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Shaco Build Guide by 9 Ball

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 9 Ball

The Enigma

9 Ball Last updated on November 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is an introductory guide to Shaco.
To be honest playing a game as Shaco is in actuality of applying terror on the opponents, but not through your direct actions but rather from the much more disconcerting indirect actions.
But I diverge from the true purpose of this chapter.
If you have taken an interest in Shaco than you have probably already been informed he is a jungler.
If you were unaware, go away, ask someone, gank them in their sleep to avoid the secret spreading, and then continue.
Congratulations, you are now a serial killer, the first step to becoming a world class Shaco.
If you are not a serial killer, you may continue, but be aware that I am not responsible of any nightmares or midnight gankings you may receive.

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AP Shaco

Meet AP Shaco.
He's like regular Shaco, but more into exploding.
So basically the same.
Except AP Shaco has much more flexibility.
Regarding build wise, you may notice a combination of ad and ap.
This is because he is still auto attack dependent, since his ult isn't spammable.
You can trade these items out for offensive options for more explosions.
Regarding Wriggle's Lantern, this is needed for low level Dragon, a necessity as Shaco.
For masteries you still want 21/9/0.
21 for ap abilities.
9 for survivability in jungle.
0 in utility because Shaco.
Gank Shaco in his sleep.
You failed.
Use Two-Shiv Poison to last hit more often, its damage output should be up considerably.
Spam Jack in the Box everywhere.
Your clone is a more suicide bombable... thingy.
Listen, I didn't make English, the English made English, lousy Australians.
Sending your clone in by itself to get kills and bait is a much more viable option with this build.
For more advice, read rest of Shaco guide, but think in terms of AP Shaco.

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I don't muffin flipping know how to format these pages

Ignore the title of this chapter.
The real title of this chapter is summoner spells.
I have chosen Smite.
Smite kills minions.
Smite steals blue buff.
Smite steals red buff.
Smite steals dragon.
You now understand the purpose of Smite as Shaco.
I have chosen Flash.
Flash leads to ganks.
Flash prevents escapes.
Flash allows escapes.
Flash can make your allies rage at you when properly timed.
Flash can allow fountain execution as you win game.
You now understand the purpose of Smite as Shaco.
This is not a typo.

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This chapter discusses your starting items.
If you don't understand why items are chosen, gank someone in their sleep, preferably an individual who read this and is not a serial killer.
Have you forgotten what you don't understand?
Proceed with starting items.
Start with Hunter's Machete.
Start with 5 Health Potions.
Start with anything else and brag to team pro Shaco NA.
I have now covered starting items.
Proceed with mid game items.
Gank someone in their sleep.
Get Wriggle's Lantern for wards and damaging Dragon as well as healing.
Get Boots of Mobility to allow for swift exploitation of opposing jungle.
Get Tiamat, which your clone procs and allows insane team fight damage.
Get Avarice Blade for gold advantage, as well as building into better item.
Get Zeal for attack speed and preparing to build into something else.
Gank someone in their sleep, preferable around midnight.
I have now covered mid game items.
Proceed to final build.
Get Enchantment: Furor for chasing enemies.
Get Infinity Edge for massive damage.
Get Ravenous Hydra for massive damage in team fights, as well as healing.
Get Bloodthirster for massive damage and massive healing.
Get Static Shiv for massive damage in team fights.
We have now covered final build.
Proceed to defensive options.
For final item grab one of the following for appropriate conditions.
Grab Warmog's for massive bulk.
Grab Randuin's Omen for shutting down opposing AD champions.
Grab Frozen Mallet for chasing expert escape artists.
We have covered defensive options.
Proceed to offensive options.
For final item grab one of the following for appropriate conditions.
Grab Mercurial Scimitar for shutting down opposing AP champions, as well as CC champions.
Grab Trinity Force for speed, damage, defense, and bossing.
Grab Blade of the Ruined King for bulky champions and for attack speed bonus.
Grab Zephyr for attack speed bonus and shutting down CC champions.

Guide Top

I researched formatting, but instead stabbed computer screen. Typing from i

Ignore the title of this chapter.
The real title of this chapter is Abilities.
Start with Jack in the Box.
Next get Two-Shiv Poison.
Third get Deceive.
Max Two-Shiv Poison first.
Max other abilities depending on situation.
Always grab Hallucinate when possible.
Use Backstab to deal more damage to enemies during fights.
Always try to position behind enemies if safe to do so.
Use Deceive in concert with Backstab for massive damage.
Above is excellent engagement strategy.
Use Deceive to avoid wards watching Dragon as you go take Dragon quietly.
Use Deceive to gank from non warded bushes.
Use Deceive to gank from across walls.
Use Deceive to gank people in their sleep.
Use Deceive to avoid detection from warded bushes as you go for gank.
Tattoo on body.
Gank yourself in your sleep.
Use Jack in the Box for soloing first buff.
Take no more than 100 damage.
Use Jack in the Box to cut off escape routes.
Use Jack in the Box to ward lanes for ganks.
Use Jack in the Box in high traffic positions in jungle for map awareness.
Use Jack in the Box to prepare escape routes before invading or engaging in fights.
Use Jack in the Box for revenge kills.
Use Jack in the Box on enemy team's fountain to watch the world burn.
Dance like the Macklemore song.
Look up song I am referring to.
Gank Macklemore in his sleep.
Send him to heaven to make more heavenly rap.
God Bless Macklemore.
I digress.
Use Two-Shiv Poison to last hit escaping enemies with active.
Use Two-Shiv Poison to slow escaping enemies with active or passive.
Use Two-Shiv Poison to allow for escapes.
Use Two-Shiv Poison to clear jungle camps.
Use Hallucinate for taking Dragon at level 6.
Repeat every 6 minutes, as that is when Dragon respawns.
Hallucinate can not be explained adequately in words.
Look up Shaco Hallucinate plays.
Practice Hallucinate.
Gank someone who read this guide and is a serial killer in their sleep.

