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Udyr Build Guide by BornToBeast

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BornToBeast

The GODyr is REAL! [Madstone Jungle 4.13]

BornToBeast Last updated on November 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction To Me:

Hello Everyone my name is BornToBeast, i am a low elo player on the oceanic server. However, i have been playing Udyr since approximately level 15, and still play him consistently. This is my first guide, so don't be afraid to give constructive criticism. It would really help me in making future guides. Any comments are welcome, i don't mind if you say "the guide wasn't what i was looking for' and is quite flawed" but a more specific reason would be nice.

Introduction To Udyr:

Udyr is a Tanky/Utility Jungle or Top lane champion, he is extremely underestimated by most of the community, however he is one of the best junglers n the game, he can carry with a DPS style build, or still get kills and carry with a tanky build. Even;to the surprise of many people,he can invade level 1 with a Fort pot and get a triple kill if played well enough. By the end of the game you will have the entire enemy team chasing you and if you have the utility build you will out run them with 567 movespeed while using bear stance, and you can't be killed with a tanky build. Just bait yourself and let your team push the nexus.

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Pros / Cons

+High Mobility when built utility
+Can have 4000 health and still output damage
+Strong Jungle control
+Can live in the enemy jungle once fed
+If he is fed he can end games fast, in fact better than any other jungler
-Making a come back when down more than 3 deaths is difficult
-No ranged skill shots so ganks can fail if laner is aware of your presense
-With no solid ranged gap closer, a carry like vayne can condemn you and completely ruin a gank

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Utility Masteries:


My masteries are fairly self explanatory. In a utility build my masteries focus on movement speed and extra gold. For a utility build this is used to chase down targets and be able to kite them easily. You can destroy up to 3 people at once if you can dodge cc with your movespeed and slap them in the mouth with Phoenix Stance every now and then. The points Biscuiteer and Explorer are useful to start the game, Biscuiteer practically gives an extra Health Potion which is a downfall of have utility masteries and starting with Boots of Speed, you can only start with 4 pots. Explorer can either help with defensive or offensive jungle play, if you are afraid of being invaded you can place the ward to keep buffs safe or it can be used to have vision on enemy jungle camps and helps to smite steal buffs. Points in Summoner's Resolve , Durability , Tough Skin , Bladed Armor and Veteran's Scars as well as Vampirism allows for some better sustain in the jungle since utility builds end up be squishy both early and late game. Bladed Armor is quite necessary on a utility build, because it replaces the mitigated damage that the points in the defensive tree would normally give you so you take reduced damage from being squishy in the jungle. Points in Wanderer and Nimble help to increase movement speed which is the staple of the utility Udyr build. Other masteries such as Mastermind and Runic Affinity prolong the duration of neutral buffs and reduce the cooldowns of summoner's spells, most importantly, Smite. Points in Awareness and Intelligence also help with Udyr's somewhat prominent mana problems and cooldown reduction so that switching stance can occur more frequently.

Tank Masteries:


The tank masteries are used to decrease as much Champion damage and minion damage as possible allowing you to have great sustain in the jungle, so much so that you will almost gain health back from Turtle Stance in the jungle, even at low levels. This combined with a tank items allows you to stand in the middle of a team fight and still cause chaos with his's high natural damage. The points in the offensive tree are Sorcery , Blast and Weapon Expertise , all of which will help ganks and offensive power with more armor penetrtion and ability power early for both Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance allowing you to do more straight up damage. Important points in the defensive tree include: Durability , Hardiness , Tough Skin and Legendary Armor , these points will greatly help early with sustain in the jungle and when ganking. I find these points much more useful than masteries such as Bladed Armor because the clear time that Udyr has does not allow for it to be effective enough to be worth a point. All the rest of the points in this tree focus on reducing champion damage for more effectiveness in team fights and durability against champions such as: Juggernaut , Block and Honor Guard .

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

These runes are the ones that are used on both Tank udyr and utility, 9 Greater Mark of Attack Speed, 9 Greater Seal of Armors armor seal, 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and 3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. The attack speed helps with clear time through the whole game, and when building tank so that without items such as the Stinger or Zephyr you can still obtain more than average procs of Phoenix Stance and even when you have decided to take points in Tiger Stance over Phoenix Stance it will still help with further increasing your attack speed steroid. Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed will assist you heavily in the utility build and aid in obviously further increasing movespeed. They also help you when building tanky to replace the Boots of Speed that the utility build uses to make ganks successful. The Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are standard runes to help with survival, either when chasing someone, running away or farming in the jungle.

