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Warwick Build Guide by makapromaka

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author makapromaka

Warwick God Mode Twisted Treeline (3 Builds)

makapromaka Last updated on December 10, 2013
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Damagewick (MagicGod)


Jungle controler/Anti Kiteing

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 15

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 15

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Sorry to say this but I was not able to update whole guide so focus on Cheat Sheet for builds. If I catch some time I will update it whole!

A side note before you even get into the guide: all that I ask is if you're going to downvote, please leave an intelligent comment as to why, preferably before you do so. If there is a problem I need to address, I will, and I'll fix it. Also don't downvote me if you happen to also have a Warwick guide. Let's all be mature adults, okay? :)
First of all my name is ProTaMaka ( EU west account ) but you can call me makapromaka. I made this guide becouse this is nice dominating build and to return Warwick The Blood Hunter in his time when he was just made, to make people start playing him and "love" him. XD

Here you will find out more about Warwick, his abilities, runes, masteries and all other things that you need to become better Warwick player. Dont forget to see bolt builds Tankywick and Damagewick.
Enjoy League of Legends Dubstep Mix while you are watching the guide.

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Who is Warwick? Why Warwick?

Who is Warwick?

Warwick is melee attack or magic damage champion made for ganking to easy finish opponents or to lane in top with biggest sustain. He is really good champion for every player because he is really hard to kill 1 vs 1 fights because of his high sustain, Infinite Duress supresing ulty, Hungering Strike what is ability to out trade and other damaging ability. Ofc here is Hunters Call to support your self and your team for easier finishing turrets and stronger power in teamgfight. Also he has Blood Scent what is his passive ganking ability what gives us really high movement speed to finish our opponents. Only bad thing is that Warwick doesnt have any escape abilities so he have to use his movement speed from Blood Scent when ever we can.

Why Warwick?

This is simple answer. First Warwick is here to sustain really easy so we have to use adventage on our opponents to damage them as much as possible because we will regain our Health points really easy and they will have to recall to get their health points back. Dont forget about Warwicks passive ability what is Eternal Thirst what gives us free life steal at start what is really cool because we dont to buy a lot of Health Potions because we have really hard sustain. Next Warwick can easly and safe trevel trought jungle because if we are jungling we have really strong jungle control. If we are counter jungling we can use our Blood Scent to finish opponent jungler to get free kill.

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Items----Damagewick MagicGod build

Now coming main part with items for Warwick

Warwick Damagewick build guide (MAGIC DAMAGE GOD)

Item Sequence

Enchantment: Furor


Wit's End

Iceborn Gauntlet

Mikael's Crucible

Frozen Heart

Boots of Speed hmm... First items are most important items in game so for start I choose to buy Boots of Speed because they gives me bonus movement speed for start to have more ganking power, to dodge opponents AoE spells, Spells that are shot in lines and every sort of damage. And ofc movement speed to run away. Our second item is Long Sword. I choose it to get some more damage at start because it will be later upgraded into Manamune end evolved it into Muramana so we are saving money on this way because we are not taking any of Doran's items. If you dont think that you cant survive in your lane take Doran's Shield for health points regen.

At first recall we are taking Tear of the Goddess because we need to get Manamune as fast as we can because we will get main damage from it when it evolve into Muramana. Maybe you dont see what I am doing and why in this way but belive me... with increasing our mana from building tankier items we will get more and more damage. Build will be perfect at end.
Finaly we upgrade our Long Sword and Tear of the Goddess into Manamune. We have our main item. Now all what we need is to feed it in way with using spells, attacking and spending mana. I only hate that 3 seconds cooldown of Manamune but I can live with it. XDOnly problem is that we need like 15 minutes to feed it into Muramana but it isnt problem because we will get more damage from other mana items too.

