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Teemo Build Guide by IbbySquared

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IbbySquared

TEEMO - The Awkward Hybrid

IbbySquared Last updated on September 3, 2013
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READ FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A note to all readers,
This build is still under construction. The only reason it's placed up is because i accidentally published it (first build, not sure what i was doing). I'm still adding chapters to the guide, so please don't downvote it because it's missing "key points".

Remember, it's still in the process of being created.

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Foot-Foot Note

The items in League of Legends are constantly changing, so this guide will need some regular updates. As it is, I'm a bit busy at the current moment (last year of school yay) so please bear with it. There shouldn't be any dramatic changes, but you never know.

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Hellooo fellow Summoners,
I go by the name of IbbySquared. I am by far the best LoL player, but i formulated this guide/build/whatever over the course of MANY experimental games. At first, this build was just for laughs, but something weird happened.... the build worked! It actually started to come together and make sense. Not only that, it'll turn you into the most dangerous Yordle ever to set foot into the League of Legends.

Originally, me and a friend were just mucking around, creating builds for Teemo on the spot. Because of all the new items Riot introduced, we thought we might as well incorporate them.
As it turns out, we both struck a bit of greatness while imagining builds. We combined this struck greatness, and got a build that actually won a few games. Because i was the Teemo player in my band of friends, i tried out the new build.
To my surprise, it worked. Maybe not as well as my previous build, but it still worked.

ALSO, please remember that this is my first build on Mobafire, I am completely new here. Any and all constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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Firstly, i would like to begin by saying that this is an ON-HIT guide. It is a little difficult to play with this build effectively without some prior Teemo knowledge and overall understanding of the game (The range on skills, champion's movement/attack speeds, the abilities of champions, etc.).

As i have said, this guide is actually just a muck up and there are actually better builds. This build exists solely to incorporate the new S3 items, but it's not entirely useless. With decent Teemo knowledge, you can put up a very good fight with this build.

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The Pros of Teemo are many. The Cons, not so much.


- Toxic Shot is one hell of a strong spell. Great for last hits, and it can really mess up a Champion with weak magic resistance. Along with its on-hit magic damage, it also applies a DoT which can act as a weaker version of Ignite.

- Noxious Trap are basically wards that explode.

- Move Quick gives you a great passive speed boost, and an even greater active boost.

- His passive Camouflage is one hell of a good passive for many reasons (will be explained).

- Poison spitting yorlde. What's not to love?


- Naturally Squishy with low health, armor and magic resistance.

- Tends to be focused in team fights.

- Has to be kind of aggressive early game to own his lane.

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The On-Hit Design and Runaan's Hurricane

This build was delicately designed to rely solely on on-hit effects. This guide takes full advantage of the on-hit effects provided by teemo, meaning his Toxic Shots as well as lifesteal. The only reason this guide is applicable is because of the special passive of Runaan's Hurricane.

Because of Teemo's Toxic Shot, he is a natural on-hit champion. Toxic Shot is no weak spell, and we'll be wrecking three times the havoc with it thanks to Runaan's Hurricane. Of course, the physical damage of the bolts will be halved, but our magic damage will still be at it's full potential. Not only this, but our lifesteal will just be seriously broken.

With the combined lifesteal of Hextech Gunblade, Spirit Visage and Guinsoo's Rageblade (when we drop below 50% hp), we'll have 12% lifesteal above half health, and 24% lifesteal below half health.
Before S3 items, this wouldn't be worth the cost for Teemo. Fortunately, with the introduction of Runaan's Hurricane, our on-hit effects are improved dramatically.

Quick Breakdown: Runaans sends out two bolts that inflict 50% of our attack damage and apply on-hits. Since our attack damage is halved with these bolts, the lifesteal will also be halved. Instead of each bolt having 12% lifesteal, they'll have 6%. There are two bolts.

Quick maths:
Original auto attack = 12% lifesteal (10% from gunblade, 10% from guinsoo's, the rest from Spirit visage)
Runaans bolts attack = 6% x 2 = 12%

So, in effect, we'll have a lifesteal percentage of 24% when ABOVE HALF HEALTH. As soon as we drop below half health, Guinsoo's Rageblade activates and we gain an extra 10% lifesteal.