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Summoners Spells


Smite is always necessary when jungling Udyr he cannot smiteless jungle, i advise against that please don't try it. Smite is necessary for taking objectives as well and with out it you will lose your buffs to the enemy junger if the counter jungle you. Your team will always be out smited at dragon and Baron as well, which could cost you the game.


Flash is more useful in higher elo as if provides a direct and clear escape from a fight, or even a way in such as a dive on a low mid laner from the enemy wraith camp. Its is possible to use flash to become in range for a stun forom Bear Stance, however it is a bit of a waste considering flash is usually an escape method. It does become more useful than Ghost when chasing sometimes because there is no delay, with Ghost there is a delay before you catch them but it is usually definate you will eventually catch them. Where you can Flash onto someone but if you don't do it correctly you have wasted it.


Ghost is a good summoners in low elo and has a great synergy with Bear Stance and the utility build in general. It is much better for ganking and particularly if you come from behind from their jungle so they have less time to run towards their tower. However if building utility you become significantly less durable so Flash is probably the best Utility and Ghost is better for a Tanky build.

The principle here however is that it is all up to personal preference, experiment with both and decide which one that you enjoy using the most, ghost or smite.

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Udyr's Abilities

Monkey's Agility is Udyr's passive ability that make Udyr gain 10% attack speed and 5% increased movespeed for 5 seconds. If this ability is triggered more than once within the 5 seconds it will stack to a cap of 3 times. At full stacks that is an extra 30% attack speed and 15% movespeed. This can be used to your advantage while you hold blue buff and escapes can be made easily by simply switching between Bear Stance and Turtle Stance whilst running away.

Phoenix Stance is an ability that Udyr has that on activation and for 5 seconds afterwards empowers the nest auto attack causing it to deal a burn with an AOE in front of Udyr and also has an activation effect for 5 seconds where Udyr pulses with flames and damages and burns enemies around him. Phoenix Stance has a persistent effect that occurs every third attack and will also deal the AOE burn in front of Udyr. This is one of Udyr's primary damage output abilities, the only other one being Tiger Stance which can be used instead of Phoenix Stance however with a higher clear time but a ridiculous amount more single target damage.

Tiger Stance is an ability possessed by Udyr that on activation makes Udyr deal his normal attack damage plus 120%-160% on auto attack and from 80-230 extra damage over the next 2 seconds. It also has a persistent effect of buffing attack speed by up to 70% depending on level. Tiger Stance is definitely a viable option in the jungle, and it is often more useful for your team that you become more squishy in exchange for damage because of the extremely high ad ratio's on this ability. This Udyr's other main damage ability and extremely strong early game, the only thing that makes clear times in the jungle slower with this ability is that it isn't AOE and only has single target damage.

Turtle Stance is the only defensive ability that Udyr has, and while it is the only it definitely makes up for it being the only one. This ability cause Udyr to gain a shield upon activation, and persistently gives him life steal of up to 18% of his damage depending on the level of the skill. This is an important skill to learn at level 2 so you have sustain in the jungle, with this skill you can essentially get health back from a jungle camp because of the shield and lifesteal working is synergy. Turtle Stance also synergies with Tiger Stance because even when you change stances the persistent effect remain and you can get more procs of the lifesteal with Tiger Stance's attack speed steroid.

Bear Stance is Udyr's only cc ability, which also increases movement speed by a flat percent but requires melee range to be used. The activation of the ability sees Udyr gain an increase in movespeed by up to 35% and ignores unit collisions for 3 seconds from when it is activated allowing you to gank and run directly to the target. The persistent effect is that Udyr "mauls" any target he attacks stunning them for a flat amount of 1 second at all levels. But the mauling effect can only occur on each target every 6 seconds. Still meaning though that if i attacked 2 targets one after the other within 6 seconds they will both be stunned, you will have to wait 6 seconds to stun the targets since each of them was stunned separately to stun again.