I choose Mercury's Treads for my boots because it will be our early defense vs magic damage. It can be changed for Ninja Tabi if there is heavy attack damage champion in enemy team. So 25 magic resist is really cool for start and it gives Tenacity what is main status that we need in game. While you gank your opponent to kill him you dont want him to stop you with stuns or any other way so Tenacity is here to reduce time of desables for 35 %.
Now we have mana, mana regen and damage but we have slow attack speed. Recurve Bow will fix it on easy way. 30 % attack speed is good for start and it will be upgraded into Wit's End give our ulty more power and every hit will do 42 more magic damage what is so good stucking with Eternal Thirst. Ofc when our Manamune evolve in Muramana damage will be so greate.

Enchantment: Furor is one of the best enchantments in game. We know that Warwick already has skill Blood Scent what will give us more movement speed. Full upgraded Blood Scent with Enchantment: Furor we will get 52 % bonus movement speed what will secure kill on our low health points opponent. So when you see Enchantment: Alacrity that gives you only 15 movement speed you will never want to buy it again.
Finaly we upgrade out Recurve Bow in our second damage item Wit's End. Really good item, not to expencive and gives nice magic resist and magic damage on hit that is procing with our ulty. Magic Resist will help in defense and when we fight we will get more defense so Wit's End can't be wrong item for Warwick.

Now we have some damage and here is time to build some defense with mana ofc XD. Greate item for this is Glacial Shroud. It gives armor what is defense, it gives cooldown what is faster using abilites and finaly it gives mana what is DAMAGE because of Manamune. Just greate item.
We upgrade our Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart. Great defense, cooldown reducation, attack speed reducing aura and mana that will give us more power in way that we will get more magic damage in Muramana and more attack damage because we have higher mana. Dont forget about Strength of Spirit . XD

After Wit's End we go for Chalice of Harmony. First of all it gives most important mana regen in % of how much mana missing. I choose to buy it now because I have almost fed my Manamune so mana regen will be so important for us to have because we will spend so much mana when we start using our Muramana. Damage cost a lot of mana but damage will be magnificent when we us it before ulty. So much magic damage.
Now we were playing and our Manamune evolved into Muramana. Greate! Now we have its maximal damage because we can toggle it to do more magic damage in % of how much mana we have so Building mana items cant get us in bad position. It can only give us MORE POWER! Enjoy owning your opponents when you use your Muramana. Just dont forget to practise that toggle off and on because if you are not watching on it you can easly lose all of you mana because you was just laining. Be carefull with it.

And as last item I buy Frozen Heart. Mana, armor, cooldown reducation and slow attack speed aura. I think that You see how is this good item. Mana means more damage, armor means more defense, cooldown reducation means more spaming abilities and slow aura is here to help in team fights. Just perfect items for my build. Also because you will have only 1 space left first buy Glacial Shroud becasuse it gives mana.

Now we upgrade our Chalice of Harmony into Mikael's Crucible for more damage in mana way and more mana regen plus some magic resist. This item gives us tankies, Mp regen and damage so this is teally good item for my build.

Secret of Damagewick Build

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Items----Anti Kiteing Build

Now coming main part with items for Warwick

Warwick Anti Kiteing build guide

Item Sequence

Enchantment: Furor


Randuin's Omen

Wit's End

Frozen Mallet

Frozen Heart

Boots of Speed hmm... First items are most important items in game so for start I choose to buy Boots of Speed because they gives me bonus movement speed for start to have more ganking power, to dodge opponents AoE spells, Spells that are shot in lines and every sort of damage. And ofc movement speed to run away. Well Starting money of new TT is 825 so I have enough golds to buy Cloth Armor at start with my boots. Armor is important for start to take less damage from opponents and Cloth Armor Will be upgraded in stronger items so there is no need to buy any Doran's items. If you dont think that you can survive in your lane take Doran's Shield.

At first recall I choose Boots of Swiftness because it gives new passive what is 25 % slow effectivnes reducation + 15 % more from Relentless what means if you are slowed lets say 40 % you wont be slowed. And those boots are faster then other boots so you will move little faster and it opens slot to buy Enchantment: Furor instead of Enchantment: Alacrity.