Lifesteal with Guinsoo's:
Original auto attack = 24% (10% from gunblade, 10% from guinsoo's, the rest from Spirit visage)
Runaans bolts attack = 12% x 2 = 24%

Giving us 48% lifesteal when below half health. Completely worth it, in my opinion.

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Skill Explanation

Camouflage - Passive

If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for two seconds, he becomes stealthed indefinitely. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for two seconds.

A really great passive. You can use this for some really great baiting as you are unseen by all enemy units. The downside to this passive is that it is easily countered by Oracle's Elixir, so be wary of the little pink eye floating over an enemy. Also countered by Vision Wards.

Besides the ambush factor, this ability gives you a pretty decent attack speed boost. Element of Surprise activates right after you leave stealth, giving you a huge 40% attack speed boost for 2 seconds, letting you completely harvest your enemy and their minions before they even realize what happened.

Blinding Dart - Q

Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful poison, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+80% of ability power) magic damage to the target unit, blinding them and causing all of their attacks to miss for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2 seconds.

The real beauty about this skill is the utility it provides. A nice slow, great for shutting down an ADC or a stupidly annoying AD top champion. I cannot stress more of the importance of the blind. I cannot count the amount of times this ability has saved me/secured me kills in pre-6 top lane fights. When you're fighting 1v1, you'll realize how great the blind is. It works wonders when that Irelia comes to attack you with her true damage, only to find that SHE'S BEEN BLINDED HAHAA!

The blind isn't the only great thing about this skill. The damage makes for a really strong poke, though i wouldnt spam it as it has a high mana cost, and we have no mana regen. Because it has a longer range than your basic attack (and deals more damage), you can also save it and use it to catch a fleeing champion.

Move Quick - W

Passive: Grants 10/14/18/22/26 % increased movement speed until struck by an enemy champion or turret. The passive is restored after 5 seconds (static cooldown) after last being struck by a champion or turret.
Active: For three seconds, Teemo gains double his passive movement speed and will not lose it even if he is hit.

Teemo's little built in Ghost. This really helps you to push those lanes without getting caught. The skill has saved me countless times with its beautiful active. It's passive gives you a little speed boost, but it gets lost when you get hit by a Champion or turret. It's active on the other hand... The active gives you a speed boost equaling to double the passive boost. Best thing? The boost doesn't get lost if you're hit by a champion or turret.

Noxious Trap - R

Teemo places a trap which stealths and arms in one second. It detonates if an enemy steps on it, dealing 200/400/600 (+80% of ability power) by poisoning nearby enemies and slowing them by 30/40/50 % for four seconds. The traps last 10 minutes. Teemo will store one every 35/31/27 seconds, and can have a maximum of three stocked up. Each cast requires and uses a trap. After death, you respawn with two mushrooms.

Teemo's signature skill. These shrooms are amazing.

Sure, the range on the shrooms aren't as good as the range on a Sight Ward, but they do the job. Better than that, they last for 10 minutes, while wards only last for three. Also, they are quite spammable. Teemo gets a new shroom every 30 or so seconds, letting you ward effectively and continuously.

The best thing about Teemo. Not only do his Noxious Traps act as wards... they deal terrific damage to all enemies that pass through them. You won't understand how great they work until that one enemy champ gets away from you with 100hp... only to step on your shroom and die.

The shrooms are great because it allows you to leave your lane safely, knowing your turret will be safe. Just leave a couple of shrooms in the minion's path, and you're all good to roam for a while.

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The runes i take are a nice mixture of defense and attack.

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power

These Quints are great. I know a lot of people who opt for Magic Pen Quints or flat AP Quints, but i find these to work best. Also, they even out with flat AP Quints at an early level (around 7 or 8). Also, because we don't go full AP in this build, it helps to get as much AP as we can.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

The bread and butter of your build. Without these, you will surely crumble. Teemo is an AP champion. Even though we buy some AD items, our main source of damage is Toxic Shot (which deals -surprise, surprise- MAGIC DAMAGE!).
Well really, Magic Pen Marks are self explanatory. We deal magic damage. The enemy has magic resistance. Magic Pen to destroy Magic Resistance.

