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Vex Build Guide by LuxIsMyCrush

Middle the goth of rift Vex [mid/supp/top] guide

Middle the goth of rift Vex [mid/supp/top] guide

Updated on October 4, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush 2,328 Views 0 Comments
2,328 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Vex Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush Updated on October 4, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Vex
  • LoL Champion: Vex
  • LoL Champion: Vex

Runes: burst

1 2 3
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

the goth of rift Vex [mid/supp/top] guide

By LuxIsMyCrush
Are you into goth? Do you like yordles, or you simply think Vex is relatable, but have no idea how to play her?! Well then that's the guide for you.
Our memey services offers you a variety of builds you can use to troll your mates and some solid tips on how to improve your playstyle. And yeah, 3 lanes, she really have potential not gonna lie.
Spoiler: Click to view

First of, in lane Vex is a long-medium range mage, kind of controlish playstyle but not exactly, so she's basically pretty chill, though the first thing you may need to learn if you want to be a vex main si last hiting with basic attacks.
She excells against champs with dashes.
After level 6 her ult makes her basically an burst assassin.. with 200 years of experience and resets. Though more about her playstyle after teaching the basics.

Doom 'n Gloom
Vex's favorite band

So I think it's pretty easy to understand, but to summarise, Gloom makes enemies that dashes to receive more damage from you and reduces the cooldown for doom. Doom is the part when your abilities get empowered and fear the enemies hit.
Important to note as the description in game may be a bit misleading, but you can trigger gloom on enemies both hitting them with auto attacks but also with abilities.

(Q) Mistral Bolt
Basically hard to miss in melee range, relatively easy at max range. This ability is your main damage source as well as farming tool. You will want to max Q in most games and be sure you hit enemies as much as possible with it, even if it's slowly it's not impossible. The only problem is reliability to proc doom with it, reason for which your W and E are much more viable.

(W) Personal Space
On short, Vex's W is a perfect ability.
Still keeping it short, W is a great ability both to engage (with ult) or disengage.
If you have no track of enemy jungle just keeping your W and doom up may be a good measure to ensure their ganks are nullified instantly, especially if they count of a dash ability to get to you (like for example Gragas Body Slam into you).
Personal Space could also be used simply to block some damage and you know, shield stuffs in general. Though the main usage you'll use it is to instantly fear enemies when you dash to them or block their engage to you.

(E) Looming Darkness
Because of how slow your Mistral Bolt is, Looming Darkness is the best ability to start with, not only it is a lot easier to hit, but all enemies hit are marked with gloom, that part is so good on vex, it literally means you can use your passive to it's fullness without depending on enemies having dashes into their kit, and it even have some slow, which is a good way to follow combos after fearing enemies, but of course you can use E to proc the doom fear too. Anyway the reason you want to start with E it's because it will not only making last hiting easier and give you a bit more free poke, but by carefully hitting multiple enemies (minions and preferable enemy champ) and triggering their gloom you can reset doom pretty quickly, and get access to doom a lot faster than if you'd start with Q. basically you can just clean the wave with E and last hit gloom then at level 2 surprise the enemy with a quick doom E Q auto trade for which they won't really be able to trade back if you time everyhing right.
by using E first in a trade you make your Q much more likely to land as enemies are slowed (and even better, feared too).

(ULTIMATE) Shadow Surge
Basically a screen distance optional dash, think of it as Kai'sa W R combo, only that it's double R for you. This ability enables you to become a literal assassin, it even have the 200 years of collective experience put into an infinite potential of resets, like pyke R, only that your R doesn't have to kill the enemy, you just have to kill them pretty quickly after dashing to them to reset it. It works awesome with Personal Space.