I buy Stinger as my first item. Well it gives nice, well really nice attack speed and 10 % cooldown reducation at start. I havent buy it to upgrade it in ability power item. It will be upgraded in new item Zephyr. I cant wait to write it. You will see new combinations what I made with masteries and items. Nice early armor. Ofc it will be upgraded in new Randuin's Omen so we can make anti kitting build. Ok lets return to Warden's Mail. It gives 50 armor (Upgraded with 2 Cloth Armors) and new passive ability that is slowing opponents attack speed for 20 % for 2 seconds every time opponent hit you. I choose Enchantment: Furor for maximal ganking power because because Boots of Swiftness gives 15 more movement speed then any other boots so this 12 % movement speed when we are fighting is so nice to finish our oponents with Blood Scent.

We have good start and now is time to upgrade items that we buy last time. First lets finish this Stinger becouse it gives attack speed and cooldown reducation. It is good now but how good it will be when we upgrade it into Zephyr. Attack damage, attack speed, cooldown reducation, MOVEMENT speed and TENACITY! It is perfect item for Warwick.Why? movement speed means easier ganking and faster moving over map, tenacity means less time in CC (stun is our biggest problem), cooldown reducation, attack damage and attack speed are for killing opponents. Dont forget that tenacity stucks with Tenacious what is 50 % reduced CC. Every champion that ever tried to kill Warwick with stun neer turret he will not be able to do it again. No more hard CC,no more chance to stop us from running away!

Now is time to change kitters into targets in way that we will buy Randuin's Omen. But how it helps? A lot of health points mean more damage to take untill dead, 70 armor means less damage done to us. We all know when we ulty on someone in teamfight we get focused. Randuin's Omen is here to stop this. It helps with everything. When someone is hitting you he will get debuff that is reducing attack speed for 20 % and movement speed for 10 % 1.5 second what means if they hit you they will hit you slower and if they hit you they will have less chance to run away from you. Think in this way: Teemo has Frozen Mallet as one of his items and we have Boots of Swiftness, Zephyr and Randuin's Omen. We aren't jungling, we are laning vs him. He is trying to fear us with his posion and Blinding Dart. He thinks that we will run away so he can easy kill us with Frozen Mallet but instead of running away we attack him. Now he is in bad position because we can't be slowed because of Boots of Swiftness and Relentless we have 40 % slow effect reduced and he is slowed 1.5 second because he it us. He dont have chance to survive now becouse we have our Randuin's Omen active ability what is 35 % slow for 2 seconds and we have Infinite Duress to finish him off.

When we buy Randuin's Omen we must buy more magic resist but we aim to get magic resist with more damage. Wit's End gives attack speed what hels in faster sustain, 42 bonus magic damage with every hit is so greate, it is stucking with Eternal Thirst and Infinite Duress and dont forget 20 magic resist and bonus 20 when stucked 4 times when we are fighting.
After Wit's End I buy Frozen Mallet to secure that my opponents dont run away when I gank them. It gives little but cool attack damage, a lot of health points and greate passive ability what is perma slow that is slowing 40 % for 1.5 sec every time when you hit your opponent so they cant run away from us.

Late game is time to give our team more power with slowing aura what helps alot in teamfights, greate armor, a lot of mana and 20 % cooldown reducation. Faster Infinite Duress and faster spaming Hungering Strike. When we came here our build is over. XD

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Armor

9x Greater Seal of Armor for bolt Builds

Greater Seal of Armor are my favorite seals for Warwick because in ranked games are usually realy hard so for start is good to have that flat armor from Greater Seal of Armor . You can choose Greater Seal of Defense if you want. Bolt of them are good for Warwick, only thing is what you want to choose, more power at start or more power at end. I will stay at flat armor seals.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are glyphs same as seals, looking for as much as possible magic resist what you can get in games. Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resistare best Glyphs for Warwick, dont choose flat magic resisence. We need that magic resist. Seals and Glyphs are same for every build you will go. You can only change Quintessences and Marks.

9x Greater Mark of Attack Speed for bolt builds

Greater Mark of Attack Speed is one of my favorite marks for Warwick. It gives 15 % flat attack speed at start what helps in faster clearing your oponents, faster jungling and faster sustain in fights. You can change those runes in Greater Mark of Armor Penetration if you want but I will stay at Greater Mark of Attack Speed.