Greater Seal of Armor

Flat armor runes. With this build, you ideally want to head over to the top lane, solo if possible. Top lane is popular for Champs whose abilities deal mainly physical damage. Because Teemo is a naturally squishy Champ, we need all the armor we can get early game to stop us from taking too much damage and being zoned.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Again, the same story as the Quints. We deal magic damage, and our abilities also scale off of AP. These Glyphs ensure we have enough by mid game.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells i use are Flash and Teleport.

Flash is taken by all. This is because it is useful in most scenarios. Getting chased? Flash away. He got away with 100hp? Flash to him. Need to get over a wall? Flash over.

it is just wildly efficient in every way possible. Also, you being Teemo and all, you basically have a built in Ghost with your Move Quick.

- Teleport is something that is popular amongst solo top champions. Teemo is no exception. It actually works better for Teemo to get Teleport. Say you had to recall from Top Lane after a brutal trade, during which you brought the enemy to 40% health.
You should have Noxious Traps placed in a few places at least. You Teleport onto a shroom in the bush, run out then finish him with Blinding Dart and those deadly auto attacks.

Teleport is so useful because it just gives you that extra mobility. It helps you gank (you're no jungler, but still, why not?), helps you get to a turret in need, etc.

Alternative Summoner Spells

Some other summoner spells you can consider are:

- Ignite can help you constantly throughout the game. When vying for first blood, the Ignite could mean killing them or being killed. However, i find if you play cautiously for the first few levels, it won't matter if you don't have an Ignite because of your Godly Toxic Shot.

- Ghost can help you immensely. It gives you a momentous speed boost which could save your life, secure a kill, etc. Honestly, i still find it a bit redundant with Teemo. Teemo's Move Quick is just as good as Ghost. Plus, Move Quick isn't on a 120 second cool down :D

- Exhaust may help you in those tight situations. Could help you catch up to someone running away, or to slow them down.
Personally, i think there are better summoner spells. For chases, this will be useful as it slows them down so drastically. But escapes? Not so much. If it's someone like Irelia, you'll only be able to Exhaust when she gets into range, which has (i think) less range than her dash. Also, what if you get ganked by the jungler? you can Exhaust one of them, but what about the other?

- Heal - maybe not so much with recent nerfs, but I used to use this myself sometimes. If you know how and when to use it, it becomes pretty damn useful. This really helps in early level fights when every attack does some good damage.

Every other Summoner Spell is a big fat NO.
Clarity = NO
Revive = NO
Clairvoyance = BIG NO. Does anyone even get this anymore?

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For Masteries, i take 21/9/0.


Most of these are fairly straight forward.

- Fury

For the extra attack speed. We are Teemo, WeNEED attack speed.

- Deadliness

For the extra Attack Damage. Early game it won't amount to much, but it gives you a solid 12 AD by 18.

- Blast

As said before, we are Teemo. we need all the AP we can get.

- Weapon Expertise and Arcane Knowledge

For that extra "oomph" with our basic attacks and Blinding Dart. The best thing about Arcane Knowledge is that it works with our basic attacks. Because we apply magic damage per attack, the magic pen is constantly working, making nothing wasted.

- Brute Force and Mental Force

Again, to aid our attacks. Most of our damage is coming from basic attacks, and both of these masteries are put to use.

- Spellsword

This is a really nifty mastery. This mastery synchronizes perfectly with Teemo as he is a DPS Champ with a decent amount of AP. Spellsword takes 5% of our AP and applies it as magic damage for every basic attack we deal. 5% of our final AP = 11 magic damage. This may not seem like alot, but Teemo is expected to attack around twice a second, doing fearful damage. Also, combined with Runaan's Hurricane, we will be dealing this damage to even more enemies.

- Executioner

This is probably the most devastating mastery of them all. We deal an extra 5% of damage against targets whose health drops below 50%. Again, 5% might not seem like a lot, but it could mean the difference between securing the kill or letting it slip away.
P.S: This 5% also applies to our Toxic Shot's DoT ;)

- Durability

This gives us that desperately needed health. With this build, we don't really have too much health, but we make up for it in other areas.