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Basic jungling Masteries.
Go 21/9/0.
21 in offense for AD damage.
9 in defense for extra gold from Smite and health.
0 in utility cause we ganked them in their sleep.
Don't think about above comment.
Just let it happen.

Guide Top

Runes are a personal thing, so get what you want. Like lifevamp or stealspe

Ignore the title of this chapter.
The real title of this chapter is Runes.
Grab attack speed since double effect with Hallucinate.
Grab armor to increase livability by a tad.
Read chapter title for other options.

Guide Top

General strategy: starting off

True terror of Shaco is his ability to turn opposing jungler into useless noob or feeder as well as ability to consistantly take Dragon for team gold advantage.
If the opposing jungler is a bad duelist use the following route.
Start at opposing red.
Take red using Jack in the Box.
Go to Wraiths' bush and set up Jack in the Box.
Ambush jungler in bush, either forcing a flash or killing them.
Save your Flash for escaping mid interference.
Head to your red and give your top red, but be sure to get experience.
Go to your Blue and offer to mid or support if you got blue from opposing jungler.
Proceed to gank.
If they have a good duelist start at your blue buff and clear.
Don't use smite.
You won't need a leash, but team should watch for invade.
Go to Wolves and clear.
Go to Wraiths and clear.
Go to Red and clear, using smite.
This is an indirect method, but very effective.
You can solo Dragon at level 6.
Use your clone to increase damage as well as divert damage.
Use Jack in the Box to divert damage.
Only attempt level 6 dragon with smite off cool down.
Use Backstab with Hallucinate to increase damage.
Use Jack in the Box to take aggravation as well as spin Dragon around to proc Backstab.
Once lanes are mildly pushed, at level 11 buy vision ward.
Ward Baron, if not warded by enemy team, set up Jack in the Box to prevent interference.
Call team over for early level Baron.
Baron respawns every 7 minutes.
Attempt Baron whenever safe to do so, and use Vision ward to safely clear Baron first.
Early level Baron can be unexpected and hard to counter, so do not be afraid to do so if Baron isn't warded by enemy team.
This strategy is largely doable if you earn early gold advantage through Dragon to strengthen team.
For final strategy practice Hallucinate.
Consider suicide bomber with Ravenous Hydra, combining with Deceive for sudden 2 man gank, and other similar strategies to maximize your skill set.
Hallucinate only limited by your imagination.

Guide Top

Jungle paths

Shaco has a very fast flexible clear.
Kind of like me.
As a lover.
With ducks.
I have already mentioned 2 viable clears, but here are some others.
Start at their red and clear.
Must not use smite.
Go to your blue and clear using smite.
Proceed to gank.
This method is best for quick ganks in top and mid lane on blue team, and mid and bot lane on red team.
Next viable clear.
Gank all your peeps in their sleep.
Start at their red and clear.
Don't use smite.
Go to blue and clear using smite.
Go to Wolves and clear.
Go to Wraiths and clear.
Go to Golems and clear.
Go to your red and clear.
Proceed to gank.
This method most effective for taking early level junglers you can't duel.
Clears fast enough that they have trouble getting back their red.
Under levels them enough to you to now win a duel if they attempt to take your red while you clear.
Allows for a relatively fast high level gank.

Guide Top

Countering Shaco

Watch for invade, but don't stop it at first.
Wait until 1:15 so he can't solo blue buff anymore.
Attack him at 1:15 if he invaded.
His jungle clear is now crippled, and he will have difficulty getting a leash.
At level 4-5, when you suspect Shaco is close to 6, ward Dragon in sight of Dragon so he can't stealth pass ward and take Dragon without you seeing him.
When he does solo Dragon have jungler, mid, and bot lane converge as appropriate upon him.
Late game he is not a threat.
If he is a threat he is a pro Shaco who knows how to maximize Hallucinate.
Gank me in my sleep for failing to save you.

Guide Top

I got a comment

I got a comment.
I felt good.

Located odd word in discussion.
Tried assisting individual.
Unsure if successful.
Considering ganking them in their sleep.
Should fix the problem, in essence they'll learn english, not Hawaiian or whatever that was.

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Recent Updates that Effect Shaco

Well, actually, no.
Preseason Update needed for actual changes.
Riot update please.
Before I gank Ezreal in his sleep.
Not the character.
THE Ezreal.
It failed...