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Teemo Build Guide by Janitsu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Janitsu

Teemo's Code

Janitsu Last updated on February 4, 2014
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Pro et Contra
3. Masteries
4. Runes
5. Summoner Spells
6. Abilities
7. Items
8. Gameplay
9. Matchups
10. Change Log
11. Thanks to:

So, a little about me. I am 15 years old Teemo from Finland and I have played League of Legends since the start of season 1. Teemo is by far, my favourite champion in League of Legends. Also his laugh annoys a lot of people. Me likey. Please check out my Terminology Guide if you don't understand the terms I am using :)
Note that this guide might still contain a bit of outdated information. I will update it this week. I have been a loyal League of Legends player since the start of the first season and I've played every champion in League of Legends. I have played a lot of games as Teemo and I just love the way he is. Annoying and carefree person. Teemo is actually a pretty strong champion after all. But without further ado, let's get to the guide.


+ Heavy harass
+ Ranged
+ Blinding Dart
+ Free wards ( Noxious Traps)



- Squishy early game
- Doesn't have quickly applicable CC ability
- Can be hard to farm if unfamiliar
- Weak to heavy harass

"The secret of getting things done is to act!"

- Dante Alighieri

I usually have only 9 points in offensive tree. I take Fury because you scale well with attack speed and you can deal even more damage with your Toxic Shot. I take Expose Weakness which is pretty good mastery. You will get some damage from this whenever you chase an enemy running through your forest filled with Noxious Traps and whenever you use Blinding Dart on someone. I take Brute Force because it adds attack damage and that's something you are lacking. It also gives you Martial Mastery which is great due to the fact that Teemo's early attack damage is just horrible compared to others'. You can also take Double-Edged Sword if you are not against an enemy who will harass you all the time (e.g. Pantheon). Some people have suggested taking Mental Force and Arcane Mastery, but I really don't like them because the don't offer as much as Brute Force and Martial Mastery do. But, it's a personal preference, this guide is here to advice you on how to play Teemo in general.

These masteries are aimed to help you in the every stage of the game by providing you with vital stats as armor, magic resistance, health, health regeneration and others like them. They also provide you with effects that may neither do anything nor seem to do anything but are there to aid you with the game. You can change Hardiness and Reinforced Armor to Resistance and Evasive if you believe that they are better against the team you are. You can also change Second Wind to Tenacious if you don't believe that the game will get to the late game stage and therefore making that mastery pretty useless because you have neither health nor health regeneration for it to make it worth it. These are only suggested masteries and by any means I do not claim them to be the best ones for Teemo but I can say with some experience that these are at least viable and decent, if not the best ones there are for bruiser Teemo.

I use these runes because they add a lot damage to your early game and make farming easier. These are the marks that I prefer but I think that you should think about greater mark of armor penetration runes. They are a great alternative. Although I wouldn't take them unless I was sure that they are going to have much armor throught the game.

I prefer taking either these runes or Greater Seal of Scaling Health because they both provide defensive stats which are pretty important on Teemo because he doesn't have too much defensive stats early. I usually take Greater Seal of Armor because I find them more useful.

I prefer taking these glyphs because they will help you against enemy's burst and poke which are more likely magical than physical (except Pantheon and Gangplank for example)

There are multiple choices of quintessences but I took these. Why? Well, if you start your games like I start most of my games (with Doran's Blade this offers so much free sustain that it's almost ridiculous. I am not telling these are the only runes you should take. Other choices are Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage and greater quintessence of hybrid penetration.

This is pretty obvious choice for Teemo. Teemo needs some kind of escape, especially early game. You can also Flash through walls which makes it hard to chase you. If you don't want to take Flash I'd recommend getting Ghost.

Ignite is great finishing tool with Toxic Shot. You can easily 1 v 1 your top if you can kite him well at the beginning and then you can just chase him with Move Quick and Ignite + Toxic Shot = kill. If you don't want to pick Ignite other choices are Teleport and Exhaust.

I would pick Ghost against someone like Zed or Akali who can easily chase you down even if you used Flash. Ghost isn't the best choices after all because you have Move Quick to easily run away from your enemies.

If you feel like you are able to splitpush pretty hard, Teleport is the right spell for you! Teleport allows you to push two lanes at the same time (kinda). Enemies coming after you when you got enemy's inhibitor? No problem, Teleport bot to get your noob bot's first turret.