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Skill Order

Phoenix Jungle

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the order of which you should be getting your abilities whether or not you intend to build tank or utility builds as Phoenix Stance jungle udyr. Always start with Phoenix Stance, and transition into your second point being in Turtle Stance to avoid unwanted damage taken in the jungle and increase durability. Afterwards Bear Stance should be learnt at level 3 and once have taken both your buffs this is the optimal time to look for a gank on lanes that require them. From here just focus on maxing Phoenix Stance --> Turtle Stance --> Bear Stance and then finally finish with 3 points in Tiger Stance. It is also suggested that 1 point in Tiger Stance early (approximately level 12) will increase effective of clears and ganks when Tiger Stance is used in conjunction with other stances.

Tiger Jungle

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the order in which if building Udyr either tanky or as utility you should take when jungling with Tiger Stance. Essentially this is just the same order as the Phoenix Stance jungle except that whenever you would normally take a point in Phoenix Stance place it in tiger, and the same for when you would normally put a point Tiger Stance instead place it in Phoenix Stance. You should still place a point in Phoenix Stance early in this build (approximately level 12 again) to surprise the enemy team with magic damage after you should have built tiger jungle items with high attack damage.

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Item Explanations

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

This is your main item to start with any game, it gives tenacity which is the main reason for its use. The Health and Mana regeneration are also quite useful to increase sustain in the jungle, and the cooldown reduction also plays a large factor in why it is so good on Udyr.

Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart is a great item to have on a tanky Udyr, the armor is naturally great for a tank and 20% cooldown reduction allows faster changing of stances. The passive of Frozen Heart can be used quite well with the passive of Randuin's Omen (Cold Steel), which slows movement speed of an emeny by 10% and attack speed by 15%. This mean that is any carry that relies on Auto attcks is trying to run from you or kite you they have their movement speed decreased by 10% and their Attack speed decreased by 35%.

Randuin's Omen

Randuin's Omen is very good on Udyr, giving 500 health and 75 armor, plus its unique passive (Cold Steel) and its active ability. As previously discussed the unique passive works well with Frozen Heart, however it also works well with items such as Iceborn Gauntlet or Frozen Mallet since it also slows movement speed as well as attack speed. If you have an enemy attack you while you are attacking them and you have Randuin's Omen, Frozen Mallet and Iceborn Gauntlet they are now slowed by 80%, a ridiculous amount.

Locket of the Iron Solari

I almost always get this item when playing as Udyr, the cooldown reduction when used in conjunction with my current build gives a total of 40% and the Health and bonus armor so commonly used on tanky champions is also a great buff to your durability. The active is also useful in a team fight to either disengage or buffs your whole team, along with the passive Health regeneration and Magic resistance.

Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet is useful item on Udyr depending on how you build him, if you prefer to slow attack speed then Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen is preferable. However if you want an insane slow on your Auto attacks Frozen Mallet is the way to go, you should then buy it in conjunction with Iceborn Gauntlet to have a 70% slow after a 1 second cooldown, and a constant 40% slow on melee champs and 30% on ranged champs. Udyr does not receive much attack damage from any of his items in either build, so an item that gives 30 ad, as well as 700 health and a 40% slow is incredibly useful on Udyr.

Warmog's Armor

Warmog's Armor drastically increases the health of any champion, and an extra 1000 health is always a great asset on any tank. All items in my build are designed to maximize tankiness and durability and there is no better example than Warmog's Armor, which gives 1000 health while most other items in the build do give substantial amounts however quite less than Warmog's Armor.

Iceborn Gauntlet

Iceborn Gauntlet while not giving health does give armor and a passive that has great slowing capabilities when used with other items that have a passive slow. Although it is spellblade passive which triggers after the use of an ability Udyr's low mana cost and cooldowns should ensure you can use that passive to its fullest potential.

Spirit Visage

This item is amazing at the moment on any champion who requires cooldown redeuction, health and health regeneration. This item is quite useful when also using a Warmog's Armor because it boosts the health regeneration by 20%. Besides that Udyr does not have natural spell vamp or lifesteal so the passive is not really ever used to its full potential, however still a great item for any champ, and if the defensive options you choose do not have Cooldown reduction than this item becomes even better.