Now I choose Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for more movement speed at start because movement speed is one of the most important status in game. 4.5 % movement speed will now give us more power because base movement speed is increased by 25.

3x Greater Quintessence of Armor Anti Kiteing build

Every tank need starting armor. Quintessences and Seals gives us 25.47 more armor at start + Masteries and starting Cloth Armor we are preety tanky at start. More deffence on start = less damage at start.

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Masteries----Damagewick MagicGod build

God Mode Damagewick MagicGod Build

I choose 15/0/15 masteries for magic and attack damage + Hp and Mp regen with some movement speed.

Mastery Explanations


Fury 4/4 cool 4 % attack speed for faster hitting.
Deadliness 4/4 cool scaling attack damage. At level 18 we got bonus 12 attack damage.
Weapon Expertise 4/4 8 % armor penetration for more damage when we gank opponents.
Blast 4/4 18 ability power at level 18. It will give us little more damage with Hungering Strike but i take it so I can unlock Arcane Knowledge .
Arcane Knowledge 1/1 cool 8 % magic penetration what will give us more damage to our abilities.

Wanderer 3/3 cool 2 % movement speed if not in combat. Helps a lot in map control.
Meditation 3/3 3 mana regen per 5 sec. We need mana regen to faster get mana back.
Expanded Mind 3/3 180 mana at 18 level. This is damage when we get Manamune.
Vampirism 3/3 3 % more lifesteal and spell wamp for larger sustain.
Strength of Spirit 3/3 3 Hp regen per 5 sec for every 400 mp we have.

I choose 15/0/15 masteries for maximal damage in offensive mastery tree and maximal sustain and regeneration in utility tree + little more mana per level and movement speed.

Lets see what Offensive Tree gives to us:

[*] 4 % attack speed (faster last hitting)
[*] 12 scaling attack damage (damage per level)
[*] 8 % armor penetration (more damage with autoattacks)
[*] 18 scaling ability power (ability power per level)
[*] 8 % magic penetration (more damage with abilities)

And final Destruction to hit those turrets as much as possible before our opponent return back.

So when you see this you know that we can feel really good because our masteries are doing its job to give us more damage when game go on.

Now lets see what Utility Tree gives to us:

As I sad in little notes neer masteries in top of build guide I sad that this 15 masteries are here to give us as much sustain as possible with little movement speed and mana per level for more damage with Muramana so here is thing:
[*] 2 % movement speed when not in combat
[*] 180 scaling mana (more mana per level)
[*] 3 % lifesteal and spell wamp
[*] 3 Mp/5 sec
[*] 3 Hp/5 sec for every 400 mana we have

This Strength of Spirit is nothing then Hp regen for damage that we are building like mana. This is free combination that is stucking really good with this build.

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Masteries----Anit Kiteing Build

God Mode Anti Kiteing Build

I choose 9/21/0 masteries for Armor Penetration, some damage with full defence and CC.

Mastery Explanations


Fury 4/4 cool 4 % attack speed at start helps little when you are jungling our laining.
Deadliness 4/4 gives 12 attack damage at level 18.
Weapon Expertise 1/1 gives 8 % armor penetration what is good for fighting 1 vs 1, 8 % armor penetration = opponents have 8 % less armor when you are fighting vs them.

Perseverance 3/3 6 health point regen per 5 seconds.
Durability 4/4 gives 108 health pionts at level 18.
Hardiness 3/3 cool 6 armor at start for stronger start.
Veteran's Scars 1/1 gives 30 health points to stay longer in fight.
Relentless 2/2 15 % less slow effectivnes.
Safeguard 1/1 5 % less damage from turrets.
Tenacious 3/3 15 % more tenacity. Don't Worry it stucks with tenacity in game.
Legendary Armor 3/3 5 % more armor and magic resist.
Honor Guard 1/1 3 % less damage taken from any source of damage.