- Hardiness

This gives us even more early game armor. Late game, this wont matter as much, but it will benefit you greatly in the pre-6 levels.

- Resistance

Again, more early game survivability. In those rare cases where you face an AP champ at top lane (guess what teemo is?), magic resistance becomes your best friend. The chances of actually fighting an AP champ in top lane are pretty minimal. But in those rare instances, this mastery might actually save you.
The reason we max out Hardiness instead of Resistance is because there is more of a chance of fighting an AD champ in top lane.

- Veteran's Scars

This mastery is extremely useful early game. The main reason to get it is because, you are indeed very squishy. You need all the HP you can get, especially in the early levels where the extra 30 HP may save your life.

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Berserker's Greaves and Mercury's Treads

The level 2 boots i get first are Berserker's Greaves. I get these for the extra attack speed, a crucial factor in Teemo's strength. To compensate for the lack of survivability, i usually get a very affordable Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak.
After i get my Recurve Bow, i usually switch boots. I sell my Berserker's Greaves and buy Mercury's Treads.

I know the whole Magic Resistance thing is kind of hypocritical in the way of getting Magic Resistance boots in an AD lane, but hear me out.

1) Teemo has very low Magic Resistance, and he needs it direly.
2) The Tenacity can save your life.

Also, You're Teemo. Anyone doing damage to you should be blinded with Blinding Dart then quickly brought to half health via Zeus-like auto attacks. Usually, the reason for getting beat down as Teemo is because you get of CC'd. Mercury's Treads offers Tenacity, which is why it's a smarter choice in nearly every scenario.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

This is a new one. This item works surprisingly well with teemo, giving him both extra AD and AP. This makes his basic attacks even stronger with the added bonuses to his (of course) Attack Damage, and Toxic Shots.
Also, the passives are quite nice. with 8 auto attacks and 8 stacks, you receive an extra 32% attack speed and 32 AP! This means that as you build up stacks, your basic attacks will continuously grow stronger thanks to the 32 AP into Toxic Shot.

Notice how i said passiveS. Yes, the unique passive. When you drop below 50% health, you become a demon. 20% Attack Speed, 10% lifesteal and spell vamp. The real killer is the sustains provided. 1v1, you can take on nearly everyone. True, the sustain won't be as much as Ashe with a The Bloodthirster, but it does it's job. It'll let you attack more frequently, with each attack granting lifesteal. Combine this with Runaan's Hurricane, and you'll be damn near unstoppable.

Runaan's Hurricane

My favorite new item i think. If 70% attack speed boost isn't enough to convince you that this was Zeus's own favorite weapon, then i think it's passive will. Each basic attack sends out two bolts (Lightning Bolts, the sign of Zeus himself) which deal over 130 damage each?! AND PROC ON-HIT EFFECTS?!
It's like this item was designed for Teemo. Each bolt of wrath-infused Yordle lightning will proc Teemo's Toxic Shot. With Teemo's already insane attack speed, this item will proc twice a second.
Now, imagine falling below 50% health in a team fight. Guinsoo's Rageblade activates. Each basic attack AND Hurricane bolt will come back with 10% lifesteal each. You cannot possibly say that this weapon wasn't designed with Teemo in mind.

Iceborn Gauntlet

Truly a wonderful item. The Sheen in this is kind of wasted, but it's still preferable over Frozen Heart me thinks.
AP, CDR, Mana, Armor, even a Sheen! So what doesnt this item have? That's right, a Slow. Oh wait, it has that too...

- 40 AP. Beautiful addition to Teemo for obvious reasons.

- 15% CDR. In this build, we cross the CDR limit by 5%, but no problem. This CDR basically means we can use our Blinding Dart, Move Quick and place down Noxious Traps even faster.

- 500 Mana. While playing, I find myself "spamming" my Blinding Darts because I'm so thrilled with the damage I inflict. I myself am usually quite a conservative mana user, so this shocked me. The extra 500 mana this item provides should deal with your problems. If not, cut back on your Blinding Darts.

- 60 Armor. Well, Well, WELL. Armor. The bane of all AD champs. this item gives us plenty. Sure, it doesn't give us as much as Frozen Heart, but Frozen Heart doesn't give us any AP now, does it?!