Sunfire Cape

Sunfire Cape gives Health and armor, as well as a passive that can be used to your advantage. If building tank Sunfire Cape's passive can be used to directly take tower agro and stop other squishy members of your team from taking it. Also it can be used in conjuction with Spirit of the Elder Lizard to have 3 ways to burn your victims. The Sunfire Cape, Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Phoenix Stance will all burn your targets and can produce kills even when i looks as if they have escaped.


Thornmail is a good item on Udyr, however not as necessary or worth the gold as other items. It can be used effectively with Randuin's Omen to add 1 second to the active slow and not only reduce the incoming damage and fire it back, but also slow the enemy who is attacking you. This item is not commonly used however viable in certain circumstances.

Banshee's Veil

If facing a fed AP mid laner or an enemy team which consists of a lot of Magic damage it is important to take this item in replacement of one other defensive option. This will help you avoid Ahri charms and Veiger stuns and avoid letting them get ahead. The passive health regeneration is also great for running away after being ambushed and often not having to back so you can continue farming.

Wit's End

Wit's End is similar to Banshee's Veil in the situation it is useful for, against a fed AP midlaner or heavy AP reliant enemy team. However this item also gives attack speed which will increase your damage output through procing your Phoenix Stance more often. If using this item is probably because you want to shut down the enemy AP mid, rather than just remain safe from them.


Zephyr is used when playing Udyr Utility and is a direct replacement of Spirit of the Ancient Golem. It replaces the tenacity which is even more important while playing utility, because if you get crowd control on you as a utility jungler you will likely die. It is great as a first item when ahead and for carrying a game and finishing it as soon as possible. However it is only recommended for people who are experienced in the jungle.

Trinity Force

Trinity Force can be used to obliterate the enemy team while ahead, it is most useful when split pushing late game as a utility Udyr. If you intend to team fight and push a lane as a team this is possibly not very useful and it is more beneficial to buy another tank item like Randuin's Omen or Warmog's Armor to increase durability in team fights. The passive that increases movement speed on hit is used for kiting and the increase in attack speed is necessary as it is a staple of the utility build and relying on being ahead of the enemy in level for your damage output. It is important to not get Trinity Force and Iceborn Gauntlet in the same build, the unique passive spellblade will not work on whichever item you buy second, and even if you do buy both get Iceborn Gauntlet first so you get the increased damage after abilities and the 30% slow.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Spirit of the Elder Lizard is a good item on Udyr, but should probably remain on the Utility and not the Tank build. The burn synergies with Phoenix Stance and Sunfire Cape, and is good early to help clears with the Butcher passive and is able to be made from the Spirit Stone which is a must first buy for a utility Udyr jungle. It should later be sold for another item though, perhaps a Randuin's Omen or Sunfire Cape.

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Skills and Techniques

In this section i will talk about when to change stances, why to tiger or phoenix jungle in different games, a technique to destroy turrets with a full utility build and what stances to use when ganking.

Tiger Vs Phoenix

Changing stances is a basic skill and must be mastered in order to completely understand the power that Udyr has. One of the most controversial ideas about jungle Udyr, Tiger jungle or Phoenix jungle? Phoenix has a lower clear time early game and much better when used with the kiting technique i will talk about later. Tiger has more effect when ganking solo lanes and is mainly used to get more procs of your Phoenix Stance, so maxing phoenix and only putting 3 points in tiger late game is preferable. One point in tiger at level 12 is usually a good idea also so that by this time you can increase the number of procs of Phoenix Stance with the Tiger Stance speed steroid earlier than anticipated by the enemy team. Tiger Stance jungle is also extremely powerful early game to invade with a potion of fortitude and is possible to get a triple kill, just like the one in Trick2g's solo tiger invade video.

The decision to either max Phoenix Stance or Tiger Stance is entirely up to you, if you feel you can get ahead of the enemy jungle because he is squishy early then Tiger Stance is better if you intend to do this and practically live in the enemy jungle. Phoenix Stance has faster clear time and larger burst damage and both are viable so experimenting with both ans finding which you prefer is the best option to become comfortable with Udyr.