I take 9/21/0 for deffence and some attack damage because this is build for tankywick. Lets start with offense. Fury , Deadliness and Weapon Expertise are here to secure us some damage, attack speed and armor penteration.
In defense mastery tree I choose biggest deffence and damage reducation masteries. Hardiness , Safeguard, Legendary Armor and Honor Guard are here to give us as much defense as they can. Ofc I take Perseverance for health regen that is important if you are laning vs opponents that can spam you with bigger range abilities, Tenacious for 15 % less CC duration and Durability and Veteran's Scars for some starting health points. And ofc Relentless for slow effectivnes reducation.

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Greate Pros / Bad Cons

Greate Pros:
+Very high sustain
+hard to kill in 1 vs 1 fights
+his abilities heals him
+nice ganking ability
+ulty supression
+jungle control and safe jungle
Bad Cons:
-other junglers are faster
-dead if focused
-no real escape abilities
-very vulnerable to stuns
-can easy be kited
-no AoE damage

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What about Summoner's Rift?

Actually this guide have items that can be used on Summoner's Rift map. Only difference is that game is going little slower, you dont have same money count like in TT because there is no altars and main thing is that there isnt same mana point regen as on TT. If you dont know on new TT is added mana regen as % of how much mana mising so on Summoner's Rift you will need to buy Athene's Unholy Grail or Mikael's Crucible because Muramana spends so much mana in cost for damage. I easly fix this problem just buy using build on new TT but on Summoner's Rift you will have to buy Chalice of Harmony early so you can upgrade it into Mikael's Crucible in late game. That is 1 thing and second is that we cant smell whole map with Blood Scent from middle. And 3. thing is that on Summoner's Rift you can buy wards what can tell your opponents that you are comming but in TT they cant really know where you are if you are jungling or went into brush for fast recall. That's all for now. And dont forget to buy Enchantment: Homeguard because SR is really big map so it can give you time to return back in lane faster if you were really hard damaged to deff lane from opponents that are pushing it.

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Skill Sequence and Tips

Warwick skills

Eternal Thirst is Warwicks passive ability that is doing magic damage 3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16 and healing you for the same amount. If you are hitting same target it will stuck up to 3 times and it last 4 seconds.

Tip for Eternal Thirst

Hungering Strike status:
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6
Cost: 70/80/90/100/110
Range: 400

Hungering Strike It is Warwicks main damage ability. As you upgrade it you will done more magic damage 75/125/175/225/275 and magic damage in % of target health points 8/10/12/14/16.
It is good ability becouse of normal magic damage it done some % of enemies health what is so strong vs offtanks.

Tip for Hungering Strike

Hunters Call status:
Cooldown: 24/22/20/18/16
Cost: 35
Range: 1200

Hunters Call is second important damage ability. Well it doesnt give bonus attack damage but it gives attack speed in % 40/50/60/70/80 and half of your bonus attack speed gets your closest teammates for 10 seconds. This ability is important for fighting 1 vs 1, faster clearing jungle and faster pushing turrets and it helps a lot in teamfights.

Tip for Hunters Call

Blood Scent status:
Cooldown: 4
Cost: 0
Range: 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700

Blood Scent is ability what makes Warwick to be Warwick. When enemy champion have less then 50 % health points left Warwick senses him in large distance until they heal. When Warwick sense them they are revealive on map and Warwick got 20/25/30/35/40 % movement speed what means that if they have small amout of Health points letf they went to brush and start recalling but with this ability you see them, you know where they are and you can ulty on them and pick easy kill becouse you interupt in his recalling so they cant get in base. It helps in chasing but dont forget to turn it off before you start gank becouse range is preety big when ability is on level 5 so use it wise. Come as much closer you can to enemy that you want to kill like hide in closest brush or get from behinde so enemy have less chance to survive and run away.