- Built in Sheen. This Sheen actually comes in handy, more than you will realize. It is actually quite useful in some cases. with 40% CDR, we will be using our Blinding Darts every 3 or 4 seconds. So basically, every 3-4 seconds, our basic attacks do some pretty crazy damage.
Not only is the Sheen a Sheen (double wording intended), it's a slow. Every 4 seconds after your Blinding Dart, your next basic attack will deal an additional 125% of your AD in an AoE pattern, as well as slowing everyone in that area.

So basically, every 4 seconds you get a Blind, a Sheen and a Slow. Not bad at all.

Spirit Visage

Since this item got buffed, it became viable on Teemo. For only 2200 Gold, you get 50 magic resistance, 15% CDR, 200 Health and a nice 20% sustain increase.

Teemo really needs Magic Res, so this is the best. Also, it builds off of Negatron Cloak which you might have gotten earlier had you fought an AP champ up Top.
Next, the health. In this build, Teemo is lacking in health. So an additional 200 isn't going to be a bad thing.
Now, 15% CDR. This is overall effective in many ways. You can use your Blinding Darts more often, turning you into a great harasser. You can tend to be risky a little more often as your Move Quick will be on a lower CD. Finally, you can plant down more of your ultra hated, Zeus powered Noxious Traps.

Last but certainly not least, the 20% sustain increase. This godly little piece of work synchronizes so well with the build because it increases Guinsoo's Rageblade's and Hextech Gunblade's lifesteal.
Now, because Runaan's Hurricane procs on-hit effects like lifesteal, we get back a HUGE chunk of our health back whenever we attack. This is extremely useful in lane during trades, when you both step away. During your step away, start farming those minions and regenerate 50% of your health with 3 basic attacks.

Hextech Gunblade

Lastly, the supreme Hextech. This item is a damn monster. It gives you 65 AP, 45 AD, Lifesteal and Spell Vamp, plus one craaaazy slow.

The added AP and AD are great for obvious reasons. More AP & AD = Stronger attacks.
The Lifesteal procs with your Runaan's Hurricane, giving you even more sustainability.
The Spell Vamp isnt REAALLY amazing per se, but your Blinding Darts and Noxious Traps can heal you for a decent amount.

The one thing that sets this item apart from the rest is that it has a pretty nice slow. It deals 140+(40% of our AP) as magic damage, AND slows them for 40% for 2 seconds. That in itself is pretty damn good. This'll help you catch those who take flight, as well as doing some decent damage to them.

Blade of the Ruined King

Now, even though riot removed Madreds, they didnt leave us hanging without a tank killer. Ladies and gentlemen, THE Blade of the Ruined King!

This item isn't as strong as Madreds, not by a long shot. But it has Madred's passive, and that is why we buy it (if we need it).

This item grants us 40 AD, 10% lifesteal, a supreme active and Madred's very own godly passive.
Everything you hoped for.
AD = more power
10% lifesteal = more sustain ( synergizes well with Runaans, Guinsoo's and Spirit Visage)

Active = This is a really good one. It deals a solid amount of damage with this build, and then heals us for the same amount. That's a solid 250 damage and 250 health back.
Next, the slow. This is the real bonus of the active. It works a bit like Malphite's Seismic Shard; stealing the enemy's movement speed. So, it not only slows them, but it also speeds us up by the same amount.

Passive = The REAL reason for getting this item. Each basic attack deals additional damage equaling to 4% of the target's maximum health. This is basically the New Madreds. We only get this if the enemy team is stacking health because, well, we need to kill them.
Overall, effective item.

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Item Sequences and Explanation

Before I start, i just want to make it clear to everyone that this is MY personal build and what i follow usually. If you feel you want to change some things, feel free to do so. I just think i have some pretty good ideas -which have been tested and proven to work- in here which i havent seen on other guides.

Starting Items

For starting, i usually go with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions.
I do this because the increased mobility really helps you to poke and zone out your enemy champion, stopping him from obtaining valuable CS. The 3 Health Potions help you to stay at good health throughout the opening phase.