I take Exhaust only if enemy has anyone who deals a lot of damage and is able to stick to you. If not, your Blinding Dart is enough, or at least in my opinion. Anyone who is pro can tell me if I am right with this :p! But TL;DR usually Ignite > Exhaust


"If Teemo stands still and takes no action for 2 seconds, he becomes stealthed. Taking any action will break his camouflage, granting him 40% attack speed for 3 seconds."

This isn't the best passive in the game but it can be useful. For example escaping into a brush and just standing still will make you invisible and this can confuse enemy. The attack speed is also nice if you are invisible near to an enemy champion which you can kill easily.

Tips & Tricks

"Teemo shoots a dart at an enemy, dealing magic damage and blinding them for a few seconds."

This is a great ability to counter any champion that relies on auto attacks. The blind lasts from 1,5 seconds to 2,5 seconds. Very useful ability if you are facing someone like Tryndamere who has to come close to trade with you. With this he will most likely lose trades.

Tips & Tricks

"PASSIVE: Teemo gains increased movement speed. Damage from champions and structures will disable this bonus for 5 seconds.

ACTIVE: For 3 seconds, Teemo doubles his passive movement speed bonus. While active, Move Quick's bonus cannot be disabled via champion or structure damage."

This ability is great for few things: You get faster back to your lane, you can chase easier and you can escape easier.

Tips & Tricks

Teemo's auto-attacks deal bonus magic damage and poison his target, causing them to take additional magic damage over 4 seconds. Subsequent attacks only refresh the duration.

This makes Teemo very good at top lane. You can easily harass chunks of enemy's health and get away with it.

Tips & Tricks

Teemo places a trap which stealths and arms after 1 second. It detonates if an enemy steps on it, poisoning all enemies nearby to be dealt magic damage every second for 4 seconds plus slowing them and providing vision of them (doesn't reveal stealthed units) for 4 seconds. This poison will not stack but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent detonation. Mushrooms have 100 health and can be destroyed by autoattacks if they are visible, but they are immune to spell damage.
The traps last 10 minutes. Teemo will store one every several seconds, the charge time will be affected by cooldown reduction, and can have a maximum of three stocked up. Each cast requires and uses a trap.

Even though you have Noxious Trap you should still ward. Wards with your mushrooms make you almost impossible to gank. You should also use these against a melee top when he/she engages you. Just throw them at his/her feet.

Tips & Tricks

Starting Items

I prefer taking Doran's Blade if you are against a easy melee top who can't trade without autoattacks. Doran's Blade also offers you some sustain and after 40 autoattacks it has given you as much health as one Health Potion. It is also pretty strong early game item because it offers you health and damage for early trading. Must take against someone like Rengar.

Early Game

This item makes you an insane chaser and it also increases your damage with it's active. I pick this item because it allows me to sustain and deal damage and it builds to this useful item called Blade of the Ruined King which is pretty much like the only "core item" in this guide. I pick this item in every game because it is so useful in the laning phase. It also makes pushing easier.

2x Doran's Blades will allow you to outsustain the enemy. It also gives you useful stats that can win you trades that you can already win against those champions that are heavy autoattack reliant. You can get only one Doran's Blade if you think that you don't need the second one. I take double Doran's Blade in most of my games because it makes pushing easier.

These are the boots that you are most likely going to get if you started with Cloth Armor. They allow you to trade with those champions that can autoattack you and deal significant damage after the Blinding Dart that you have used when you started to trade. Pick these only if you started with Cloth Armor or if you need the armor and basic attack damage reduction.

These are the boots that I take in most of my games because they allow you to escape and chase. Enemy can use CC but Tenacity takes 35% off from it and you can continue your chasing or escaping. These are the boots that you want to get against AP top that counterpicked you. I usually have these boots. Ninja Tabi aren't needed in mos situations.

Mid Game

When you get this item you are probably going to kill your opponent very easily and this will also boost your splitpushing power that is already pretty high though. I get this item in every single game I play as Teemo. It just adds so much power to Teemo who has high base attack speed and can actually use the active well. You are able to chase that annoying Master Yi down with this item. I don't know how it is possible though.