Tip for Blood Scent

Infinite Duress status:
Cooldown: 90/80/70
Cost: 100/125/150
Range: 700

Infinite Duress is Warwicks ulty. You lanch on target dealing 50/67/84 magic damage, suprising it for 1.8 seconds an hitting it 5 times with full stucked Eternal Thirst and bonus 30 % lifesteal. This is 1 of the best ultys in game becouse when you fight 1 vs 1 your enemy used his ulty on you and he thinks that he will kill you you just use Hungering Strike and start your ulty Infinite Duress on him. Resulte is that you live with healed health points and your opponent dies without any chance to survive becouse you suprised him. Only when you are using ulty you need to be carefull form Croud Control champions like Gangplank or Alistar that can escape from your ulty and cancel it very easy.

Tip for Infinite Duress

Here is how I upgrade my skills:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

First 3 Levels:
[*] Hungering Strike at level 1 for damage.
[*] Hunters Call at level 2 for more attack speed.
[*] Blood Scent at level 3 for stronger ganking power.

First skill what I am maxing is Hungering Strike.
Then I am maxing Hunters Call with respect to Infinite Duress.
I am using every point on ulty Infinite Duress when I can (level 6, 11, 16).
Then last I am maxing Blood Scent but I choose to take those points at level 3, 5 and then max it so I can have just little more range for ganking.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Exhaust and Flash for my summoner spells. First lets do thing with Flash. Flash is best summoner spell in my opinion because it can be used in 2 ways. Offencive and Deffensive. Flash is used in teamfights for lets say "to save your head" if enemy team start to focus you. You just Flash back and your support will healed you back if you are realy low and if you fight in mid you can jump in jungle to closest wraths to get health points back becouse of Warwick Greate sustain. Now Exhaust. It can used again in bolt ways like Flash. You can use it to kill opponent that is running or just Exhaust him to survive.

Well what can I say about Exhaust. It is really good summoner spell. It will help you so much in firts blood and it helps a lot in ganking becouse if your opponent use Flash it is perfect time to use Exhaust on him. If he use ability to jump or teleport like Ezreal or Tristana you have to use your ulty to catch them. In 1 vs 1 fights you can change fight on your side by using Exhaust on them becouse of damage, movement and deffence reducation.

Flash So good summoner spell. It is used to run away, finish someone or change team fight becouse if 1 player die in fight whole fight is changed. Flash is really good because you can teleport trough walls. I think that everyone need to have Flash as one of summoner spells because it really helps.

Smite is good Summoner Spell if you are going to be jungler. Well if you are going to be jungler you must have it. Smite is really good summoner spell if you need to steel Baron, Dragon or Vilemaw from enemy team so it can give you more gold for your team and really nice buff.

As every summoner spell Ignite is really good. We can use it to fear our opponents sometimes or to finish running opponent. It can be changed with Exhaust if you want to have that damage but in teamfights Exhaust mean a lot and it can be used to finish ganking. Also you can safe someone with Exhaust.

Ghost is preety good summoner spell for every champion. It can be used to run away and safe yourself from other opponents or it can be used to chase opponents to kill them easly. But problem is that Ghost isnt so effective in team fights because you can only waste your movement speed. Really good speel on start to get firts blood but not good in late game. I would choose Exhaust instead of Ghost because you can run away easly or kill your opponent. And Exhaust helps a lot in late game.

Dont use those Summoner's Spells

I never use those Summoner's Spells because they are not good for Warwick. Well I dont see many peoples that are using those Summoner's Spells because they dont really gives us what we want. Clairvoyance, Clarity and Heal are spells that can be used but they are made for support players. So what every you have in mind that can be good combination try it first on Custom Game before going into PvP because maybe you can think in wrong way or if you dont know english really well you can missunderstand what can do every Summoner's Spells. I am example for that because in my firts game I used Smite because I thought that it can damage champions. XD Use your Summoner's Spells smart.

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Warwick biggest opponents

Warwick is strong for 1 vs 1 fights but big problem is if you ulty on someone and he escape from it. :( Jax, Olaf, Alistar and Gangplank are Warwick biggest opponents.
Why? Read next text.


Lets start with Olaf. Problems are Olaf skills.
His passive Berserker Rage is trading with our Hunters Call what isnt so good for Warwick.Next Olaf has skill Vicious Strikes with what he got lifesteal and spellwamp so he is trading with our Eternal Thirst.