If you feel you can play the risky side, feel free to purchase a Doran's Blade instead. It can help you if you're the aggressive type, though I don't recommend it. If you get hit a few times by the enemy champion, you'll have no pots and will have to play more passively, forfeiting your zoning capabilities. I know Doran's Blade has some form or lifesteal, but it's close to nothing and won't compare to a health pot.

Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak

The next item I get is either a Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak.
Normally, I wouldn't do this with any other champion, but it is affordable with Teemo. This would hurt any other champion's damage, but Teemo makes up for it with Toxic Shot.

Most of the time, you'll be buying a Chain Vest as top lane is dominated by AD Champs. But in the rare instances where you fight an AP champ ( Diana, Cho'Gath, etc), you'll need to buy a Negatron Cloak.

The reason i do this early is to secure your lane. The added defense helps you to withstand your enemies pokes while allowing you to poke them back without fear. Also, by being such a strong little Yordle, you are able to bully them and zone them, making sure they have no way as much CS as they should.

Again, the reason why this works so well is because Teemo's offensive capabilities are hardly effected. True, if you had rushed to get your Malady or Berserker's Greaves you would be dealing more damage, but you will have no defense, meaning the enemy's reply pokes will do quite a bit of harm if it hits. By getting a strong defensive item early, you're maximizing your presence in lane by being more buff while hardly losing on any attack power.

Early Game Items

By the time you get your first defensive item, you should be around level 5 (even level 3 or 4 if you called for an early successful gank from le jungler). Next item that I usually go for is Berserker's Greaves, followed by a quick Blasting Wand.

The reason i rush to get the Attack Speed Boots is because we are still Teemo. While an early defensive item is great for early game, we can't stick by it forever. We still need to take advantage of our Toxic Shot by making sure it is used more often.

Next, the Blasting Wand. I get this to boost our power, as all of our abilities do magic damage. The good thing about Teemo is that his Toxic Shot also scales with AP. Maybe not alot, but every little bit counts. He's not like other AP champs; his basic attacks also do magic damage, making this investment worth while.

If you're lucky and had a good game so far, you might've earned enough to buy a Pickaxe, which will later be turned into a Guinsoo's Rageblade along with Blasting Wand.

Mid-Game Items

This is where Teemo really shines. By the time we have our first team fight, we should have our Guinsoo's Rageblade up and running. This item is extremely effective with Teemo because of the Attack Speed and Ability Power stacks.

Next thing I do after this is a little bit pricy. As soon as i have enough gold (around 1200g), i return to base. While there, i buy a Recurve Bow, and switch my Berserker's Greaves for Mercury's Treads. I do this because between our Recurve Bow and Guinsoo's, we have enough attack speed for now. What we don't have is magic resistance or Tenacity (things we direly need).
Teemo gets focused a lot, so the extra tenacity will help us. Also, we are lacking in magic resistance in this build, so the extra 25 will go a long way.

After that, i usually return to top and farm creeps like crazy and help out in teamfights whenever they happen. This usually should earn enough to buy your Runaan's Hurricane. After getting Runaan's, farming will be even easier because of the ZEUS LIGHTNING bolts. Not only that, but your presence in team fights will increase tenfold. You'll be able to tear the whole team to shreds because of the unique bolts. (Remember, Runaan's bolts all proc on-hit effects, meaning your Toxic Shot, Lifesteal, etc)

Now, we'll be nearing the end of Mid-game. Before the end, you should of at least bought your 2nd defensive item ( Negatron Cloak if you bought a Chain Vest early, and vice versa), and your Bilgewater Cutlass.

The reason we build a Bilgewater Cutlass instead of a Hextech Revolver first is because we can either turn this into a Hextech Gunblade or Blade of the Ruined King, depending on the enemy champions. If we build a Hextech Revolver first, we will either be forced to build a Gunblade, or lose money.

Late Game Items

After you finished your Bilgewater Cutlass, you should be alright for damage at this point. What you need now is more survivability. What we do next is farm cs like crazy. Upgrade your Chain Vest into a Glacial Shroud and your Negatron Cloak into a Spirit Visage. All together, this wont cost you much over 2500g.

