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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enarpilod

The Demon Blade [by Narpy]

Enarpilod Last updated on March 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

/!\ Sorry if my English is not very glorious, but I hope you understand my personal guide of Irelia. /!\

Who I am ? My name is Christian (20 years old), I play in the EU Client and my Summoner Name is Narpy.

Enjoy and thank you for support !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

0. My Other Build

> Caitlyn - The Ghost Sniper

1. Foreword

I have playing since she was release and I have been surprising because she has realy powerful in the metagame. She is fast, powerful and resistant than any other dps character like that or . is competent to survival and kill on 1vs1. is the best to 1vs1. This doesn't mean she always wins a fight in 1vs1, but she can easily compete or flee if necessary through its skills which gives it a huge survival.

2. Why Irelia ?

Unlike other DPS (ex: , , , ...), is multi-function, she may: stun, slow, heal yourself, reduce the duration of adverse effects, attack from a distance, move quickly ... and all that, without objects.

Best character in 1vs1
Major physical damage
Low mana cost
Be cured by attacking
Possibility of Stun / Slow
Can solo lane
Possibility of leakage / commitment

Depends on the effectiveness of his team
Farm difficulties in solo lane versus rangers.

3. How to play Irelia

In early, is formidable, but to be truly effective, she must choose his teammate to be able to effectively take a lane 2vs2.

You choose a team with a champion that can Crowd Control (ex: , , ). His basic combo and the champions allow to get out of any situation (see "8. Basic Combo"). can team up with or who they have a skill to pounce on the enemy: massacre guaranteed!

However, you must avoid to do team with a tank because you won't be able to touch tower. If ever it's the only option for you, you can go to the jungle to levels 4~5 (if your tank can protect the tower alone) so you can gank at any time and you gain more experience and money rapidly.

4. Be efficient in the battle

Your priority is to focus on the characters low and powerful, like any good assassin. Stay in the dark (the grass) and wait for the right moment to attack. You must never engage to fight versus a team. NEVER ! It isn't your job. If you want hope to survive after the confrontation, you should attack when the enemy are weakened. If you attack too early, you won't survive once you've used your Ulti and the passive of Hexdrinker.

5. Runes / Mastery Trees / Summoner Speels

Runes : Attack Speed ?
You choose runes attack speed is the best. At the begin, you have a good ratio attack speed. Irelia enjoy the hiten style. I don't recommend to have only runes attack speed, because the items are sufficient to up your attack speed. It's best to have : x9 and Greater Quint of Desolation x3 because you find that your attack speed is high enough with x9 and x9.

Mastery trees : 21/0/9
We must encourage the damage. is very interesting, especially in early. Similarly for haste because ghost will be very useful to escape or catch an enemy.

Summoner Speels :
I choose because I enjoy to , so you should be used first and not at the end. Why ? Because the enemy isn't supposed to flee if you attack. Play with is an advantage.
Finally, I take to allow the escape or engagement, or to continue it (but you don't be too greedy!).

6. Ability Sequence and Tips

Mount priority in early because do will type fast enough to enjoy so, needless to go first. Anyway go before getting up.

Ionian Fervor

The Irelia's passive, , providing the purchase of and . It is a huge advantage in battle ground to reduce the duration of adverse effects. Note that it is indicated when the passive is working (see pictures). Warning! This is not a detector of enemies. If you're near tall grass and that the passive will not activate, it does not mean that no one in the tall grass. Let the enemies are close and visible to the passive is automatically activated.


Use to engage an enemy or to approach them (see pictures). But beware, does not Irelia totally hand-to-body. So just after you need to block the opponent with . Because he can distance you quickly and you will no longer be in range.

Hiten Style

One of the strengths of . The passive of is really effective. I do not recommend the purchase of items vampire simply because she does not need it. Its current function is very useful during a confrontation. Activate only when you are already attacking the enemy, but not before because the duration is short.

Equilibrium Strike

This skill is the ultimate weapon of . Whether you play the AS / AD or AP, it must go first! You end up with two seconds stun is huge and more than enough to eliminate a carry. Avoid having to use it when you have a larger % of life than enemy because the slowdown is not interesting. Activate primarily to stun the enemy. If he flees, slow down him.

Transcendent Blades

As , restores life to . Feel free to activate it if the situation becomes dangerous and your life falls very low. The recovery time is short, you can take the opportunity to activate often, but try to keep it mainly for emergencies. Use the mouse to direct the blades.

7. Purchase Order

I start with and x1. Needless to you have enough mana. When I back, I complete and I buy (or if I have enough). Avoid having to back before you lose a lot of time on the level of experience and money. Note that will be a considerable advantage in your basic combo (see below).

Then I can link will offer an option Irelia consequent survival in addition to increasing his attack and magic resistance. Be careful, the passive of only works for magic damage and not physical damage.

The next item to buy is normally but I realized that slow down the enemy at that time the game is not a priority. So I can buy to increase my life and I would end later. I buy just after , a to dramatically increase my attack speed and power for easy farm in the jungle or a lane.

Once I completed , I decided to make . Why this item ? Because it's a better alternative that's in the sense that it is inexpensive, it offers Attack Speed 60, 100 Extra Magic Damage every 4 attacks which is a huge plus and finally, once activated, it offers 30 Armor Penetration for 5 seconds. Be careful when activating , use for characters with lot life.

Finally, I finish to take full effect. The most interesting is the increase movement speed will be crucial in late game usually the game ends if you and your team have successfully managed. Next, if you can buy a starting . End the game with .

Special Situations : If you face a AP team, you may consider purchasing after . Do not hesitate to buy it if opposite.
Another interesting item to consider is . Inexpensive, it will be very effective against AD characters.
Do not buy too many objects to increase your defense or you will reduce your efficiency of attack speed and damage.

8. Basic Combo

Step 1 - Focus the enemy :
==> * (Auto-Attack 1 Hit) ==> ==> Step 2.1 or Step 2.2

Step 2.1 - You have more % life than enemy :
(Active) ==> (Active) ==> Hit the enemy ==> Step 3.1 or Step 3.2
-- OR --
Step 2.2 - You have less % life than enemy :
(Stun) ==> (Active) ==> (Active) ==> Hit the enemy ==> Step 3.1 or Step 3.2

Step 3.1 You can't kill him, need to run for survive :
If you can (Stun) ==> (Run) ==> Hit the enemy/minions for heal yourself ==> Go home

-- OR --
Step 3.2 The enemy trying to leave the fight :
==> (Hit the enemy) ==> (Try to) ==> If you can (Stun or Slow) ==> Hit and finish him

*Try to active the passive when you use skill.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Special Thanks for my best friend Keizu.
- - - - - - - - - - -

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