He has true damage ability Reckless Swing with cost of his health points. Here we can trade with him so we win if we use our Hungering Strike. Warwick has skill for ganking what is reducing power in 1 vs 1 fight becouse Olaf has Undertow trowing axe ability that has slow. When we try to run away with small health points he can kill us easy, but if we are luck he can miss us. And Final thing is Olaf ulty Ragnarok. It is removing any croud control what is bad for us becouse our Infinite Duress is suppresion so he can remove our ulty and run away easy or turn fight in his best way. Olaf will not be problem if summoner what is playing him dont use ulty before we ulty on him.


Alistar is our next problem. He is tank. First we do less damage to him, he have heal Triumphant Roar, charge Headbutt, ulty Unbreakable Will what is giving him more power and deffence and damn big problem ability Pulverize when he smush ground he removes any croud control, interupting in our Infinite Duress, canceling it what is big problem. He will always out trade us with his ability, try to use ulty when his Pulverize is on cooldown.


Gangplank is one of Warwicks nightmare. He has removing croud control ability Remove Scurvy what is healing him. When you 1 vs 1 with him try to make him to use his heal before you jump on him becouse if you jump on him when he is neer turret he will just escape from your ulty because you will be in ulty position and he will easly run away.


Jax We can say that Jax is Warwicks strongest 1 vs 1 player. Thing is that Jax has dodge ability what isnt good for Warwick. why? First when you fight 1 vs 1 with him he use his dodge and win the fight because we cant hit him what mean that we cant heal on him.

One of ways is try to use your Hungering Strike when he use his Leap Strike + Empower + Counter Strike combo on you. It will return your health point back, you will damage him a lot and you must have those Mercury's Treads becouse they will reduce time when you are stuned, and when Jax recognise that we out trade him with Hungering Strike he will start to run away when his dodge ends. Now is time to use ulty on him becouse he will try to jump on friendly minion to safe him self but he will make sure that he can run away so he will use his dodge before jump, we must dodge his stun, when he jump we use our Flash, Exhaust and Blood Scent on him with 1 or 2 Hungering Strikes and he is done. Ofc dont forget to stop hitting Jax when he is in Counter Strike. If you continue attacking him while he is dodging he will just damage you more.

Be careful and smart when you fight with those opponents, find right time to use your ulty and when you do first kill on 1 of them they wont be able to trade anything with you.

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God Mode Damagewick Build guide

Fast look of my guide:

Masteries: 15/0/15 (magic and attack damage + Hp and Mp regen with some movement speed)

Mercury's Treads, Enchantment: Furor, Muramana, Wit's End, Iceborn Gauntlet, Frozen Heart, Mikael's Crucible

First 3 levels: Hungering Strike, Hunters Call, Blood Scent
Then Infinite Duress > Hungering Strike > Blood Scent > Hunters Call

God Mode Anti Kiteing build guide

Fast look of my guide:

Masteries: 9/21/0 (damage and biggest defense)

Boots of Swiftness, Enchantment: Furor, Zephyr, Randuin's Omen, Wit's End, Frozen Mallet and Frozen Heart

First 3 levels: Hungering Strike, Hunters Call, Blood Scent
Then Infinite Duress > Hungering Strike > Hunters Call > Blood Scent

Summoner's Spells are same for bolt builds:

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust and Flash.

Jungle Controler build (comming really soon!

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Lore (warwick story)

Video story about Warwick

You can watch this video if you want to know how Warwick became Warwick.

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History of guide and Thanks

First thank you for reading and coming to this part. If you can give me some good ideas comment me pls.

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Special Thanks to Bu1l3T because he gave me nice ideas for this guide. Take a look on his new Jax buid guide Jax ap/ad Sustain Twisted Treeline.

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Fell free to vote and please if you can leave me feedback, comment or pm me if you can do something or change my guide in better way so guide can be better. Also pictures of your scores or any triple kills or maybe penta kills if you done them in SR feel free to send them to me so I can publish them here. I will try to make this guide as best as I can.