Offensive Options

If you are going to get early Hexdrinker against an AP enemy at top lane, you should upgrade it to this when the Hexdrinker doesn't seem to be enough for you anymore. Very good item against teams that have much CC and magical damage. I get this in like 1/4 of my Teemo games because it is so good item at the moment.

You can't splitpush fast enough? Can't run away from an enemy? Got Ninja Tabi but enemies with CC started ganking? Don't worry, this item gives you cooldown reduction, attack speed, movement speed and tenacity. These are all useful stats for someone who tries to splitpush as much as possible and Teemo is that kind of a champion. I'd recommend selling boots late game for this because Move Quick gives so much movement speed already.

This item is - once again - good for champions that splitpush. There isn't much to say. Gives attack speed, critical chance, movement speed, cooldown reduction and attack damage. I would recommend getting this if enemies get a lot of armor and you don't want to get Guinsoo's Rageblade. The Brutalizer also increases your damage against enemy's Greater Seal of Armor.

Defensive Options

Permaslow OP slow. This item gives you tons of health and attack damage and the slow is just hilarious on someone as fast as Teemo. This with Blade of the Ruined King is incredible combo. Nobody can't escape you unless it's zed with Ghost and Flash. I recommend taking this item if you feel too squishy or if the enemies seem to get away too easily.

This item is very good especially if you have much resists since it's active gets duration from resists. You should get this item if you are focused by many autoattack reliant champions. Otherwise Frozen Heart is probably best because is slows everybody, not just them who attack you.

This item is for those who want to slow with Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap. Toxic Shot doesn't proc Rylai's Crystal Scepter and that's the reason it isn't too much of a good item on Teemo who get's many physical damage on-hit items. I recommend picking up this item if you are constantly putting Noxious Traps to your and enemy's jungle.

This item is great since it buffs every healing effect so Blade of the Ruined King's active heals more etc. This item also gives you health, magic resistance and cooldown reduction. I would pick either this or Wit's End against an AP enemy at top. This item is good if enemy's mid gets a little fed early game.

This item isn't too powerful on ranged champions since you need to stand close to enemy in order to do some damage with it's passive. That's why this item is only if you are in desperate need of armor or they have someone like Zed who is always after you and actually comes close to you. This both reduces his damage and increases your damage.

This item gives you magic resistance steal and deals magical damage with every hit. It also gives flat magic resistance and attack speed. This is the item that you want to get against AP top if you don't want to get Spirit Visage. This item is better if you are winning your lane and you are able to harass often.

This item is great against teams that have one burst and that's it. If they use it, they will be less useful and you are still alive. It also gives you armor and magic resistance and they are both good on Teemo. I'd pick this against Kha'Zix and Riven.


I really think this one is the best, especially for all the solo tops. You can now start with Doran's Blade and still get a ward. I take this in 90% my games.

Early Game

When you are in the early game, you pretty much just want to farm and harass enemy top with your Toxic Shots. You should hit level six pretty fast and you have probably got a kill if your enemy is a dumbass. When you get to level six level up Noxious Trap and go put the first mushroom to this or to this brush. When you have enough money for Bilgewater Cutlass or 2x Doran's Blade (unless you started with it) go and get either of these if you need to or your opponent went back to get items.

Mid Game

Mid game is Teemo's best time. You can splitpush a turret or few and get away with and you usually deal a lot of damage to champions too thanks to the high base damage of Teemo. At this point, your team usually wants to avoid teamfighting because you usually can't join them. Instead, you splitpush, enemies start to come to you, you run away, you splitpush. Repeat for ultimate success. If you bought Spirit of the Elder Lizard you can take fast dragon and with Blade of the Ruined King and Spirit of the Elder Lizard you can take fast baron if enemy team gives you a chance.

Late Game

This is Teemo's weakest point. You are only going to shut down enemy's ADC if he or she isn't too fed and push turret. You should move with your team though because now you can take fast objectives like baron , dragon , turret or inhibitor. Make sure to lay your Noxious Traps to enemy's jungle, and preferably next to the buffs. This will make stealing buffs easier and enemy's game harder.

You should have pretty much health with some resistances and you can take a few hits so you can play some kind of tank if the team doesn't have proper tank.