~Will update later (probably in few days) with relevant informations and more aesthetics~
but tldr Electro is great for burst (usually E Q auto would be enough in lane and W if they wanna trade back to nullify some of their damage and burst them even more) and all ins, while arcane is mainly a poke tool, for hit and run plays in lane.
Things to say about electro primary:
both Eyeball Collection and Ghost Poro are good, I'd say it's more about preferences, Ghost Poro utility is way better but eyeball is more snowbally.
Ravenous Hunter is also a valid option instead of Ultimate Hunter, though having access more to your ult is more important imo, as vex playstyle is pretty safe and if you put yourself in a pretty dangerous situation some sustain will not really save you, the vamp itself is really low and not really worth until stacked, but that's just my preference for her.

For Sorcery primary, you can switch Scorch with Gathering Storm if you assume the game will take more than 30 minutes.
Why top
That's more of a counterpick, but the play should be similar with midlane style. Control the lane and punish the enemy for their mistakes, dont be unnecesary agressive if you don't have doom ready or enemy jungler location is unknown.
Or just freeze the lane and again, punish the enemy for their mistakes, never get too close to them though, most toplaners have sustain and can burst pretty qickly squishy champs.
Why support
Because of her passive, Vex theoretically excels more at support than mid, vex passive tends to punish her for using her abilities for farming, which means in lane she not timing them right will give her a disadvantage or loss of cs, but as support she only wants to use them to punish the enemies, and she's not really required to trade if she doesn't feel like that. The only drawback it have is ironically the doom downtime, as she will not be able to gloom the minions.. i mean you could do it but you'd be an a*shole and no one likes an support that steals farm from their adc in lane phase or mindlessly push their lane even if the adc would deserve it.
Though as support Vex can bring a lot of pressure and lane control into lane, not as good as dedicated supports but good enough to make to make her presence matter. As support she would be the best against short range adc, not only because they are easier to catch but because most of them have short dashesh which vex can use against them to increase her dps and get doom faster. Even if laning wouldnt go too good, after level 6 a good call could kill them pretty quickly even and help your lane snowball as long as you're on somewhate even line. Also best part, you can roam mid and oneshot them.
I'd say both are bringing really similar value to vex, But horizon focus is chaper and easier to build into, reason for which you go it first, though if possible I dont think it is a mistake to go rabadon first. Anyway they're only bringing damage, though you want both, also your ult also procs horizon bonus damage buff not only the fear.
Great anti-sustain item, greatly recommended if your enemies seem to heal a lot. Useless if they don't at all, so only buy it if they have innate heal in their kit or they're building vamp/lifesteal/conquer!? u got the idea, if they hp bar goes up get this item. You can get an early Oblivion Orb and finish the iteam later though if their healings are not somethng that big but neither something that should be ignored.
Get that only if the enemies have magic resist, otherwise you should be fine with zhonya or Cosmic Drive
The best defensive item in the game, good to build after you finish your core items if you feel u may need it, or even earlier if you're against an ad champ like Zed
Snowballing, get it if you are sure you won't die and already have some stacks on your Dark Seal
probably best cooldown reduction item atm also makes u faster
Good against bruisers/tanks/hp stackers. Not really the best on Vex though so don't build it unless your teammates suffers heavy mental problems that makes them unable to buy items to shred through enemies hp, mister adc where's that botrk and dominik at?!. Though it makes you a bit tankier in your engages so it isn't the worst item either i suppose, I'd recommend only for top builds.
It literally have an damaging root on it's active that scales pretty well with your ap. Can't really tell what riot is thinking with such items but it works good with Vex's fear for a even longer lockdown, now the question is will you use the everfrost to make sure you hit your doom, or will you fear them to root easier?!
I'm a teemo main. But on all seriousness it's just a gimmick item for high AP numbers (on vex), by raw stats it would be third on line after rabadon and horizon, though most of times there's gonna be a lot better items reason which is situational. Also helps farming.
Thanks for reading
Well that was all for now.
I will definitely update it with more infos soon, but just thinking about coding makes my head hurt, though I'm not really the patient person, so I hope you found something useful into this guid, and be sure to check it again. Also was long time since i wrote a guide, not pretty sure what things should i go into details and which may be considered too unnecesarily detailed.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush
LuxIsMyCrush Vex Guide
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the goth of rift Vex [mid/supp/top] guide

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