Split Push Techniques:

There is one technique discovered by an insane Udyr player, who is also the Best Volidyr NA, Trick2g a streamer and YouTuber. The Technique requires a full build in Utility (NOTE: This can be done with no minions around a tower, which is what makes it so powerful when split pushing). Walk to the turret and start in Turtle Stance, then change to Tiger Stance and finally Phoenix Stance, rinse and repeat. Your turtle will soak at least 2 tower shots then the tiger burns down towers by itself and finally will give more procs of Phoenix Stance every 3 attacks. This technique will quickly draw the attention of the enemy team, from here let your team push elsewhere while the enemies focus you. Then after this simply run away with your incredibly high movespeed.

Kiting and Ganking:

Finally in this chapter is the ganking and kiting, an extremely useful technique that is good to know on any champion. When utility this becomes easier, because the trinity force will give the Phage passive, Zephyr gives +10% movespeed and Boots of Swiftness also increases movespeed. You want to enter the lane with turtle to avoid any poke to scare you off of ganking them, then move in for the kill with Bear stance, and finally once you are in their face change to phoenix and kite them. Kiting means that you predict where the enemy will move and you move in between each attack to remain in front of them, which reduces escape routes and the distance between you and them if they Flash to escape. Simply click once on them to attack then once ahead of them to remain in front.

Phoenix Stance Technique:

One more stance changing tip is used while ganking as well. It involves Phoenix Stance and is quite simple. You wait for a proc of your third attack to activate and then reactivate phoenix straight after, at max level Phoenix Stance does 200 damage and that means 40 damage within 2 auto attacks.

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Jungle Route and Pushing Lanes

The most common and effective route for an Udyr to take in the jungle is to start at Blue buff with a smiteless leash, then move to Red buff and then gank a lane. If you are afraid of being invaded at red while you take blue then it is possible to start red and go straight to blue, the most important thing is just to hit level 3 at least and then gank. If you intend to build utility and you have utility masteries equipped, it is best to start at red then move across to blue buff because you will take too much damage from creeps if you don't have the extra damage from red buff. At level 3 you should have 1 point in Phoenix, Bear and Turtle stance, this is the optimal time to gank a lane.

Another important factor is that if you have a buff stolen and you are building utility and trying to carry, you should get mad. Go steal your buff back by either killing the opposing jungler or stealing it directly from their camp. Because the best thing to do when carrying is make the enemy jungle your home and only leave to take your own buffs. Because if the enemy jungler knows what he's doing he should be in your jungle if you are in his. To carry with Udyr you must be greedy, take buffs for yourself in order to level up, and due to his great sustain Udyr can stay in the jungle until he can go back and buy full items.

One final thing that is neglected by low elo junglers is that if a laner on your team is dead or at base you maust hold the lane to stop the lane from pushing to their tower. This will ensure it is not difficult for that laner to cs under tower and will stop any unwanted damage on allied towers. This will also replace the experience loss from not ganking or farming the jungle because you recieve any cs in lane while your laner is missing. Also if you complete a successful gank and the enemy laner/laners die, wraiths or double golems is not your priority. Pushing that lane with or even without your allied laner to do damage to the tower and create pressure and an objective lead. The only exception to this is larger objectives such as Baron Nashor or the Dragon. If you can continually catch the enemy laner in ganks on their lane or watch to see when they roam on one lane you will be able to force down objectives by 10-15 minutes into the game.

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[IMPORTANT] Tank vs Utility

It is important to know one fact when playing as Udyr, when and when not to use the Utility build. To start you should always start building the tank build and use the utility masteries once you are confident. Then once you are ahead sell your Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Frozen Mallet, for the Zephyr and Trinity Force. It is also important when selling them to get the Zephyr before Trinity Force, because the original reason for the Spirit of the Ancient Golem was for the Tenacity, which you now still have because of the Zephyr.

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Conclusion and Video Links

Thank you if you are reading this for completely reading my guide. Any positive feedback is welcome, and please comment and say how i can improve the guide. I will be updating the guide for Season 4, and finally i would like to link you to some videos of the guy that inspired this guide called Trick2g, i learnt everything i know from his guide ever since patch 3.8. Thank you again and i look forwards to making more guides, keeping in mind this is my first one.

Udyr Utility PBE Season 4 Utility

Udyr 3.13 My Way

Udyr Tiger + Fort pot Solo Invade

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Change Log

1. Season 4 update coming soon