Mushroom & Ward Map


  • Killing Akali multiple times in the early game will make her less threat late game.
  • Akali gets better through the game. You won't. Remember this.
  • Akali is Easy-Hard because in the early game, she is easy but when the game gets to late game, Akali will be a hard opponent.

  • He already uses health to use abilities. Harass him often and try to zone him so he can't heal himself up whenever you do it.
  • Only enemy that I'd take Frozen Heart against.
  • He probably maxes Blades of Torment just dodge them. IF he is DuffTime, you are going to lose.

  • Cho'Gath is pretty hard enemy in the laning phase and after. He is tanky but still deals pretty much damage and offers a lot of CC to his team.
  • Try to outfarm Cho'Gath because harassing him isn't going to work thanks to his passive.
  • Guardian Angel and Spirit Visage lower the damage of him and Guardian Angel makes his ult useless if you are low on health but can run away.

  • Harass often because your Toxic Shot is very strong in the early game.
  • Try to save Blinding Dart to the point that your enemy can use basic attacks on you.

  • Elise is a medium opponent through the game.
  • Just try to dodge Volatile Spiderling and Cocoon and you are pretty safe.
  • Try to harass as often as possible so that Elise can't go all-in anymore.
  • Care for jungler. Elise can easily follow her jungler.

  • Easy like drawing pretty pictures.
  • Use Blinding Dart just before she uses her Blade Waltz. This way, her ultimate deals no damage if she has no on-hit effect items.
  • Spam laugh.


  • Try to dodge his Void Spike and when he engages try to run next to your minions.
  • Kha'Zix is very vulnerable to harass and that's why you should attack him with your Toxic Shot as much as possible.
  • Ask help from your jungler. One good early gank can make Kha'Zix's early game pure hell against Teemo

  • Garen isn't too hard enemy for Teemo. If you can harass often and you don't let him near you, you're going to do fine.
  • Be careful when near to brushes.
  • Just try to outfarm him. It's kinda hard to kill him alone since he has his Courage.

  • Irelia is pretty hard enemy because she can engage from a long distance through minions with Bladesurge.
  • She can easily outsustain you in the early game and kill you if you aren't careful.
  • Her passive Ionian Fervor makes ganking her pretty hard.


  • Jax is very strong at top lane thanks to his gapcloser, stun and autoattack reseting ability that deals bonus damage.
  • Try to outfarm him and attack him every time he comes closer to farm tl;dr zone him if you can.

  • Annoying poke, movement speed steroid and ranged/melee abilities.
  • Try to harass him often because he probably can't kill you if he doesn't use To The Skies! and come close to. If he does this you can kill him because you can kite.

  • Try to outfarm him and zone him as well.
  • Your Move Quick is great ability against Wither since it kinda denies it on the early levels which allows you to run away.
  • Try to give him the least amount of farm as possible and try to force him back.


  • Renekton will probably win this lane because he can farm and deal damage easily. He can come closer to hit his combo and then get away.
  • Try to stand as far back as possible.
  • Use Move Quick when he uses Slice and Dice and run away.


  • Try to harass often and zone Riven
  • Don't let Riven harass you because she will kill you when she hits level 6 if you are low on health. Or she will kill you even if you aren't low on health but you aren't careful.

  • Shen will probably try to harass you with Vorpal Blade.
  • Shen has annoying "long range" taunt so he is able to follow his jungler easily.
  • He can spam his shield so you can't harass effectively.

  • Singed is strong top if you let him come close to you. Harass him often so he won't do this.
  • Try to zone him as much as possible and if he is proxy Singed get Mejai's Soulstealer or Sword of the Occult.
  • Get magic resistance and warn your allies when he leaves lane.

I will add more matchups as I get more experience with them!

DD/MM/YYYY - Change - New - Erased

27/07/2013 - Published the guide!
17/08/2013 - Edited the masteries section
17/08/2013 - Added two matchups
28/09/2013 - Deleted Warmog's Armor, Guinsoo's Rageblade and zeke's herald
28/09/2013 - Edited masteries and runes sections

If you are here, you have probably read the whole guide! Thank you :)!

Thanks to

  • -NA- Veng Lmafo - The matchups template which I didn't use after all. Thanks anyways :)!
  • jhoijhoi - Wiki BBCoding section! Really helpful!
  • Vynertje - Thanks for the opinions!