? Why dont we make us more op. Here comes Zeal. 6 % movement speed, little more attack speed and critical chance. We will upgrade it into our 4th major item what is Phantom Dancer.

When you get like 1600 golds you can return to your base to pick up Phantom Dancer our 4th major item. It gives 55 % attack speed what is making our enemys to never escape becouse of Frozen Mallet, 30 % critical chance and 12 % movement speed. It gives us more chasing power and bigger map control becouse of our high movement speed.

Now your opponents must be so angry on you that all of them want to kill you. We will not let them to do it. Now I buy Chain Vest what gives 45 armor for only 700 golds.

And finally last item Thornmail. High 100 Armor and best armor passive ability what is returning 30 % damage as magical damage from enemys autoattack. They want to kill you but if they face you they will just die. Now they cant do anything to you. Now is time to finish game accept enemy team havent surrend yet. ^^

Have fun with my Teemo Build guide. And comment my guide.
Just dont vote it down becouse i have 1st time update it. XD


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