Now that your defense is taken care of, we move back onto finishing our Bilgewater Cutlass. If your enemies only have 1 or 2 tankier champions, go for Hextech Gunblade. If they have 3 or more tanks, get a Blade of the Ruined King.
Now, you should be slaying all enemies in your path. You'll still be hurt by the occasional targeting by the enemy team, but a nice Iceborn Gauntlet should deal with it.

Iceborn Gauntlet

Iceborn Gauntlet is one of those items that work so well with this build. It gives us very decent AP, something Teemo depends on. It gives us Mana, which we don't have a lot of. It gives us crazy CDR, allowing us to put down a shroom every 18 seconds. It gives us armor, which will just let us survive all the better.

It gives us a rare Spellblade effect, something which will work well with Hybrid Teemo. The Spellblade activates every time we use an ability (which will be mostly from our Blinding Dart), inflicting 125% of our attack damage AND creating a slow field.

So all in all, we get Armor, AP, mana, a slow and Spellblade. Not a bad package at all.

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Match Ups

In this chapter, I will point out the Match ups that you'll likely face up top. I will include difficulty ratings, 10/10 being the hardest and 1/10 being the easiest.

Pantheon - 10/10

Pantheon is your worst nightmare. He counters you in every way. He's an AD caster, meaning most of his damage comes from his skills. Your main counter to AD champs is your blind, which is useless against Pantheon. Harassing with your Blind is pointless. Your Blind and his stun/spear throw have the same range, meaning your trades will be entirely one sided. At level 3, he'll have all his abilities and will be able to take you to half health with one Aegis of Zeonia -> Heartseeker Strike -> Spear Shot combo.

Do not engage him at any cost. If he runs towards you, run away. He doesn't even need a jungler's assistance for this.
If you can, swap lanes with someone. Anyone can make for a better match up. If you can't, make sure you buy a Philosopher's Stone and Kage's Lucky Pick so you don't fall too far behind in gold.

Garen - 3.5/10

Garen is actually very easy for you to counter if you have a good early game start. Your Toxic Shot will do some real damage to him as he has no range abilities at all. The only reason Garen isn't a 1/10 is because he can do some decent damage to you if he gets close.

Teemo doesn't have the longest attack range, meaning he has to get kind of close to champs to do some damage. Garen is a natural tank with his Courage, allowing him to rush you when you get close and do some real damage. I main with Garen, and this is one of the things I would do. By activating Courage, he ignores 30% of damage, turning him really buff for a short time. His Decisive Strike -> Judgment combo will really rip you to shreds, so you have to make sure you aren't caught in range of his spin (Judgment).

Despite this, the combo is really hard for Garen to pull off. He'll need to be camping in the bush with you standing right next to it. Your Move Quick along with boots is enough to outrun his Decisive Strike's speed boost, and then it'll allow you to auto attack him back to his turret/bush.

Other than this, you're fine. Your Toxic Shot's DoT effect will counter his health regen as well as do scary damage. This lane shouldn't trouble you too much. Just don't let him get into a bush, or you'll have to stay wary and constantly worry about him.

This will never work out, you WILL die. As soon as you go for the turret dive, he can pop his Courage and get off his full combo as well as his ult, all the while you'll be taking damage from the turret. Even if you do kill him, you'll die in the process. He can do an incredible amount of damage when he's under the turret.

Nasus - 1/10

Nasus. Too easy. Every single Nasus needs a fed Siphoning Strike to be any good. Without it, he sucks. Teemo is a hard counter to Nasus.
Teemo has range against him. That alone is a mega counter. If you can't pick up on it, I'll explain further.
In order for Nasus to be any good in anything by mid game, he needs to have a fed Siphoning Strike. He gets this by last hitting. Luckily, this guide relies on our ability to zone the enemy champion. Zoned Nasus = Weak Nasus.
Not only will it be an easy early game, you will effectively make it a 4v5 by 25 minutes because Nasus has no damage at all.

Some people say that Nasus can counter Teemo with his Wither. This doesn't work. Sure, the Nasus will get into striking range, but what then? All Teemo has to do is blind Nasus (negating his Siphoning Strike and all attacks for 2 seconds), and just pound him with auto attacks. You also can't depend on jungler assistance because of Teemo's Shrooms.

Really, Nasus has no chance. ggwp.